Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 09.2

Brittany woke up in a hurry on the couch. She looks around and doesn't see either Sandy or Jeff around. She moves her hands to her chest, feeling how sticky it was from last night's sex she had with her b*****r's girlfriend Sandy. She got up off the couch and headed upstairs to take a shower. When she got back the door, it open up and standing there with just a towel on was her b*****r Jeff.

"Good morning sl**pyhead," Jeff teases Brittany.

She starts to yawn and stretch, which causes her enormous breasts to bump into Jeff.

"Hey! Watch where you point those things. Could have poked my eyes out," Jeff said jokingly about it.

"I know you would love to have your eyes press into these," Brittany said lifting her shirt up over her naked breasts.

Jeff tried not to stare at them and felt his enormous dick start to rise.

"I knew I would get a rise out of you," said Brittany laughing. She pulls her shirt down and enters the bathroom. Jeff was still standing outside the door, rubbing his throbbing cock. He hates it when she teases him like that.

Brittany was in the shower, cleaning off every sticky part of her body. Jeff starts to knock on the door.

"Hey Britt. I need to get something all right?" He says as he opens the door and catches Brittany's busty figure showing through the shower glass. Even behind the glass, Brittany's breasts were huge. She had bent down to wash her feet and they hung down her chest, swaying back and forth with her movements.

Jeff was memorized by their swinging. After watching Brittany for two minutes, he snaps out of the daze and grabs his hairbrush and leaves the bathroom.

Brittany was done right after he left and steps out of the shower. She runs herself off and wraps her towel around her body as best as she could. Her massive boobs were showing at the top and the towel hung loosely off her body, so far, that you should see everything under her towel if you look up it.

She got dress putting on first a black thong. Then black tight hip huggers that made her ass look even bigger. Her new 36F cup dark purple bra. She literally had to stuff her boobs inside the cups. Some of her tits were spilling over the top of the cups but she didn't care about that. It was sexy to her and she's sure all the guys would agree. The last piece of clothing she put on was a thin purple spaghetti strap tank top. The top stretch out far from her body, showing off her flat stomach and not even hiding her enormous jugs one bit. She did her hair into pigtails and bounced off downstairs.

Brittany enters the kitchen where Jeff was chewing down some cercal. He nearly chokes to death as Brittany enters. Her giant melons were bouncing around sticking straight out like torpedoes. She walks over to Jeff and leans her massive jugs against his right arm.

"What you eating?" She asks pressing her tits hard against his arm. Jeff's dick started to react and he quickly got up and empties his bowl in the garbage disposer.

"It was some cercal. Nasty anyways," said Jeff lying through his teeth.

"So since you're leaving Monday, what's planned for this weekend?" Britt asks.

"Well tomorrow is the big football game. I invited some of my buddies over to watch it with me. You remember Randy and Tom right? Well I haven't spoken to them in a while so were getting together tomorrow," said Jeff.

"Oooh. Football. Can I watch with you guys? I mean. I haven't been able to spend much time with you since you got home this week. I've been so busy and you been with Sandy." Jeff swallows a huge amount of air and started choking when she mentions Sandy.

"What's wrong?" Britt asks.

"Nothing. Nothing at all. Just caught something in my throat that's all. But anyways, what are you trying to say?" He asks curiously.

"Well I'm saying is that why don't we spend the weekend kicking it with each other," Brittany said smashing her giant tits between her arms.

Jeff gasps for air again and took a huge swallow. Then this he didn't choke.

"Well....All right. But promise me one thing. Behave. Especially tomorrow Brittany," Jeff said.

"I will. I promise," reply Brittany giving Jeff a huge hug. Her gigantic tits cover his whole top torso and half his stomach. Jeff only wishes that the bra was removed from under her shirt.

"So b*****r. What do you want to do today?" She asks with a smile. "You know, we have the whole house to ourselves."

"How is that? Aren't mom and dad home?" Jeff asks.

"No. They said the whole weekend. Meaning today and tomorrow is free for us to enjoy. Well, until tomorrow night anyways. Or is it Monday night? Either way Saturday belongs to us," She says.

