Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 04

Brittany is a pretty red haired girl with an abnormal chest. Her gigantic boobs were Double E's. They have been giving Brittany a lot of problems but also have come in handy during her many sex sections she has had within the week. Brittany has done a lot of first during the week. Losing her virginity to coach Phillip. Having a 3 way with two con-artists and then having a group lesbian section with her friends Kristen, Trishelle, and Danielle. Tonight would be another first as Brittany and her friends are about to go to a strip club to have some fun on a Saturday night.

After the intense lesbian sex, Brittany immediately took a shower to clean herself up from all the juices and sweat that stained her body. Unaware to Brittany, her pervert uncle once again was spying on her. His dick was instantly hard again after several sections of jerking off to Brittany and her friends. His eyes paid close attention to Brittany's enormous jugs as they bounced around in the water. Letting the shower water hit them and drip down on her nipples, pass her stomach, to her golden pink pussy.

Brittany bend over to wash her feet and to her uncle's delight, he was rapidly stroking and rubbing his dick to the sight of her massive hangers, hanging off her chest and beating against each other. Her thick red nipples had water drops coming off on them.

"Oh god," said Keith, jerking his big dick harder with long powerful strokes. Unaware to him, Kristen was standing outside Brittany's door, watching him get off to his own niece.

"What ya doing?" Kristen asked, looking lustfully at Keith's hands on his cock.

Keith saw her and took a gasp of air but turning red all over his face with his dick still in his hands. Kristen walked over to him and got on her knees and proceeded to suck his dick. Sucking on the head of his dick first while stroking the shaft part. Keith's eyes rolled in the back of his head, enjoying her wet and warm mouth on his hard dick.

Kristen was slowly bobbing her head up and down his shaft now. Taking a good 5 inches of his 9 1/2 cock down her throat. They were still outside of the bathroom while Brittany was drying off. Kristen started to suck him with f***e. Stroking and using powerful sucks to finally make Keith cum like St. Helen. His hot cum exploded down her throat. He embraced for climax by grabbing her big D cups and pinching at her nipples through her tight tank top. Kristen slurped up all his cum, not leaving a drip. Keith pulled up his pants and Kristen got off her knees just as Brittany opened the door in her pink thick rob. Her massive tits still jostled out from the robe. Keith was trying not to stare at them.

"They guys. What's going on?" Asked Brittany.

"I was just talking to Kristen here and she was about to take a shower right after you," said Keith grinning.

Brittany looked at Kristen who has a smile on her face and a little drop of cum on the bottom right of her lip.

"You have something white on your bottom lip Kristen," said Brittany.

"Oh. Probably drool from sl**ping," Kristen said, wiping it off and then sticking her fingertip into her mouth.

"Yuck," said Brittany with disgust. Kristen walked by Brittany and closed the bathroom door as Brittany headed back to her room and Uncle Keith headed downstairs with a smile on his face.

As Brittany was fastening up her bra, her computer came on and her online buddy, ChubbyCheckers pop up with a message for her. Brittany's screen name was BrittEEs. The message asked her why haven't she been keeping in touch with him. Brittany responded by saying, she has been really busy with school and is looking forward to talking to him tomorrow. ChubbyCheckers agreed and couldn't wait to talk to her. He got offline and so did Brittany.

Brittany met ChubbyCheckers in a chat room and the two hit it off as friends. He was someone she could talk to about her problems and he would listen and help her. She felt bad that she hasn't spoken to him in a while so she promised him that tomorrow, they would talk all day.

Brittany and her girlfriends decided that insert of staying in the house all day until nightfall, that they would go out and find something to do. They got in Brittany's truck and drove off into town for a little fun. Keith was watching as they drove off. He ran up to Brittany's room and got into her bra and panties drawer and sniffed away at her beautiful aroma.

While driving into town, Trishelle dared her twin s****r Danielle to flash some people walking on the sidewalks. Danielle loved a good dare and so she did. She lifted up her tank top and bra, flashing her double D's, bouncing them and jiggling them to some strangers on the sidewalk. A few of the guys started running after the truck, asking for a ride and her number. Brittany speeded down the road to get away from them.

After driving around for a while, the girls decided they wanted to catch a good movie to waste the rest of their day. Then Trishelle came up with an idea that would be funny. They go see "Sherk" and make out in the back. Brittany didn't really feel right about doing that, especially at a k**'s movie. So they decided to go see "Mean Girls" instead.

