Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 06

Brittany had woken up from her quiet sl**p around 10:30am from a phone call from James. He had asked her if she wanted to play football with him and the other guys yesterday. She agreed to play in a sl**py voice and hung up. She stays in bed for a few minutes only to hear a knock on her door.

"Come in," shouted an aggravated Brittany. Her parents, Michael and Cindy Clarkson walk in to surprise their baby girl. She was stun to see them when she had risen from her bed.

"Mom? Dad? What a surprise to see both of you here," Brittany mumbled.

"Yes well since today is a holiday, we don't have to work and so we have realized that we haven't been spending enough time with our daughter since your b*****r moved away to college. We figured since we have free time with you now, that we could check up on you to see how you are doing," explained the father.

"Yes honey. We love you Brit and we don't mean to avoid you in anyway but we need to keep money in our banks and food on the table. You understand. Right honey?" Asked Cindy.

"Yes mommy. I do," she said, climbing out of bed in a long white shirt and tight checker boxers on, giving both her parents a hug.

"Oh my god. Honey! You're huge," said Cindy referring to Brittany's massive breasts.

"Yes mother. I'm surprise you haven't figured it out yet," smiled Brittany. She saw her father's eyes move back and forth from her face to her chest. It didn't make Brittany uncomfortable since she did have sex with her Uncle last night.

"Oh yeah. Uncle Keith has moved out and is returning home today sweetie and your father and I have reduced our hours so that we can still be around you and be a whole f****y again," said Cindy.

"Oh. That's great," said Brittany with a little bit of sarcasm in her voice. "Well. I guest Uncle Keith got what he wanted last night," she said in her mind.

"Now why don't you get dress because today is all yours. We are even having a pool party tonight so we would like to take you shopping for a bikini tonight if that's ok with you. We know that you don't like to reveal yourself that much darling so it's all up to you," said Michael.

"I guest that would be all right," said Brittany. She started remembering her b*****r Jeff and his friends, picking on her while she was wearing a small bikini and her enormous breasts were bulging from it.

"Oh wait. I have some plans today but right after I come back, we can hang together ok?" Said Brittany remembering to play football with James.

Her parents let out a small sigh and just said ok. Brittany gave them both a kiss on the cheek and a big hug before throwing them out of her room so she could get ready.

It's 11:30am and James and his friends all met in the park to play their usual football game. They were dressed in shorts and tank tops. It was very windy and chilly outside but they figured once the game gets started, they'd end up hot and sweaty. Brittany soon arrived to all the boys' surprise. She was wearing a gray sweat suit with a large gray top to try and hide most of her chest.

"Are you boys ready to play?" Asked Brittany, walking over to James.

"Oh yeah hell," said James. And so the football started.

There were 5 on each team and Brittany was on James' team. He made her his special running back because it seems like every time Brittany ran with the ball, the other team wouldn't try and stop her from scoring. Their eyes would be glued to her massive tits, still visible to see bouncing up and down inside her sweatshirt. Even her own team would pause to have a look at her wobbling jugs. Of course, Brittany was no dummy. She knew they were all glued to her chest. She could especially tell with all their hard dicks poking through their shorts.

After several minutes of watching her score touchdowns, the others decided to try and score themselves a feel of her enormous breasts. Well trying to make more touchdowns, a few guys would tackle her not so rough and would rest their arms either under or on her delicious titties. She knew they were having fun tackling her because she felt their big hard dicks press up against her ass.

Half way through the game, Brittany was really hot and sweaty and decided to lose her heavy sweatshirt. After throwing that off, she had on a damp white tank top with a large sport bra on underneath. James and the others were really turn on by the sweat, moving down her face to her chest and inside her already soak tank top. They felt like they were going to burst their loads in their shorts.

As the game was coming to an end, James and his team needed one more point to beat the others. Brittany had an idea to win and told James that he would be running back and she would be the quarterback to end the game.

While she was bend over, James got a nice view of her big round ass sticking up in the air and a magnificent look up her tank top at her sport bra covered tits. She toss James the ball and just as he was running to make the final touchdown, Brittany lifted up her tank top and sport bra, revealing to everyone her gigantic sweaty bouncing breasts with hard pale pink nipples and giant pink aureoles the size the bottom of a soda can.

