Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 03

Two weeks have gone by since Brittany had her first sexual encounter with Coach Phillip and then her first 3 some with Mr. Moore and Mrs. Keibler. She was feeling kind of ill today, but she still wanted to go to school n e ways to practice for her first Volleyball game.

Of course her parents won’t home, so her Uncle Keith took her temperature. Brittany was still laying in bed with nothing on but a long XXXL shirt, that would give her bra-less enormous boobs some room to move around. She also had on a black thong.

Uncle Keith was getting very excited, watching Brittany move. Her chest rising and falling from her breathing. His cock was really hard. Just wanting to burst from his jeans. He dreams about having sex with his own niece every night and glad that he could watch her while her parents worked. Since they were rich, he ain’t have to work.

Brittany told her uncle that she was ok to go to school and if she felt ill, she could go to the nurse’s office and call him to come get her. Keith agreed. So Brittany got dress and headed out the door. She wasn’t in the mood to drive so she got on the morning bus.

Brittany wasn’t even in the mood to try and hide her colossal melons under layers and layers of clothing. She wore gray jogging pants and had on just a black T-shirt with the band name Incubus stretched across her big tits. She ain’t even have a bra on. She never leaves the house without a bra on of any kind. So as soon as she stepped up on the bus, the bus driver couldn’t keep his eyes of her huge boobs, bouncing up and down. Even in the ally way, other teens were staring and drools at her massive hooters, bulging out of her shirt and swaying nicely. She took her seat in the back and chilled with her arms across her chest so that the bus movements wouldn’t make her big titties cause a scene like they already have.

The bus came to a stop and so did her huge tits, bouncing and wobbling around under her shirt. Brittany exited the bus and met up with her friends by the entrance way.

“What’s wrong Brit?” asked Kristen.

“I don’t know. Just not feeling good today but come to my house tonight and ask if you guys can sl**pover for the weekend,” Brittany said.

“Sure,” Kristen reply.

“We’ll love to come Brit.” said the twins, Danielle and Trishelle.

“And don’t tell Tommy. This is only for the girls,” Brittany added.

“Ok Brit. This must be something serious then,” said Kristen.

“Yeah. So just come to my house tonight around 7 p.m. and I’ll explain everything then alright?” Brit said before going into the building.

By the time 3 period arrived, Brittany still wasn’t feeling good. The teacher send Brittany down to the nurse’s office to get checked on.

“What seems to be the problem Mrs. Clarkson,” asked the nurse.

“I don’t know. I’m just not feeling good,” Brittany said dazed.

“I see,” said the nurse. “Stomach pains, headache, chest pains, sore throat, or anything else that I ain’t name.”

“Chest pains, my stomach hurts a little bit. I had a fever before I came to school,” Brittany said.

“Why ain’t you stay home then Mrs. Clarkson?” asked the nurse.

“Because I had thought it would go away after I took some medicine but I guess I was wrong,” Brittany said with her eyes closing a bit.

“Well, lets get you onto the table so I can give you a check up,” the nurse said.

Brittany hopped up on the door, boobs bouncing and all as the nurse closed the door, put a sign on the door that says “Do Not Disturb” and locked it.

“Okay Brittany. I need to you take off your shoes and your shirt,” the nurse ordered.

“I must warn you that I’m not wearing a bra and I’m pretty ample on top,” Brittany said.

“c***d. I’m a female nurse. I have boobs. Sure not big ones but still and I have see some big ones and some little ones. It’s my job to check you chest if your having pains. I’m not a lesbian, so you have nothing to worry about darling,” said the nurse. Then giving Brittany a wink. “But you do look pretty massive under that shirt dear. Lets have a look see.”

Brittany lifted her shirt up and her gigantic boobs came up with the shirt and then flopped down, smacking against her chest and then hitting each other, wobbling and swaying forth and back. The nurse never seen anything like it in all her years of nursing.

“My god c***d! What cup size are you?” the nurse asked , shocked and in disbelief.

“I wear a double e cup,” Brittany said.

“And your only 18 right?” asked the nurse, still staring at the ample boobs.

“Yes. I been growing since elementary school,” Brittany replied.

“Jesus! You have the biggest set of breasts I have ever seen on a girl. Have your parents or anyone ever wondered why you so huge? Have you been to doctors or specialist?” asked the nurse.

“My parents don’t even notice me anymore and when they did, they got me help about my growth problem but the doctors and specialist couldn’t figure out why and I’m the only girl in my f****y on both sides that have a pair of double E’s,” Brittany explained.

“My god c***d. Those might not be healthy,” said the nurse, being turned on by the swaying hooters. “Do they hurt your back?”