The girls brought their tickets to the movie and enter the theater. Brittany had notice that a group of college guys were staring at them as they enter. One of the guys walked over to Britt and the girls.

"Hello ladies. How are you beauties doing today," he said charming?

"Much better if you leave us alone," said Trishelle. You can tell she was the evil and bitchy one the group.

"Don't mind her," said Brittany, looking into the tall blond guy's green eyes, smiling. He smiled back at her.

"Hi. My name is Jesse Quartermine. I attend Austin University not far from here," the blond guy said to Brittany.

"That's cool. I'm Brittany Clarkson. I stay here in San Antonio. Me and my friends here were just about to see "Mean Girls"," Brittany said grinning.

"Well that's cool. To bad we're not seeing the same movie. My friends and I are going to see "Sherk". I think it's an awesome movie," Jesse said gazing into Brittany's eyes while she gazed into his.

"Okay Britt. Talk later. We have to go before the movie starts," Trishelle said.

"Bye," said Brittany walking off with the girls. Jesse just stared at Brittany from behind and then went back over to his friends. He knew this wouldn't be the last time he saw Brittany.

The girls got into the movie and sat in the back where it was really dark and not much people around. As the movie started, Trishelle had her hands up Brittany's hooded shirt and white T-shirt, feeling on her bra covered huge tits. She lifted the cups up, freeing her mammoth tits and kneading the flesh and pinching the nipples. Brittany made long, deep moans while her titties were being fondled.

Kristen and Danielle were sucking on each other's tongues while their hands were exploring each other's bodies. Danielle unzipped the front of Kristen's pants and got her left hand into her now damp panties and started to finger fuck her. Rubbing her enlarge clit. Kristen was moaning softly and they got louder as Danielle got deeper into her pussy.

Trishelle raised Brittany's shirts and bra and bared her enormous tits in the open. Stuffing her mouth with breast. Sucking long and hard on each nipple. Switching back and forth from tit to tit and sometimes squeezing both titties together in her tiny hands, to suck them as one. Brittany rolled her head back, enjoying her tits being sucked.

While Trishelle feasted on her big tits, Brittany unzipped her skirt and put her hands into Trishelle's panties, fingering her wet pussy. Trishelle started to moan with a mouthful of tit. Rubbing her pretty face up and down Brittany's huge melons. Brittany twisted Trishelle's large clit between her fingers. Pulling on it and rubbing it. That caused Trishelle to orgasm. Brittany followed as Trishelle increased her sucking of Brittany's breasts.

Danielle was on the floor, eating Kristen's pussy. Kristen's legs were spread out and up on the seats in front of her. He held Danielle's head between her legs while Danielle's tongue was working the inside of her pussy. Licking her clit and then licking her pussy lips. Then wiggling her tongue deep into her wet pussy. Causing Kristen to moan loud and go into an orgasm.

Trishelle reached into her handbag and pulled out a 10-inch strap on black dildo. Brittany couldn't believe her eyes. "Here and now?" Asked Brittany to a very horny Trishelle. "I'll be fun Britt. I promise," Trishelle said, kissing Brittany on the lips while strapping the cock on. She pulled down Brittany's jogging pants and her panties. She got between Brittany's legs and rested them on the seat in front of her, spread apart. Britt felt the fake big black cock enter her pussy. Trishelle started to thrust long and hard into her pussy. Britt lost all control and gripped Trishelle's ass, forcing her to put more in.

Meanwhile, Kristen was now eating out Danielle. Danielle started to buck her hips and feed Kristen her pussy. She wrapped her legs around Kristen's neck, rubbing her thighs on the sides of Kristen's face while she was tonguing her pussy out. Sucking on her clit and smoothing her pink pussy with her tongue. Danielle started to squeeze her own big tits inside her shirt. Moaning softly and then loudly as Kristen started to go faster and deeper inside her pussy. Swirling her tongue around the clit and pulling on it. Caused Danielle to orgasm.

Trishelle's own big tits were bouncing free from her shirt and bra and Brittany had her mouth stuffed with tit while trying not to scream loud as Trishelle was on top of her, pounding her pussy away with the black strap on. Trishelle rammed hard and deep the strap on into Brit's pussy. Brittany couldn't take it anymore and came all over the strap on and the theater seat. Trishelle's own pussy came from Brittany's tittie sucking. All the girls started to giggle and calmed down. They got back to normal to enjoy the rest of the movie.

