Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 05

Chapter 5

It was now Sunday morning and a very worn out Brittany woke up from her sl**p. Brittany was very much sore from her last night fuck with an enormous black male stripper. Her friends had gone back home to get ready for school on Monday. Brittany could barely move her legs and her pussy was the sorest part of them all.

“Damn. What the hell happen to me?” Asked Brittany, copping a feel on her sore giant titties. “AAAAH!” Shouted Brittany, realizing how sore her body is by trying to move out of bed. It took sometime but Brittany finally got up and decided to take a nice long bubble bath to recuperate.

Her Uncle Keith was heading up stairs with a basket full of clothes and the bathroom door was crack out a little bit. He decided to take a peak inside and saw Brittany in the tub full of bubbles. His cock quickly sprang to life. Watching Brittany wash her tender EE’s gently and circling the nipples. Keith had a big orgasmic grin on his face as he quickly came in seconds, having a puddle of his own cum in his hands.

Brittany gasps as she heard something pushing on the door. Keith hurried up to his room, zipper still down and all with his basket of clothes under his arm. Brittany got out of the tub and dried off, feeling very fresh but since sore between the legs.

“I’m never having sex with a big dick guy again. That shit hurt,” said Brittany irately. She put her robe on and headed to her room. When she got there, her computer came on and pop up was her online buddy, ChubbyCheckers.

ChubbyCheckers: Hello Brittany????

Brittany sat down at her computer and responded.

BrittEEs: Hello Checkers. How are you doing today sweetheart?

ChubbyCheckers: I’m doing great this morning. How was your night last night?

Brittany pauses for a moment and then answers him with a clueless look on her face.

BrittEEs: It was.......all right. Nothing really happen. Just spend the day and night with the girls.

ChubbyCheckers: That’s awesome Britt. :)....Britt?

BrittEEs: Yes Chubby?

ChubbyCheckers: Do you have any pictures of you yet? I have been dying to see what you look like since we met a month an a half ago. Even though we don’t know each other that well, it would be still nice to know whom I’m talking to? You know? I have a picture of me. Want to see it?

BrittEEs: Well, I don’t have a scanner and my yearbook pictures have come in yet. I was thinking of buying a web cam today. Wouldn’t that be awesome and yes I would like to see what you look like my dear.

ChubbyCheckers: Ok...hold on a minute while I search for my picture files.

While he did that, Brittany decided to get dress. She put on some black lacy panties and then a matching huge bra. Her gigantic tits wobbled and jiggled a bit while she was putting it on. Then she throw on an oversize black T-shirt with the band Limp Bizket written across her massive chest area. The last thing she put on were her overall bids. They sagged a bit so she had to roll the bottoms a bit into cuffs. Then ChubbyCheckers came back on.

ChubbyCheckers: Here you go Brittany. It’s not the best photo of me but oh well. Until I see the best of you, this is all that you get. Hahahahaha.

Brittany responded.

BrittEEs: Thank you Chubby and I well get a cam today so you can see me.

She downloaded the file and the picture came up with no face but his whole body shown. He didn’t seem Chubby. He was pretty big though because he was well built. Kind of tall, around 6’6 Brittany guessed and she spotted a huge bulge in his jeans.

BrittEEs: Oh my... Your screen name sure does fool people don’t it?

ChubbyCheckers: Haha. Yeah. I don’t like much attention from certain people but you. I like you.

BrittEEs: I’m flatter. Don’t worry Chubby. Once you see me, You won’t even want to talk to me anymore. By the way. Do you have a name?

ChubbyCheckers: Why do you say that Brittany and yes. My name is....Keen.

BrittEEs: Keen? Well....that’s an interesting name. Not to many Keens in the world you know. And because I’m ugly and I have what is called a unique body.

ChubbyCheckers: What does that mean? Unique as in an overweight girl? Too skinny? Paler then Casper? Blacker then midnight? What Britt?

BrittEEs: Well... You’ll see once I get my web cam all right? But right now, I must go to the store. The last time I checked, we didn’t have any cereal. My favorite cereal. So, I’ll talk to you later Keen and I’ll have my web cam. Later.

Brittany sighed off and headed to Wal Marts.

When Brittany arrived at Wal Marts, she noticed that quite a few people were looking at her chest. Even with an extra sweater over them, you could still see round bulges. She didn’t care though and when about her business.

She made it to the section of the store that kept computers and other electronic devices. Brittany was checking out a web cam and actually bumped into the guy she met at the movies yesterday afternoon.

