My Heart is Beating..

Hi, this is not a story. its a fact. I wish it was a story. I could not find any proper niche for this. So I am putting this under "First Time" as it happened to me for the first time.Its not about sex. its about a girl. A girls who is average looking,but cute. She is my friend. I don't know when my feeling for her turned into love from friendship. I could not understand when my quarrel and leg pulling turned into something else. I realized this change when she got engaged with a guy who is much more handsome than me. It was too painful. But it was much more painful wen that guy cheated on her. And the irony was that she was expressing her grief to me. My heart was crying for her and she was crying for another heart. Ohh...what a pain i felt. wished to take her to my arms and tell dont worry baby I am here. But I was not so lucky. However time is the best doctor. Now I seldom meet her, even occasionally call her..."out of sight, out of mind"...She is again happy with another guy.I am trying to forget her..but believe me whenever I try, I find her story may not be interesting to many people but guys sometimes you just cannot think about ugly sex with the person you love.
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