Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 08

rittany showed up for school on time but really didn’t want to go to school today. She was very excited that her b*****r Jeff has return home from college for a week or 2. She wanted to spend the day with him and get caught up on old times but her parents told her that she has plenty of time to do that after school and on the weekends.

Brittany sat with her friends Kristen, Trishelle, and Danielle and of course they were asking her a lot of questions concern about her new behavior. They were impress that Brittany manages to dress sexy without Mr. Smiley throwing her out of the class today. This time she wore a sexy schoolgirl outfit with suspenders, high socks, and open toe dress heels. The outfit reveals most of her legs and parts of her thighs. Mr. Smiley wasn’t going to complaint about that since most girls do wear low-cut skirts.

“Guess what girls. My b*****r is back for a week,” Brittany told the girls.

“Awesome. He always was a hottie,” said Kristen dazing off into space afterwards.

“If you like guys with long ponytails; Goatees and bad manners. I remember all those years that he and his friends would pick on you Britt,” said Trishelle very bitter.

“Yeah but he has those amazing hazel eyes and that long grin to match his big sexy lips,” said Danielle nearly drooling.

“Well Trishelle. His hair is cut now. He’s taller and seems like he has a well-built body. Not that I would be interested in my own b*****r. It’s just that he has changed a lot since the last time we saw him. And Kristen and Danielle. He has a girlfriend. So he’s off limits,” said Brittany.


“Yes Mr. Smiley.”

“Can I see you after homeroom?” He asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Ok class. Let’s go over some of the stuff you’re going to be reading tomorrow. Please get your books out,” Mr. Smiley said as he gave the class some instructions.

Homeroom was over and everyone left to his or her first period classes. Brittany stay behind to see what Mr. Smiley wanted.

“Yesterday was a completely different you Mrs. Clarkson. I don’t ever want to see that...side of you again,” said Mr. Smiley pausing before finishing his sentence.

“Are you sure?” Teased Brittany, unbuttoning her white blouse just a little bit to show some cleavage. “God. It’s hot in here Mr. Smiley.”

Mr. Smiley didn’t pay attention to what she said. His eyes were kept on her cleavage being revealed.

“Mrs. Clarkson. You’re going to have to make up that test you miss yesterday. How about after school today?” Asked Mr. Smiley as sweat started rolling down his forehead and trying to focus on school. He felt something rubbing against his crotch. Brittany was smiling at him and then it hit him. It was Brittany’s foot. Her foot was fondling his cock inside his jeans. He felt his hard on become bigger and he knew she felt it too.

“Sure Mr. Smiley. I’ll see you after school,” said Brittany, smiling at him and then buttoning her blouse up and walking out of his class. Swaying her round ass at him. Mr. Smiley just sat at his desk in amazement.

It was only third period and Mr. Smiley was teaching a class. He had his door closed so the students couldn’t work in peace. He was up and round walking to see if anyone needed any help. He kept looking up at his clock, counting down the hours until school was over. It was driving him insane that the day was going slow for him. All he could think about was Brittany and her breasts. As he would love to squeeze and play with them all day to waste time.

As he looked towards the door, Brittany was outside it, looking in through the medium size window on it. She licked her lips and teased Mr. Smiley. He stood in the back of the class, rubbing his crotch. Brittany undid her blouse and pushes her massive bra-covered tits up to the window. Squeezing and kneading them through the bra. She even let one of her thick pink nipples peak out from the bra surrounded by half of its huge pink areola.

Mr. Smiley’s jaw drop and felt something drop all the way to his stomach. His cock harden instantly to it’s full potential. He looked around the class to see if any of his students were paying attention. He saw his cock poking straight out from his jeans. It was very noticeable and would be very hard to hide. He looks back at the window and Brittany was done.

“Oh god,” said Mr. Smiley in his head, sweating furiously from his forehead and armpits. His blue denim shirt had huge wet spots where his armpits were. Two of his female students saw his boner and couldn’t believe how long it stretches. Their eyes nearly came out of their sockets. They guess about 8 inches long. But with the jeans on, it was hard to tell.

It was 12:30p.m and lunch time for the school. Mr. Smiley didn’t want to eat anything. He just sat in the teacher’s lounge, wondering what it would be like to suck her pale tits and put color into them. Then he remembers Mr. Phillip saying that he took Brittany’s virginity away a few months ago. “Mmmm man. She was the best sex I ever had. Her big ass titties were bouncing all over the place. I just wanted to suck them for hours and fuck that pussy for days. I’m going to make sure she runs a lot in class. I’m glad she is on the Volleyball team. She brings her own Volleyballs. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

Mr. Smiley snaps out of his daze to see Brittany standing before him. He was surprise to see her and thought he was still dreaming.

