Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 07

The following day after the pool party was a school day. Brittany was not outside to meet with her friends as usual. It was kind of strange to them that Brittany was not arriving on time for school.

The first bell rung and the girls headed to home base. As the girls sat in their seats, they watch the classroom door to see if Brittany would come through before the class actually started. Still no Brittany.

Mr. Smiley, there home room teacher was evening glancing at Brittany’s seat and notice she wasn’t in it like every school day. The second bell rung and Brittany still did not show up for class.

“Tests time everyone,” shouted Mr. Smiley.

He handed everyone his or her test papers and as he pass Brittany’s seat, he was wondering what has become of her.

“Girls. Did Brittany say that she wasn’t going to be here in school today?” Asked Mr. Smiley.

“No. She never called any of us. We don’t know where she is?” Said a worried Kristen.

Mr. Smiley took a deep breath and continued passing out the test. About 15 minutes in the test, Brittany came into the classroom wearing a low cut black skirt that showed off her thick thighs, long see-thru stockings down to her black high heels and a tight black tube top that barely covered her massive breasts that we trying to fall out. Everyone couldn’t believe his or her eyes when Brittany came in. Even Mr. Smiley was impress with Brittany’s new look. He even felt his dick starting to harden from watching Brittany’s breasts rise and fall with her heavy breathing.

“Mrs. Clarkson. You’re late,” said Mr. Smiley.

“I know Sir but I couldn’t decide on what to wear to school,” Brittany said smiling at him while squeezing her huge tits between her arms, causing them to balloon out. All the boys in the class were memorized and felt their dicks go instantly hard. Even a lesbian couple in the back of the class couldn’t believe the size of Brittany’s chest. Mr. Smith was trying his hardest not to look at them while looking at her face.

“It seems that you did not finish getting dress Mrs. Clarkson. You know the school rules. You can’t wear tops like that without any thick straps and your stomach can not be showing as well. I’m afraid that your going to have to go to the Principle's office and show him what you are wearing,” said Mr. Smiley in a soft tone. Sweat starting to roll down his forehead while his eyes were attracted to Brittany’s enormous titties literally popping out at him.

“And you’ll have to make up the test after school sometime this week,” he concluded as Brittany left the class and headed down to the Principle’s office.

Mrs. Garth, the gray haired English teacher saw Brittany coming down the hallway and couldn’t keep her eyes off Brittany’s lightly bouncing breasts that bob inside her tight tub top. Brittany smiled at Mrs. Garth as the closed the door to her classroom.

Brittany finally makes it to the Principle’s office.

“Good god!” Said a shocked Mr. Hammer, the Math teacher as Brittany walked in and her breasts were bouncing. The secretary even peeked over the desk to see Brittany sitting in an office chair and her breasts resting on her lap, still sticking out of her chest.

“The Principle will see you now,” said the secretary.

Brittany got up and walks into Principle Stanley’s office.

“Have a seat,” said Mr. Stanley as his back was turn to Brittany in his chair. As he turned around to see Brittany, his eyes nearly pop out of his skull.

“Mrs. Clarkson. I thought I would never see you in here for bad reasons. Especially dress like...like...that,” Mr. Stanley blurred out.

“Do you like it?” Asked Brittany in a sweet voice. She cross her legs and watch as Mr. Stanley eyes followed them.

“Uh...uh...You know the school rules Mrs. Clarkson. Wearing outrageous outfits like that is intolerable for school. I’m afraid either you call your parents to give you a new set of clothes or I’ll have to send you home,” said Mr. Stanley staring at Brittany’s chest as it rises.

“Well my parents aren’t home right now,” said Brittany in an innocent voice. She bend over to pretend to lacy up her boots so Mr. Stanley could get a good look down her tube top and he took the time to stand up and get a peek. He felt his cock go instantly hard.

He moved from behind his desk and sat on his desk in front of Brittany. She looks up and saw his hard cock inside his pants.

