Out for a ride

It was the first sunny Sunday for nearly four weeks and I was getting extreme bike withdrawals. I was up early and gave the wife a kiss as I placed her cup of tea on the bedside cabinet.
"Thanks, don't go mad if your going out for a ride" she said.
"I wont."
I put on my helmet,leathers and fired up my fireblade.
Where should I head?
Aberystwyth? Yeah great road and lots of bikers to chat to when you get there.
Soon I was blasting along meeting loads of guys n girls out enjoying the sun.
Before I knew it I was pulling up on the promenarde next to the cafe and feeling hot as hell the sun beating down making my leathers cling to me.
I'd had several cold cokes while chatting to a nice couple who had come down from Birmingham and were camping in the area.
"I gotta go pee sorry guys won't be long" I said.
Brain said "Hang on I could do with one to"
We marched off to the loos while Deb looked after our gear.
In the toilet I couldn't help but notice Brian had a nice shaven cock, as he stretched it and shook off the dribbles. As I raised my gaze I flushed bright red as Brain was looking straight at me.
"Sssssoorrry Brian I don't know what came over me" I splutterd out.
"Don't worry" he said. "I was checking yours out as you went."
He looked me in the eyes and reached forward and placed his hand on mine which was still holding my cock. It immeadiately started to grow as he moved his hand to make my jerk myself.
"What you doing Brain"
"Why you obviously like it"
"But someone might come in and see us"
"Come on then lets go get Deb and take it back to our tent"
Before I could make sense of anything we were on our bikes and a short ride later pulling onto a campsite.
Their tent was a mid sized thing and I wondered how they got it all on their bike.
Deb gave my ass a tap as I entered the tent and said "I can't wait to get you hard for Brain to suck"
Brain sucked and jerked me off as I kissed and played with Deb. I was near bursting point and said if you keep doing that i'm gonna cum in your mouth Brian.
Don't do that he said I want you to cum over Debs pussy so I can lick her clean.
Deb lay there and Brian finished me off jerking my cum over his wifes pussy. He slid between my legs and started licking my cum up. Then view of Deb laid beneath me and Brians head between my legs was mind blowing.
He sucked and lapped Debs pussy untill she arched her back and came.

When I finally left a couple of hours later we had made love all three of us. Me jerking Brian and sucking his cock as Deb sucked mine and Brian fingered Deb.

I can't wait till next summer as Brian and Deb said they plan on another holiday in the area.

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2 years ago
Very hot story.
Thanks for sharing.