“James!” She said stun.

“Hey Brittany right? It’s nice to run into you again without your friend this time,” James said smiling.

“Yeah. It is. Isn’t it?” Brittany said memorized by his eyes.

“So what are you doing here Britt? Doing some shopping for a web cam?” James asked curious.

“Yea...h. I mean yes. It’s for a friend of mines actually,” said Brittany nervously.

“Well I can’t stand here long. I must be going. I have a football game to play today with my friends but if I could call you later. I would like to continue to talk to you?” Asked James.

“Okay. I don’t mind that,” said Brittany grinning. She wrote her number down on his hand.

“Sweet,” James said in delight. “Hey. I heard that you like to play football. Perhaps tomorrow you can show us your skills?”

“Perhaps....Give me a call and we’ll see,” said Brittany flirting.

James started walking away but his eyes never left Britt’s as she too stared back at him.

“Can’t believe this guy wants to get to know me. Most guys just want to get to know my twins,” said Brittany. She brought the web cam and her cereal and quickly headed back home.

When she arrived home, Keith was watering the garden her parents had started. The two just stared at each other. Keith smiled at her and she just stood there with a stone face. She knew that he and her really never have spoken to each other that much. She kind of felt sorry for Keith. Not giving him any of her attention since he has been the one watching her all these years.

“Uncle Keith,” said Brittany

“Yes darling,” Keith responded

“Would you like me to make supper tonight and we can eat together at the table?” Brittany suggested.

“Oh c***d. I’m so happy that you would want to spend time with me. I would like that very much,” said Keith with a smile. But it was something about Keith and the way he looks that got Brittany to thinking.

Brittany when into the home and immediately to her room. She hooked up her web cam and tried it for the first time. It was a little fuzzy at first but she got it working. Brittany really didn’t enjoy looking at herself on the screen so she would only show this to keen, whenever he is on. Suddenly, he pops up saying hello.

BrittEEs: Hello Chubby. I finally got the cam so I’m going to cut it on and let you see what I look like.

She turns the cam on and invited him to view it.

ChubbyCheckers: Oh my. What a pretty face. And your red hair is so sexy babe. You’re not ugly. I don’t want you saying that anymore.

BrittEEs: I’m sorry Keen. I guest its just my rare assets I suppose.

ChubbyCheckers: Rare Assets?

BrittEEs: Yeah. My chest.

Brittany stood up and showed her chest to the cam, still covered up in all of her clothing.

ChubbyCheckers: So you have boobs. Aren’t all girls suppose too?

BrittEEs: Haha. Very funny Keen. Hold on.

Brittany moved back from the cam and took off her sweater and undid her overalls and stood just in her long black shirt, which covered her thong up. She moved back over to the computer.

BrittEEs: See what I mean.

ChubbyCheckers: No. Not really. Just that you have large breasts. What’s wrong with them?

Brittany stood back again and lifted up her shirt, showing her massive bra-encased tits. Then she moved up slow to the camera. Showing several angels of her chest to the cam. Including bending over so he could look down her bra cups. She pulled the shirt down and started typing.

BrittEEs: Now do you see why?


BrittEEs: Keen? Keen? Are you all right? I didn’t scare you did I?

ChubbyCheckers: No Britt. You just remind me of my niece.... She has more then a handful herself and it kills me because I just want to squeeze and touch them so bad. I know it’s sick. But I can’t help it. She just looks so sexy.

BrittEEs: Really? Glad I’m not the only one then. I guess its kind of gross to want your own niece. Not like you would have to tell anyone what you guys did. Would she be welling to let you touch her boobs?

ChubbyCheckers: I don’t know. I haven’t asked her or told her anything. We barely speak. She just doesn’t know how hard it is for me to look at her and not want to jump her bones and play with her massive fun bags. I couldn’t be telling you this Britt. I’m sorry. Now I sound like a nasty i****t pervert with no life...


ChubbyCheckers: You know I’m right.

BrittEEs: Well...You do have a very nice package and you look to be in good shape. Some states would allow i****t.

ChubbyCheckers: Britt? Do you have a horny craze uncle who just wants to have fun with you?

BrittEEs. I have an uncle who is here but we barely speak and I wouldn’t know what he thinks about me. But if he felt that strong about me. He could come out and say it. I mean. What’s the harm of making someone whom has been there for you when your parents haven’t been, happy for one day. You know what I mean Keen.