“Ooooh. Mr. Stanley. Looking really hard today,” said Brittany teasing.

“Oh really?” Mr. Stanley said sarcastically. “I was wondering if you could help me with my problem then.” He smiled at Brittany and she stood up from her chair and smiled back.

Suddenly, she and Mr. Stanley were lip locking. They shoved each other’s tongues down their throats. Mr. Stanley’s hands were squeezing her plump ass. He felt her massive breasts press against his chest.

“Hmmm,” moaned Brittany as she felt his hand cock between her legs.

Mr. Stanley stops kissing and headed to the door and locks it.

“Got to make this quick Mrs. Clarkson,” Mr. Stanley said in a serious voice.

Brittany resume kissing Mr. Stanley as his hands felt her up. He stood back and pulled her tube top down, exposing her enormous bare breasts to him and hard nipples.

“OH my god!” Said Mr. Stanley in amazement. “They’re so beautiful.”

He immediately took both huge breasts in his hands, realizing that he couldn’t hold them as they flowed through his fingers. He squeezed what he could and knead them. Then he buried his baldhead between her cleavage and started licking and kissing between her breasts while squeezing them around his head. Brittany just moan as Mr. Stanley was having his way with her breasts.

Mr. Stanley stuff what he could of her left giant tit into his mouth and suck on it for all its worth. She could hear slurping noises from Mr. Stanley as he devours her breasts. Then he switches to the other tit and sucks it the same way. While he stuffs his mouth full of Brittany’s right breast, his hands fondled her left wet tit.

Brittany could feel her panties getting wetter and wetter as she moaned and grunted, then let out a series of orgasms.

Mr. Stanley stretched her right breast from her chest by pulling it with his mouth, sucking and slurping on her hard fat nipples at the end of it. Then he let the breast drop out of his mouth with a loud pop. Saliva drip off her breast and nipple. Then Mr. Stanley resumes sucking her left breast again. Balling the breast up into a round ball and stuffing as much of it into his mouth as possible. By this time, Brittany had came in her panties as Mr. Stanley lick and sucks her enormous breasts for several minutes.

Mr. Stanley stops his breasts devouring and pulled up Brittany’s skirt to her stomach. Her panties were very wet and creamy. He pulled them down to see her pink pussy all wet and ready for Mr. Stanley to conquer.

Brittany started kissing his neck and ears while he lifted her up onto the desk and pulled down his pants and underwear, releasing his hard 7 1/2-inch cock. Brittany laid on her back on his desk and spread her legs apart as Mr. Stanley insert his cock in her pussy. He took hold of her hips and started ramming away at her pussy.

“AAAAAAhhhhhh,” moan loudly Brittany.

“Shhhh girl. You have to be quiet,” said M. Stanley covering her hand with his left hand while his right hand squeezed and fondle her wet breasts as they started to bounce up and down from his pounding.

Mr. Stanley stuffed her pussy with his whole cock and started fucking her pussy faster and faster. Thrusting harder and harder deep inside. His sweaty balls pounded against her pussy, as he was nearly balls deep within her cunt. Sweat roll off Mr. Stanley’s head as he buried his face once again between her bouncing breasts. Loving the feel of her sweaty breasts beating his head as he thrust in her pussy.

Brittany locked her legs around his waist as Mr. Stanley started going faster and faster. Deeper and deeper. He could feel her pussy tighten around his hard cock. Her pussy juices flowing out onto the desk and on his balls.

Mr. Stanley lifted his sweaty head up and looked at Brittany’s face as her eyes were rolled in the back of her head and her mouth open beneath his hand, mustering small moaning noises. Her mammoth started rolling around on her chest and beating into his. Brittany came as Mr. Stanley started slowing down and using long powerful thrust to finally reach his climax and blow his hot load into Brittany’s hot cunt.

“Hmmmmm,” moaned Mr. Stanley, emptying his nut inside Brittany. He gave both of gigantic breasts one last sucking before letting her up.