"Oh no," said Jeff suddenly.

"What's wrong?" Brittany asks.

"I promise mom and dad that I would paint the right side of the house this weekend before the game starts. That's a lot of work to do."

"Why not call your friends?"

"Because they're going into town tomorrow. They wouldn't have a place to stay and I don't want them around you."

"And why not? I'm a big girl now Jeff. I don't need you watching over me."

"I know Brittany. I trust you. I don't trust them. One look at you and they'll be all over you."

"What's wrong with that. I like it when people touch me."

"Knock it off Britt. I'm serious. The last time I need to know is that one of my friends got you knock up."

"So why don't you knock me out? I know you have been wanting to since you got back from college. Wouldn't you like a going away present?"

"Britt? Being knock up meaning your pregnant and the last time mom and dad need right now is to learn your pregnant with your older b*****r's baby. How would that look on us? People will start to say we belong on Jerry Springer."

"Ooooh. I like that show. I wouldn't mind being on there."

"Britt! Please. Don't be annoying."

"Fine. You can still invite your friends over and I'll help you paint the side of the house."

"All right. But if one of them touches you..." says an angry Jeff.

"Relax Jeff. They won't," Brittany said. "Not unless I want them too," she says in her head. "Damn! That means I have to go get changed again." Brittany marches upstairs to change clothes.

Jeff went into the garage and pulls out buckets of white and baby blue paint and a ladder. He sets everything up on the right side of the house, which happens to be where Brittany's room is located. Jeff had an idea but wasn't sure at first to follow through with it. Then he decided to go for it. He climbs the ladder, slowly creeping up to her window. He takes a look inside to find standing in her black thong and topless while putting on a white beater. The beater stretches far out just like many of her other shirts.

Jeff's cock sprung to life and he starts to rub his crotch. Brittany slips on some old overall bids and puts her shoes back on. She had a strange feeling she was being watch. She looks over her shoulders at the window to find no one was there. She shrugs her shoulders and heads downstairs.

"Oh shit," said Jeff. He slides down the ladder like lighting and rips off his button up shirt to reveal his muscle shirt.

Brittany came from around the corner to meet Jeff.

"Ready?" He asks Britt.

"Yeah," she replies.

The two start painting the right side of the house. Jeff used the ladder to paint the edges of the house white while Brittany was at the bottom painting the lower part baby blue. Then something hit her and she had an idea.

"I bet this would drive Jeff crazy."

She sets down the paintbrush and reaches into her overalls. She lifts her tank top over her head and tosses it on the ground. From up above, Jeff was actually watching what she was doing and couldn't believe his eyes.

Brittany then pulls down the straps to her overalls, freeing her bouncing breasts. She splashes the baby blue paint over both tits and starts wiping her tits against the house. Dragging her massive boobs up and down the texture of the house.

Jeff was watching her every move and his cock was ready to rip out of his pants. He wasn't the only one who got to see the show. Mr. Eugene arrives home and stays inside the parking lot that was close to Brittany's side of the house. He saw the massive sides of Brittany's tits. Brushing up and down the house. He pulls his cock out of his jeans and starts to jerk off furiously.

Brittany was giving herself orgasms from painting the house. She loves the way the paint compresses between her tits. Jeff could hear Brittany moaning at the bottom. She looks up and sees Jeff looking down on her. She gives him a smile while lifting her paint cover tits in her arms and he smiles back. Mr. Eugene spurted his cum all over the dashboards of the car. He stops his heavy breathing and exits his car.

"Hi Mr. Eugene," says Brittany who immediately turns around and her enormous tits come flying with her body and paint flies off them and lands on him. His eyes were glued to her enormous blue tits. He started to think that she would be a very sexy smurf.

Brittany and Jeff finish up painting the side of the house. It took them an hour to do it. She was still topless while finishing.

"Looks like someone needs to be clean off," said Jeff smiling devilishly at his s****r.

The two went into the backyard and Brittany took off the rest of her overalls and kicks off her shoes. She was standing before Jeff just in her black thong.

"Well you do the honors?" Ask Brittany smiling at her b*****r.

