Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 09.1

Jeff heard a noise coming from downstairs. It seemed like someone was trying to open the door. It was around 4:30a.m and some stranger had just open the front door. Jeff knew it wasn’t his parents. They were all ready home and asl**p. He knew it couldn’t have been Brittany because she has to get up in another hour or so to get ready for school.

He quickly got out of bed and heard the stranger’s footsteps going across the hall to where Brittany’s room is. Jeff slightly opens his door and sees that Brittany’s door closes and the lights come on. He then tiptoes across the hall to get to Brittany’s room. Once at the door, he quickly opens it to see Brittany wearing very tight exercise shorts that made her all ready big ass look even fatter and a very tight purple sport bra that made Brittany’s enormous breasts stick out like huge torpedoes.

Jeff felt his cock harden at the sight of Brittany. She was standing in front of her mirror, looking at her body from head to toe.

“Jeff. Do my ass look fat?” She asked while looking at it through the mirror.

“Um. Well Britt. I’m the wrong person to ask if your ass looks fat. I try not to look at your ass,” Jeff said thought he has always admire her ass.

“Um ok. What about my titties? I think I have gone another cup size,” Brittany said, sticking her sweat glistering chest out high, staring at her sport bra covered tits. Jeff was staring too.

“Either way s*s. You have big tits. I have always used to tease you about them since you first started growing them,” he said reminding her.

“Yes Jeff. I know.”

“So what were you doing out so early in the morning?” He asked very curiously.

“Jogging. James says I should keep in shape thought I only run in gym class. He says I should go to the gym every once in a while. He doesn’t want me losing my figure,” she said, still admiring her body in the mirror.

“Well s*s. I have seen that you have changed since the last time I saw you. You were never like this before. That James guy must be some influence on you if you have your lifestyle changing.”

Then suddenly, Brittany lifted her wet sport bra up, revealing her huge sweaty breasts and thick hard nipples. Jeff nearly drops his jaw at the sight of them. He felt his dick becoming bigger and bigger until it was very obvious.

“Yeah. My double E cup bras are starting to feel a little bit tight on me. Perhaps I’m an F cup now Jeff. What do you think? Don’t you like my titties?” She teased as she shook her shoulders, causing her massive jugs to shake and wobble across her chest.

“Oh god,” said Jeff, feeling his huge cock ready to burst rivers and rivers of cum. Her breasts slap and beat against each other as she moves her body.

“I got to go now s*s. Have fun at school,” Jeff said, quickly rushing out of her room and back to his. He closed the door and locked it, thinking that she did that on purpose to mess with his mind.

A few hours later, Brittany was at school talking to her friends Kristen, Trishelle, and Danielle about the private party James wants her to go to.

“How come we can’t come?” Asked Trishelle.

“Because it’s only for his frat house. Unless one of those guys asks you to the party, you can’t go without an invite. I’m sorry girls,” said Brittany.

Suddenly, Tommy who has been sick finally returns to school to check out Brittany’s new look and he was impressed at what he saw.

“Wow Brittany. I didn’t know you had breasts the size of my head,” Tommy said joking.

“Glad your feeling better Tommy,” said Brittany, pushing her breasts out inside her tight pink belly shirt.

“It looks like you done stuff two giant watermelons inside your shirt Brittany,” said Kristen laughing.

“I’m not feeling better just yet. The doctor’s say whatever I had might come back in a day or two,” he said.

“Ewwww. Get away from me!” Said Trishelle, backing away from Tommy.

“Relax Trishelle. It’s not catchy.”

Then Tommy’s two friends Kyle and Sam walk up to him and immediately drop their books and focus all their attention on the four sexy girls in front of them.

“What are you dorks staring at?” Asked Trishelle.

“Mag...Magnificent orgs you have their,” said the chubby one Kyle. As his face turn bright red, he started grinding his teeth together, causing his braces to make annoying sounds.

Meanwhile Sam, the black and very skinny friend cause his glasses to fog up and drool to leak out of his mouth.

“Disgusting,” said Danielle.

“Oh. Bell rang. Time for class,” said Trishelle, making up an excuse to drag Danielle and her away from the nerd squad.