They regrouped themselves and unfortunately, Mr. Stanley still had to send Brittany home but told her that she could return if she had the proper clothing on.

As Brittany was leaving the school, an idea pops into her head. She decided since she was going home from school, not to return today and spend the rest of the day with her new boyfriend James. James hasn’t official asked Brittany to be his girlfriend but since they had sex the other night, she figured he might as well be. She is hoping that spending time with him today would finally answer the question of rather or not the two are dating.

Brittany got in her truck and drove home. Lucky for her, her parents were at work and she had the house to herself. So she thought. As she arrived outside her house, a large Plumbering truck was sitting in the driveway, blocking her from getting in. So she parked her truck on the curve in front of the house. As she got out the truck, the noisy next door neighbor Mr. Eugene was trimming his bushes when he had spotted Brittany walking to her house. He took a deep breath and swallowed some air as his eyes were fixed on her ample breasts, bouncing and jiggling with every step she took. He felt his soft dick immediately become a hard rock.

Brittany saw Mr. Eugene holding his bush trimmers, staring at her in awe and gave him a wink and a smile.

“How you doing Mr. Eugene?” Shouted Brittany waving wildly at him causing her enormous breasts to jiggle furiously.

He nearly faded at the sight as he felt his cock ready to explode out of his overalls. He gave her a small wave back as she enters her house.

When Brittany walked in she heard a lot of noises coming from the kitchen. She when to go have a look and saw a nice big ass in a pair of blue tight jeans, on all fours underneath the sink. Brittany looked down his jeans and saw the crack of his ass. The Plumber didn’t look bad from what she could tell. She left and headed to her room immediately before the Plumber even knew she was there.

Brittany got on the phone and called James to come over. Since James wasn’t in high school anymore it was easy for him to sneak away from college and see her. He said in a happy tone that he would be there in 20 minutes. She hung up the phone smiling and decided to waste the 20 minutes away by tanning outside in her backyard.

Mr. Eugene was now in his backyard, slowly trimming his bushes down to get them even until Brittany reappears on the scene wearing a small lime green bikini with a top didn’t even cover her breasts. Just her nipples and large areolas were not shown. Her lime green thong had a slit in the between her ass cheeks, showing off her amazingly pale plump ass. Mr. Eugene cut a large chunk of his bush while gazing at Brittany and her mammoth breasts that just were ready to spill out of her bikini.

She lay across a lawn chair and soaks up the sun that was beaming down on her. Mr. Eugene just stares in awe at Brittany. He never has seen a teen so bless before. Mr. Eugene actually has always been obsess sort of speak with Brittany. He knew she had a large chest but never seen them on display like he is now. His wife, Ms. Eugene came out to join him in looking at the young girl’s pale body. She looked like a candlestick lit on fire with her red hair spread out on the lawn chair.

“Hmmm Honey. She is so plump and ripe. She is ready for the picking,” said Ms. Eugene; not taking her eyes of Brittany either. Ms. Eugene and her husband have always known Brittany was blessed and have been dreaming of the day she would join them in a 3 some. Ms. Eugene felt that, that time would be soon enough.

The Plumber finally got done from underneath the sink and had happen to look outside through the kitchen window to see his employer’s daughter, tanning outside in the back with her breasts practically spilling out of her bikini top. The Plumber had no idea that his employer being her father had a daughter. He started licking his lips and felt his cock get harden fast. Watching her breasts rises and fall as she breath.

Brittany started to rub suntan oil on her neck and then bare chest. He gently rubs some on the sides of her breasts peaking from the sides of her top. Oiling her cleavage to a nice and shinny valley between her huge breasts. The Plumber just sat at the counter, watching her every move while thinking about what he could do to her if he had the chance.

Then Suddenly the doorbell rang and the Plumber didn’t know what to do so he decided to open the door. It was James.

“Hi. Is Brittany around?” James asked the Plumber and then spotting the Plumber’s massive hard on pointing through his tight jeans.

“Yeah man. She is in the backyard,” answered the Plumber nervously.