“Yeah. And doctors have asked me if I wanted to have a breast reduction and I turn them down. I don’t ever want to change myself for anyone. I’m happy the way I am and if people can’t accept me for having large breast. Then so be it. Doesn’t bother me,” Brittany said.

“Ok. Lets have a listen to your heart shall we,” said the nurse, putting on her stethoscope.

She brought it down to Brittany’s chest, just above her mammoth left tit which ain’t sag a bit and defined gravity and stuck straight out with the plum size areolas and small tan nipple. The nurse brushed her arm against it a little bi, causing it to jiggle while trying to find her heart. The nurse couldn’t keep her eyes off Brittany’s enormous left tit just inches below her. Feeling the smooth, soft boob skin against her arm was making the nurse wet between the legs. Then she started moving it around the top of the huge left breast.

“Oh. That’s cold,” mumble Brittany.

Brittany’s nipples begun to turn rock hard and the nurse could feel one, pointing in her forearm. She started moving her forearm up and down the nipple. Rubbing and brushing it. Brittany started to let soft moans slide between her lips.

The nurse stared into Brittany’s face and knew she was enjoying herself just as she was. The nurse couldn’t fight her urges any longer and buried her head between Brittany’s delicious big tits. Kissing them from the sides and in between. Wrapping an arm around each big tit and squeezing them around her head. Smelling Brittany’s perfume within her cleavage. Leaving a salvia valley between her two large tits.

“HMMMMMM,” moaned Brittany.

Then the nurse started sucking on the nipples. Switching from one nip to the other. Chewing and biting before licking and sucking on it. She stuck a good chunk of huge left soft tit into her mouth, sucking on the areolas, deep inside her mouth. Her small hands were squeezing what they could of the massive tits. She stopped sucking for a minute to just hold the big tits up and jiggle them around. Then pulling them by the nipples to watch them stretch out from her chest. Then letting go to watch them smack against each other and her chest. Bouncing wildly.

“OOOH!. I love this,” said the extremely horny nurse.

She laid Brittany down on the table and took off her jogging pants, half way to her knees. Stopping to suck on a tit. Swirling her tongue around a hard, now red nipple. She then rolled Brittany’s thong down her legs and started to rub the outer walls of the pussy. Then rubbing her fingers inside the pussy. Twisting and pulling on the enlarge clit inside.

“OOOH yes,” moaned Brittany.

As the nurse fingered Brittany’s wet and juicy vagina, she could not stop feasting on Brittany’s huge melons. Taking in mouthfuls of tit meat and sucking on it. Giving Brittany’s big tits blow jobs. Using her free hand to make her tits into a cylinder cone shape and then sucking down on it and getting as much of the tit into her mouth as possible, before releasing the wet ample orb and watching it smack back down onto her chest. That caused Brit to have multiple orgasms.

The fingering and the tit sucking made Brittany cum really hard. The nurse smashed her head into Brittany’s right big tit, trying to really increase the fingering she was giving Brittany. In and out, rubbing and pulling on the clit.

The nurse removed her fingers and started to lick the cum off. Then gave Brittany a taste of her own cum by lowing her middle finger into Brit’s mouth and letting her suck on it. While she did that, the nurse was giving Brittany’s giant melons, one last oral suck, making Brittany orgasm some more and cum again.

The nurse helped Brittany get back dress and called for her Uncle to come pick her up at the front door.

“I hope your get better Brittany,” said the nurse, giving Brittany’s big tits one last squeeze.

Brittany left the nurse’s office and headed to the front door where her uncle was waiting to pick her up.

When Brittany got home, she ate some soup, took some medicine and then took a nap before seven ’O’ clock rolled around and her friends would be coming over for a sl**pover...

It was 7 ’O’ clock and Brittany’s friends arrived at her house with all their sl**pover gear. Uncle Keith let the girls in and told them that Brittany was upstairs waiting for them. Of course Uncle Keith was trying not to make an ass out of himself with 3 very sexy girls arriving and his sexy niece upstairs. He thought he was the lucky man in the world to be in a house with 4 big breasted chicks.

The girls when up stairs to meet Brittany in her room. Once they opened the door, she was laying on her stomach, wearing nothing more then a large triple x T-shirt, white cotton panties and socks. Her enormous tits were squashed to her sides.

“Hello ladies,” said Brittany.

“How are you feeling Brit?” asked Trishelle.

“Much better now. Guess it was a 24 hour flu bug or something,” Brit said.

“So what was that very important thing you wanted to tell us from earlier Brit?” asked Kristen.

