King University's New Slut Part 4

Chapter 4: At The Gym

The clock buzzed loud and I jerked up from my pillow. I turned it off and laid there. I didn't sl**p good at all with my throat still sore from that 11 inch dick that buried itself down my throat. It was all because of Quinn. I hated him, I hated what he had he had done to me. I wanted to tell someone but I was too scaried that Quinn might find out and do more than **** me but kill me. I had to try and avoid him as much as could.

I got up and went to my bathroom rubbing my throat and feeling my stomach sore from Quinn's weight that had been f***ed on me. I took some Tylenol and then brushed my teeth and then took a quick shower. I really felt violated in the worst way and he really didn't do much to me.

I quickly dried off and put on some sweat pants and T shirt and got my backpack and snuck out of my room trying to be as quiet as could. I crept up to Quinn's room and the door was ajar. He was knocked out on the bed, snoring lightly. I wanted so bad to kick his ass while he slept but I knew that was dangerous territory.

I crept away from his room and walked out of the front door. I heard some walking and talking around the other dorm rooms, I assumed most of these guys had morning classes also. As I walked, one of the doors opened up in front of me, startling both me and the guy about to walk out.

"Sorry about that dawg. Didn't mean to scare ya like that." the man said apologizing to me. My throat was still kinda sore but I managed to its okay. He followed me to the elevator and we entered in silence.

"Long night huh?" he asked. I guess he noticed the roughness in my throat.

"Yeah I guess, a little too much to drink." I say covering up the truth.

"I think I saw you at the party last night with Jamal Hendricks right?" He asked.

"Yes, you know Jamal?" I ask.

"Yep, we roomed together last year." he said.

"Really?" I say. He shook his head yes and said, "I ain't talked to him in a while though. He seems happy with you."

I didn't catch it first, but then I realized after the elevator doors opened that this might have been the guy Jamal was talking about when we first had our awkward encounter.

Then he spoke again, "He's a cool guy, just don't get too close to him." I didn't know what to say but a respectable "Okay. Thanks" and let him assume that we were together.

We separated and I took my ten minute walk to my class. It was nice and cool outside and the sun was on its way up, this was going to be another nice day.

Class had went by quick thankfully because all the teacher did was lecture about the syllabus. I decided to go over to the gym and workout. I hear the treadmill and the punching bag is a good way to let of some steam and that was good for how I was feeling right now. My throat was feeling better and my mood had changed.

The gym had a few guys in there, I guess because it was still early and the party was last night. I used my ID card to pay for my entry and walked around to see what the gym offered, and there was a pretty big variety. Then I looked out to the distance and saw a familiar face. It was Tayshawn from last night, but he was alone doing pull ups. I walked towards him, he didn't notice me because his eyes were closed through his workout. He must of been in some intense thought because I was close to him he didn't open his eyes.

He grunted with each thrust up, his massive arms and chest glistened from the sweat that poured down over him. His abs were flawless along with his legs. He looked amazing, like a God. I felt so blessed to be in his presence. I decided to say hello...

"Hey Tayshawn!" I shout. He stopped and opened his sexy green eyes and saw me smiling at him. I don't know if shook him up or not.

"Hey... Tyler... right?" he said out of breath. I shook my head yes.

"Your up early doing workouts." I say. "I always workout.... in the mornings." He sat down on the bench next to him and grabbed his towel to wipe his face. He then smiled and said, "How was class?"

"Boring, nothing but a lecture. We got out early so I decided to come and workout." I say.

"Oh yeah? Where you gonna start first?" he asked.

"Maybe that punching bag over there, I got some things on mind that I need to get off so that might be good to start off with. Where's Antonio?" I ask.

"He's coming later, he's got class at 10." he said.

"Need any help?" He asked.

"Ummm, I think I can manage on my own, but thanks though." I say.

I walk away and get some red gloves off from the table and put them on. I looked and back and saw that he was watching me still wiping down his sweaty chest. I turned away and smiled, there was so much I wanted to do with him, he was so hot. After I got my gloves on, I focused my attention on the punching bag and started hitting away at it. My mind quickly zoomed back to Quinn, I punched that fucking bag like it was him. I made sure that bag was feeling it.

"Whoa... You hittin' that thing hard man." I stopped and turned to see Tayshawn standing next to me. I almost forgot how tall he was.

"You mad at someone or what?" he asked.

"No, this is how I do it." I say lying. I rarely ever go to the gym.

"I didn't think you had all the strength in that little body, you definitely fooled me." he said with a laugh.

I say "Well I'm not skinny, there's muscle here and there." I say defending myself. I did have... just not HIS muscles.

"I'm going over to the bench press and I need someone to watch for me. You wanna help me out?" he asked. I still wanted to kill this bag, but I couldn't decline an offer from him.

"Sure dude, I can help you out." I say dropping my gloves. The bench press was near the back of the gym and he sat down.

"So what do you want me to do?" I ask.

"Just stand over me, holding the rail and count how many reps I do." he said then telling me to add weight onto it. I looked at the weights saw how heavy each one were. I picked up the 50 pound one and struggled to put it up there. He watched me with his grin growing on his face, this was embarrassing.