All the guys stop playing to view the amazing sight of Brittany and her giant double E's. Bouncing and wobbling with her movements. Hanging half way to her navel but still stuck out from her chest like torpedoes. After James scored the touchdown, the put away her breasts and won her team the game. James had no clue on what happen but saw all his friends eyeing Brittany.

After congratulating every other on the field, James invited Brittany to their large van to hang out for a while. She said it would be cool but she couldn't stay long because she is support to spend the day with her parents.

"How did we win the game?" Asked James.

"Oh. I just used my very own weapons of massive destruction," laughed Brittany.

"Man James. You should have seen it instead of wanting to win the game," said one of his friends.

"It's cool. If I wasn't meant to see them it's because it's not my time yet. I respect Brittany enough so that when I do get to see them, it's because we are alone," said James.

"Awe. That's so sweet," said one of his friends, mocking him. All the guys started laughing and even Brittany let out a giggle.

"So how big are your cannons?" Asked a friend.

"Well. Since you guys are cool. I suppose to can tell you. I wear a double E size bra," Brittany said.

"Damn. Those suckers are huge," shouted one of James' friend in the front seat of the Van.

"Well they grow anymore?" Asked another friend.

"I don't know. Unless I get pregnant or something but other then that, I wouldn't want to grow anymore. I'm too big as it is," Brittany said.

"But hey. I could be getting home. My parents are having a pool party tonight so if any of you guys want to come, sure," invited Brittany.

"Awesome. Can't wait to see you in a bikini," said James.

"Either can I," replied Brittany. She gave them her address and told them with time the party started. "Hope to see you there James," smiled Brittany as she gave him a kiss on the cheek and left the van, heading home.

As soon as Brittany enter the house, her parents were waiting for her and saw her covered in dirt and mud and sweat on her face.

"Jesus Christ Brit. What were you doing? Digging holes or something?" Asked her mother.

"No mom. I had a football game with my friend James. I invited him to the party tonight if you don't mind," Brittany said with a puppy dog look on her face.

"No honey. Not at all," said her father. "But we do have a surprise for you. You're friends are waiting for you in the other room darling. We'll let them come shopping with us if you want."

"Ok. Thanks," Brittany said, rushing to the other room to meet her friends.

"BRITTANY!!!!!" Shouted the girls all excited to see her. They wanted to run up and hug her but they realized that Brittany was all dirty and smelly. Tommy however didn't care since he is a guy. He gives Brittany a huge hug and held onto her for a while just to feel her mammoth breasts press against his chest.

"Hello to you to Tommy," said Brittany as Tommy let go. She could feel his hard dick press against her crotch. "Let me go get clean up and I shall return to you all shortly." Brittany rush up stairs to take a nice hot shower and through on some nice clothes. She returned 15 minutes later downstairs wearing what she usually does. Large overalls bid with a black Ozzy Osborne long sleeve shirt on underneath.

Brittany and her friends hopped into her parent's 2004 Navigator Jeep and headed to the mall. Once there, Brittany and her friends headed to the Summertime Department Store to find some bikinis for tonight. Even thought Tommy didn't need a bikini, he stills when inside the store with them. The store's owner immediately spotted Brit and the girls from their beautiful bodies.

Kristen and the twins always love to show off their curves in public. They would wear long cut skirts and tight shirts that gave away a lot of cleavage. The store own could still tell Brittany was stack from the huge bulges from the sides of her overalls.

"Can I help you lovely young ladies find anything?" The storeowner asked, smiling hard at the girls, showing a few gold teeth he has in his mouth.

"No. We just looking around for some bikinis. I'm sure we can find them ourselves but thanks anyways," Trishelle, blowing off the bald headed and short store own.

"If you ladies need me. Let me know," he smiled, nearly blinding them with his gold teeth.

The girls allow with Tommy, searched around a bit for some perfect bathing suits and bikinis. They found a couple of good choices and decided to try them on in the dressing room. Tommy sat outside but was able to see the girl's feet as they took off their shoes and socks and dropped the rest of their clothes to try on the bikinis. The girls would once in a while come out of the dressing room to tease Tommy with their bikinis. Have their big tits bulging from all sides and have their round butts' cheeks showing for him. Tommy was really getting off to seeing the girls in their bikinis. He was turn on so much that he would often rub his crotch to calm down his hard on.