“Brittany. Kristen. I like your girls to meet Kyle and Sam. Guys. These girls are the ones I have been telling you about. The other two are weird,” Tommy said.

As Tommy was talking, Brittany saw Mr. Smiley down the hallway. She made a small smile as he turned into the Teacher’s lounge. Then the smile turns into a small frown.

“Britt? Are you ok?” Asked Kristen.

“Yeah. I’ll be fine. Let’s just go to homeroom,” Brittany said.

The two enters their homeroom and sit down next to Trishelle and Danielle. Mr. Smiley enters just as the bell rings. He didn’t lift one eye to look at Brittany. Brittany thought it was weird that he wasn’t trying to make eye contract with her.

Mr. Smiley started passing out papers and as he made his way to Brittany, she looks up at his face and smiled. She even pushes her breasts together, making a nice valley for him to look down at. Mr. Smiley just didn’t look and walk right pass her. Brittany didn’t know what to think. So as soon as homeroom is over, she was going to go talk to him.

15 minutes pass and homeroom was over. Everyone headed to his or her classrooms. Brittany however stay behind to talk to Mr. Smiley.

“What gives?” She asks him. “You didn’t look at me or even make eye contract with me today. Is something wrong?”

“Yes Brittany. Something is wrong. Thanks to my little fuck with you. My wife your juices on my shirt and walk out on me last night,” Mr. Smiley said in an angry tone.

“Well sir. It’s not my fault. You came on to me. You have wanted to fuck me since you first knew I had huge boobs and ass. So don’t blame me for your screw up sir.”

“Perhaps you’re right. I was tempted by your beauty and your ample breasts to look pass my own wife and see a B cup woman. All I wanted was for her to get some implants. Then perhaps I would have been happy. I was not a happy man. Not until my moment of bliss with you yesterday,” he said with his eyes wide open. “But I did love my wife. We have a son and perhaps now she is going to take him away from me for cheating. Then if she tells the school I was fucking around with either a student or teacher. It’s my job.”

In some ways Britt felt sad for Mr. Smiley. He was her favorite teacher since the first day she enters High school. But she also realizes that in a few months, she’ll be graduating and in college. Mr. Smiley won’t be there to be her favorite teacher anymore. Brittany left the room without saying anything to Mr. Smiley. He was to busy grading papers in a very mad attitude.

It was 3:30 and school was let out. Brittany told her friends that she’ll meet up with them later at the mall. As she was driving home, she couldn’t help but to think about Mr. Smiley and the fact that she destroys his marriage. She knew she couldn’t believe herself for something she didn’t do on purpose. He was drawn to her like she was to him. She knew that starting a relationship with him wasn’t going to happen. She doesn’t want the drama of his wife. They can’t date while he is a teacher and she is his student. And plus, she has James in her life and doesn’t know why she has been fucking around on him.

Brittany got home and saw that same purple Neon from yesterday, parked in the driveway. She enters the house to find a very tall and sexy brunette girl sitting on the couch. She girl kind of resembles WWE’s Stacie Keibler but a brunette with bigger boobs. Brittany walks into the room to greet the girl.

“Hi. I’m Brittany. Jeff’s s****r.”

“Hello Brittany. I’m Sandy. Jeff has told me so much about you,” she said and then feasting her eyes on Brittany’s chest. “He never told me you were very well endowed. Your quite bless. Look at me. I’m 25 and a 36DD cup. How big are yours if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I’m currently a 44EE but I think I have when up a cup size to an F. My bras are kind of feeling really tight on me,” Brittany replied.

“Oh. I’m sorry. It was none of my business. I don’t know why I asked you that stupid question. I was just curious that’s all. I mean. I never have seen a teenage girl with such massive hooters before,” said Sandy amazed.

“Why thank you. It’s ok. I don’t mind.”

“I bet you get that a lot don’t you?” Sandy asks.

“Yeah. It’s hard going out into public with guys and girls both staring at your chest all the time,” said Brittany, folding her arms under her breasts, making them bulge out into balloons.

“Oh god. They’re so enormous. I bet they’re really soft and very sensitive,” said Sandy.