As soon as the movie was over, the girls grabbed something to eat from McDonalds. Trishelle wanted a McDonald's Frosty and didn't want to waste her money to buy one. She was in the mood for a little bit of fun and decided to get one for free. She unhooked her bra and gave it to her s****r and kept on her tight belly shirt with a large kiss on it, which displayed her huge tits and hard nipples. She went up to the counter and the guy who took their orders; eyes bugged out from the sight of Trishelle.

"Excuse me...James," she said all innocent, reading his nametag

"Yesss...ss...sss miss?" The 21 yr old said nervously and sweating like a river flowing off his forehead and feeling his dick getting hard.

"I don't have enough money for a McFrosty and I was wondering if you could give me one for free," Trishelle said lustfully, licking her lips and bouncing her enormous tits at him.

"Oh god," spit out the boy, staring hard at her bouncing boobs.

"Please," she said, slowly lifting her shirt and showing the bottoms of her big tits. "They are so round," the boy thought.

Then Trishelle reached over the counter and whisper in the boy's ear. His face was lit up with a smile. The other girls were laughing as they watched Trishelle try and seduce this young worker. She grabs him by the shirt and they took off to the boy's bathroom. The girls had puzzled looks on their faces.

"I wonder how far they are going to get?" Said Kristen

"Trishelle is a tease. Believe, she'll give him something to remember her by," said Danielle.

In one of the bathroom's stalls, James had his legs up on Trishelle's shoulders as she sucked his long, thick dick. Slurping on it like a Popsicle. The boy felt like he was on seventh heaven. Getting his dick sucked by a big-breasted brunette. Her huge tits were hanging out of her shirt as James grab them and squeezed them roughly. Pinching and toying with her big nipples.

Trishelle was stroking his cock while sucking each one of his balls one at a time. Sliding her tongue over them and up and down his cock. That increased his kneading and mauling of her big beautiful white titties. Bouncing them in his hands. Not believing how incredibility soft and heavy they feel as well as her wet mouth on his cock.

It took a few minutes of hard sucking to finally make the boy bust a river of cum on Trishelle's big tits. She rubbed her tits up and down his cock as he blasted them with his hot creamy load.

"Good boy," she said to the exhausted James, wiping some of his creamy mess up off her breasts with her fingers and licking them off. After 5 minutes, Trishelle and James return to the open and he made her a free McFrosty. After that the girls got up out of their seats and left McDonalds and left James a very very happy employee. And they say fast food is the worse place to work at. Not in James case.

The girls' night out was almost done. They needed to return to Brittany's house and clean up to go to their final destination, the strip club, Gino's Strip Palace. This would be all the girl's first time in going and they had their fake ids ready. But with the assets they're packing, they probably wouldn't need fake ids.

They arrived at Brittany's house, all excited about going to their first strip club. All the girls but Brittany wanted to wear something that would catch the strippers' eyes. Brittany however, has never worn anything that reveals her enormous breasts to anyone. She would always try and hide them but they could easily tell by the outlines of her clothes that she was heavy breasted.

"Brittany. You have to wear something revealing just this once. Imagine all the hot and hunky strippers that well be all over you and them prize winning milk jugs," Trishelle said, copping a feel of Brittany's covered left ample tit.

"You guys know how I feel about my big boobs and revealing them," Brittany argued.

"We know Britt but at least wear something sexy. A tight little shirt with no bra at least. Or you could barrow my tube top Britt. You'll look totally sexy in it and its not revealing except you chest but your boobies would be well covered and it stretches so you don't have to worry about any skin poking out," said Kristen, holding the pink tube top.

"All right then. Just this once," Brittany agreed. The girls all took showers, did their hair and make up and it was time to get dress.

Kristen threw on a black belly shirt, which made her D cups stick out far from her chest and an orange vest. A black skirt that stopped just a little bit above the knees and black silk socks to go along with her black platform shoes. An orange thong and black bra.

The twins threw on a matching set of white spaghetti straps tank tops and white mini skirts. They wore open toe sandals, a black thong, no bra so their massive melons can jiggle freely under their tops and Brittany wore black tight dress jeans to show off her huge ass and the pink tube top and strapless bra, to hold her ample tits in place.

"Very sexy stomach Brittany," said Trishelle bending over and kissing her stomach.

"Thank you," Brittany giggled and blushed.

