King University New Slut Part 3

King University’s New Slut

Chapter 3: Quinn

After the intense kissing session that I had with Jamal I realized that I had shot a load in my pants. I went up to my room to take a shower... a cold one at that. While I washed up, I thought about how good I handled that situation... with Jamal and with Quinn.

Jamal could have just taken me back to my room and fucked me all over the place but I didn't let it go that far. I really didn't want him to change his perception about me because I am not that type. As far as I know, it actually went further then I thought it would. I felt my ass twitch from the thought of him opening me up for the first time. 

With Quinn I'm glad that we didn’t take are little argument as far as it did. He probably would have killed me if said something else. He might be short, but he damn well had the muscle that made up for it! I dried off after my shower and changed into my boxers and set my timer for 8:30. I watched a little TV then went to bed. 

It wasn't until about 3:30 in the morning when I heard Quinn walking in from the other room. He was walking or in this case stumbling loud, he must have went to the bar to get d***k. I tried to ignore it but he was so loud. Next thing I knew, my door slams open and startling me.

I jump up and he had two bottles of beer in his hand. "Whatchu doin' sssl**pin' white boy. Its time ta party!" He said, his words were slurred and he stumbled over to my bed and fell on it.

"Get the hell off my bed!" I shout.

"Whatsss yo problem baby? Let's party." He called me baby!

He moved closer to me grabbing my covered up thighs. "Quinn would you please get outta here?! This is crazy I need to go to class tomorrow." I got up out of my bed and pushed him off the bed.

"Get off me bitch!" he shouted and pushed me against the wall.

"You need to get the fuck outta here I'm not gonna tell you again!" I yell.

My threats were useless to him. "Weresss that nigga you wass with?" he slurred.

"Where you should be... IN HIS ROOM." I say.

"You lyin' I know his ass is up in here somewhere. He got up too look around my room. "That's it I'm calling security." I say going over to my phone.

"NO the fuck you not!" Apparently he was not as d***k as I thought cause the next thing I know I'm pinned up against the wall hard from impact. Suddenly he seemed bigger then me....

He was up close and personal on me, his breath had a heavy alcohol stench.

He spoke to me in a low tone voice and his speech was clearer then before, "I know he's been up here. I saw the two of you leave the party. I saw yo' fuckin ass all over him outside." He had been watching us! 

"Fuck you! You didn't see nothing cuz he didn't do anyth..."

"That's right, HE didn't do anything... It was all YOU... you fuckin' nasty whore." I reached up to punch him in the face when he stopped me, he threw me on the bed and jumped on top me.

"Whatcha gonna do now punk? I told you were just like the otha white bitches out there. Only out there lookin' for BIG BLACK COCK right? Yeah you know I'm right. That's how you got in this fuckin' school right? You fucked the Dean AND teachers huh? Yeah I know I'm right!" he said to me.

He had me pinned so tight up against the headboard of the bed I couldn't move, his other hand was covering my mouth. 

"So since were here I now and I figured you out... we gonna make this happen." he said, reaching down to unzip his pants.

"Yeah i know this is what you came here for cunt, so i'm about to give you what you need!"

He made me look down at him pull out his dick and there it was... not even hard yet but bigger than what I imagined. He saw my eyes grow bigger and he laughed.

"Never seen one this size right? I bet you haven't... this is fuckin' 11 inches... All of this... is going inside that mouth... and that tight white ass bitch, now how does that sound?" I shook my head no repeatedly and tears started going down my face.

"Aww come on, your eyes say it all! Stop lyin' to yourself. You know this what you came here for. You wear those tight ass jeans to show that bubble ass of yours all the time, don't think I don't see you throwin' it at me." he said. I shook my head no again repeatedly. 

"I'll make it easier for you." His voice lowered.

"Grab it." He took my hand that was pinned under me from his weight and made me wrap it around his huge uncut dick. It was burning up hot, it felt like I holding a live python, he made me jerk it up and down.

"See that BITCH? Look at my shit spit." My eyes were still stuck on his enormous size and leaking precum all over my stomach. There was no way in hell he was fucking me with that thing. My virgin ass will split in half!!! 

He moved his upper body closer to me until he was sitting up on top of me this 5ft 7 guy suddenly looked 8ft tall. His dick was now centimeters from my face.

"Just stare at it for a while. I want you take every fuckin' inch in. Trust me, EVERY FUCKIN" INCH IS GOING IN THAT PUSSY." he yelled.

My ass twitched from hearing him say that. I wanted to cry, this guy was going to kill me, and I never thought in a million years that this is how I would die. I still had to say goodbye to my f****y... I love you so much!!!

With his other hand he reached out ripped my underwear off exposing me.

"Look at that little clit!" he laughed referring to my seven inch dick which I never thought was small, but compared to him YES.

"Hard just like I thought it would be. I guess its true what they say about you white bitches. Thanks for proving that right!" He said.

His rock hard dick slapped up against my face over and over, feeling like he was punching me. My face was heated up from each impact, but the precum oozing from it soothed the pain. 

"Your gonna suck my dick and if you bite me, I’m fuckin' you up and nobody will want yo ass." He demanded.

He removed his other hand from my mouth and rubbed his dick on my lips lubing up my mouth his dick venom. "Take a deep breath boy cuz this shits goin' deep." I took one last look at his monstrous cock bulging with veins pumping from the bl**d from his heart.

Then I opened my mouth and he f***ed himself inside. "Open up wider, I don’t wanna feel any teeth! " he demanded. I don't know how that was possible because it was way too big to fit down my throat. 

Fortunately my mouth was lubed up with enough spit that he slid it easier.

"Awww GOD DAMN! Fuckin a pussy mouth!! That's a GOOD bitch... Take that fuckin' BLACK COCK... Yeah I know you like hearing that don't ya?" he shouted.

I moaned and whimpered trying to accommodate his thick size. I don't know how I did it but some how (and even without the gag reflex) I took more than half of his cock. My throat was stretched to the limit. I had to look strange with like this, but he didn't see it that way.

"Damn that's hot! Eat it up! Muthafucka!" he shouted. He pulled out and spit poured from my mouth. I took deep breaths and he fed it back to me.

"Oh... my.... God! I can't believe this bitch is takin' it ALL!" When he said that that’s when I realized his pubes were on my nose.

I fucking swallowed 11 INCHES OF COCK down my throat! He kept his dick down my throat and my whole face was flushed red with sweat pouring down my face. I was trying to escape but he wouldn't let it.

"FUCK I'm about to cum!! I'm nutt down this fuckin' throat!!!!" I didn’t even feel him shoot because it was so far down my throat. My stomach just ingested his sperm not knowing what it was. He yelled and cursed and shook the bed. Sweat poured off the both of us, me on the other hand was going black from the lack of oxygen going to my brain. Then he pulled away just in time....

I coughed out loud with my eyes barely opened. It felt like I just gave birth in my mouth when he pulled out. I had to look a hot mess. He stayed there on top of me trying to catch his breath.

"Dawg man... you wore me out with that one.... Nobody's ever taken all 11 inches... Damn it.... I'm tired.... I'm going to bed." He got off me and walked back to his room slowly.

He had just acted like he just didn't **** my mouth! I was sore all over and I could do was go to sl**p and forget this just happened. My ass was spared for tonight, but tomorrow is different story....

End of Chapter 3!
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Well Done!
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Bloody hell, that was brilliant
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great sotry even if it was a rape it was hot.