“Yeah. They are. Especially my nipples. Mmmm. I love to have them sucked and pull by guys. Even sometimes a girl would do,” said Brittany, moving closer to Sandy and licking her lips. Sandy couldn’t do much but just stare at Brittany’s tits. Wondering what it would be like to suck them.

“Here. Feel them,” said Brittany, thrusting out her chest, making her massive tits stick out like torpedoes aiming at Sandy.

Sandy hesitated a little bit before cupping a huge mound in each of her big hands and giving them a firm squeeze.

“Mmmm,” moan slightly Sandy as she felt Brittany up. Moving her hands over the material of the shirt, caressing Brittany’s clothed tits in every angle. From beneath the giant jugs to the chest they hang from. Her thumbs found the hard erase nipples and started pressing down on them. Pushing them into their massive areolas.

Sandy was very much enjoying feeling Brittany’s breasts and so was Jeff. He was peaking from behind a wall, watching his girlfriend feel up on his s****r. It was really turning him on.

Brittany could see the pleasure in Sandy’s face as she moans and moans, tugging at Brittany’s nipples and jiggling the massive soft tit by them.

“Well it’s been fun. I have to go change and to go to the mall. Would you like to come and meet my friends? I mean. Since you are practically f****y dating my b*****r. Unless you have other plans?” Ask Brittany, suddenly pulling away from Sandy and broke her pleasure zone she was in.

“Sure. I would like to go. Let me tell Jeff and I’ll meet you back here,” agreed Sandy.

Brittany headed upstairs as Jeff came into the room.

“I see you met my s****r,” he said.

“Oh. Yeah. She is a very sweet girl. She wanted me to come along with her to the mall. Do you mind if I go?” Sandy asks.

“Sure but remember. Be back before 8. The restaurant will give our seats up if were not there on time,” he said.

“Ok. Thank you baby.” Sandy gives Jeff a kiss and headed outside to wait for Brittany. Brittany came back downstairs and saw her b*****r Jeff looking outside the window.

“Make sure she is back before 8 Britt.”

“Don’t worry b*****r. I’ll have her back in one piece,” she said, kissing her b*****r on the cheek and then heading outside to meet Sandy.

Brittany and Sandy arrived at the mall to meet up with Kristen and the twins.

“Girls. I’ll like to introduce you guys to Sandy. My b*****r’s girlfriend.”

“Nice to meet you,” all the girls said.

“Like wise,” said Sandy.

“I’m Kristen and these are the twins Trishelle and Danielle.”

“So you’re the lucky girl who gets to fuck Brittany’s b*****r,” said Trishelle.

“Trishelle!” Said an angry Britt.

“I’m just being friendly,” Trishelle responded. “So what is he like in bed? Does he have a big dick?” Brittany looked at Trishelle with an angry look and Trishelle just smiled at her.

She girls headed to Victoria’s Secrets to do some shopping. Brittany had to get her measurements check out to see if she when up a cup size. The sale’s lady helped Brittany get her measurements and she was right. She grew into a 36F.

“Damn Britt. Is there no end to your boobs growing?” Said Danielle.

“I can’t help it that I’m bless,” Brittany said, smiling at Sandy. Sandy gave a smile back.

“I’m hungry. I’m going to the food court. Who’s coming with me because I’m not bringing anything back,” said Trishelle.

“I guess I’ll go eat too,” said Kristen.

“I’m going to stay and get some new bras,” said Brittany. “Sandy is going to stay with me to help try some on.”

“Ok then,” said Trishelle as she and Kristen left the store.

“Hey guys! Wait up. I’ll be back Britt,” said Danielle, chasing down her s****r and Kristen.

“You sure do have some very interesting friends,” said Sandy.

“Yeah. We’re all unique in our own special ways,” said Brittany.

“Except when it comes to big boobs. All you guys have them,” said Sandy.

“Yeah yours are big too. You’re about the same size as the twins and one cup larger the Kristen I believe.”

“So help me try on some new bras and then we can join them at the food court.”

With that, Brittany and Sandy search the store for some F size bras. They found a few and they both headed back to the dressing room.

Brittany lifted her shirt over her head. Sandy turns her head around so she didn’t have to look. Brittany saw her head looking the other way in the mirror.