“Thank you,” replied James as he left the front door and walk all the way to the back. He hovered over Brittany who was relaxing and wearing dark sunglasses to keep the sun out of her eyes.

“Hello Brittany,” said James, lightly tracing his fingers against her arm and then moved his hand between her breasts and tracing down the slippery cleavage.

“Mmmm. JAMES!!!!” Brittany shouted immediately jumping up out the lawn chair, causing her massive breasts to spill out of her top and hug James. The Plumber couldn’t believe his eyes as her enormous titties were swinging and flopping like they had minds of their own. While she hug James, her breasts bulged out to both of their sides, letting Mr. Eugene get a good look at the monstrous basketball size shinny titties from their sides. He felt his cock ready to explode. The Misses felt his cock to in her hands and started stroking it.

“Hmmm. I know you would love to stick this hard cock between her titties wouldn’t you?” Teased the Misses while unzipping his pants and pulling his big 8-inch cock out and jerking it. Mr. Eugene felt his naughty wife jerking his cock, as his eyes never left Brittany’s giant jugs as they sway with her movements. Then his cock really got fire as Brittany sat down in her lawn chair and started unzipping James’s pants, pulling out his big hard cock. The Misses was impressive with James’s big dick and large balls that she preceded to jerk her husband off more rapidly causing him to pre-cum in her hands.

Brittany quickly took James’s cock between her nice juicy red lips and started sucking on the cockhead. She held onto his shaft and started stroking it while sucking and licking his cockhead. James couldn’t bare to watch so he started looking into the sky while feeling Brittany’s tongue swirl and loop around his cockhead and even lick his pee hole.

“Oh my god Brittany. You’re such a good cocksucker,” moan James.

“Mmmmm. I just love your dick so much,” moaned Brittany in between sucking his cockhead and licking it. Slowly taking inch by inch of his cock into her mouth.

Miss. Eugene was very impress with Brittany engulfing James’s big dick in her tiny mouth that she got on her own knees and started sucking off her big dick husband who was horny as hell for Brittany.

Brittany let her grip of his cock go and started bobbing her head up and down it. Now squeezing hold of his firm ass while moving her face closer and closer to his pubic hairs. Soon Brittany was face deep within them while sucking his big dick to the core. Feeling his large apple-shape balls bump against her smooth pale chin. Brittany could smell the musty odor of his pubic hairs. But she was enjoying the deep down her throat. His cockhead was actually moving up and down against her back of her throat while her tongue maneuver all around his shaft to the very base.

“Ooooh yessss. Suck it Britt. Suck my cock. Hmmmm,” moaned James.

Brittany quickens the pace and started moving her mouth faster and faster around his cock. Feeling the pre-cum leak down her throat. James grabs the back of Brittany’s head and started thrusting his cock into her mouth. Literally fucking her face. His sweaty balls bounce and beat against her chin.

The Plumber was getting very excited though he couldn’t see Brittany sucking James off. All he saw was her head moving rapidly between his legs. He however was getting real good glances of her huge titties beating against James’s legs and mashing in between them. He pulled out his cock and started jerking as fast as he could.

Meanwhile James couldn’t to ram Brittany’s throat with his dick until he felt his cum ready to burst out. Brittany started gagging and choking on James’s dick. Saliva drip out of her mouth and down her chin to her heavy pale breasts pressing against James’s legs. James took the cock out from the back of her throat and started rubbing the cockhead inside her mouth and against the inside of her cheeks. Stretching her cheeks out far and wide. Then his hot gooey cum exploded into her mouth and James pulled it out to spray her face. Covering her mouth, nose, cheeks, and her forehead with his large amount of cum. He made sure his balls were completely empty onto her face. He even moved his cockhead against her face, rubbing the cum into her dove white skin.

“That was the best Brittany,” said James very pleased. “I like the new you. Using all your talents for a good cause.”

James looked over his right shoulder and saw the Plumber watching. The Plumber quickly ducks but figured it was too late.