Jeff takes the water hoses and starts to spray Brittany's tits down. The f***e of the water spraying her tits causes them to bounce and jiggle like crazy. Jeff had his eyes focus on them and increased the water. Blasting her hard in the tits.

Jeff stops spray the water after five minutes and couldn't believe how sexy his red haired s****r looks all wet and wearing just a thong.

"Look at me? I'm all wet now. In more then one way," she teased. Suddenly Brittany jumps into the swimming pool. "Oh fuck. Too deep."

Brittany starts to swing her arms and kick like crazy while saying "Help! Help me Jeff. I can't swim."

"Knock it off Brittany. I know you can swim," Jeff said thinking it's an act.

Brittany starts to sink under the water.

"Ok Britt. You're acting sucks. You can come on out now...Brittany? Brittany?" He starts to say concern. "Oh my god."

Jeff quickly jumps into the water and swims down to the bottom to retrieve Brittany. As soon as she brought her to the surface, she smiles at him and dunks his head down into the water.

"Fool you sucker," she says laughing.

Jeff came back up for some air and Brittany massive tits came at him like missiles and rested on his shoulders. His head was between them and his face was in her cleavage.

"Mmmm. You know you wanna fuck and suck them," moans Brittany. Without warning, Jeff latches his mouth onto her giant right tit. Sucking it underwater. "Ooooh yes. That's it Jeffery. Feasts on my breasts. Devour them," Brittany moans.

Jeff grip both hands around her right tit and tries to suck the nipple clean off. Stretching it with his lips and taking the areola into his mouth as well. He sucks hard on Brittany's tit all while still underwater.

Brittany's hands move down into her b*****r's jeans. Feeling his hard thick big dick starting to throb for her affection. She unzips his pants and pulls it out underwater. She couldn't believe the size of her b*****r's enormous dick. Her hands were too small to grip all of it from the base to the head. While he feasted upon her ripe melons, she starts breathing heavy and strokes his cock, rubbing her thumbs against the huge swollen cockhead.

Brittany swims away from Jeff, dropping her massive tit out of his mouth. He swims after her and catches her. He sits her up on the edge of the pool and sucks on her tits some more. Switching from one tit to the other. Stuffing his mouth with as much tit meat as possible.

Brittany's legs wrap around Jeff's waist and held him tight while he munches on her enormous wet tits. He smashes both her breasts together and rubs her huge nipples against each other. He creates one extremely huge nipple and sucks it into his mouth. Stretching and pulling them from her tits. His tongue flickering over and over both big nipples.

Brittany hands gripped her b*****r's shoulders and her nails dug into his skin. Her mouth was wide open and moans were being released. She released a long orgasm and soon came after that. Jeff was still assaulting the tits he has been waiting to get his hands on. He was doing everything possible that he could do to her huge breasts.

He licked under her tits. On top of her tits. Sucks and licks the sides of her giant melons. He even opens his mouth wide and stuffs a good amount of tit inside. Sucking and sucking piles of tit meat. Her b*****r was just in love with her breasts. He spends the next 15 minutes just sucking her tits and nipples. Brittany had dozens of orgasms and came several times. Her pussy has never been so soak since she started having sex months ago. Her tits have ever been munch on for 15 minutes alone. She knows her b*****r Jeff knew just how rare her tits were and wants to savor every moment with them. She didn't have the heart to stop him from devouring her breasts. She knew he would have to get tired of them eventually.

Jeff did stop sucking her tits to backs up and holds them at the bottom. He jiggles them and bounces them.

"God Britt. I have been waiting to have your tits. These things are magnificent. So heavy, yet soft and spongy. Mmmm. Wish Sandy had a pair of tits like this. Though I'm happy with her 36DD's. But man! I'm obsessed with your tits k** s****r." Jeff resumes sucking her tits for the next 5 minutes and then releases them back down to her chest. They were soak in Jeff's saliva and her nipples were dark red from the abuse Jeff give them.

"Speaking of Sandy b*o. Where is she?" Britt asks while trying to knead the soreness out of her tits.

