Fishing trip part II

Part II
The lake is not as secluded as we would have liked, so we hed to put our suits on inorder to jump in the water.
It was shallow enough to stand tippy toed, yet deep enough to jump in and not hit bottom.
After our cool down in the water. we approach the ladder to climb back in. I reach up for it first with you directly behind me.
You wrap your arms around me and tug at the top of my suit, sliding it down to reveal my breasts.
I swing around suddenly, faceing you, and you cant resist to pounce your lips around my sily flesh. As my tits get harder and harder from
the flicking and licking of your tongue, you catch me off-gaurd and slip my suit the rest of the way off in one fell swoop. I am taken by surprise but
I have an idea of what to do next. I wrap my legs around your waste and before you get too aroused by what is infront of you, I pull your swim shorts off in one motion
with my legs. Now you am totally shocked, but smiling, i am holding your suit in my hand and you are holding my suit in your hand. We seemed to sense the logic in this sight and we
simultaniously tossed our suits back into the boat. You couldn't pass this oppurtunity to move in and hold the ladder behind me, while I wrapped my arms around your shoulders and my legs around your waste. Using our pelvis's we managed to find the tip of you now hard, watery cock at the entrance of my doubly wet underwater lips. You managed to somehow press forward
into my watery treasure that was so much hotter and wetter than where we were. We were definately making waves. You were fucking me under the surface and I fucking you back just as furiously. You didnt want to cum there, you had a different plan for me and my sacred fluids. So you hurried me up the ladder and you followed close behind, making sure no
other boats were in sight. You sat me down in one of the seats and pulled the cooler in close next to us. My eyes beamed with excitment because I had peaked at the contents earlier.
With the heat between us still raging from our 'dip' you pulled out a strawberry popcycle and stood up infront of me. Your hard on pulsed just inches in front of my wanting lips, but you put
your hand on my head to keep me away, just long enough to allow some of the popcycle to start melting and dripping on the head of your cock.

I grabbed your hard rod and began to slowly suck your cock all the way to the base of your balls, slowly pulling you out of my mouth and staring up at you to see your head rolling back in exctasy. You just held the dripping treat out alittle in front of you with your eyes closed. I wrapped one hand around the base and guided you to the strawberry drippings and when I saw you were flavored enough I plunged your cock in my mouth again and swirled it around until I had sucked all the strawberry flavor off of you as precum began to espcape the tip.
Your eyes rolled back in your head as I did this repeatedly, time and time again. I can feel your orgasm fast approaching, and infact take alittle on the chin and swiftly lick it up and over my lips. But before you can fully explode you pull away and push me back in the seat. Pulling out another strawberry frozen treat, you peal away the wrapper and lick the
frost off. When your tongue is nearly frozen, you raise my legs up over my shoulders and rest them there, knees bent and place your icy cold tongue down on your hot, wet pussy, sending shock waves through my entire body. You continue to do this, only each time you let your fingers slide in my hot wet pussy.
You lick the cold treat, your tongue gets cold. you lick my clit with your icey tongue - over and over again, until you finally slip the slick and melting popcycle inside me, which send me over the edge. Of course it's near the end and quickly melt inside me - you toss the stick aside and plunge you warm tongue into me licking and sucking all the strawberry jiuces flowing from me along with my sweet juices flowing. You cant wait to have me now so you flip me around with my ass in the air and chin on the seat cushion, my arms braced in front of me you pentetrate swift and hard and continue pounding my sweet pussy from behind. I grab your balls as they slap against me. Your hand replaces mine as you reach around and play with my clit while your fucking me hard from behind. You can feel me cumming as I push back against you hard, taking your shaft in as deep as I can up your wet dripping pussy.
Your cock feels all my juices flowing on it and feels my muscles tighten around you, forcing you to explode once again. You pull out your cock and and cum all over my ass.
You steady yourself and rub your cum all over my cheeks. My hand replaces yours and I rub the rest of your cum into my soft skin.

We hadnt noticed another boat with another couple , drift up next to us, only about 20 ft away when they yelled to see if everything was ok. It was then
they realized what they had stumbled into when they looked at the two of us. They asked if we needed any assistance - giggling, knowing all to well what the scene was. We looked at each other and back at them and said - everything is alright!
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