My Orgy threw my Eyes

I have been having these parties for a while now and a lot of people always ask me what happens at the parties. I mean from novice swingers, to people that frequent swing clubs. I guess because bisexual men being such a taboo, they figure something different happens with us than with every place else. I have been to several swing events too and the only difference with us is everyone get naked and plays. So let me tell you what I saw last time.

About 6:00 a lady we had never met before, that was new to swinging, arrived at the hotel. We chatted and she had told us her hubby was sick and died about a year ago and she hadn't had sex in over 16 months. She went on to say she had been masturbating frequently for the last 6 months and was fantasizing about being with a black man and women in a 3sum, although she had only had one on one sex with white men. She said she met a black woman in our friends network, they hooked up and got naked but really didn't do to much. So..... She came by and had a drink with us, her and my wife work in the same field so they started talking and became friendly, she was very attractive and she found my wife to be "very beautiful" she said. So they started to kiss and caress after they talked for about an hour or 2. They moved to the bed and started to suck titties and eat each other pussy and my wife doesn't eat pussy to often and the lady had never really been with a woman before. I settled in just to get my dick sucked by two women at the same time as they played with each other. She came twice from playing with my wife, then she came sucking my dick as my wife fucked her with the vibrator. She showered thanked us for inviting her handed me $25, I said "no it's only $20", she said "no take the $25", I ain't argue. By 9:00 she was getting pages from her teenagers but by then she was very pleased and left looking as sexy as she did when she arrived.

9:30 a knock at the door a gentlemen I had been chatting with on line shows up with a lady I have been chatting with on line and one of our female friends in the life. Both ladies needed rides from the South Side and since he was coming from that way I asked him to pick them up. Soon as they sat there was another knock, it was a North Suburban Couple we play with all the time. So as they all started to chat people start to arrive a BBC we play with frequently, a young sexy ass black lady brand new to swinging, 2 more single guys that are nicely hung and couple friendly, a lovely BBW that just plays with ladies a couple more couples and as we mingle, talk, have a drink, tell about sexual experiences, etc. It soon becomes 10:30.

The front room of the suite has a Living Room set up, so I move the coffee table to the side, let out the couch bed, put the chairs in a place more conducive to blow jobs and let every know it is time to get naked. Every one disrobes the regulars are use to the procedure and the new people fall in line quickly....LOL.....Now I am still clothed because I may need to get Ice from the Ice Machine or answer the door or something to that effect.

1st thing I see a Big Black Dick going in and out of the mouth of a lady I had been e mailing for 6 months before she actually came to a party. She said she hadn't had sex in 8 months and had never been to a bisexual party before. She jumped right in. It took all of 30 seconds before she was laying on her back with that dick in her mouth getting her pussy eaten. I told 2 couples to come to the back room where there was more room. I took the 2 couple to the king size bed and when I got back there. I saw my wife getting her pussy eaten by a women, while she had a dick in her mouth and a women sucking her left titty, the women sucking her titty was getting fucked doggie style by her husband as he was getting fucked in the mouth by a guy standing on the bed. One of the guys from one of the couples I brought into the back room started to suck dick along with my wife and his wife started to lick the ass of the lady that was eating my wife pussy. Then the other ladies husband started to fuck the lady that was licking the ass of the women that was eating my wife pussy. Then there was a knock on the door.

As I walk threw the front to the door I see a lady getting fucked from behind, sucking her husbands dick as he sucks a TS's dick. I answer the door. Another couple we have played with before, before the guy could hand me the $35 his wife was naked hitting the shower.....LOL....I stood around a little longer them I saw a BIG OLE ASS go in the air she was eating pussy and it was time for me to fuck, I disrobed and started to fuck, after I guess 150 strokes I let someone else hit that pussy because the lady that hadn't had sex in 8 months was getting fucked with nothing in her mouth. So I put my dick there she laid on her back and sucked that dick till the guy fucking her came and then I started to fuck her. One of our Big Dick Friends put his dick in her mouth as I was on top of her. She told me online she masturbated to videos of men sucking dick so I took the dick out of her mouth and put it in mine as I sucked dick and fucked her, she was so excited to see the dick in my mouth she came quickly.

I moved to the back room to see what was going on. Lucky me another Big BBW ass in the air with a pussy in her face. There was a guy that likes to suck my dick sitting on the bed so I let him suck my dick as he masturbated, once he shot his cum out his dick I started to fuck that New BBW Pussy from behind. Now this lady and her hubby had been talking about bisexual swinging and this was there 1st time she had ever eaten pussy and she must have licked it because she was coming soon after I started fucking. Now I was horny ass hell and ready to fuck the wife. We fucked and sucked 2 dicks one for her and one for me until she came. After that I stroked my dick for a while as I watched a couple new to swinging take on 3 guys fucking as they sucked those dicks and each dick took it's turn to fuck her. Then one of our favorite couples sucked my dick together that really turns them on. Then there is another couple that has a lady that like to watch her husband and I exchange dick suckings so we did that as she masturbated and watched. Soon it was about 1:00 every one had cum 1, 2 or 3 times so the party was winding down as every one was getting dressed and leaving I noticed a guy talking to my wife as everyone left he remained the wife informed me he wants to be topped and she wants to see. So he bent over and she vibrated herself as I fucked him in the ass. His ass took all of this dick too no problem, after I shot cum over his ass he left and we went to sl**p.
71% (24/10)
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3 months ago
my dream party
7 months ago
I would so love to be involved in party like this!
2 years ago
Ur parties are a big fantasy of mine...would love to join
2 years ago
These parties sound amazing! Too bad I'm not closer to Chi-town.