My s****r and I.

When I was 13 my s****r was 17,our parents let us at home all the time.
Normally my s****r is a reserved band geek,but pretty enough to be the hottie next door.

She made dinner for me then told me to go clean my room,which I started to do,
as I picked up my stuff my s****r walked in the room didn't say a word and just started rubbing my cock.I got hard instantly,she then took off her shirt and bra,
she had b cups but to me they might as well been double d's,
She told me to lick her tits while she rubbed my cock. She then went down and sucked on my cock,she did for about 4 minutes till I came for the first time in my s****r's mouth.She then told me I had to return the favor and made me eat her pussy,she tasted so good and juicy.I never got to fuck her but we still to this day talk about what we did that night,so maybe soon I will have that part of the story.
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3 years ago
nice story want to hear more:)....
4 years ago
good start but short
4 years ago
Short yes, but sweet and seductive. Just like your sister was. Oh she was a lucky girl that one.. A 13 year old's sweeter than sweet nectar from the gods fresh cum load in her own teenage mouth.... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.. You were a pretty lucky young lad as well baby.. :) But of course truth be told, I would rather have changed shoes with her on that infamous day when she sucked your cock off and you ate her pussy!! HEHE.. :)
4 years ago
We wish that part two will actually happen to you.
Please tell us a bit more, how she looked like.
4 years ago