“It’s ok. You can look silly. We’re girls. Girl’s can look at each other’s naked bodies and not feel gay or anything.”

“Yeah I know but I’m not use to seeing other girls naked. My friends and me don’t get naked together doing anything,” said Sandy shyly.

“Well you need to start. A female’s body is a beautiful thing.”

Sandy’s turns her head around just as Brittany’s double E cup bra drops to the floor. Sandy’s heart started pounding as she saw Brittany’s bare breasts.

“My god. I had no idea they were so...so...huge on your frame. And now you’re an F cup?” Said Sandy amazed.

“That’s right. If the guys loved my breasts before. I will love them even more now,” teased Brittany.

As Brittany bends down to get a bra out of the shopping bag, her mammoth tits dangle down her chest and Sandy couldn’t help but to look at them. They sway back and forth, literally memorizing Sandy. Sandy just wanted to get her hands on those delicious mounds, swinging from side to side. Brittany finally pulled a bra out and moved the cups over her breasts.

“Would you fasten the back for me?” Asked Brittany.

Sandy moves closer behind Brittany and snaps her bra straps together. There was literally four straps resting on her shoulders, holding up her giant jugs up in their cups. The tops of her breasts were showing from the top of the cups and she had great cleavage showing.

“Oh my god. They’re so huge,” Sandy thought to herself.

Brittany just stood in front of the mirror, looking at Sandy’s face expressions and was trying not to let Sandy know she was looking at her. Suddenly, Brittany unsnapped the bra and let it fall to the floor. She reaches back and took hold of Sandy’s hands and brought them to her breasts.

“Squeeze them Sandy. You got your chance while I was clothed. Now here is your big moment to enjoy them bare.”

With that, Sandy started squeezing the big tits in her hands. Running her hands over every square inch of tit flesh. She scooped Brittany’s huge tits up from the bottoms and started bouncing them. She watch in the mirror as she bounce them and smack them against each other making pleasure thunder slaps.

Brittany rested her head on Sandy’s shoulder as Sandy fondles her tits. Pulling and pinching the now rock hard big nipples. She twisted and pulled the nipples from the areolas. Stretching Brittany’s tits out from her chest and watching them take shape in cones.

Both girls started moaning. Brittany also started pushing her big ass against Sandy’s crotch, rubbing it up and down. Sandy’s assault on Brittany’s breasts got rougher as she rub the fat nipples furiously between her fingers. She let the ample mounds sink through her fingers as she squeezed them against Brittany’s chest.

Brittany was wet between her thighs and was ready to cum from the tit play but realize they have to go meet up with the others. She removed Sandy’s hands from her breasts and put the bra back on.

“Let’s go meet up with the others,” Brittany said, leaving the dressing room. Sandy was once again denied the pleasures of making Brittany cum by playing with her tits. Brittany and Sandy met up with the other girls at the food court and then headed out of the mall.

Brittany and Sandy arrived back at the house. She drops Sandy off to get ready for the date and decides to go rent some movies. As Brittany was driving, all she could think about was Sandy’s hands on her tits and how good they felt. She started to wonder how Sandy’s tits would feel.

Brittany arrived back at home 20 minutes later and enters the house. She saw Sandy wearing a long black V-neck dress, which showed off ample amounts of cleavage.

“Wow. You look hot,” said Brittany.

“Thank you,” Sandy replied. “ I still can’t believe what has been happening today.”

“It’s ok Sandy. It doesn‘t mean we‘re gay. It just means that we‘re really hot for each other,” said Brittany, walking up to Sandy and sliding her hands down her V-neck dress and pulling out Sandy’s naked 36DD’s. Brittany pushes them together and starts sucking on both nipples. Sandy rolls her head back, enjoying the sucking.

Brittany sucked hard and savagely on her nipples. She cupped the breasts from the bottom, putting more and more of the tit flesh into her mouth. Brittany stretched Sandy’s breasts out between her lips. Still sucking and allowing her tongue to assault the nipples and areolas.

The sucking cause Sandy to moan and get a warm tingly inside her panties she was wearing. She realized that she was very wet from Brittany sucking her tits.

