King University's New Slut Part 11

Chapter 11: A New Star Is Born

I wanted to feel nervous and scared to what was about to happen, but my instincts were telling me otherwise. This was my time to shine in front of the camera and for the first time I was able to show the skills I had learned over the past few days. 

I stared at all the men surrounding talking about the shots they were trying to set up and what was about to go on. I had no say in how this would turn out but most actors don't in general. Quinn was grinning at me like he was about to steal my virginity again, he had something up his sleeve and he wasn't telling me. I don't think he was planning on telling me. I decided to forget about whatever he was thinking and just go with the flow. I had to put on my best performance for him. 

"Alright everybody get ready." Rufus said.

Jarrod, Keon, and Quinn left the room and it was just Rufus and I.

"Alright Tyler, you know what to do. When I say action you do what you gotta do." Rufus said.

"Okay." I say.

I cleared my throat and waited for my cue. "Action." 

I started to rub myself up and down slowly but surely. I had my eyes closed but I knew Rufus had the camera was moving in close on me. I played with my nipples and got them hard. 

"Moan a little bit T" Rufus directed. 

I did so and grabbed my cock. I licked my lips and started jerking myself off. I relaxed and let the raunchy side of mind take over. I reminisced about the recent sexual events that happened, and thought about Tayshawn and Antonio taking there turns fucking my mouth and my ass.

It was definitely one of the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me. I thought about Tayshawn and Antonio's big dicks going inside of me and how amazing it felt, I don't even remember feeling any pain from their intrusions.

I thought about Darius's big dick and how he used my ass for what seemed like hours. All of this turned me on so much that my moans grew louder. My hands reached down to my ass and my fingers circled around my hot hole. Once my fingers penetrated, my body went into overdrive grinding all over the bed like I hit a strong nerve. Except this feeling was indescribable. 

"Hold your legs back so I can see that ass." Rufus interjected.

I did so and then I jammed my fingers deeper inside of me and felt Antonio's cum covering my fingers. Doing that set me off. I finger fucked my ass harder, wishing someone's big cock was there. The sweat on my body and my breathing became more intense, all that filled my mind was the need for a hard black cock to fill me up. 

Rufus must have seen my hunger grow intense, I hear him say,

"Tell me what you want." 

"I want cock. I want big fucking dick in my ass." I say lustfully.

"What kind of dick?" He asked knowing damn well the answer.

"I need a big... hard.... BLACK... Cock... inside of me.... Going deep.... Ah Fuck!" I say out loud, my hand reaching as far as it could in my tight ass. All this talking was making me want to shoot all over me, but I stopped when the door to the room opened. 

My eyes opened up to see it was Jarrod and Keon. Both walked in naked and each guy surrounded me on both sides of the bed.

They stared down at me said, "We heard you needed some black dick?" I stared at both of there long dangling dicks in front of my face. I took a long sniff of both of their natural scents making me go back into that zone. 

I reached out and grabbed both of their dicks and started jerking them off till they were hard. 

There cocks looked so good wrapped up by my white hands. Both dicks looked identical, but Keon's was lighter and Jarrod was a deep dark chocolate color.

"Stick those fuckin' dicks in yo mouth." Jarrod said. I didn't hesitate with his order and went to town on both of them. Sucking each one like it was my last. 

They both moaned out loud. Rufus had the camera really close to my face, getting an extreme close up of my mouth attacking both of those big cocks. I moaned, sucked, and slurped loudly. There hands were rubbing up and down my body, playing with my nipples. Then they started the dirty talk, which became music to my ears....

"You like suckin' that black cock white bitch?" Keon said.

"Eat my fuckin' dick." Jarrod said.

"Can't wait to give this fuckin' white ass some dick." Keon said.

"I'mma fuck this bitch's ass hard till he screams." Jarrod said.

They went back and forth, degrading me and talking about what they want to do to me. Since my mouth was full, I couldn't say anything but moan out loud. All there raunchy talking did was fuel my hunger for more. 

I stopped sucking them and say, "Fuck me, Please fuck me with those big fuckin' cocks. Do what you want to my ass. Its all yours."

"Hell yeah its all minez." Jarrod said, making a quick switched to my ass. He lifted my legs and started slapping and rubbing his dick around my hole. It twitched and begged for his cock to open it up. I greedily went back to sucking and deepthroating Keon. 

"You want it white boy?" Jarrod asked.

"You want me to fuck you with this big black dick?" All I could do was moan "MmMMmmMMMmMM!!!"

Keon snatched his dick from my mouth and said, "Naw bitch he wants to hear it. SAY you want it!" "Fuck me dude! Fuck my fuckin' ass!!! I want it NOW!" I yell getting impatient.

"That's all daddy needs ta hear!" Jarrod said in satisfaction then he spit a few times on my hole and entered me. 

"MMMMmmmMMMM...YES!....FUCK ME!!!" I shout. I sounded like a total whore. My hole was opened enough to take him all in deep, feeling no pain but pressure.

"God fuckin' damn!!! This ass is fuckin' takin' all this dick!" Jarrod shouted.

"Fuck me hard! Please Daddy!" I say.

"Shut up you muthafuckin' whore and get back on that dick where you belong!!" Keon said then forcing his hard cock back down my throat again. 

I was being worked from both ends again, and I was back on cloud nine. I just knew that this were I fuckin' belonged. I don't know what took me so long to realize it.