“Is there some place we could talk for 15 minutes,” she said giving Mr. Smiley a naughty and devilishly grin while sucking on a lollypop.

Mr. Smiley took Brittany to the teacher’s parking lot in back of the school. She pushes him up against his car and unzips his pants. She pulled out his once again hard dick and started sucking the head.

“Mmmmmmm,” moaned Mr. Smiley.

“I know you been so tense today Mr. Smiley. I guest I could believe myself for that. So that’s why I’m going to loose you up and gave you a taste of what I can do later on,” Brittany spoke in between licking his cockhead.

She took 5 inches of his dick into her mouth. Moving her mouth up and down it slowly. Her left hand held his cock at the base while her right hand fondles and bounced his balls. Then Brittany took the cock out of her mouth and moved her head under his balls. Taking both of them into her mouth and sucking long and hard at them while stroking his dick.

“Ahhhhh yessss. Mmmmm. Never had my dick suck before Brittany. Mmmmm,” moaned Mr. Smiley.

“Then I’m glad to be your first,” replied Brittany, sucking sloppily at his balls. All he could hear was her sucking noises at his balls. His bare ass press into his hot steel car. His hard cock rubbing against Brittany’s forehead while she pulled and tug away at his balls with her mouth.

Brittany took his cock back into her warm mouth and started moving down inch by inch until her mouth reached the base. Smashing her face into his black pubic hairs. She took hold of his hips and started bobbing her head up and down. Coating his cock with her saliva.

Mr. Smiley gripped his car hood and roll his head back and closed his eyes as he was receiving his very first blow job and loving it.

Brittany sucked his dick for about 5 more minutes. Deep throating it and stuffing his balls into her mouth as well.

“Aaaaggghhhh. I’m cummmming. I’m cummmming. God Jesus,” cried Mr. Smiley as his cock exploded down Brittany’s hot mouth. Filling it up with large amounts of cum.

Brittany d***k and swallow as much as she could until the gooey cum started to overflow her mouth. She took the cock out and cum flow onto her blouse.

“Fuck Mr. Smiley!” Said a piss off Brittany, holding Mr. Smiley’s cock until the cum finally stop.

“I’m so sorry Britt. I haven’t release like that in a long time. Guest I was saving it,” he said blushing.

“Well I can’t go home today and I don’t bring extra shirts with me,” Brittany said frustrated.

“I think I have one in my car. It’s an extra large plain white shirt. Do you mind?” He asked smiling down at her.

“No I don’t,” she said smiling back from the ground and stuffing his soft cock back into his jeans.

Mr. Smiley gave Brittany the shirt and he watches her unbutton her blouse. She turns around so he would just see her pale bare back. He saw four bra straps on her shoulders, holding her mammoth tits inside the cups. He also saw the sides of her bra-covered tits as she put the shirt on over her head. She turns around to get his approval. Her colossal breasts just bulge out from the shirt and with no sag from the bra. They were like massive round torpedoes launching straight at him.

“Goddamn Brittany. Those look incredible,” Mr. Smiley said as he felt his cock harden again.

“So I have been told. Don’t worry Mr. Smiley. You’ll get a chance to play with my girls after school,” Brittany said teasing before walking off back into the school.

Mr. Smiley didn’t want to go back inside with a boner so he jerks off behind his car real quick. Thinking about what awaits him after school.

The moment of truth finally arrived. School was let out and Brittany told her friends that she had to stay back and do her make-up test. Mr. Smiley was waiting inside his classroom, sitting at his desk. He would frequently seek outside his window to see if Brittany was coming. Sure enough, Brittany was down the hall, walking towards his classroom. Her enormous breasts were bouncing slightly and that got Mr. Smiley hard. He rushes back to his desk to wait for Brittany to enter.

The door opens and in pops Brittany with a smile on her face. Mr. Smiley stood up and Brittany walks over to him.

“I’m going to automatically give you an A for the test. As along as you make this worth my wild,” Mr. Smiley said to Brittany.

Brittany thought about and remembers never doing the things she is doing to get good grades. She presses her huge breasts against Mr. Smiley’s chest and gave him a French kiss.

