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After years of routine and boring sex my wife decided we needed to do something to help it. I told her whatever she was willing to try that I was good with it too. A couple days later she said she wanted to try sex with a black to see what the hype was about that her girlfriends are always talking about. So I reluctantly decided to go for it and we got online and met a nice clean gentleman from about 300 miles away and we decided to meet halfway. After swapping pictures the wife was very interested with his physique and the size of his tool. We had dinner and met at a pretty nice hotel and then lounged in the hot tub together at about 2 am just by ourselves. Myself and he were in shorts and she was topless with just a bikini bottom and we casually steered the conversation to her desires and wants and eventually she got the nerve up to slowly start rubbing and stroking him with her hand. I was very quickly aroused by the way she was trying to be so discreet but yet never stopped when another guest walked through the room. She sank into the tub in front of him and looked at me several times before she put her mouth on him and then started to take him in her mouth. Unexpectedly I was extremely beside myself and energized by watching her suck a black guys dick. He was really feeling the joy as well as she was picking up the pace with her head bobbing in n out of the water. I couldn't help but to remove my shorts n start to stroke myself from the excitement. He suggested that before things got any further we should go up to the room so we quickly dressed and hurried upstairs. As soon as we entered the room I sat at the head of the bed so I could have a perfect view of the action. He stood just a few feet from me as she got on her knees in the floor and continued the awesome blowjob he was receiving. Unsure of what her intentions were she stopped and looked at me and said that his dick tasted good and she asked me if he could fuck her. I quickly replied to her that I wanted to see her pussy full of his cock. She leaned over the bed and started kissing me while he was slowly trying to enter her from behind. After a few tries he was balls deep in her and the look on her face was priceless. After 15 years of marriage I had never seen the look of exctasy on her face she had then. He didn't waste time and he was soon power driving his 9 inch black dick deep inside my wife's white pussy. Her moans and squeals was absolutely driving me crazy with excitement. She stopped after about 10 minutes of hard fucking and she once again got on her knees to taste him with her mouth. By this time I couldn't hold it anymore so I got her from behind and shoved my dick in her pussy but after a few short minutes I unloaded in her hole. She looked at me sarcastically and said that he would finish the job. She assumed her position on all fours on the bed and he restarted what he was doing before which was deep fucking my wife. About 30 minutes of pussy pounding he was near cumming and I told him to cum in her mouth. She got back on her knees and I witnessed the most erotic thing I've ever seen in person, a black cock shooting a load of cum in my beautiful wife's mouth. After we all showered he soon left and my wife and I had made love all night long. Since that night our sex has been phenomenal and she has even opened herself up to anal fucking on occasions. I have no regrets and would do it again
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Like it! :)
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Great stuff
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hot story
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hot story,made me hard