"Say that you want more Tyler." Rufus directed. I had almost forgot we were being filmed...

"Give me more black cock.... Please!" I say. Then the door opened and Quinn came walking out naked with his big 11 inches, lubed up and standing at attention. He looked like a fucking God standing in front me, watching me whore myself to these guys I didn't even know. 

"Move out the way." Quinn demanded to Jarrod in his deep southern voice. "The bitch said he needed more dick, that's where Monster comes in." 

"Monster? Is that his porn star name or the name of his dick?" I wondered. Jarrod moved out the way and Rufus stopped Quinn to get a close up of my ass. 

"Oh yeah man this gonna be some hot shit." Rufus said. 

He moved away and Quinn took his place between my legs and entered me slowly. Thats when I felt the pain hit me. It’s been a while since I took his dick up my ass. "OH SHITTTT!!! I say.

"Give him some dick to shut him up." Quinn demanded. They both tried to cram their dicks down my throat, which was not working very well. 

Rufus got the whole penetration scene on camera, my ass stretched wide to take Quinn in, the pain and pleasure mixed. "You almost got it all in, open up for me." Quinn said. I was trying to yell with my mouth full but it only turned the two men on even more. 

Quinn pumped in and out of me slowly but then rapidly picked up the pace, till the bed was shaking out of control.  I was yelling like crazy and they kept telling me to shut the fuck up and take it like a good bitch. My mind was going crazy with pleasure, it was almost too much. I watched Quinn pumping into my ass, sweat was dripping off of him on to me and he was breathing hard. The other guys stared down at me smiling watching their fantasies come true before their eyes. 

I was on my back for over an hour and that’s when Rufus said, "Alright time for DP scene." 

Quinn stopped fucking me and Keon and Jarrod moved off the bed.

"DP? What’s that?" I say.

"You'll find out in a second." Rufus said.

"Right now I want you to ride Jarrod, and start suckin' off Quinn." Jarrod laid on the bed with his dick hard and wet in the air. I got on top of him and sat down on his big long dick. Making me moan. 

"Alright start fuckin' him, Quinn, get that dick in his mouth." Rufus directed.

My ass felt strange without Quinn's oversized cock inside and now this skinner cock was going inside. Quinn pointed his fat dick at my mouth and sucked him again. Rufus made sure to get some hot close ups of that.

"I think this ass needs more dick." Keon said. Then all of sudden I felt my ass being f***ed opened by his dick. I shouted with Quinns dick in my mouth. 

"Yeah that's it you fuckin' white bitch... take those fuckin' black cocks in that fuckin' ass." Quinn said. Pain shot straight through as my ass tried to accommodate Keon's dick and Jarrod’s at the same time, but I tried to play it off by saying. "Oh my God! I hurts.... so good!" 

"Yeah I knew you would like this shit." Quinn said. "All you white bitchez are the same, all of you got hunger for black cock and when you get it YOU LOVE IT." 

I totally agreed with him and started to humping back on their dicks slowly but then picking up the pace. The pain slowly went away and slowly I began to enjoy it. "God this fuckin ass is good!" Keon said.

"Rufus get a good shot of this white bitches ass cummin' on my dick." 

I almost forgot that there were other previous loads stored up inside me. I really felt like the biggest whore on campus now. I couldn't believe I was getting fucked by two guys and had a dick the size of two cocks down my throat. I know so many guys and girls would kill to be in my position. 

We went at this for a while until Rufus told us to get ready for the cum shot. They had me get off the bed and kneel on the floor while they surrounded me and jacked their dicks off at my face. Rufus started the camera up and told us to start. 

I looked up at theses unbelievable sexy black men of my dreams jacking off over me. I smiled as I watched Quinn's hand pump up and down his glistening shaft. I wanted to see and feel his load all over me so bad. I wanted to taste Keon and Jarrod's cum for the first time. You know... get to know them a little better...

Jarrod was the first to say that he was cumming.

"Open up bitch and swallow my load." he said. He grunted and shot a big juicy load on my tongue, his cum flowed down my throat like a river. Then Quinn and Keon were the next to cum at the same time, which was totally unexpected.

They exaggerated their moans and yells for the camera, and both shot their loads all over my face making my face feel like a warm glazed donut. It dripped down my face like custard and I began to lick it up without direction. 

"Beautiful, baby, just beautiful." Rufus said excitedly. "Your a fuckin' natural just like I thought." 

The guys wiped there cum covered dicks on my face and Rufus moved the camera around my face and said, "Looks like a new star's born. Tyler I think we should find a new name for you!"

END of Chapter 11!!!
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2 years ago
Perfection at its best.
4 years ago
Hi James, I had my first black cock before you were born and I loved it. Haven't had any for a few years though. This evening I started reading your King University's New Slut series. Before I finished I went out and hoooked up wih a friend and took 10 inches of beautiful black meat in my ass. I came home and read the the rest of the series with a burning cum dripping asshole. Thanks for the motiviation, Bill
4 years ago
Wow that did it
Fantastic stories
4 years ago
this was soo god i jacked myself off over and over again my cock is so sore its red thanks this was too much
4 years ago
If you want the rest of this story and other stories please check out my site!
4 years ago
O M G that was sooooo hot i came all over myself i nsquirt sooooo hard that i even wet my chair. thanks
5 years ago
wow - love to be that guy and take those black dicks.
5 years ago
excellent story mate
5 years ago
fab stories,make me wank hard.x