ChubbyCheckers: I think so...What do you mean?

BrittEEs: Well. I was feeling sorry for my uncle to be stuck in charge of me and I asked him to dinner later on and so I figure that after dinner or during dinner, I could find out if he really does have these feelings that you have brought up...That wouldn’t be so wrong. Would it?

ChubbyCheckers:.........No! Britt. Not at all. Go with your feelings and instinct. I’m sure he’ll like that very much. I just wish that my niece would care for me as much as you care about him.

BrittEEs: Yeah. Too bad you’re not my uncle. I would have loved to see what you were packing in those jeans.

ChubbyCheckers: You naughty girl Britt you. I would have loved to see what you’re packing in that large bra of yours;)

BrittEEs: All you had to do was ask...

Brittany lifted her shirt up and the cups to her bra, allowing her massive tits to flop and bounce free. She shook her shoulders, causing them to sway and jiggle. Making thunderous slaps when hitting each other. Then she pinched her nipples and lifted up boobs up by her nipples and jiggled them.

“Hmmm,” Brittany moaned, enjoying her tit play. Then she mashed her Double E’s between her arms and they stuck out like huge footballs. Forming a cone like shape with medium red nipples. She started shaking and caused her colossal breasts to jiggle like jell-o across her chest. Moving up and down, back and forth over her chest. Then she cupped as much of both tits in her hands, sticking them closer to the web cam. Kneading her tit meat between her fingers. The soft flesh overflowed her fingers, sinking in between her fingers as well. She dropped her tits and looked at the screen. Chubby hasn’t typed anything.

BrittEEs: Keen???? Are you alive?

ChubbyCheckers....Oh my fucking god Britt. I love you big tits. Hmmm. I wish you were my niece now. I know what I could do with those massive jugs. What size are they?

BrittEEs: Why thank you. They’re Double 38E’s. Most guys don’t like them because their MORE then a mouthful.

ChubbyCheckers: Well. I love them Brittany. Your uncle is the lucky bastard alive right now. You must tell me what happens with you and your uncle Britt and I love girls with enormous breasts. As long as they’re real like yours are. More then a mouthful is the greatest thing in the world.

BrittEEs: I wouldn’t say all that but I well tell you what happen. So I better start fixing dinner and planning out a plan to seduce my uncle if that’s what you want to call it. Later.

With that, Brittany signed off and put her boobs back into her huge bra and then got to thinking. Why doesn’t she go bra-less for dinner and wear something sexy. Until she made dinner, she could keep the black shirt on with some shorts and be braless to give her uncle a little tease before the main course.

Brittany rushed downstairs, barefooted and tits bouncing wildly under her shirt. She made her way to the kitchen and started to cook. She decided to make something erotic. Something that would bring them closer. Then pasta jumps into her mind. Pasta with a nice creamy sauce and big meat balls.

“Hmmm. This is going to be fun,” said Brittany all excited and eager to find out if her uncle does have the hots for her.

Speaking of her uncle, Keith made his way down stairs with a happy look on his face like he just saw Brittany naked. He started to sniff around and smelt the food Brittany was cooking.

“Hmmm Brit. You are a good cook,” said her Uncle with a smile as he moved closer to her from behind.

“Why thank you,” said Brittany as she quickly turned around and pressed her giant melons into her Uncle’s chest. “Hmmm,” Britt said quietly. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. She could felt the bulge in his pants rising.

“No one has ever shown me any greatness Britt after my wife died. You’ll be the first one to do that,” Keith said happy and some tears running down his cheeks.

“It’s ok Uncle Keith. Just relax and let Britt take care of you,” she whispered in his ear. She sat her uncle down and started to give him a massage. Doing his shoulders gently and then moving down to his arms. Her huge boobs pressing against his back was giving him a massive hard on like none he has ever felt before. Brittany looked down and saw his huge bulge getting bigger.

“It must be true then. He is Keen and crazy for me,” Brittany said in her mind. “But I’m going to let him enjoy this day while its lasting.” Brittany started smoothing his back with her mammoth tits. Moving them up and down his back. That let out soft and quiet moans from Keith’s mouth. Feeling her hard nipples digging into his back and having those huge soft pillows moving up and down his back made him blow a load in his pants. Brittany saw a huge wet spot in his jeans. Brittany had to admit. She was rather turned on by this too and felt her pussy wet and moist.

Keith spotted it and got up from the chair quickly and ran up stairs, feeling embarrass. Britt had a smile on her face and continued to fix pasta for dinner.

