Movie night in

Imagine we are sitting on the couch, watching a movie while we sipping beverages and sharing some popcorn. I am leaning my head on your shoulder and you have your arm around me with one hand absently brushing across my breast and gliding down to my arm - you love the feel of my skin beneath your fingers. Suddenly a love scene appears in the movie and I squirm a bit - letting you know I am turned on by it.

We continue to watch and cuddle until the movie is over. Then I pull away from you and seductively gaze into your eyes asking if there is anything else you would like to watch. You get up dim the lights, and turn on some music. Winking at me saying the only thing you want to watch now is me. We kiss deeply and pull ourselves closely together. I can feel you getting excited and I take the lead and remove my shirt and bra, exposing my luscious breasts to you. Then I slowly unzip your pants and slide them off of you, exposing your rock hard cock.

I gently push you back onto the couch and kneel down before you and start giving you a tremendous blowjob. You lay back and enjoy what is given to you. I suck you, lick you, take you all in and gently play with your balls all while looking at you with wanting eyes. Before you cum, I stand up and remove the rest of my clothing. You take off your shirt and we are both naked in front of each other. I straddle you and slide your cock into me, moving slowly, rocking my hips back and forth, then in a circular motion, you softly moan and call my name. You gently slide me off of you and move behind me kissing my neck, running your fingers through my hair, running your hands down by back, hips and thighs. You gently bend me forward over the couch running your fingers along my ass and slide yourself into me - in and out, so slowly, then increasing the intensity, thrusting harder and faster until we cum in unison.

We lie back together on the couch. You begin to glide your fingers across my shoulders, arms, breasts, stomach and pussy - rubbing it, sliding two fingers in and out, circling and tickling me. You sense I am about to cum again so you push a bit harder and I explode one more time. I am quivering from all the action and my pussy is now sensitive to touch. I notice you are hard again so I push you over and start to suck your cock once more. It doesn’t take long before you cum again - deep in my throat. We fall back into each other’s arms entwining our bodies, happy but exhausted.
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4 years ago
Very intimate and sexy!
4 years ago
when does the show start? XXX