King University's New Slut Part 10

Chapter 10: Quinn Takes Charge

When I left Tayshawn and Antonio's dorm, I kept my mind focused on Rufus. I just knew it was him. I wasn't really upset, just a little irritated that he didn't ask before he jumped in. When I got back to my dorm, Quinn was there sitting at the sofa watching TV. He didn't even look at me when I walked in, but I was happy to see him.

"Hi Quinn. Where's Rufus?" I ask nicely.

"Why you wanna know?" he said quickly and bluntly.

"Because I have to talk to him about something." I say.

"He left for class... and since your back...." Quinn reached in his pants and pulled out his fat dick and waved it at me. "Work on this for a while before I go to class." he demanded. 

There was no need for me to "play hard to get" any more because Quinn knew the real me. I walked over and knelt down before him, getting a strong whiff of his natural scent coming from his big fat cock. He smelled like a real man.

I took him in my mouth and nursed on the big head, that slut switch in my head turned on and the next thing I knew I was sucking him off really good. His cock was so big it hardly fit in my mouth.

"So whatchu need to talk to Rufus about?" Quinn asked. I was so in to sucking him off that I didn't hear his question correctly. Then he smacked my head. HARD.?

"Aye Bitch! I asked you a muthafuckin' question. Answer me!" He said with anger.

In just that second of his authoritative action, I felt dehumanized, almost feeling like a naive c***d. I stopped sucking him and apologized.

"I'm sorry Quinn.... I..." I stuttered but he cut me off saying, "That's SIR, you submit to me now.... say it bitch."

"I'm sorry sir. Can you repeat your question... sir?" I ask. His cocky smile appeared on his face and he took a sip of some alcohol beverage he had in his hand. ?

"What you need Rufus for?" he asked.

"I think he came in my room last night and m*****ed me.... while I was asl**p." I say shyly.

He chuckled a little and then said, "That's cuz I told him he can." He said.

"But why would you..." ?

"Go back down on that dick." He cut me off again. I immediately went back down his dick and sucked it like this was my last time.

"It's cuz he can, you have no rights anymore. This ass belongs to me now... at least for the rest of the semester. I OWN you.... You got that?" Quinn got closer to me when said the last few words, I felt the urge to cry but I didn’t want to show that side to him. I shook my head yes and he went back to watching TV. 

That was all he said to me, I literally was sucking him for over an hour and my mouth was getting sore and numb. I was thinking to my self, "Hurry and cum!" I had my math class to go to tomorrow early and it felt late. I used every technique that I learned sucking the other guys dicks, even some new ones, making him groan a little. Then he spoke.

"I bet your wonderin' why its takin' me so long to cum right bitch?" I shook my head yes slowing down my sucking, and then he reached in a drawer and pulled out some pills and showed it to me. It was labeled simply, "HARD" in big letters.

"See that? This keeps me hard for a long ass time." he said. "Just about four hours." My eyes bulged from hearing that number. Suddenly that small number four became the most hated number.
"So its been about close to two hours. Looks like we got another two to go slut." He said happily.

"How bout use those hours on that little white pussy?" he asked. Well he didn't really ask, it was more like an order. "Stop sucking and go to my room. I'll be there in a second.” he demanded. 

I stopped sucking him and walked into his room and laid on his bed. I looked up to the ceiling noticing a newly installed mirror on the ceiling along with a camera sitting on the nightstand.

"Oh my God, what does he have planned?" I say to myself. I looked up at the mirror and saw myself, my face was somewhat flushed and my lips were big and puffy from being so sore. It looked like I had lipstick on. ?

Quinn walked in his room and picked up a tripod that was lying on the floor. He grabbed the camera from the nightstand and attached it to it. Then I got the nerve to ask him, "What are you going to do?" ?

"I'm glad you asked that." he said calmly. "See what were gonna do is take turns fuckin' you...."

"WE" I ask.

"Yes WE. Rufus and my dawg Jarrod are on the way." He said. ?

"Rufus is gonna film us fuckin' you. I remember you sayin' somethin' about being an actor in Hollywood and I figured, what better way to start your career off. Rufus is an inspiring director; he knows all that shit that goes into film. We already got the whole thing planned out..." Quinn stopped talking when he heard the door knocking. ?

"Doors open!" Quinn shouted.

Rufus walks in with another guy I remember seeing I think his name was Keon Blake. "Hey man, I see you got the pussyboy ready?" Rufus said in excitement.

"I was just about to tell him the game play." Quinn said. "We bout to make you a star on campus." Rufus said. ?

"So the idea is your this little white slut at a school with all black people, and you can't fight that urge to get some black dick up in that ass. Sounds familiar right?" Quinn said getting closer to me.

"Then we are gonna have you on this bed feelin' yo'self up and jerkin' off thinkin' about gettin' some dick your ass. That's when Jarrod comes in. Come over here man." Quinn said. The tall sexy very dark man walked by the bed and was licking his lips staring at me on the bed. ?

"I've been wantin' to tap that ass since I saw you workin' out with Tayshawn at the gym." Jarrod said.

Then Quinn finished, "Jarrod's gonna come up, naked and shit, and he's gonna make you suck his dick. Since your a fuckin' whore already, this shouldn't be too hard for you do." The whole room erupted in laughter. I lay there feeling humiliated.  

"Once you get his dick hard, you BEG him to fuck you. And I wanna hear you beg for it loud." Quinn said. "Jarrod's gonna come fuck you and your moanin' and shit. Then you say the magic words, Please I want more! Give me more black cock! And thats when me and Keon come in. We gonna fuck you in every direction, we even gonna double fuck you till WE cum. Then we leave your nasty ass on the bed smiling and feelin' satisfied. How’s that sound?" Quinn asked. ?

I was still in complete shock that all of this was happening to me. I couldn't find the words to say.

"What we gonna call the movie?" Jarrod asked. ?

"I thought about this long and hard earlier and then I figured it out when he was suckin' me off. We go to Martin Luther King University and this is our slut. Therefore the title is gonna be, King University's New Slut. I'm sure Mr. King would like that...

***Next Chapter will be released as soon as possible since this is a short chapter.***
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Look Forward to Ch. 11.
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nice and hot storie!
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That was really hot i jack myself off and did it almost a second time thanks that was great can't wait to read the next chapter
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Getting very hot, anxious to read next chapter. Thanks again, you got me hooked. Might need me some black cock. Hank
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