“Mmmmm,” mutter Mr. Smiley as he felt her tongue go inside his mouth. He let his tongue slide over hers and they started to sword fight with their tongues. His hands took hold of her by the hips and press his hard dick against her stomach.

Brittany felt it poking her and moved her left hand down to free it. She unzips his pants and pulled out his hard dick. She started rubbing and stroking it slowly while sucking on his tongue. She felt his hands move from her hips to her big ass and squeeze it from under her skirt.

Mr. Smiley’s dick grew even harder and longer while squeezing a good handful of Brittany’s huge ass.

Mr. Smiley set Brittany on top of his desk and started to unbutton his shirt. As soon as he got that off, he peels his tank top off as well, showcasing his muscular torso, 6 pack ads, and medium size brown nipples.

Brittany moved her head down and attached her mouth to one of his nipples. Slowly sucking on it and pulling it with her teeth. She could hear Mr. Smiley making small moaning sounds as she gave his nipple a workout with her mouth and tongue. She proceeded to do the other nipple the same way. Tugging it and stretching it from his chest. She felt his cock throb in her hand.

Mr. Smiley kick off his black dress shoes and pulls his pants off, standing in front of Brittany naked with only his dress socks on.

Brittany grabs his ass while sucking hard on his chest, nipples, and areolas. Making his nipples turn red and sore. Just like guys do her nipples.

Mr. Smiley takes hold of the bottom of Brittany’s shirt that he gave her and lifts it up to her neck. He looked down and gazed at her enormous pale titties encase in the enormous black bra. His hands squeeze her immense mounds through the bra. Loving the smooth text that is protecting her monstrous jugs. His fingers traced her bra cups and lifted the huge cups over her breasts, bunching it up to her neck under the shirt.

Mr. Smiley had a lost for words. He literally drooled and was spellbound by Brittany’s magnificent breasts. Sagging only a little because of their size on her small frame. They in the shape of massive torpedoes, topple by huge pink areolas and large thick pink nipples the size of erases. Mr. Smiley swore they were looking at him like they were eyes.

“Eat up Mr. Smiley. Enjoy your buffet,” teased Brittany, pushing her arms back against the desk and thrusting her massive titties up at him.

Mr. Smiley grabbed as much of her tits as he could. Squeezing them hard and watching her flesh sink through his fingers. He felt the heaviness of them and traced his fingers around her areolas and nipples. He pinched and stretched the nipples from her chest.

“God. These things are incredible. God blesses you with the Holy Gail,” moaned Mr. Smiled, rubbing and pulling Britt’s nipples. He buried his head between her massive cleavage and his whole head was nearly swallow up by them. He smoothed both sides of his face with her breasts. Loving her soft skin against his rough cheeks.

Brittany could feel his dark brown hair and light shaded beard hairs brush up against her breasts.

“Mmmmm,” moaned Brittany, feeling his wet tongue lick up and down her cleavage while his hands grips her breasts tight around his head. Then he pulls his head out and latches onto her left fat nipple. Sucking it into his mouth with the areola.

Brittany was already near an orgasm from him licking her chest. Now the feel of her nipple in his mouth was really sending her over the edge.

Mr. Smiley’s tongue swirl around the areola and nipple while inside his mouth. He capture the nipple between his teeth and let the tip of his tongue assault it furiously. He could hear Brittany’s cries and moans as he chews her nipple. While one of his hands held the tit he was sucking, his other one slip under her skirt and felt his thong leaking pussy juice. He slips two of his fingers inside her thong and started pushing them in and out.

Brittany had a series or orgasms and came on his fingers and in her thong. The cum dripped onto his desk.

Mr. Smiley switch to the other nipple and areola and gave them the same treatment. Sucking and chewing on them. Then he stuffs his mouth with as much of her tit fat as he could suck on. Making sure he sucks every inch of her titties before she leaves his class.

Brittany started thrusting herself onto his fingers. Helping them slide in and out her wet pussy. They found her clit and started rubbing while she thrust and moans from his breast devouring.

After 10 minutes of sucking on her giant titties and finger fucking her to orgasms and to cum twice, he pushes his things off his desk and lays Brittany down onto it and pulls her thong all the way off. He bunches her skirt to her waist and starts rubbing his cockhead against her pussy entrance.

“Oh Mr. Smiley. Fuck me. Fuck me hard,” begged Brittany, squeezing her wet tits and nipples.

“Mmmm. Call me John. Please,” he said as he buried his entire cock balls deep into her pussy with one thrust.