“Come with me Brittany. Your day isn’t over yet,” said James, taking Brittany’s bikini top and wiping his cum off her face. He grabs her by the hand and leads her into the kitchen topless. Her mammoth teats sway with her steps.

The Plumber was under the sink, acting like he was working on the pines. Hoping James wouldn’t rat him out for spying on them. As Brittany and James walked in, James pointed to The Plumber’s hard on. Then he whisper something in her ear and she immediately knelt downs beside The Plumber and started to unzip his pants.

The Plumber didn’t want to piss off his boss’s daughter nor was he a fag so he let her continue to what she was doing and lay back to enjoy it.

Brittany pulled The Plumber’s big hard dick out and started stroking it up and down from the cockhead to the base. Gently smashing down on his balls with her fist up hand. Then she bends down and started licking his balls. Taking one ball into her mouth and working it with her tongue. She pop it out after a few seconds and started sucking his other ball while stroking his big dick.

James just sat at the kitchen table, watching Brittany give The Plumber a full blowjob. Even his all ready gooey cock was up and ready to go a second round with Brittany. But Brittany had her hands full of The Plumber’s hairy cock and mouthful of his equally hairy balls.

“Hmmmm,” moaned The Plumber as he relaxed his hands on the back of his head, enjoying Brittany stroking his meat and sucking his balls. Brittany let both his saliva-covered balls drop out of her mouth and took his cockhead inside her mouth. Sucking on it slowly. Savoring the Plumbers dirty smell of his dick. The guy she was sucking was pretty hairy, a little bit chubby, and not very attractive.

“That’s a good girl. Suck him all up,” urged James.

Brittany took his cockhead and started beating it against her tongue. Then pop how whole cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down. She sat on her round ass and spread her legs across the floor. Her left hand started rubbing her wet and throbbing pussy through her thong while she sucks off the Plumber.

“Ooooh yessss. Feeeels so good,” moaned the Plumber, how using both hands to push Brittany’s head up and down his hard dick. Brittany smelt the odor of garbage in his pubic and started gagging. The Plumber started his assault on her mouth by thrusting his cock deep down her throat like James did. Lifting his ass up off the floor a little bit, get her mouth down to the base of his dick. Her face was buried in his pubic. Her wet balls banging against her lower lip and his chin.

Brittany opens the front of her thong, showing James her pink wet pussy as her fingers inserted themselves deep in her cunt. Rubbing her enlarge clitoris while swallowing the Plumber’s cock.

“I think your pussy is ready to be tamed. Don’t you,” teased and smiled James.

Brittany took the cock out of her mouth and stood up over the Plumber who now push his way out from under the sink, still laying down on his back and his hard cock throbbing up to the ceiling. Brittany pulled her thong down, giving the Plumber a good view of her pussy and clitoris hanging out.

“Hmmm. I want to eat that pussy before my cock has it,” order the Plumber.

Brittany looked at James and he nodded his head. Brittany hovered over the filthy Plumber’s dirty face and sat down on his wide mouth, giving him a mouthful of juicy pussy. Her thick pale thighs enclosed his head tightly and her large feet rested under his arms. Her hands were on the sink while she started to ride his face. She felt his nasty tongue maneuver itself through her pussy. Licking every wall and inch of her pussy.

“Agggghhhh yeaaaaaah. Ooooooh god,” cried Brittany as the Plumber started viciously sucking her large clitoris. Biting on it and pulling it between his teeth. The Plumber loved the way Brittany’s pussy was smelling as he munch and suck away at it. Flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue between sucking it into his mouth again.

Brittany’s gigantic tits just hang from her chest like huge cow utters and sway with her movements. The Plumber’s arms held her thighs tight around his head so he could eat her pussy non-stop. His cock was beating red and ready to explode like a volcano once he starts fucking Brittany.

