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I'm an exhibitionist; and my own entertainment and pleasure are my priorities.. Type me something good about my clit, pussy, asshole, titties, mouth, whatever.....I masturbate while reading hot comments posted on my profile, photos and videos.

Please...NO FRIENDSHIP without avatar and hot content to share. (Especially if you've not favorably commented on my photos or videos.) And please, don't ask for an invitation if your profile is private.

Sorry, baby...I don't cam, email, skype, text, telephone or meet. I don't share personal information and don't want yours. I rarely respond to boring questions such as "hi, how r u?" and "do u like my cock?" Neither do I respond to unnecessary questions already answered in this section such as "what turns you on?"

No, I'm not into mom/son role play. I'm not into strap-ons either.

I'm a hot-blooded, highly-sexed, VERY uninhibited, straight, monogamous and happily married (to a handsome, successful, virile black man with high self-esteem) ebony lady, 38 yrs old, who masturbates and looks at pornography whenever I'm not getting fucked...and sometimes when I am. lol

I have a naturally big clitoris that I lightly tickle with my index or middle finger pretty much all the time (been doing this for as long as I can remember - which may be why it's grown so large). My clit is usually in a semi-hard state, quickly swelling thicker, longer and stiffer when aroused.

My man loves to lick, suck and tease my big clit. He jacks off watching me masturbate, beats my clit with his hard cock, and shoots cum onto my clit when I pull back the hood to expose its pink, swollen head and throbbing shaft. I love when he says..."open that pussy and show me your big clit, Mommy."

Love knowing that YOU, right now, are looking at my clitoris in a very aroused state. Knowing how this turns you on...turns ME on even more. Mmm...SUCK it, baby.

Show me how hard you are for my clit, baby. Let me hear you say my name.

My sexy husband also likes to pull my nipples and feed me his big chocolate dick while I cum using a vibrator to excite my clit. This is my second favorite sexual position. My favorite is when he assfucks me (on my back) and at same time teases and pinches my clit into cock-like erection. (A related fantasy is a threesome with another man who licks and sucks my mommycock while my husband deeply fucks my ass. A new, persistent fantasy is me sucking hubby's bbc as the other man drills hubby's virgin ass.) ("Not in real life," hubby says. lol)

Bisexual / bi-curious men are HOT. I wish my husband was bi. Any ideas how to make that happen? He's kinky, but not quite there.

Yes, I enjoy getting my tight, juicy pussy fucked by my man's long, hard dick. Yes, significant, continuous clitplay is always part of the action. Lucky me! :)

1.Porn featuring huge clits turns me on more than anything else!

2.Love masturbating while watching big-clitted women FUCK.

3.Love watching incredibly long, thick (protruding out of the top of the pussylips) girl-boners getting exhibited, diddled, rubbed, pulled on and jacked off. Getting sucked while watching a fully erect clitcock sliding out of its foreskin can give me an intense orgasm.

4.Love seeing (and hearing and reading about) engorged clits getting tongued...

5. And especially LOVE seeing monster clits sucked like cocks.


Love to hear a clitsucker moan. :)


What else? Well, nothing vanilla, baby. lol

6.Interracial porn is an extreme turn on...(the contrast really IS hot)...

...as are white men who fantasize about tongue-lapping my well-fucked black pussy and asshole, or sucking my phat throbbing mommycock, or slurpng my squirt, or spraying my black body with cum...

...or feeding me their big dicks.

7.Interracial big-dicked assfucking porn makes my clit so hard. Gets me hot to watch asian and white asscheeks spread (anus gaping) for XXL black cocks...

8. And just as hot to watch big white cocks pumping between smooth, round, firm, darker-skinned asscheeks.

9.Love porn featuring large, dark-skinned cocks getting serviced by whites...and vice versa.

LOVE watching a black man kiss and suck a big clit.

10.Interspecies (monster, fantasy) cartoon porn can be exciting too.

11.Love erotic artwork and cartoon porn featuring enormous, veiny dicks and huge, pointy nipples. Explicitly detailed fantasy, monster, interracial, gay and shemale art all turn me on.

12.Love seeing oversized, protruding clits and stiff little dicks riding a cock in the ass. (Even better if someone is sucking them at the same time.)

13.I get off seeing titties bounced, fondled and fucked; and thick nipples (female AND male) sucked, pinched and pulled; big juicy lips (female AND male) wrapped around a thick cockshaft; meaty pussylips viewed from behind (sooo sexy); dangling balls viewed from behind (ditto)...

Something so SEXY about a man who gets off fucking with his pointy nipples and plump titties....makes my clit throb.

14.Audibly wet anal tongue-fucking; self-sucking; deepthroatfucking; facefucking; sub/cuckolds who suck dom/bulls...

15.Long fuck scenes with one pussy and at least two big hard dicks - gangbangs, double and triple penetration - very hot when she has a big clit to suck...

16.And ultra HOT when the guys suck and fuck each other too.

17.Aroused by light BDSM (viewing it...NOT experiencing it).

18.Probably wouldn't mind experiencing a forced orgasm, though. lol

19.Really, really, really into (rough, bareback, interracial, verbal) gay and tranny porn....I love dick and LOVE seeing big dick shoved deep into asspussy with a dick bouncing,flopping, swinging or rockhard standing over it.

20.LOVE vibing my clit while watching black men do the wild thing.