"She had to go back home this weekend. It's her s****r's birthday. I told her I couldn't go because this is my last weekend at home for a while. And like you said. I'm going to spend this weekend with my s****r." The two smiles at each other and Jeff climb out of the water and picks up his s****r Brittany. He carries Britt still topless into the house and takes her to the guestroom. He lays her on the bed and pulls her soak thong down. He was impress at her shaved pussy.

"I can smell your sweet aroma," Jeff said smiling. He quickly takes off his water clothes and positions his head between her thighs. Brittany starts to moan as soon as his lips touch her wet pussy.

Jeff works his tongue along the outside of her pussy. Stopping the licks and starts sucking at her pussy walls. Brittany was gripping at the sheets tight while her b*****r drills her pussy with his tongue. She wraps her legs around his neck and smacks her bare feet against his back, feeling the wonderful sensation of her b*****r's tongue lick her pussy.

Jeff held onto her thighs, slithering his long tongue deep inside her wet cunt. Smashing his face deep into her pussy and getting a mouthful of it. Her enlarge clit was being pulled from between his lips while the tongue swirls over it. Brittany was moaning and grunting loudly. She was twisting and turning her body about as Jeff uses his hands to hold her pussy open and slides his tongue deep into the wound. Licking every inch of her pussy from the inside.

Brittany started to press her pussy into her b*****r's mouth. Bucking her hips up and down at her b*****r. Jeff told hold of Brittany's arms and held her steady. Brittany had arch her back causing her mammoth tits to stick out and then she fell back down resulting to her tits to spread out across her chest like giant pancakes. Wobbling with her movements.

Jeff ate Brittany's pussy for another 5 minutes and she came hard. Jeff swallows every drip of her cum and finishes his pussy eating by licking her clit furiously. Making her moan more and go into an orgasmic state. Brittany came again to Jeff's liking. He licks and sucks up the cum and kisses her thick pale thighs.

"Mmmm. So beautiful," Jeff said in between kissing her thighs.

Brittany sits up and takes hold of Jeff's hands. She slides her legs between Jeff's now spread legs and closes hers. He kneels in front of Brittany's gigantic tits that hung off her chest like teardrops but slopes out like torpedoes at her ribcage. She brushes her nipples against Jeff's legs while his massive cock points straight at her mouth. She engulfs the cock between her wet lips and starts to suck hard on the giant head.

Jeff places his hands on his sides while Brittany's head bobs back and forth on his cock. His enormous balls were swaying with the impact of her mouth. She could hear Jeff starting to moan as she sucks more and more of his delicious big dick down her throat.

Brittany sucks his cock with savage like manners. Slurping down and slithering her tongue over every inch of massive cock. Brittany even took a few minutes to suck on both his giant balls. Sucking first one into her mouth and then the other. She finally took both into her mouth, expanding her cheeks with huge testes on each side.

Jeff was moaning and places his hands on his ass to arch his back. Stuffing more of his dick into Brittany's waiting mouth. Brittany sucks down a good 6 1/2 inches. Bobbing her head up and down the thick white dick of her b*****r's. She took the cock out of her mouth and beats it against her tongue while rapidly stroking it.

Jeff never had an intense blowjob like this before. He wouldn't have figured his s****r would be the one giving it to him.

Brittany had her b*****r's cock all nice and wet. She lifts up her huge tits as best as she can and slides his cock between them. She starts to slowly rub her massive tits up and down his equally massive dick. Jeff's hands grip the sides of her breasts, helping her hold them. He starts to thrust his slippery meat between them. He had Brittany's tits bounce to her chin, thrusting and pound away at her pillows. Loving the soft spongy texture of his s****r's breasts swiftly moving up and down his hard dick.

Both of them were breathing and sweating hard as the tit fucking got faster and faster. His massive swollen cockhead emerge from between her tit valley. Brittany stuck out her tongue and gave it a few licks before her colossal jugs swallow it whole again.

