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Those crazy scientists at the University of Washin

Those crazy scientists at the University of Washington have moved one step closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming an international tech hacker spy. I want to sit in a van digitally unlocking doors and setting off distraction alarms on the opposite sides of buildings while my team runs into a building, steals the schematics of a sonic bomb. I want to play video games with my mind and surf YouTube while not listening to the General in command of my missions. I’m going to be so good at the future.

Researchers have managed to create red pixels and blue pixels on semi-transparent contact lens LEDs that can display images right onto your retinas. Once they work out creating green pixels they will be able to create full color displays.

Powered by wireless electricity transmitters from a belt pack, data will be transmitted the same way. I will finally achieve my dream of having a computer in my eyeballs!!!! When the neural implants and spinal data jack are ready for testing, sign me up

Posted by Black--Widow 2 years ago
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10 months ago
So sad... three years have passed and they have only just now demonstrated a single pixel model in-vivo with WIFI energy transmission. Perhaps another 3 years will lead to your dream!
1 year ago
That's pretty amazing technology. I can think of some awesome uses, and also some very sinister implications. Overall, though, this is really exciting. Thank you for the article.
1 year ago
Great, some years ago I read an article about
an helmet designed to receive our electric
brain signals, it was a project for PC games,
after a session of settings the helmet is able
to understand the thoughts as :


it work like a "mind mouse" and something more.
With the new nano techs I believe is possible
to wear just sensors.
Try to imagine this sensors and the lens together.