So incredibly sexy how a brutha looks with his big lips stretched around a huge black cock; taking black dick deep into his throat (especially if he has a hardon too, mmmmm.....); or holding his legs open wide for a deep fucking;

21.Or digging into a juicy black booty from behind while the other brutha's dick and nutsack dangle. The bigger, darker and more macho they are
, the more into it they are...the better I like it.

22.Like I said, I love porn featuring large, dark-skinned cocks getting serviced by whites...

23....and vice versa. Totally turned on watching horny black hunks suck big white cock and take it up the ass like a bitch. Mmm...makes me so wet.

24.Love seeing thick white cockmeat stretch out a creamy black mancunt. No sexier, hotter anal porn than a black man getting dicked and really loving it. (Unless it's a big-clitted woman with a hardon getting a deep assfucking.)

25.So fucking HOT when a dom white reaming makes a brutha moan.

26.Seeing (sexy, smooth, feminine, ebony) "chicks with dicks" jerk off, fuck, and get fucked and sucked off makes my own "dick" ache.


27.More and more, when watching tranny porn I fantasize that I have a dick-sized clit jutting out between my legs. As much as I enjoy tickling my clit now...taking my long, thick mommycock in my fist and stroking it to orgasm would be glorious. (Just thinking about it gives me a clitty hardon.)

28.Pounding a juicy mancunt with my stiff clit would be sooooo sweet.

29.And deepthroating a hot mouth with my super-sensitive, super-huge CLIT would be fucking AWESOME. Makes me so hard to imagine a tongue licking up and down my enormous pussymeat.

30. Mmm...SUCK it, baby.

31.Wow. I LOVE sharing how I get my freak on. LOVE expressing my most secret, wanton and kinky lusts. LOVE (virtually/anonymously) exhibiting my body, nipples, asshole, pussy...and my sexy, succulent mommycock. LOVE knowing your dick is hard for me.

Hornier than ever, baby. :)

~ BlackMommy

PS - Per the request of my trusting and beloved husband, I do not cam, email, skype, text, telephone or meet. Respect him and I will respect you.

PPS - http://xhamster.com/channels/new-big_clits-1.html

PPPS - http://www.rollingscissors.byethost11.com/big-clit-list.html

PPPPS - 32. (Straight, vanilla) black on black in black porn can be so fucking sexy too. In real life...this is how I roll. It's sooooo good and I fucking LOVE fucking my husband. Mmmmm........


WARNING: All individuals and/or institutions, including, but not limited to xHamster users, as well as local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects and/or investigations - The use of my profile information, photos, blog entries, stories, videos or live broadcast in any form now or in the future is not allowed without my express written consent. Any act to promote, gain profit, slander, harass or harm me or my image from the use of my profile, photos, blog entries, stories, videos or live broadcast is a violation of my privacy and subject to legal action.
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5 hours ago
nice profile black mommy ;)
wow so hot...
2 days ago
2 days ago
add me......
2 days ago
add add add
love to suck pussy klit and lick and drink all juice from sweet pussy mmmmmmm
3 days ago
Sorry I missed out on your Skype clit chat. Keep me in mind. I see that your Friends list is full and I am unable to send you a PM. Let me know if an opening develops. Always love thinking about licking and sucking your clit.
3 days ago
Hello Mommy. I'm enjoying seeing your beautiful clit exposed for everyone's enjoyment. Keep it up and firm.
3 days ago
The feel of a Big Beautiful Clit between my hungry, sucking lips is such a turn on for me. Seeing you rub your Clit made me sooo hard that I just had pull out my little white guy cock and stroke it until I blew a nice large load. Thank-you
4 days ago
I would love to chat sexy!!
4 days ago
nice profil
4 days ago
you look yummy ;)
4 days ago
I love me some big black clits. I love sucing them. Is it possible you can let me view your videos and pics so I can fantasize about your blessings? Please?
4 days ago
Sexy thick clit
4 days ago
I would LOOOOVE to see it on Skype
4 days ago
this pussy on skype?! oh please let me see!
4 days ago
I wanna see your black clint on skype babe!!!
4 days ago
Would love to see you on skype, and become friends
4 days ago
Awesome Profile!
5 days ago
6 days ago
Kevin Gates / Wassup wit it
6 days ago
Add me please
6 days ago
I'm rubbing myself thinking about sucking that delicious clit of yours. thanks for the hard on love
6 days ago
Great profile! Subscribed :D
7 days ago
Hello love what i see here of you just curious if you like your clit spanked hard before haveing it sucked on till you cum would love to be added to your friends
7 days ago
Hello I love that big black clit mmmmmmmm I could sick it for days while your Hubby's black duck fucks you I love your profile message me sometime please
7 days ago
you are 1 HOT black mama.i would suck on that clit and anything else you would want me to suck on.great profile
7 days ago
Hey black mommy I would love to suck on that clit! Check out my content
7 days ago
hey sexy
i realy hate that i am a boy i wana be a girl that why i love to snif my sis dirty panties and wear her cloth and i love strap-on
and i love to watch my mom sis gf or wife to get fuck while i watch like a cuckold i love to do anything girl want no limts and i love to be slave
8 days ago
Always wants to suck your clit more!!
8 days ago
Add Me!!! Wow what a page!!!
8 days ago
love your page!! I have a tiny dick,would love it to be clit sized
10 days ago
hey babe, you are amazing! :)

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