Brittany let the tits pop out of her mouth, dripping in her saliva. She stuffs them back inside her dress and gave Sandy a kiss on the cheek.

“Maybe later,” Brittany said as she headed upstairs.

Jeff, dressed in a sharp tuxedo, goes by his s****r who gave him a big smile and headed to her room. As he got downstairs, he saw Sandy memorized by something.

“Is everything all right?” Asked Jeff, snapping his fingers to awaken Sandy.

“Oh yes. Everything is fine,” she said.

“Good. Let’s go out to eat now,” he said, opening the front door for her and closing it behind him.

Brittany watched from her window as Jeff and Sandy drove off. Suddenly her computer instant messenger box pop up. She when over by her computer and saw the name ChubbyCheckers.

“Uncle Keith!” Brittany said with excitement.

He wrote he missing her and wish that he had spend more time with her and hopes to visit soon. He also asks Brittany if he could see her breasts again and she didn’t hesitate to turn him down. She turns on her web cam and lifts her shirt up, showing her Uncle that she had nothing under it. She even told him that she grew a cup size larger.

Uncle Keith was very happy to hear that and very horny as well, watching his niece play with her mammoth tits.

It was around 10:30 when Jeff and Sandy return to the house. Brittany was on the couch, watching a movie and relaxing comfortably in a pair of jogging pants and an oversize T-shirt that still did little to hide her massive torpedo shape breasts.

“Welcome home,” Brittany said, sitting up as Jeff and Sandy sat on the couch next to Brittany.

“Where’s mom and dad?” Asked Jeff.

“I send them out to have fun and relax. They needed it. They won’t be home until tomorrow. So it looks like it’s just the three of us unless Sandy has to go home?” Brittany replied.

“Nah. Since mom and dad aren’t here. I think she’ll be sending the night,” said Jeff smiling at Sandy. She smiled back.

“Sure,” she answered.

“Why don’t you guys go change into something more comfortably and join me downstairs to watch this horror movie? I’m to scare to watch it alone,” said Brittany, giving Jeff and Sandy the sad puppy face.

“Awe. She’s so cute. Can’t leave her by herself Jeff,” said Sandy, wrapping her arms around Brittany. Brittany presses hard into Sandy, smashing her braless tits into Sandy’s breasts.

Jeff tried not to let his cock control his actions. “All right then. We’ll be back downstairs. I always knew you were a chicken Britt,” he said.

“Thank you,” said Britt.

Jeff and Sandy headed upstairs to change while Britt set up the movie in the VCR. They came back downstairs in less then 10 minutes and sat on the couch with Britt to watch the movie. Britt had a large bowl of popcorn with butter melt on top and offer to share with both Jeff and Sandy. Jeff turns it down but Sandy wouldn’t mind eating some. Britt fed Sandy one popcorn and slips it between her lips. Two of her fingers also go inside Sandy’s mouth.

“Mmmm,” moans Sandy sucking and licking the hot butter off Brittany’s two fingers while eating the popcorn.

Jeff was starting to fall asl**p and eventually he did. The girls continued to watch the movie and feed each other popcorn. A little bit of butter lands on Brittany’s chin. Sandy bends down and uses her tongue to wipe it up. Brittany starts to giggle and Sandy follows with a giggle of her own.

“I’m going to go eat some ice cream. Want some?” Ask Britt.

“Sure. I’ll come with you,” said Sandy licking her lips at Britt.

Brittany pauses the movie and Sandy and her head into the kitchen leaving Jeff asl**p on the couch.

“What kind do you like?” Asks Brittany.

“Doesn’t really matter. I like all kinds,” said Sandy sticking a finger into her own mouth and slowly suck it out.

Brittany watches and giggles at Sandy. Britt pulls out strawberry and chocolate ice cream from the freezer. She hands Sandy a spoon and the two start eating. Brittany had her spoon tip off far enough from her mouth that a huge blob of strawberry ice cream falls down her shirt.

“AHHHHH! OOOH shit! That’s cold,” shouted Brittany.