The girls were finally done trying on bikinis and have decided to buy the ones they liked. The bald headed owner was smiling as soon as they came up to the cash register. The paid for and brought their bikinis and left the store to meet up with Brittany's parents outside the mall.

Once they arrived back home, Brittany's parents immediately started getting ready for the pool party. Brittany and her friends help out by cleaning and refilling the pool and setting up games to play also. Soon enough hours have passed and the guest started to arrive.

It was a nice cool night, just good enough to have everyone wearing bikinis or their bathing suits. A lot of the male guests were swarming around Britt and her friends like the mosquitoes flying around the torches lit outside around the pool.

Brittany decided to show off her volleyball skills during a nice volleyball game that got started up. James arrived with his friends to catch the action and lots of action everyone was getting. Brittany and her friends were literally popping out of their tops. Large bugles of breasts were leaking from all directions in the girls' bikinis. The guys didn't pay much attention to the actually "volleyball" but instead to the ladies "volleyballs". Which were probably bouncing more then the original ball.

The game soon ended as Brittany won it for her team with a high jump in the air that flung her massive bikini top off and exposed her gigantic breasts to everyone.

"Holy shit," a lot of the guys were saying at the sight of her breasts being bare.

Brittany tried her best to cover up her breasts but they being too large were hard to do. She ran into the house with her massive jugs bugling from the sides of her arms.

"Damn. Looks like we have to go and talk to her you guys," said Kristen.

"No no no. I'll have a talk with her," said James.

"No. We're her friends and we think she would feel better talking to us," said Trishelle in a rude voice.

"No. I think she feels embarrass about losing her top in front of me. Let me go talk to her and we'll be back out," explain James.

"Sure. Go luck," said Danielle.

James ran into the house and headed to Brittany's room. She was sitting her bed wearing a long white shirt and staring at the wall.

James gave a knock on her door. "Brittany? Can I come in? It's James."

"Sure. Come in," Brittany invited.

James walks in and looked at Brittany. He sat beside her on the bed. "Are you ok?" James asked.

"Yes. I'll be fine," Brittany said in a sadden voice.

"No. Tell me what's wrong? I can hear it in your voice," James said.

"Well for one. I felt embarrass about losing my top. Nothing seems to ever go right with me. I don't know if it is a curse or something," said Brittany.

"Look Brittany. You're a gorgeous girl and you shouldn't feel humiliated. Instead of hiding your talents. You should use them to your advantage. You would feel a lot better in knowing that everyone wouldn't think of you as a freak anymore if you let them believe that to be so Brittany. You are a very attractive girl, with or without the breasts but you have them and they well come in handy someday for your own benefits," lecture James.

Then Brittany thought about Coach Phillip and how she fuck him and he made her captain of the Volleyball team. "Perhaps you're right. Why am I trying to make people feel bad for me? I know what I have got and even thought they are extremely large. You have a point and I shouldn't be ashamed of them at all," Brittany said happily. "Thank you James for making me realize that I shouldn't hate myself for being me. I hope that you'll help me undergo a new transformation so I can be more popular then I have ever been."

"You're welcome Brittany;" James replied and kissed her on the cheek.

Brittany grabs his hand and holds it tight. Then planted a passionate kiss on his lips. She even gave him a little bit of tongue. James started to suck on her tongue and then put his own tongue into her mouth. They started sucking each other's tongues while embracing each other with their arms.

Brittany pushes James onto the bed and grabs the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifts it up over her stomach and teased him a little bit by showing the full round bottoms of her massive breasts. James cock was getting hard just looking at Brittany's bikini bottom she still had on and her mammoth tits sticking out from her shirt. She pulls the shirt completely over her breasts causing James's cock to immediately go hard. Brittany tosses the shirt on the floor and climbs on top of James.

"Feast up," she whispered in his ear.

She sat on top of James's stomach and his large hands cupped her huge tits, trying to hold as much as possible. He kneads her tits. Squeezing them hard while his fingers run over her hard nipples.