"Let's go girls. The boys are calling our names," Danielle said. As the girls were leaving, Brittany was the last to almost exit when her online buddy, ChubbyCheckers, send her a message. She went over to it and read it.

"Dear Britt. Have lots of fun tonight with whatever it is you and your friends are going to be doing. I can't wait to talk to you. If you could, log on around 2 in the afternoon. I have other plans that I really must attend to later on in the evening. Catch you later."

With that, Brittany turns her computer off and headed out the door to join the others in her truck and they headed off to Gino's. Uncle Keith saw them take off and headed to a back storage area, to develop the pictures of the girls while they were getting dressed. Keith couldn't help it but to continue his dreams, of getting his niece and her friends in the sack all at once.

They arrived in the parking lot across the street from Gino's Strip Palace. They had out their fake ids and joined the line of girls and gay guys, wanting to get into the most famous strip club in San Antonio. The girls saw two bouncers carrying a very young girl who looks like she is 16, out of the line after she presented a fake id.

"Oh shit you guys," said Brittany worried.

"Relax Brit. We have something she doesn't have. Big tits. Use them if they want to get rid of us," said Trishelle. "Right," replied Brittany.

As the girls were getting closer and closer to the front of the line, Brittany was more and more nervous. Finally, the foursome made it to the front and Danielle was the first to present her id. They let her through. Kristen was next and it took sometime before they believed that she was 24 and had dyed her hair and eyes and had a nose job. Trishelle was next and she flirted with the head bouncer to automatically move forward. Brittany was the last in line.

"ID please," asked the head bouncer.

The girls were mentioning for Brittany to show her tits. They poked to the other bouncers who were staring and drooling at them. The head bouncer even had his eyes at them and not in her face. Brittany closed her eyes and lifted her tube top and bra. Her massive melons flopped out and bounced around on her chest. The bouncers' cocks got harder then steel. They never saw real natural large, not even large, but enormous and gigantic tits before. They let her pass and she was relieved and fixed her bra and top back on and enter the club with the other girls.

The strip club was banging with loud music and model like strippers on stage, taking it all off. The girls saw one guy whose dick was like a horse. Flopping around against his legs as he tossed it around for the girls upfront.

"This is some freaky shit," shouted Kristen.

A hunky waiter came over to the girls and asked them if they wanted a table. They shook their heads yes and he led them to a table that was close to the stage. The girls also all order drinks as they watched the show up close. The announcer came on stage.

"Our next guy has the looks, the smarts, and that giant penis you girls all dream about. Here is, Anaconda," said the announcer.

A good looking and buff black guy, dancing to the beat of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" tune, came onto the stage in a black leather vest, showing off his muscular chest and black leather jeans with two huge holes in the back, showing off his butt big cheeks.

"Damn," said Trishelle all excited. The girls spotted something moving in his left pant's leg, very close to his knee.

"What the fuck is that?" Asked Brittany.

"Why do you think they call him Anaconda?" Said Danielle.

"Oh my god," said Brittany.

The black guy unzipped a patch in the front of his crotch and pulled out his enormous black dick. It was about 13 1/2 inches long and thick and including the head which was the size of a plum. His massive dick was swinging around the stage with him. All the girls in the club got out of their seats and threw money and their underwear at them. Brittany started to lose breath and nearly faded, looking at the massive black dick in front of her. Kristen and the twins were standing up and throwing money at the guy.

After seeing a few strippers perform, Kristen and the twins came up with a good idea. They were going to buy Brittany a lap dance.

"Fuck that," said Brittany in a mean tone.

"Come on Britt. It'll be fun. We promise," said Danielle.

"No way. Why do I need a lap dance," Brit asked.

"Because you wasn't really enjoying yourself. The real you didn't come out here tonight and we figure if you were alone with a stripper, your wild side would finally appear," said Trishelle eagerly.

"I don't know guys," Brittany said doubting.

"Well Danielle already paid for it and we have it set up for you already in the back room, so get back there and have a good time. We'll be out here enjoying the rest of the show," said Kristen.

Brittany got up and headed to the back alone. One of the employees pointed Brittany to the direction of her special lap dance room. Brittany enters the room and a mysterious voice welcomes her and told her to have a seat on the couch. She did and to her surprise, the stripper came out and it turns out to be Anaconda. He had a huge smile on his face to match his incredible huge dick.

Brittany gasp for air as the music started playing. "Just relax and don't worry girl. I'm going to take good care of you," said Anaconda as he danced his way over to Brittany wearing his suit from earlier.