A half an hour later, the pasta and meatballs were ready and Uncle Keith was still upstairs, in his room. Brittany went upstairs into her room and put on a special outfit for her Uncle. She knocked on his door and got no answer. Then she knocked again and heard him quietly tell her to come in. She opened the door and stood there holding a plate of pasta and meatballs and wearing nothing but a see-thru pink gown.

Keith’s eyes shot out from their sockets after seeing her in that gown. Her massive tits hanging from her chest and sticking out a good foot from her chest. Her nicely trimmed pussy was visible too.

“Can I join you,” Brittany asked in a sexy voice. Her hair was in pigtails and she kicked off her sneakers and started walking towards the bed. Keith was drooling like crazy. He couldn’t take his eyes off his very top-heavy niece. Her big milk jugs jiggle with her each step she took towards the bed. She sat the pasta and meatballs down on his dresser and spread out his legs and crawled between them.

She slowly dragged her mammoth melons up his thighs, then his stomach, and then chest. She stared at him and he stared back. Then began to kiss passionately. Devouring each other’s tongues and moving their hands all over each other’s bodies.

Keith was eager to feel her enormous breasts and he took the opportunity to do so. Grabbing them and squeezing them and kneading them through her gown. Brittany was moaning while sucking her Uncle’s tongue. Her hands started to unzip his jeans and she pulled out his hard thick cock. She started rubbing it up and down. Giving it long strokes. Smoothing the head of his cock with her thumbs.

Keith started to moan as well while still playing with Brittany’s tits. Tugging on her nipples and shaking her breasts. Brittany sat on her Uncle’s legs and took off her gown. Her naked body was for him for the taken. He had dreamed of his day since he first saw her chest. Her meaty globes bouncing and sticking out through her shirts. He would always try and sneak a peek at them rather she was clothed or not.

Brittany pulled down Keith’s pants and boxers to release his thick 8 1/2-inch cock. Brittany immediately started licking his thick shaft up and down. Then smoothed his balls with her mouth. Suckling first his left and then his right ball. Brittany had an idea and took a meatball from the plate and started to rub it up and down his dick. Keith was moaning in pleasure as Brittany licked the sauce off his cock. Then she started to move her head up and down his cock. Slowly taking inches of it down her throat. Her lips made it to the base of his cock and then she took it out of her mouth and started to stroke it.

“Oh god Britt. I have been waiting for this forever,” said Keith moaning.

“I know Uncle Keith. I know,” said Britt with a smile while giving his dick long and powerful strokes. Then she sucks the cock back into her mouth. Moving her head up and down it rapidly. Then she took the cock out of her mouth and started to beat his dick on her tongue. Tasting his pre-cum.

“Hmmm. You taste so good Uncle,” said Brittany fondling his balls. Then she kissed his cock head and started to lick his pee hole.

“Oh my....” Moaned her Uncle getting a good sensation running through his body.

“Don’t cum yet Uncle. I’m not done yet,” Brittany said, giving his cock one last lick around. Then she started to spit on his cock, lubing it up for a little bit of tit fucking. Uncle Keith was ready for a whole new experience he never felt before. She wrapped her mammoth hooters around his cock. They could no longer see his dick as it was stuffed between mountainous tit flesh. She slowly moved up and down his cock. Holding what she could of her tits in her hands.

“Help me out here a little bit Uncle,” Brittany asks, struggling to hold her own huge tits.

Keith held up her hands so she wouldn’t drop her boobs. He also felt her warm soft tits in his hands. That got his dick to become harder by the seconds.

Brittany started pounding away at his thick cock. Sliding it up and down between her melons. Keith started to thrust his cock between them as well. Smacking his balls against the bottoms of her enormous jugs. Brittany now held her tits by their nipples as Keith held her gigantic tits up in his big hands. Then quickly tit-fucked Brittany and he came between her tits. Hot creamy cum splashing between her breast and some on her chin.

“Ahhhhhh,” said her Uncle, feeling his cock release a shit load of cum. Brittany let go of her nipples and started sucking on the cock head. Licking the cum off of it. Drinking what’s left of his cum.

Keith held her massive boobs still in his hands. Kneading them and wiping his dick off with them.

“Ooooo. That felt so good,” said Brittany, eyeing her Uncle Keith has his eyes were rolled in the back of his head. Still had more then a handful of her succulent boobs.

Brittany sat up and used the sheets to wipe his cum off of her tits.

