It all started in the morning as we dressed for the airport. I made sure to wear something sexy. A royal blue form fitting low cut top. Low enough to reveal generous cleavage and the tops of my 38 DD breasts which were being held up with a sheer lace aqua colored balconette bra. I wore a nice pair of tight low rise shorts such that when I bend down he would be able to get a glimpse of my matching sheer lace thong. I wanted you revved up so that by the time we landed you would want to pounce on me. I caught you peeking down my top and down my back at my thong several times. It was working. We get to the hotel and I wanted to tease you a little more. We kiss a little and then you lift my top off and caresses my breasts through the sheer lace material - sucking on then through the bra. It is so erotic. Then you unsnap my shorts and grab both my cheeks and squeeze. You want me really bad now. I can tell by your hardness pressing against me. I excuse myself. You must be thinking I am undressing but then I suggest we go to the beach for a little while to relax and have a few drinks. You agree after I promise it will worth your while. We change. I am now wearing a super sexy bikini. (It is a white gauze-like material that is see through when wet, only you don't know that “yet” with a matching thong. I have on shorts so you don't see that yet either.) We go down to the beach. I take off my tank top and then my shorts. you look at me like “wow” really liking what you are seeing. Then we lay out for a while. After a drink to lose some inhibitions we swim in the warm 87 degree tropical water. My top is wet now. It is as if it is not there at all as it is completely see-thru. It is as if I were in a wet t-shirt contest with the thinnest and sheerest of t-shirts. We walk back along the beach and I receive quite a few glowing stares from the hordes of good looking men also on the beach. When we reach our chairs again I take my top off as this a top optional beach. I sit back in my chair breasts out to the world to see. You seem like silly puddy in my hands at this point. A vendor walks by and asks if there is anything that we want. I say yes and request a cherry Italian ice. I make sure to let a little of the melted cherry juice spill out of the cup and a few drops are now sitting on the tops of my luscious breast slowly running down them light a raindrop on a windshield. I look around and pull you close and since nobody is looking I ask you to suck the juice off them right here in the open. You gladly oblige. That was it. It set off a chain reaction and started a motion that was unstoppable in us. The sun was going down now and we were the only ones left on the beach. I drizzled a little more cherry juice inside my thong and asked if you could take care of that as well. Well did you ever. After about 30 seconds and as a result of the sexual tension that had been building all day I came in about 30 seconds thanks to your skilled tongue action. Now it was your turn. I pulled down your shorts and starting taking you in my mouth as I did not want a whole bunch of sand in areas that would surely be in action later tonight. I skillfully played with the boys and your engine was as revved up as I have ever seen as you came on the third time of back and forth and exploded in my mouth. We were both completely naked and satisfied on this warm tropical beach now. What to do next…..
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4 years ago
wish i was on that vacation with you
4 years ago
how much to go on this vacation???