After Brittany had multiple orgasms and came in his mouth. He drank up the juices and lifted her up by her ass and moved her over his hard dick. She slowly eases the head of his cock into her pussy. Followed by his long and thick shaft. Soon his cock was gone to the very core by her pussy and he grips her ass and proceeds to bounce her up and down.

His legs were spread across the floor and her bare feet were lock under his thighs as he bounced her higher and faster on his cock. The Plumber’s eyes never left Brittany’s enormous breasts as they bounced wildly and out of control. Smacking against her chest and each other.

The Plumber moved his hands up to her huge titties and started squeezes the pale jugs. Jiggling them around his in hands. They were so massive; they flopped out of his hands. He took hold of them against and squeezed them together making one gargantuan tit and huge nipple. He moved his mouth up to both nipples and started feasting on them.

“Aaaaagggghhhh. Fuck me. Faster. Hardeeeeeer. Oooooh yesss. Mmmmmm,” cried Brittany feeling her fat nipples being devoured by his dirty mouth and her pussy being pummel by his dirty dick. His balls beat against her pussy while his cock moved in and out.

James was very much enjoying the show. Watching her plump ass bounce off the Plumber’s thighs and her toes curl and her giant breasts bouncing and being munched on. It all reminded him of what Brittany and him did lastnight. All James could hear were Brittany moaning and grunting. Sloppy noises from The Plumber’s cock impaling her pussy and his slurping hard on Brittany’s nipples. The intensity was too much for Brittany that it sends her into an orgasmic stage, producing orgasm after orgasm.

Sweat pour from Brittany’s body as she bounced harder and harder on his cock life she never bounce on a cock so hard in her life. She had to hold her sweaty saliva-covered tits in her arms while he feasted on her nipples and held her hips as she rode him.

“I’m going to cummmmm,” cried Brittany as the Plumber quicken the pace, thrusting his dick harder and faster in her pussy. He felt Brittany’s cum drowning his cock and balls. Besides him sucking her titties, that pushes him over the edge and came right along with her.

“Aaaahhhh. Mmmmmm. Fuck yeeeah,” moaned The Plumber, emptying his nasty balls inside Brittany. He quickly started kissing and licking her massive titties. Giving them one last squeeze and suck before letting Brittany slide off his sweaty and foul odor body. Brittany just lay on the floor, sweaty and tired. Her pussy throbbing and his cum smear all over the lips.

James picks her up and carries her upstairs to her room and lays her on the bed. The Plumber saw his own way out with a happy smile on his face. Mr. Eugene, who was outside mowing his lawn, saw the big grin on the Plumber’s face. He knew the Plumber must have gotten some. He and his wife could hear a few of Brittany’s moans and screams coming from the kitchen.

James rolls the blankets on Brittany and gives her a kiss on her forehead.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. You’re going to need all the rest you can get,” said James as he closed Brittany’s door behind him.

“BRITTANY!!!!” Shouted Mr. Clarkson.

“BRITTANY!!!” Shouted Ms. Clarkson.

Brittany heard the shouts and woke up. She looked at her alarm clock and saw 4:00pm. She got out of bed and realizes she was still naked and sore from the fucking. She quickly put on an oversize T-shirt and some short shorts and put a do-rag over her red hair. She came downstairs barefooted and slowly to her surprise standing in the front door was her older b*****r Jeff.

"JEFFERY!!!!" Shouted an very happy Brittany as she ran down the rest of the stairs, not caring that her mammoth breasts were bouncing obscenely and gave her b*****r Jeff a huge hug.

Jeff couldn't take his eyes off her bouncing titties that he was very fond of in the old days as he embrace her in his arms and felt her huge naked tits within her oversize shirt smash against his chest hard. He knew that them being so soft and heavy that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her large nipples were also hard and poking his skin. If he had any reason to return home for a while. It was to finally score with his younger s****r...
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glad your back writing again lil'lady outstanding
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holy shit that was hot! cant wait to read the next part
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Top story huni keep em coming they are great
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Wow, excellent story. I'd loved to been in on all of that action. Mmmmmmm.