Fishing Trip - Part 1

The day is sunny, warm with a few s**ttered clouds floating by, otherwise calm waters await us, as you push off from the pier.

Our boat is an open bow, I am sure you've seen a typical speed boat about 18 ft long with seating for 3 in the front.

A split windshield allows passengers to pass from bow to back where there is more seating.

As we troll throught the breakwater, I reach into the cooler looking for a tall cool drink, and also find other edibles that I cant wait to have.

Now out on the open water you kick off your sandles and throw aside your t-shirt and head for the sand bar that jets out far off the point.

I am sitting next to you, our heads above the windshield, sitting on the tops of the seats. We glance longingly at each other, then a deeper, longer

look into eachother's souls through eachother's eyes. We reach and touch each others arms give a knowing smile that we just weren't looking for a good fishing spot.

You ask me to go to the bow and sit down facing you so you can see me as well where we're going.

I look so hot with your hooded sweat shirt over my head, drawn tight around my face - to block every wisp of wind, and the life preserver on top of that around my neck and shoulders. Add to that the extra large towels covering my legs - makes me look so adorable.

You yell something about the way I look, ubt I can't fully make out what you said as your words are lost in the wind, but I nod my head at you anyway, in time to catch you snapping a picture to show me later.

Once at our fishing spot, I unwrap myself from all my gear and reveal my stunning figure in just my swim suit. Who knew under all that hooded, blanketed bundle was a gorgeous creature whose sex appeal just wont stop! You are a bit stunned and take a step back to drink me all in.

Your mind is far from fishing right now and scanning my sexy body. I can only imagine what thoughts your mind has drifted off to.

I have to ask you several times "what should we do now?" before you wake from the trance your in. We get our lines in and start fishing.

You stand beind me and teach me how to cast - just like a golf pro teaching a rookie how to swing. Often you would nibble on my neck and ears- seemed as though we were the only ones biting that afternoon! I hungrily wanted to return the favor and stealing kisses was my specialty!

We are there for what seems like a long time and have not had one bite on our hooks. We are getting weary and in need of refreshing. So we stock

our gear away and head over to a sandbar where we can jump in and cool off. On the way over I am sitting in the front again, facing you and as we

ride some boat waves my gorgeous breasts bounce with the slapping of the hull against the water. Which seems to open your eyes further to your desires for me.

We come to a halt and toss in the anchor, the sun beating down on us now, the lake nearly to ourselves.

I stand in front of you glistening in the midday sun and you ask me turn around so you can apply some sun screen which you warm in your hands first before applying to my tender skin, applying generous amounts to my shoulders and back making sure you get under the straps of my suit Instantly cooling them, I let out a soft sigh and wriggle in my swimsuit backing into you. You load up the lotion getting gobs in each hand and apply to my

hips and smoothing it down each side of my legs at the same time leaving a quick kiss on my cheek. You go back to rubbing lotion on my leg - working it with both hands - you work up and down from the top pf my thighs to my heals - my breath quickening with each stroke, wondering where you slippery hands will stop? Will you stop just before the lining of my swim suit? or will you slide your fingers underneath to my now wet pussy?

You move effortlessly to my other leg, using the remaining lotion to cover from heal to the top of my thigh, with the affect almost that of a sensual

massage. I getting relaxed and excited at your movements - the feel of your hands sliding along my soft skin.

Once you reached my swim suit bottom for what seemed like the tenth tim, you fingers slick with sunscreen massage the bikini area from the out side of my suit. My moans suggest jus how much I like it and you start to feel the wetness through my suit. You gently run your fingers up the outside of my suit up the crack of my ass, your hands on each side of me, from behind, your hands come up to my underarms and slowly slip under the sides of my suit

to apply more sunscreen, you want to make sure every inch of me is covered. I moan slightly as your hands massage my breasts under the tight top, kissing my neck and shoulders, I cant resist and push back into you.

Your hands now try to fully envelope my gorgeous breasts, but only try. Your hands can only handle massaging my nipples between your fingers

as I throw my head back in passion, your head goes forward enough to look over my shoulders down to where your hands are under my tight suit, massaging my hardening tits. My louder moans let you know I am enjoying your groping and kisses.

You see my hands reaching back to make a backward hug and pull you tighter to my backside. My hands on your waste, I can still feel your rising enthusiasm through the material of our swim suits. You gently rub your cock and pelvis against my ass cheeks brining your manhood to stiffer attention.

My hand finds you stiff rod easily and traces it's hard outline through the fabric of your suit. Then palm open I massage you to bring more heat to your already hard cock and can feel the droplets of pre cum forming on the fabric.

You back away and let your hands slip out and away from my heavenly breasts so you can guide me to the seat next to us in the bow of the boat. You sit me down infront of you and lean forward and kiss me passionately and deeply and slip in to the seat next to me.

We make out like we are at make-out point again in highschool!.

Your bl**d is running hotter for me than you ever thought possible - You think to yourself, "i must have you!"

The heat between us is too intense. With all the deep passionate kissing, up and down, our hands roaming over each other's bodies. the heat of the

day, the sun beating down on us. You must have me.

So you slowly lean me forward so you can take the straps down off my shoulders, judging by the pulling and tugging on my suit I get the hint that you

want me out of it immediately. I gladly ablige and begin to wriggle out of my suit. You tug the last of it off and over my feet. I am leaning back in the seat and you are at my feet. You hungrily spread my legs and quickly lick your way up the inside of my legs to my treasure, wet from our earlier heated session. Your lips wastes no time pressing against my pussy, diving your tongue in to taste my sweet nectar. Your tongue flat against my clit, I moan louder and louder loving your hot breath against me, your fingers quiver as you slip a couple inside me. I arch my head back over the short rail and spread my legs wider and high for you. You begin to pump faster and deeper with your wet tongue and drive your fingers in deeper and faster with each stroke. Your mouth and fingers are quickly replaced with your now fully engourged hard-on. The head of your cock slips through my outer lips easily, then I tighten my muscles as I feel your hardness penetrate entirely up to your balls. You lift my legs as high and as far apart as i can and thrust in and out of my sweet wet pussy, slapping your balls against my ass with each drive home!

Blame it on the hot sun, the open air, adrift on the water, I waste no time clinching my muscles around your hard shaft and with more thrust deep inside

my pussy my orgasm begins. You can feel my pussy so tight around your hard cock , then my juices flowing, hot wet, wetter still and hotter still

and making you feel too good too hold back any longer so you explode inside me, filling me with your juices, our juices mixing together

and dribbling out the corners of my crotch. Our enthusiasm must have been heard around the entire lake! You are so lustful at that moment that you want more! So you pull me down off the seat after you pull your still half hard rod out of my dripping wetness and go down to me and place your mouth over my pussy, you lick and suck all the juices you can, both mine and yours mixed together, We taste so good together! You kiss me gently on my face, cheeks and lips. Then fall back and admire me, sitting foot to foot. Both exhausted, for the moment.

We take a couple of breathes and know there is alot more day left.
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Sweet story..
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sweet story