“Let me clean that up for you,” said Sandy holding the bottom of Brittany’s oversize shirt and pulls it over her head. Her huge tits come into Sandy’s view with strawberry ice cream in between them.

Sandy bends her head down and starts to lick away at Brittany’s cleavage. Tasting her sweet pale skin with strawberry ice cream on it. Her tongue travels up and down the curves of Brittany’s breasts where they make her cleavage.

Brittany giggles and shakes her tits against Sandy’s head. Sandy could feel the soft spongy texture of her breasts slap and rub up against her cheeks.

“Wait right here,” said Sandy to a topless Brittany.

Sandy gets up and opens the freezer. She pulls out some ice cubes and returns to Brittany.

“Ever had ice cubes rub against your nipples?” Sandy asks.

“No. I had pasta on my tits before,” Brittany said.

“Mmmm. Bet that was a good dinner,” Sandy said laughing.

“It sure was,” Brittany replies.

Sandy takes an ice cube and lightly circles Brittany’s big right areola. Brittany started to quiver and shake from the coldness touching her pale white. Sandy’s eyes widen as she saw Brittany’s nipple become huge looking like a giant eraser. Sandy draws the ice cube to the huge nipple and rubs the nipple with the ice cube slowly.

Chills travel through Brittany’s body especially to her now soak pussy. The ice cube started to leak water while moving around Brittany’s areola and nipple.

“How does that feel?” Ask Sandy poking the nipple with the ice cube.

“So cold but feels good hot,” moans Brittany.

Sandy repeats the pleasure with Brittany’s other nipple. Watching that one become just as large as the right one.

“I know a baby would love to suck milk out of those suckers you have Britt,” said Sandy admiring Britt’s huge nipples.

“Why don’t you give them a taste and see for yourself,” teased Brittany.

Sandy wastes no time and latches her lips around the left nipple. Sucking it for all its worth. Brittany held Sandy’s head smash against her giant left breast. She could feel Sandy’s mouth sucking in the large areola as well.

Sandy starts to suck the entire front part of Brittany’s tit into her mouth. Using her hands to cup that one big tit in her mouth so she could stuff more and more of it between her lips.

Brittany mouth was wide open. Moans were coming heavenly out of her mouth. She felt her thighs become wet from her creamy pussy as she came from the tit sucking.

Sandy switch breast and sucks the right one into her mouth as well. Dragging her tongue over every inch of tit meat.

“You have such wonderful breasts Brittany,” moans Sandy in between sucking her right tit.

Brittany moves her hands to Sandy’s breasts and starts to fondle her braless hooters through her tight tank top. Brittany starts to pull one breast at a time out of Sandy’s top until both breasts were now free and hanging loose outside the top.

The girls started to kiss and suck on each other’s tongues. Brittany’s enormous 36F tits engulf Sandy’s 36DD’s. Their hard nipples pokes and rubs into each other’s skin.

Brittany takes hold of her breasts and Sandy holds her own as well. They start to rub their nipples together. Brittany’s bigger nipples were pushing Sandy’s medium size nipples into the areolas.

“Oooooh Brittany. I love your incredible nipples touching mines,” moans Sandy holding her breasts while Brittany’s bigger tits beat and smash against them.

Brittany let go of her tits and moves her hands into Sandy’s pj pants. They smooth over Sandy’s ass and grope them. Kneading her ass cheeks in both hands. Sandy does the same to Brittany. Squeezing and kneading her big ass. Their breasts press tight against each other’s as they lock lips again.

They start to giggle and back up away from each other. Sandy kicks off her slippers and pulls her pj pants down revealing her cotton baby blue panties.

“Hop up on the table,” order Britt.

Sandy leaps up onto the table causing her big tits to bounce and jiggle with her movements.

Brittany takes a seat in front of Sandy. She picks up both of Sandy’s bare feet and starts to lick at them. First licking the soles of her feet. Moving her tongue right down to her arches. Sandy starts to giggle and says “ that tickles Britt.”

“Mmmm moans Brittany as she sucks onto Sandy’s left big toe. Giving her big toe a mini blowjob. She does the same to her right big toe and sucks on her little toes as well.

