Time with mother in law

The started out like any other, the wife went to work and the son went to school. I had to go do some work at my mother in laws, when I got there she wasnt there,so I started the work when the phone rang and it was my mother in law saying she was at the store and was goin to be on her way, well I figured I had enough time to go check out her room and bathroom, due to me wanting to hide a camera to see her naked. My mother in law is fit for a woman in her 60s, nice big 38d breast and sexy round butt. While in her room in noticed her underwear in the laundry basket that hadnt been put away so i looked at them, then noticed dirty laundry on the floor, I picked them up and the sweet smell of my motherin laws pussi was so sexy and got me to the point of masturbation, as I sat there on her bed I was unaware my mother in law had arrived and had been watching me from the doorway.
Suddenlyshe spoke up asking if I was enjoying thinkin of her that way,I freaked and tried to apologize but couldnt get my mind to work. She strode over to where I was eyes locked on my hard cock. finally i managed to say plese dont tell anyone, becuz it was embarrassing, she stood conteplating what i had begged, and finally said the only way she would keep a secret is to share the moment with her. I lowered my head and closed my eyes and was suddenly jerked to reality as she threw me on the bed and began lickin and suckin my cock and balls.with that i let loose and got into a rythmn with her. that day we spent the entire time I was there in her bed we spent time playing with each other and madelove to each other three times, as I was leaving she walked me out and and at the door she wapped her arms around my neck and french kissed me before I left which led to my mother in law and I fucking one more time on the couch. I left that day knowing that she was more satisfied than she had been for along time. We have continued to hook up since that day a year ago. I must say I love my mother in law.

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3 years ago
wow i ended up fucking my mother inlaw after a stunt like this she found the my blackberry recording in her bathroom as she was about to get naked i got a message i forgot to turn radio off ... at the time was well embarrassing but now im glad.. she came down stairs and said wtf is this and i larfed and said i musta droped it her reply was dont fuking lie if you wanted to see why didnt you just ask.. i was speechless she grabed my hand and pulled me upstairs she lobbed me a durex and said ive waited for this moment for ages i nearly cryed she dropped her trousers and took of her nighty got into bed and said what are you waiting for ...we fucked like i never fucked before we never really saw eye to eye before so i was nervous but we fucked for hours and have done 5 times in the last 3 weeks everytime better than before and just as nervous .... but me too i love my mother in law :) roll on sunday
3 years ago
hi dusty>goooood story if if you add some pic with it?thnx
3 years ago
great story, i love mil stories