"I seen the way you were looking at me Brittany," he said smiling.

"You did?" Brittany asked confused.

"Yes and I was disappointed when you didn't watch all of me. But now, you have all of me to yourself," he said, slowly spreading his legs over Brittany's and sitting on her lap. She felt something move in his pants.

"Oh boy. I think I'm done," she said in a heartbeat. Then suddenly, she felt his big black hands caresses her large tits encased in her tube top. Brittany has always been a sucker for anyone who caressed her sensitive fat tits. He slowly thumbed out her nipples and rubs them.

"Ooooo girl. You're friends won't k**ding when they told me you had gigantic boobs. I love big tits on a girl. Especially white girls. Their skin is so soft and tits are so round and heavy, soft as well," he said continuing to knead Britt's boobs through her top. Brittany was getting wet between her legs and nipples harden as this big black guy felt up her huge boobs.

He started rubbing his pants encased cock on her lap and stomach. He used what f***e he had and made his dick raise in his tight leather jeans to feel the bottoms of her hanging tits. "Oh god," he moaned. "Need to get you out of those clothes and onto my Anaconda." He slowly peeled her tube top up, over her head and how big her bra was and the flesh of her tits trying to flow over it immediately memorized him. He licked his big thick lips with his giant tongue. Practically everything on him was big.

He stuck his long tongue in the middle of her chest and licked up to her neck. Licking her chin and then back down to her chest. Then planted kisses on her chest with his big black lips.

"Hmmm. I'm going to have fun with these but first, lets get you more comfortable," he said with a smile.

Brittany sat there extremely horny and somewhat under a spell from having her breasts caress. Anaconda, which he likes to go by, got on his knees next to her feet and took off her shoes. Then he proceeded to snuff her sock-covered feet. Smelling her sweaty feet aroma with his big black noise. Then he used his teeth to lift up her right sock to reveal her sweaty and smelly right foot. He used his thick and long lizard like tongue to lick the from the arch to her toes. He started to move his tongue up and down her foot faster and sliding his tongue between her toes. Then sucking them between his big black lips. Giving each toe a mini blowjob. Brittany had an orgasm from that. He did the same to her left foot. Then he push both feet together and licked furiously up and down and all over her sweaty feet. Brittany never felt anything like this before.

After sucking her feet and toes, he reached up and pulled down her black tight dress pants, to reveal her sexy lacy thong. He tossed the pants to the floor and travels his tongue up her right leg to her right thigh. Wiggling his tongue against her thigh. Brittany was ready to cum right then and there. He could smell her juices flowing from behind her thong. With that, he skipped her thong and moved his tongue up and over her stomach and then over her large right bra cup, still containing her massive right tit.

He unhooked the bra from the front and licked up and down her cleavage, with the bra still covering her ample jugs. Finally, he removes the bra and gets in a state of shock, staring at Brittany's mammoth tits. They hung down close to her navel, yet still stuck out like huge soft footballs, toppled with large pink aureoles and small hard red nipples. He licked his lips and started to twist her nipples in both hands. Pulling them away from her ample tits and letting go to watch her giant boobs bounce up and down. Wobbling wildly on her chest. He felt his dick grow a few more inches after that.

Her huge breasts settle down after a couple of seconds and were once again in his large hands. Even though his hands were big, still not big enough to hold her heavy pounds of tit meat. He moved his big lips to her left nipple and sucked it into his mouth like a vacuum. His thick tongue slashing at the hard nipple as he sucked up as much of her left tit into his mouth as possible. Both of his hands were fondling her right tit. Squeezing it and poking the nipple.

He let her huge left tit pop out of his mouth and he stuck the right tit into his mouth and did the same thing. Sucking it into a cone shape and milking it for all its worth. He never loved to suck big tits like this until now. Feasting on Brittany's giant EE cups. Moving his tongue all around them. Leaving no inch of her gigantic tits dry. Brittany had multiple orgasms from the tit sucking and her pussy was now flowing like a river. He smelt her cum and removed her thong to see her shaved pink pussy all wet.

He moved his lips from her big breasts and nipples and started to lick away at her wet cunt. Smelling and tasting her juices while slipping his tongue in and out of her pussy.

"Oh god. Feeeeeeels so gooooood," moaned Brittany squeezing her own saliva covered heavy tits and pulling at her wet nipples.