"No not that one." he said. I dropped it and took a breath. He got up and picked three hundred pound weights and slid them on the bars. He did it like it was nothing....

He laid down on the bench and gripped the rail. "Alright stand over me." he said.

I stood over his head and he got a close up view of my crotch. This was starting to get intense...

"Hold the rails with me." he directed. I did and he says, "Now just watch me." I looked into his eyes falling into a trap. His sexy green eyes kept my attention.... literally.

It wasn't even five minutes of him lifting the weight and felt my dick starting to grow. I pulled my eyes away from his and accidently looked at his arms, straining from the weight being pulled up and down. His muscles were huge and were already dripping with sweat. My eyes did a close up on a drop of sweat sliding down along a very thick vein. I wanted so much to lick it up... Oh no... it was happening.

The bar stopped pumping up and down and I glanced down and saw that his face was completely blocked from the erection in my pants. I let go of the bar and backed away from him.

"WAIT... DON'T LET GO... DON'T LET GO!" Tayshawn yelled.

I ran back forget about my hardon and held onto the bar. He guided the bar back to the holder and let go and once I saw that the bar was back on, I cowardly ran to the back to the locker room.

"Wait, Tyler!" Tayshawn called. I ran so fast into the room, my hardon was still standing at attention.

I stripped off my clothes quickly and ran into the showers and turned it on cold. I stood there and begged for my hard on to go away but it wouldn't. This was the most embarrassing fucking thing thats ever happened to me. I hope Tayshawn doesn't tell anyone what just happened. Please God, don't let him do that to me! I prayed.

My eyes were closed, and it wasn't until I opened my eyes that I saw Tayshawn standing there watching me. I grabbed some body wash that was conveniently near my shower head and acted like I was just came for a shower. (Yeah I know it was stupid, but no ideas came to mind.)

I turned away, closed my eyes, pretending not to see him and was completely focused on my body. I felt like a k** that just had got a hard on in class and everyone was laughing at him, in this bad scenario, Tyshawn was standing there laughing at me or mad at me because a white boy had his dick in his face.

I was waiting for him to say something but I didn't hear anything but the shower. Then I felt something that made the every hair follicle on my body stand at attention. I opened my eyes and saw his big hand wrapped around my still hard aching white dick. That was it.

I leaned back and felt the warmth of his body on my back. All the energy stored in my body sucked right to my dick cause in seconds I was shooting a huge load all over the wall in front of me. I yelled and held onto me tight, I trembled and grunted loudly I was having the greatest orgasm in my life. All the tension was being released, No more cum was coming out but something inside me.... I can't explain it... was still making me feel amazing.

His other hand rubbed up and down my chest and I heard say, "Yeah that's it... let it out. Let it all out."

My moans little whimpers, feeling my hard dick grow sensitive to his touch. His hand moved up and down my dick and I gripped onto him tighter. I was still too sensitive and he knew it. My smaller pale white body was wrapped up in his big hulky body, his chest up against the bottom of my neck. I felt like a big baby in his arms, he let me collapse in his arms and my body was all his.

He leaned down and kissed my wet hair as I calmed down. He removed his hand and wiped his cum-soaked on my wet chest, letting the shower water wash it off. His hand then crept up to my mouth and he stuck his fingers in my mouth, making me taste myself for the first time. As many times as I jerked off, I've never had the guts to taste my own cum and here I was tasting the bittersweet flavor of my future k**s.... It was definitely something I had to get used too.

His fingers reached deep in my mouth, he was trying to make me deep-throat his fingers. I completely forgot that an eleven inch cock had claimed my throat the night before, and my sore throat suddenly came back. My coughed and gagged on his fingers and he pulled back from my mouth. I opened my eyes and saw him washing off his hands in the shower water. I looked around and came to reality, realizing we were still in the gym locker room.

I used the energy I had left in my body to push away from him. I looked at him, his shirt was gone but his shorts were still on. We just stared at each other not saying a word. Should I say thank you or apologize about just happened. Instead I ran off grabbing my clothes and out the door. On the way out, I bump into someone falling back on the floor. I look up and its Antonio with his gym bag in his hand. I stared at him then realized I was naked so I covered myself up and ran out the back way of the gym.

I stopped and took a deep breath up against the wall. As I put on my clothes, I thought what just transpired. I finally have the chance for man to put his hands on me, like I've always dreamt of, and jacked off too; but when it finally happens I didn't know what to do and how to react. Tayshawn is probably thinking "This k** is fucked up." I probably was, I didn't know why I was acting like this. As much as I wanted to forget about the whole situation from my mind side, but my heart was telling me otherwise. My dick and ass on the other hand was saying.... YES GIVE ME MORE.

End of Part 4! (Its getting hotter by the second!)
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2 years ago
AMAZING! LOVE that shower scene! Being wrapped up in a MANs muscled body like that..with him man-handling my cock...TAKING control like that. ohGOD! my ass would be screaming GIVE ME MORE TOO!
2 years ago
4 years ago
It definitly is getting hotter by the second
4 years ago
This is one hot story had to jackoff while i was reading it thanks
5 years ago