Jeff tit fucks Brittany into cumming and having orgasms. He wanted to make sure her pussy was nice and creamy for his dick. He takes his cock from between her tits and thrusts it down her throat. 8 inches of his meat was being drilled in her throat. Her tonsils were being push by the enormous cockhead. Brittany started gagging and coughing. Jeff pulls his cock out from her lips and positions Brittany on her back. He lifts one of her legs up while the other dangle off the bed. He rubs his cockhead against her swollen clit and eases it inside her wet cunt.

Jeff looked at Brittany's face as he slides his cock between her pussy lips. Her eyes were close and painful expressions came across her face. Jeff rested Brittany's leg against his chest and the foot on his shoulder. He held the other leg over the bed while the foot dangle towards the floors. He starts to thrust his large cock deep into her wound.

"AAAAHHHHH yes! Fuck me hard Jeff," cried Brittany feeling her pussy being stretch like never before.

Jeff's massive dick was being stuff deep inside her cunt. 9 inches of his 11 1/2 monster was inside her. He starts fucking her like a jackrabbit. Drilling deeper and harder into her pussy. Brittany puts her hands on her chest to stop her breasts from bouncing obscenely but her tits were too huge to cover and they bounce out of her arms and nearly hit her in the face.

Watching her titties bounce like crazy drove Jeff to become a mad man. He starts pounding her tight pussy with ruthless abandon. Her thighs quiver from his impact of his pelvic connecting with them. His massive balls beat against her pussy causing her more pain. She was tossing her body all over the bed. Gripping and tearing at the sheets, trying to control herself but his cock was too powerful, drilling harder and deeper into her sweet cunt.

"AAAAAHHHH!!! OOOOWWW!! OH FUCK JEFF!!!" Cried Brittany being ram up her pussy hard by her b*****r. She kept her mouth open like she was in shock. Jeff manages to see his entire thick meat vanish between her juicy pussy lips. He took hold of her by the hips causing her legs to spread apart. He gave her long and powerful thrusts. Brittany came all over his massive tool and balls but Jeff wasn't done yet.

Brittany was screaming and moaning louder then before as Jeff resumes his speed and fucks her like no tomorrow. She has never felt a dick this big inside since the black striper. Jeff then repositions himself on his back with his dick still implanted inside her cunt. Brittany is now sitting balls deep on her b*****r's dick. He starts to bounce her big ass off his thighs and upper legs. Brittany reaches back and holds onto his ankles. She let her huge tits bounce and smack into each other hard while Jeff bounces her on his dick.

Brittany was breathing so hard from the fucking, Jeff thought she was hyperventilating and ready to pass out. Her face was red and dripping with sweat from his cock overworking her tight cunt.

Brittany leans forwards; smashing her sweaty mammoth titties against Jeff's equally sweaty chest and stomach. They started sliding up and down his torsos while he drilled her pussy. He starts kissing her and sliding his tongue into her mouth to ease some of her pain. His legs spread across the bed so that his hands could cup her entire ass while it bounce and jiggle from his thrusting.

Brittany soon yet came again while in that position and Jeff lifts her up off his gooey flopping cock. He was still hard, if not harder then ever. He wanted to try a new position with Brittany.

He positions her to lay off the bed upside down and to spread her legs toward. She does and her face was buried in her breasts. She had to spread her tits apart to rest on each of her shoulders so she could see her Jeff fucking her pussy. Jeff eases his cock inside her pussy once again and takes a seat on her huge ass. He moves his hands to her legs and starts his assault on her sore cunt.

"UUUUHHHHHH!" Brittany cried as Jeff drills his dick straight to the end of her cunt. He lifts his ass a little bit so he could slide his middle finger inside her asshole at the same time.

"AAAAAAHHHHH! FUCKING HELL! UUUUUGGGGHHHH!" Brittany cried buried between her tits. Jeff couldn't believe the pain is s****r was in. He wanted to stop but her cunt was feeling so juicy. He just wanted to fuck her dry.

Jeff pounded her in the position for a good ten minutes. By that time Brittany had came several times and her pussy just about had it with his cock. Jeff finally pulls out his dick and lays Brittany on her back. He straddles her stomach and begins to jerk off rapidly to spray her tits down within seconds with giant blobs of cum. He made sure to coat her nipples extra thick. Some of his hot cum even hit her chin and lips. She didn't hesitate to lick the cum.