“Oh John. Feels so good,” moan Brittany as she begins to suckle her left nipple. Tasting John’s saliva on it.

John held her legs out and started thrusting his cock in and out her pussy. His balls started smacking her pussy hard as his cock pounds away. Sweat is starting to pour off John’s body as he pounds faster and faster into Brittany.

Brittany is holding onto her huge titties for dear life as they were bouncing in her face, nearly knocking her out. Her thighs were quivering and shaking from his pounding. All John could hear was her moaning, her thighs being beaten by his own legs and his cock ramming harder and faster into her cunt.

After 5 minutes of fucking her like that, he pulls his cock out of her pussy and turns her over onto her stomach. Her gigantic breasts smash down onto his desk and bulge out from her sides. He rubs his cockhead at the entrance of her pussy again and resumes fucking her. This time doggie style.

Brittany face is red and sweaty as her head lays down on her left cheek. She could feel her breasting jiggling and wobbling under her on the desk as John pounds away at her wet pussy. Blasting his pelvic into big ass that also ripple with his thrusting.

John immediately took hold of her ass and started squeezing and kneading it as it jiggle wildly. He kept one hand on her ass and the other hand grabs her by her long red hair and f***es her upper body off the desk causing her huge titties to dangle freely and swing wildly with his f***e.

“Ooooh fuck yeaaah. Aaaagghhhh. Harder. Harder John. Fuck my pussy,” cried Brittany as she can feel her pussy being stretch and plowed by a speeding dick.

John cupped Brittany’s swinging sweaty titties and started squeezing them hard and pinching the nipples. Then he moved his head to the side to see them swinging wildly from underneath her as he fondle them. The fucking and the tit play cause Brittany to cum on his dick.

John thrust a little bit more hard and faster before pulling out and unloading his cock onto her big ass. Just spraying her ass until it’s soak in his hot cum. He even started rubbing the cum into her pale ass and giving it a few soft spanks.

“Ever had it in your ass before Brittany?” Asked John.

“No John I haven’t,” she replied curiously.

“It’s never too late to try new things,” John said smiling and he rubs his cockhead against the crack of her ass.

“This is going to hurt. Isn’t it,” she asked worried?

“Only the first couple of thrusts but you’ll love it,” teased John as he spread her cum-covered ass cheeks open and sandwich his cock between them. Rubbing his cock in and out between them. “Oh my. Your ass is so soft and round Brittany. Since you were my first blowjob. I will be your first anal sex.” And with that, John slowly inserts his cock into her anus. She could feel the pressure of his cockhead spreading her anus apart.

“Aaaaaggggghhhhh! It‘s hurting,” cried Brittany.

John grabs onto her ass and starts to thrust more of his cock inside. Her asshole was spreading wider and bigger being stuff by his dick. The pace quickens as John starts to thrust harder and faster into her anus. Brittany could feel his long hard throbbing dick entering her asshole deeper and deeper. John saw Brittany’s sweaty face with painful expressions as he was literally pounding her ass away.

Brittany started to match his thrust by pushing her ass harder into his crotch. Making sure his cock was balls deep within her asshole. She could feel his balls squeezing between her asscheeks while his entire cock was stuff in her anus.

Brittany was in pain as her enormous breasts beat against the desk violently as John continued his assault on her ass with his cock and hands. She never felt her ass being rip apart like John was doing. He put one foot up on the desk and started thrusting long and hard into her anus. Her pussy felt like it was on fire so she started to rub her own clit and finger her wet pussy.

After 6 long painful minutes of getting her anus fucked, Brittany was on her way to pass out as John came deep within her anus. She could feel his hot cum shooting through her asshole. He pulled his dick out and started rubbing the cockhead on her asscheeks. Getting wiping off the remaining cum. He gave her big ass a few more squeezes before letting her get to her feet.

“Mmmmm. Your ass is so tender,” John moaned, licking one of his fingers and sliding it up and down her sore asshole.

Both Brittany and John caught their breaths and regrouped before going their separate ways.

Brittany arrived home a little bit after 5. Her ass was still very sore from John. She could barely sit down all the way while driving. She got out of her truck and saw a nice purple Dodge Neon sitting outside the house. She wondered who’s it could be. As she enters the house, it seems like no one was around until she heard funny noises coming from upstairs. As she when up the stairs, the noise became clearer. The noises were that of a female. Moaning and grunting like mad. She knew it couldn’t be her parents having sex because they’re still at work. Plus the noises were coming from her b*****r’s room.