He had her legs on his shoulders and he proceeded to ram his face and tongue deep into her pussy. Licking and sucking her enlarge clit. Doing tricks with his tongue to her clit that no one has done to her before. Brittany quickly came from the intensity of her pussy being eaten, but that didn't stop him from sucking on her pussy lips individually, using his teeth to chew on them and his tongue to lick them furiously as she came once again from the pussy licking.

"Think you're ready for it now," Anaconda said, standing up and pulling down his leather pants to reveal his 13 1/2 massive cock with the huge purple head. He started beating her massive tits with his massive dick. Poking the fat of her tits and then the nipples. Rubbing the head of the cock against her nipples rapidly causing her to let out a serious of moans and finally her hot cum once again.

He straddle on top of her stomach with his ass and squeezed her mammoth jugs around his cock while a good 6 inches was sticking out from her cleavage and he thrust that 6 inches into her mouth. This was her first time sucking a black real cock, especially an enormous one.

As he tit-fucked her, his cock moved in and out of her wet mouth. Hitting the back of her throat every time it enters her mouth. Brittany just wanted to choke but was loving the massive meat in her mouth and between her tits.

With one hand, he held her left tit and made her own her right tit while his right hand fingered her still wet pussy. Rubbing her enlarge and juicy clit. He felt his dick was wet enough and got from between her tits and moved his massive dick down and slowly rubbed her pussy entrance with its head.

"This well hurt a bit baby," said Anaconda, using his hands to spread her pussy lips apart and sticking 5 inches of his big cock into it. "Oooooouch. Ooouch. Ooooch." Moan Brittany, feeling the massive dick entering her tight pussy. He grabs her by her small wrist and started thrusting his cock in and out, slowly and powerful.

"Oooooouch. Oh yeeeeah," cried Brittany, feeling the f***e of his massive cock sliding in and out her tight pink pussy. Her colossal EE cups started to move about on her chest. Hitting her in the chin and nearly covering up her face. He held her legs apart, ramming more and more of his dick into her pussy. Striking her clit like a true Anaconda. He felt her tight pussy walls squeezing the life out of his huge snake.

"That's it baby. Feel the pain. Feed that pussy this long hard dick," urged Anaconda as he started to pick up the pace and really pound away at her pussy. He grabs and squeezed at her enormous melons, bouncing on her chest wildly while bucking the shit out of her pussy. Then he bends her legs to her chest, squashing her huge tits and briskly pounding her pussy. They both could hear the sounds of his mighty balls smacking away at her ass and his massive dick plowing and drowning in her pussy. His cock still had about 5 inches still in all the way in.

"Ahhhhhh! Haaaaarder! Faaaaaster! It hurrrrrrts soooo much," Brittany cried as her large tits were smacking against her legs and his bean stalk cock deep within her pussy. Anaconda put both of Britt's feet together and starts to lick and suck on them again, adding more pleasure and suffering to Brittany.

"Oooooh. Here I cum baby girl," moaned Anaconda with his mouthful of Brittany's toes. He came long and hard in Brittany's pussy. A massive flow of cum even spilled out of Brittany's pussy and onto his balls and the couch. Brittany came as well with a huge cry of pain.

Anaconda slowly removed his dick and wiped his now limped but to long penis over her ample chest. Getting her massive boobies sticky with his cum. Then he grab her head and moved her lips along his shaft, having her lick up what's left of his hot creamy cum. Face fucking Brittany with his soft long dick. A ring of cum form around Brittany's mouth and all over her lips and chin.

He took his dick out of her mouth and gave her giant jugs one last squeeze before leaving the room and a naked wore out Brittany alone.

A few minutes later, her friends arrived in the back because they were ready to leave and couldn't leave without Brittany. They saw a side of her that they never saw before. She looked all-beat up from his dick. Cum practically everywhere on her body. Her pussy was sore, throbbing, and beat red. Her nipples were throbbing and sore. Her eyes were slightly open. She looked like she was d***k. d***k on cum that is.

They gather Brittany's clothes and got her dress the best they could and took Brittany home. They got pass her uncle and made it to her room where they threw Brittany in a long XXL T-shirt and tucked her into bed.
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veryyyyy hot! i loved reading that!
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Wow!! reading again was even hotter!! Sure can't wait to read story with Uncle Keith finally joining the fun!!
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God that got me reeeeaally horny
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oooooohhhhhhh yyyeeeeeeaaaaaaa intence
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god damm that was insane