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Sexy black chick

Ive always wanted to have sex with a black girl, I used to dream about it. I was at a house party one night and was chatting to some friends when I noticed a group of girls giving me the eye from across the room. I looked back but not to make it look obviouse. Then a girl from the middle of the group walked over to me and asked to talk to me, it was a black girl and she looked so sexy, she had a big ass and a amazing set of tits. She asked me the general questions about my name and age and where I was from. Then she started looking at the cloths I was wearing and stroking my chest with her hand. I started to admire her cloths and started up get horny from her. She started to talk really sexy to me and pull on the bottom of my shirt. She then invited me upstairs to the bedroom to talk in private. I knew what this meant and agreeded and followed her. She bounced up the stairs and her arse looked amazing. We found a bedroom with a lock on the door. She sat me down on the bed and sat on my lap with her tits right in front of my eyes. She started to kiss my neck and rub my legs. I grabbed her ass and started to rub it fast and hard. She could feel my cock on her leg and quickly undid my pants, she put her pretty lips around it and started to suck, she said she was going to blow me dry. It felt amazing getting a blowjob off a black girl. She just kept sucking and feeling my balls. I could feel the cum building up and she started to wank my cock of whilst sucking it. I started wanking my cock over her face as she spoke dirty to me, I blew my cum all over her pretty face. She loved that cum on her face. I then got her number and her address and she told me to call her. This was the start of a awesome fuck buddy.
Posted by Biggie66 2 years ago
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