Her b*****r’s door was crack open a little bit. Enough so that Brittany could get a good view. Her b*****r had some girl in the doggie style position on his bed. Brittany saw her b*****r sweating really hard while thrusting some girl with his cock. She couldn’t see his dick but knew the girl was being pleased as she moans with pleasure. Brittany got a good look at the female’s breasts. They were nowhere as big as Brittany’s was but she guessed she was around a D cup as her titties were swinging violently below her chest.

The fucking got Brittany very arouse and horny. She felt her pussy become wet again. She started rubbing her clit as her b*****r switch positions with the girl and that’s when she saw her b*****r’s enormous dick with balls the size of oranges. Her nipples became hard instantly and her thong became soak. She couldn’t believe the size of his dick.

Her b*****r Jeff was lying on his back while the girl had her back towards him and riding his monstrous cock. The girl was screaming in pain as her pussy could barely fit around his whole dick. Juices were flowing out of the girl’s pussy and down her b*****r’s big dick and balls. He held her by the hips and started bouncing her harder. Her big tits started flopping about her chest and Brittany couldn’t hold herself any longer. She started to finger fuck herself. Pushing two fingers in and out of her pussy reminding her of the wonderful sex she and John just had.

“Aaaaagghhhhh. Your dick is so huge. Ugggghhhh. God it hurts,” cried the girl as Jeff told hold of her big tits and started squeezing them like bread dough. Twisting her hard tiny nipples between his fingers.

Suddenly the phone rang and Brittany who was in an orgasmic state, snap out of it and rush downstairs to get the phone. The girl heard something.

“What was that?” Ask the girl as she immediately hops off Jeff’s big dick.

“Probably just my s****r coming home,” he said.

The girl got out of bed and closed the door shut and they continued to fuck each other’s brains out.

Brittany answers the phone and it was James. He told Brittany that he was coming over and Brittany said she couldn’t wait to see him. After she hung up the phone, she rushes upstairs to take a quick shower and change clothes.

10 minutes later, James came over and Brittany was dress in sweat pants and an oversize T-shirt with no bra. Immediately after James hug her, he felt her breasts smooth his chest and knew she had no bra on. Just the way he liked it.

The two sat on the couch and talk for awhile. He asked Brittany how was her day. She just said it was weird but everyday is weird to a girl with giant double E titties.

“Well Brittany. I want to invite you to exclusive party my frat house is throwing in next Saturday. I want you to be my date,” James said.

“Wow. A party. Haven’t been those many of those lately,” Brittany replied. “Yes. I’ll go with you.” With that, James and Brittany lock lips and begin fondling each other’s tongues. James’s hands were immediately mauling at Brittany’s breasts through her shirt. Thumbing out her large nipples and pinching them to hardness.

Then he picks up Brittany and carries her upstairs to her bedroom and closes the door, which is accidentally left open slightly. They immediately got undress and started to fuck like wild a****ls.

Meanwhile, Jeff had just finish taking a shower with the girl he fucked. The girl happens to be his girlfriend Sandy. He walked Sandy to her car after they got dress and told her he would give her a call later on tonight. They gave each other kisses goodbye before she drove off. Jeff headed back inside the house and heard some strange noises coming from upstairs. He slowly creeps upstairs and sees Brittany’s door open slightly and lots of moaning and grunting coming out of it.

He took a glance inside her room and saw his younger s****r riding James’s dick like a cowgirl riding a horse. Jeff felt his cock go hard instantly. He couldn’t see the front of her but saw the sides of her massive titties bouncing and jiggling all over the place. Jeff took hold of his enormous cock and started stroking it through his pants. Then he unzips his pants and let his huge dick out.

As he looked back into the room, he saw that they had switch positions and James was now fucking her ass hard like Mr. Smiley did earlier. He had Brittany by the hair while ramming his cock deep within her asshole. Jeff saw her spectacular pale sweaty tits dangling underneath her. Violently swinging and beating the bed and her chest as James got faster and faster with pounding her ass.

Jeff couldn’t take it anymore and felt his massive cock ready to explode.

As he started jerking, James was staring right at him while banging his s****r. Jeff quickly moved out of slight and tuck his cock back into his pants and headed to his room to finish what he started and all he could hear throughout the house were the sounds of Brittany’s moans, screams, and cries.
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Well written..make me so wet
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Fantastic story.... loved it. Really cannot wait for the next part! x
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Great story..

Love these and her huge areola !! :-)
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excellence in erotica for this whole series
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