"Hmmm. they're so sensitive," Brittany moans as James continues to knead her breasts and play with her nipples.

"Hmmm. I have been waiting to feel these for a long time," moan James, bouncing her enormous double E titties in his hands. "God Brittany. They're so soft and spongy like," he moan, squeezing them together to f***e her nipples to touch. He puckers his lips and started to suck on both fat nipples. Letting his tongue lash out at them in his mouth.

Brittany's bend her arms back, arching her back letting her gigantic tits stick forward into his face. Her left hand gripped his crotch and started to stroke his dick inside his shorts.

James continued to stuff his mouth with Brittany's ample tits. Squeezing them into cone shapes and popping them into his mouth. Slurping on her nipples like she was giving away milk. He held one tit in his mouth while his hands work away at the other tit. Squeezing and pulling on her big nipple.

"Oh fuck. That feels so good. Suck my tits," cried out Brittany as she let out series of orgasms.

"Hmmm. These things are so delicious Brittany. I could suck these for hours," mumbled James with his mouth stuff full of tit.

Brittany climbed off James, forcing her now saliva covered huge tits to fall out of his hungry wet mouth and bounce on her chest. She pulls down his shorts, releasing his big dick.

"Hmmm. I just love guys with big dicks," Brittany moans. She positions herself on all fours on the side of him and took his massive cock into her mouth. James just looked up at the ceiling while Brittany sucks his big dick. Bobbing her head up and down faster and faster. She let the dick pop out of her mouth and started licking it with her tongue. Caressing his cock head with her long tongue.

"Hmmm. Taste so good," Brittany moans, slapping the big dick against her cheeks, then resume sucking his cock deep into her throat. Taking it in inch by inch until her chin rested on his balls. She savors the cock in her mouth and started rubbing his balls with her chin.

"Oh Christ!" Moans James, running his hands through her long red hair.

Brittany started slowly coming up from the base of his cock, watching her saliva leak down to his balls. She kept half of his cock in her mouth and started to move back down to the base. She started picking up speed and moving her mouth quicker down his cock to the base. Making sure his cock rested in the back of her throat and her nose buried in his cock hairs. Her hands still had a firm hold on his balls and started to massage them.

"Oooooh. That's it Brittany. I had no idea....You were this good....Ooooh baby," moans James. His eyes looked dead on Brittany with nothing but desire. Watching her suck his full cock in her mouth.

After several minutes of sucking his big dick, she took it out of her mouth and latched onto his balls. She held his cock in her hand and started rubbing it up and down while she suckles his balls. One by one, taking one into her mouth. Then she put both into her mouth and suckles them hard. Pulling them from his cock. She released them and started beating his balls on her tongue.

"I'm going to....cum soon Brittany..." cried James, feeling his balls boil up with hot cum, ready to explode.

Brittany continued to grind his cock between her hands and suck on his cock head.

"Are you ready?" Brittany teased, kissing his dick a few times.

"Oh yes baby. I am," James moans.

Brittany let go of his cock and stood up on the bed. She pulls down her bikini bottoms, showing him her pink and now wet pussy.

"Hmmmm. I can smell your pussy," moans James.

Brittany sat down on her pillows as James places his head between her legs. He wrapped his arms around them and smoothed his face with her thick thighs. He planted kisses on her pussy. He started to flicker his tongue against her pussy walls. Then licked up and down her pussy slowly.

"Hmmm... Feels sooo good" moaned Brittany as she tightens her legs around his neck and shoulders. Her big bare feet slapping against his back as he begins to assault her pussy with his mouth.

James used his fingers to open her pussy and started to lick deep within it. Moving his tongue up to lick her clit.

"Ooooooh," moans Brittany, as her pussy became even wetter. James began to lick the inside of her pussy faster and faster. Then starts sucking on her wet pussy walls. Using his teeth to nibble at them. Farther sending Brittany into an orgasmic state.

"Oooooh yessss. Eat me James!!!! Oooooh god" moaned Brittany, holding James's head between her legs, causing her massive boobs to be squeezed together between her arms. Brittany started bucking her hips, forcing her pussy into James's mouth.