After Jeff was finish hosing his s****r down, he sat next to her and rubs his own cum into the skin of her tits. He looks down at her stretch out red pussy.

"Oh god Jeff. That was the best sex I ever had," moans Brittany.

"Well Britt. We have all weekend to fuck like crazy," Jeff said smiling.

"I don't know if I'll be able to go to school Monday if I'm sore," said Brittany, rubbing her tender cunt softly. Her thighs were also bright red.

They sat there for another ten minutes rubbing her sore thighs. Jeff's giant cock was all ready up and wanting more. Brittany's right hand starts to stroke his cock. She loves the way her b*****r would moan while stroking his cock.

"Let's play a game? If you catch me. You can stick your big beautiful cock up my ass," said Brittany.

"And what If I don't catch you?"

"Then you'll have to lick my feet and suck my toes until I cum."

"I'll do that rather I do or don't catch you anyways s*s."

"I get a head start though," said Brittany slowly getting to her feet. She immediately starts to run even though it hurts her thighs and pussy. Her gigantic breasts bounces and flops out from her chest. Jeff loved the way his s****r's breasts looked bouncing and flopping from behind. He couldn't wait any longer to get his hands on them. He took off running after her. His massive cock flop between his thighs, almost reaching his kneecaps. He lost sight of his s****r and wonder where she is hiding.

"Come out Come out wherever you are," shouted Jeff. He searches the living room and then went into the kitchen. He could smell her pussy aroma. He knew she was wet. He slowly creeps pass the counter where Brittany was hiding below it. As he walks by, Brittany gets on her hands and knees and starts crawling away from him.

Jeff turns around and sees her big beautiful ass wiggling as she crawls away. He slowly walks up to her ass to catch her off guard. Suddenly Brittany feels something wet spilling down her asscrack. A huge shape pain of a huge objection being thrust in her asshole soon followed.

"AHHHH! Fuck. You found me," moaned Brittany as Jeff grips her ass cheeks in his hands and thrusts his cock deep into her ass.

"Oh fuck! So huge. OOOOH! That hurts. UUUUGGHHH!" Cried Brittany crossing her feet over each other and planting her hands down on the ground as Jeff stood behind her, deep inside her asshole. Her titanic tits were swaying like udders underneath her.

Jeff slowly slides more and more of his cock into her asshole. He had about 5 inches down inside. He kneads and squeezes her big pale and soft cheeks while spreading them further apart. He pulls his huge dick out and the pushes it back inside. Brittany had her arms over her head, trying to relief herself of the pain. Her ass was soon loosing to his massive cock and Jeff starts to buck wildly at it. Thrusting hard and faster deep into her asshole. He takes hold of her shoulders and rides her ass. Banging his pelvic against her ass. His giant balls beat against her jiggling ass cheeks.

"OOOOOOH! I'M CUMMMMING!!!! UUUUGGGHHHH!! HERE I CUMM!" Cried Brittany tossing and turning her head all over the floor. Her breasts beat against the cold hard floor and against her chest as Jeff continued to assault her ass. Brittany cums hard, spilling her juices all over the floor. He leans Brittany forwards and eases his cock out from between her ass cheeks. Brittany relaxes herself on the ground. Her giant tits bulging from her sides.

Jeff lubes up his massive cock and beats his swollen cockhead against the aches of her feet. He drags his cock and balls over the bottoms of her big sweaty feet. He places his cock between her feet and uses them to jerk his huge dick.

After five minutes of fucking her feet, his cock erupts a massive amount of cum all over her feet and between her toes.

"Ooooh yeah," moans Jeff emptying his seamen across his s****r's feet. He could hear Brittany moaning as he cover her feet with gooey cum. She curls her toes to squash the cum between them. Jeff lies next to Brittany and kisses her as their wild weekend continues.
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awesome sweet britt it got me off & a great add to your series
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Very Nice indeed
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Fantastic babe, loved it! Certainly compliments the previous one. Really got my fat cock throbbing!
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so horny keep it up britt
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AWESOME! great stuff brittany u have a gift
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Very nice story..