“We have to get you hard again Uncle. I wasn’t done with you,” Brittany said, climbing on his stomach, stuffing his face with her massive EE’s.

It didn’t take long for his cock to sprang back up immediately as he suckle on her tits. Biting and chewing on her pink nipples. She grabs Keith’s hands and placed them on tits. Having him help her once again, hold her enormous boobs in his face and mouth.

Keith was in heaven he thought as he tried to suck as much of her left boob into his mouth while kneading her right tit. Pulling and tugging on her nipple. Brittany let out a series of moans. She loves it when people pay good attention to her breasts.

Her Uncle Keith was working her tits with his mouth and tongue. Sliding his tongue over and under her tits. Kissing her cleavage and her chest while his arms were wrapped around her giant melons. Squeezing them around his head. She knew he could play with them for hours and she would love it but she didn’t want him to cum again on his own.

She pushed her Uncle away and lowered herself onto his thick cock. Slowly taking it in and deep within her pussy. Keith held her tits, thumbing her nipples

“Oh god Britt. I love you so much. Please fuck me,” moan her Uncle.

Brittany was now all the way on his cock. Keith moved his hands to her big ass and started moving her on his cock. Brittany started riding him. Starting off slowly. Placing her hands on his chest, which made her already gigantic titties, thrusts out even farther, making them look a whole lot bigger. They were right over Keith’s face and he started to lick them at the bottoms. Then his tongue slowly started licking away at her nipples.

“Oh yes. Suck my tits Uncle Keith. Become my daddy now;” moan Brittany as she started riding him faster. She started bouncing on his cock now. This really got Keith excited, watching her enormous bowl of jell-o like tits bounce wildly at him.

“Oh fuck yes. Harder. Faster Uncle. Please,” cried out Brittany as he f***ed more of his dick into her pussy. Thrusting his hips up to help her bounce some more. Her gargantuan tits nearly knocked him out by hitting his face. But he loves her tits beating his face. Brittany even got attack by her own tits, hitting her chin.

Keith grabs her big knockers and feasted on them again. Switching between nipples while his cock pounded her pussy harder and harder.

Brittany reaches over and grabs a handful of pasta and rubs it into her tits. Keith was really hungry now and started to lick and eat the pasta off her gorgeous bouncing boobs. He even reached over and put a meatball on both nipples. Eating them off until he got to the nipples which he sucked and chewed on.

“Oh god.....That feeeeeeeels so good Uncle,” moaned out Brittany as he eyes were close, feeling her Uncle having his way with her massive pillows.

After a few minutes of riding her Uncle, she got off of him and onto all fours. Keith slipped his cock into her pussy from behind and started ramming away. Really thrusting his cock hard and deep into her wet pussy.

“Oh fuck....Oooooo yeaaaaaah,” cried Brittany in pleasure. She started to move herself back against Keith to help him get more into her pussy. She felt his balls at her pussy entrance and she started fondling them with her hands.

Keith’s hands were squeezing her incredible ass. Spanking it. Watching it jiggle. Then he looked on the side of her and saw her immense tits just beat the hell out of each other. Making loud slapping noises as they sway side to side on her chest wildly. Keith couldn’t stand it anymore and blasted his hot cum deep into her pussy. He gripped her swing breasts hard for support to empty his balls into her.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” cried Brittany as she came too. Slowly pushing up against her Uncle to feel his cock melt inside her.

The two laid in bed, snuggled up against each other, still naked and worn out from the sex. His hands however just couldn’t quit playing with her oversize tits and pink nipples. The pleasure made Brittany cum again.

“That was awesome Britty,” said her Uncle, giving her a kiss on the lips. Brittany returned the kiss and got out of bed, leaving her very happy Uncle alone to get some sl**p.

Brittany returns to her room, still naked. She sat at her computer and wondered if that Keen, who she found out was her Uncle would get on. He did.

ChubbyCheckers: So tell me what happen babe? Did your Uncle and you have hot sex?

Brittany cut on her web cam so keen aka her Uncle Keith could once again view her naked body.

BrittEEs: I’ll explain everything to you and you can watch me pleasure myself in the process. ;)

ChubbyCheckers: Ooooooooh Britt. I like the sound of that:)
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loved that story - Uncle Matty x
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i love ur work keep it up!
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nice story im not realy a person who reads a lot but couldnt stop.
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Verryyy sexy. Keep it up!
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Lucky Uncle Keith ! :-)
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such a sweet naughty lil'lady
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