James started sucking and licking her pussy faster and deeper. Really licking to the core of her wet pussy. Then licking her clitoris furiously with his tongue, swirling it around and nibbling it between his teeth. Brittany let out orgasms after orgasms. Soon she came all over James's face and in his mouth. "OooooooHHHHH," cried in pleasure Brittany. She started pinching her hard big nipples while James finished up licking her pussy and her juices.

James sat up and Brittany immediately took his big hard cock back into her mouth. Sucking on it fast and getting it all wet. James inserted his fingers into Brittany's pussy. Rubbing the inside and the clitoris swiftly.

James quickly moved in between Brittany's legs and rubbed his cock head against her pussy entrance. He slowly inserted his cock into her wet pussy. Inches by inches, moving it deeper and deeper inside. He gripped Brittany by the hips and started fucking her. Her legs wrap tight around his waist and her massive melons bouncing wildly on her chest at James. He took his invitation and started milking her breasts with his mouth. Sucking the nipples into his mouth while stuffing his mouth with as much of her titties as he could munch on.

"Oh fuck yes!!!! Oh god! Harder James. Fuck me with that big dick!!!" Cried out Brittany as James continued to ram his hard dick deep into Brittany's cunt. She could hear the sounds of his balls smacking her pussy while he heard the smacks of her giant tits hitting one an other and his mouth while he was latch onto one of her fat hard nipples.

Then James started to slow down and rested his cock in her pussy for a few seconds before starting up again slow. Then moving the pace quicker. Brittany started bouncing herself off the bed, meeting his thrust. Her mammoth tits were smacking his head, which caused him to fuck her harder and faster, just to feel them on his face.

James moved up to Brittany's face and started kissing her as he started to slow down again. Resting his cock and balls inside her pussy. Her feet were banging against his ass and her hands gripped his shoulders hard. Then he started pushing his cock harder and deeper inside her pussy before he resume pounding away at it fast.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!!! FUCKING HELL!!!! HARDER!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!!" Cried in pain Brittany, feeling her pussy tighten around his cock and allowing it to probe to the core of her cunt.

James sat up on his feet with his cock still implanted in Brittany and moved her legs around his neck and started pounding away at her pussy again.

"Ooooooh. AAAHHHHH!" Moan Brittany, going into a series of orgasms. Her large sweaty and smelly feet were rubbing against his cheeks. The smell of her feet got him to pound her pussy harder. Gripping her legs tighter in his hands. Her huge tits were smacking her face, nearly knocking her out.

A sweaty and sex hungry James separated her legs apart and had them bend down to her chest. He was now balls deep within her pussy, thrusting and ramming away with no mercy. After a few minutes, he pulled his cock out of her red pussy and straddled her chest, laying his big dick between her huge tits and started a little tit fucking. He squeezed her boobs hard around his cock. Pinching and pulling at her fat nipples. His cock was completely gone between her cleavage.

"That's it James. Fuck my tits. They need a good fucking!" Moaned Brittany, urging James to fuck her tits.

As he thrust away at her heavy soft tits with ruthless abandon, his cock blasted out a river of hot creamy cum between her tits. They both gripped her tits and started rubbing the cum between them. Some of the cum even hit her neck and chin. He pulled his cock out and started beating and milking the rest of his nut onto her nipples and the top surface of her boobs. James smiled down on Brittany as she smiled back at him. Sweat rolling off both their bodies and cum dripping off Brittany's colossal titties.

Meanwhile back at the party, a half an hour passed since Brittany was gone and since James went to go talk to her. The two soon emerge from the house and surprisingly Brittany was topless. Her huge breasts just sitting high on her set like torpedoes were bouncing and flopping around as she walked. The party nearly stops after that.

Brittany's mom was going to say something to her when her husband told her not to say anything. The next thing you know, Brittany's friends started to get naked and soon others followed and all jump into the pool for a little bit of skinny dripping.

James was watching poolside and had a large grin on his face.

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3 years ago
Pretty good brittany, all i can remember is huuuuuge tits but that's ok with me.
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3 years ago
except for a few spelling mistakes it was really good
3 years ago
these are sooooo good keep it up hunni
3 years ago
Great story! Wow I loved reading this keep up Tue great work and keep the adventures of.Brittany coming!