Relax...It's Just A Blowjob

(Wanted to try something new and different, I hope you like it!)

"Come on man get off me, my wife's still here!" 

"Relax man... It's just a blowjob." 

"But RIGHT NOW?!, she's in the other room!" 

"Calm down I'm sure she's busy flirting with Jerry." 

"Jerry? What do you mean?" 

"Craig, it don't take a blind man to see that she wants his dick." 

"Get out of the way, I gotta stop this..." 

"You’re not going anywhere..... How long have we been messing around now? Like six months now and all of a sudden you’re worried about your wife." 

"I don't want her messing with Jerry! That guys a fuckin' loser." 

"You might be right about that one... but... I know something you don't know.... That dude's gotta 11 incher." 

"What? 11 inches?... What the hell.... Keri doesn't care about size." 

"You keep thinking that... And while you wonder..."

"Stop trying to unzip my pants, we are not fucking!" 

"Shhh!... Keep your voice down. I just wanna suck your dick real quick." 

"I said NO. How many times do I have to tell you that?" 



"Shhh... just listen" 

"Hear that?"

"Hear what?" 

"No talking.... they must be down to business already." 

"Oh no fuck this, I knew this dinner date was a mistake.... I'm going out th---"

"Oh no you’re not!" 

"Let go of me! Let go of my shirt Drew! I'm not playing!" 

"...And I'm not playing. You let her take care of him while I take care of you. You know she won't do anything sexual with you anymore, and it’s obvious she's interested in someone's that's gotta bigger trophy." 

"How do you know how big Jerry is? Did you fuck him too?" 

"No, I'm not that big of a slut..... I asked him and he had no problem showing me." 

"Yeah I'm sure that’s how it went down...." 

"Really it was... and maybe I touched it."

"Touched it? How bout sucked it?"

"Okay and that too.... but that's besides that point. Your wife is out there about to do more than I did and who are we to interrupt them?"

"Are you fuckin' crazy?!" 

"Not yet, but if you don't give me what I want then I will.... Ohh, what's this?.... You’re hard."

"No we can’t do this---"

"Wait a second... was that a moan I just heard?" 

"No... No I didn't hear anything." 


"Yeah that was a moan alright.... No more talking."

"No stop... don't take it out... Fuck!... I hate this.... Keri....... Oh shit.... Drew... that's so good."

"Mmmm.... How can she not want this dick!... It’s so thick and it stays hard... It's perfect." 

"Don't stop, you already got me started."

 Mmmmm...Slurp.....MMmmmm....Mmmmmm... Slurp... Smack!....MMMmm... So Good!" 

"Fuck man you’re so fucking good.... you suck way better then Keri!" 

"Slurp!.... What took you so long to realize that?.... Dudes are always better then chicks!" 

"Damn right... Keep sucking me man... make me shoot." 

"Slurp... Slurp....cough!... Damn your making me gag its so fat!....Mmmmm... slurp!" 

"Suck me baby... Yeah that's so damn good!.... Uhhh....Ohhhh..... AHHH! FUCK! I’m shooting!"

"MMMMM... Slurp!.... Smack!... Slurp!.... Mmmm.... Give it to me man!... Feed me!" 

"Damn it dude... that was a huge load!... I really must have been deprived."

"Slurp! Yeah that was a big one. You definitely needed this. How come you didn't call earlier. You know I’m always here for you."

"I know it’s just...."

"Wait, here that?"

"Here what?... Oh... she’s moaning louder."

"She must have taken the whole thing! Good girl."

"She can't even take my nine inches, what makes you think she can take eleven?" 

"I don't know... but hearing them makes me what more of you. My ass is a little hungry; you think you do another round or two?" 

To Be Continued???? Your choice. 
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11 months ago
good one
1 year ago
Love this! Encore!
1 year ago
very hot, would make a good movie
2 years ago
Thanks! Some tinmes it goes that way!
2 years ago
4 years ago
i like
4 years ago
You're crazy, but good!
4 years ago
4 years ago
Hey jim that was great this time i did get off wow that was good thanks i'm looking forward to the continuation thanks
4 years ago
yes please keep going
4 years ago
that was so hot :)
4 years ago
good imagination haha
4 years ago
Haha i likes this =D! Was funny x'D!
4 years ago