Brittany positions Sandy’s feet leveled with her titties and starts to rub her huge tits up and down Sandy’s feet. The nipples dragging along the bottoms of her feet to the arches. Brittany slides her fat nipples in between Sandy’s toes and Sandy wiggles her toes into Britt’s tit meat and squeezes the nipples. Twisting and pulling Britt’s nipples with her toes.

Brittany starts moaning as Sandy massages her tits with her feet. Her panties become even more soak as she came. Brittany pulls down Sandy’s panties revealing her black trim bush and wet pussy. She slides them all the way off and tosses them to the floor.

“Ooooh. Such a pretty pussy. All nice and wet,” moaned Brittany. She moves closer in between Sandy’s legs and uses her hands to open her cunt. Her tongue slowly licks its way deep through her cunt. Her large clit hung down and Brittany press her tongue against it.

“Oooooowwwwww,” moan Sandy breathing hard and starting to sweat.

Brittany wraps her arms around Sandy’s thighs and kisses them. Sandy rests her legs on Britt’s shoulders. She bends her elbows back on the table sticking out her big tits. Brittany worked Sandy’s pussy making it even creamier. Sucking her clit deep into her mouth and pulling it with her teeth.

Sandy was twisting and turning her body from the intense eating Brittany was doing to her wet cunt. She runs her fingers through Brittany’s long red hair and starts to thrust her hips, pushing her pussy against Brittany’s mouth. Brittany was all to happy to suck more of Sandy’s cunt into her mouth and just nibble and lick at he clitoris.

After seven minutes of getting her pussy eaten, Sandy came in Britt’s mouth. Brittany swallows all of Sandy’s cum and uses her tongue to lick up the rest.

“Mmmmm. You taste so good Sandy,” moaned Brittany giving her thighs one last kiss.

Brittany moves Sandy back further onto the table and climbs up hovering over Sandy. She pulls her panties down and drops them on the kitchen floor. She lies on top of Sandy and starts kissing her. They press their big tits hard into each other. Their soak cunts just inches from one another.

Sandy spread her legs across the table and Brittany’s feet hook under Sandy’s thighs. Sandy feels Brittany’s left hand probing her pussy. Sliding three fingers in at one time. Moans came out of both girls’ mouths and sweat pour off their hot bodies.

Brittany’s fingers rapidly finger Sandy’s wet again cunt, setting her up for the big finale. Brittany moves her hand and sits up on Sandy’s thighs. Their pussies are now in union. Brittany starts to slowly rock her pussy back and forth against Sandy’s. Her mammoth breasts hung down her chest like udders and memorized Sandy as they sway back and forth with Britt’s moves.

Sandy’s hands immediately latch onto both of Brittany’s tender nipples and pull on them. Brittany’s hands do the same to Sandy’s tits. They twist and pull on each other’s hardening buds as their pussies rub together faster and faster. Their juices mixing and leaking onto the kitchen table.

Unaware to the girls, Jeff was up and watching quietly from the kitchen entrance. He couldn’t believe how extremely horny watching the girls had made him. He wanted to join so bad but decided to let the girls have their fun.

Brittany changes position and lay at one end of the table while Sandy lies at the other end. Their legs cross over each other’s and their pussies were once again in union. Both of them start to push down against each other. Rubbing her wet cunts together.

Jeff couldn’t help but to pull out his massive cock and start to jerk off to them. Their loud moans and grunting made Jeff even hotter and hungry for the two.

The girls bump their pussies faster and faster. Making sure their clits touch and rub together like rubbing two sticks to make fire and the girls felt like their pussies were on fire. Both girls were in an orgasmic state and soon release their cum onto one another’s pussy. They let out long orgasms symbolizing that they were indeed finish and happy with each other’s performance. They came together in the center of the table and just kiss and felt each other’s tits for another few minutes.

Jeff had left the kitchen and exploded his hard cock in the living room. He clean ups his mess and heard the girls returning. He lies back down on the couch, pretending to be sl**p and the girls both get very comfortable next to him and fall asl**p.
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Fantastic even lol
3 years ago
Fabtastic .. very erotic .. xxx
3 years ago
Love these storys Britt keep it up ;-D
3 years ago
very hot story britt! keep it up!