“I’ll tell you guys in a bit. Right now, get your pajamas on and lets watch some movies,” Brittany said.

The girls started to get undress. Uncle Keith on his luck, happen to be walking by and stopped to take a peek in the crack of the door. He saw Kristen first as she took off her pants and had a white thong on. When she bend over, he saw a great view of her heart shaped ass. His cock was getting hard. Then her shirt came off and her big tits were trying to go over the white lacy D cup bra she had on. That soon came off. Uncle Keith’s hard dick, just got a little more harder. All he could see though was the sides of Kristen’s huge globes as her back was turned from the door. As she bend over to get her tank top, he saw her big boobs dangling down and swaying beneath her in all their glory. She put her braless boobs into her tight tank top.

Then Uncle Keith turned his attention to the twins who were just putting on their shirts. By then, his cock is throbbing to be released. Danielle was buttoning up a long white shirt. Uncle Keith got a good look at her braless 34 DD’s. They stuck out from her chest and not a bit of sag. Though he would like to see more of her, from his angle, it was good enough.

Trishelle however, was fully dressed in pajama top and bottom. Though it was clear that she was very stacked just like her twin s****r. Her big boobs stuck out like enormous torpedoes. Jiggling with each step she took. Since it was kind of cold in the house, her nipples were kind of hard.

The girls joined Brittany on her queen size bed to watch a horror movie called Texas Chainsaw Massacre. During the movie, the girls were getting scared and were snuggling up with each other. Pressing their big tits against one another.

The movie had ended and the girl decided to watch the other movies tomorrow or something.

“So Brittany. Tell us what you wanted to tell us from earlier?” asked Danielle.

“Alright then. Ladies. I am no longer a virgin,” Brittany said, shocking them.

“Are you for real?” asked Kristen surprised.

“Yes. I’m for real. As real as my big ol titties,” Brittany said.

“When? How? Who? Where?” asked the twins.

“Two weeks ago at school. Unfortunately, Coach Phillip took my virginity,” Brittany said sadly. As much as the girls ain’t want to laugh at their friend, they couldn’t help it and busted out laughing.

“Geez guys. Thanks for the support,” Brittany said.

“We’re sorry Britty but Coach Phillip. He ain’t no Brad Pitt. Not even a Tom Hanks and he ain’t that attractive,” said Kristen, giggling, causing her big boobs to jiggle with her.

“How was it though? Finally having sex,” asked Trishelle.

“It hard for a while. He knew what he was doing too so I let him do his thing and I did mines,” Brit said.

“Wow! Still can’t believe you lost your virginity. We thought you would never lost it,” said Danielle.

“I thought so too,” said Brittany.

“But that’s not all. I had a 3 some the day after with Mr. Moore and his assistant, Mrs. Keibler,” Brittany said.

“No fucking way!” said a shocked Trishelle.

“Yes way. Remember I told you that they wanted me to come to see if I wanted to model for them and I turned it down,” Brittany said.

“Yes. We ain’t know you guys had a 3 way. That’s awesome,” said Danielle.

“Wow Brit. Your not a little girl anymore. Experiencing things we never did,” said Kristen.

The twins started to look around the room and act like nothing has happen.

“Well you guys are acting strange. What’s up? asked Kristen.

“Oh nothing. Just that Brittany ain’t the only one to have had a 3 way before,” said Trishelle.

“Oh really?” said Kristen.

“Yes. Me and my s****r had one with my old boyfriend Greg a few months back,” Danielle said.

“Damn you guys. Having all the fun and keeping me out of it,” said Kristen.

“Awe. We’re sorry Kristy,” said Danielle, giving her a hug, smashing her huge boobs into Kristen’s smaller but still big tits.

Just then, Kristen started to kiss Danielle on the lips. Danielle ain’t try and fight it. She was kissing Kristen back. Sliding their tongues down each other throats. Trishelle and Brittany just watched and were kind of surprise by what was going on.

Both Kristen and Danielle were moving their hands up and down each other’s bodies. Squeezing each other’s ample asses. Then, Kristen started to kiss down Danielle’s neck while unbuttoning her shirt. She ain’t waste no time and just unbuttoned it enough so Danielle’s gigantic tits could be free for everyone to see. Her nipples were big and pink with small tan areolas.

Kristen’s hands were kneading her massive boobs. Smacking them against each other and rubbing them up and down before diving her face into the soft huge pillows of Danielle’s enormous melons. Sucking on the right big nipple first and then the left. Never letting her hands off the big tits. Sliding her tongue up and down the melons. Wetting each smooth spot on her tit surface.

Trishelle and Brittany couldn’t believe their eyes that Kristen was sucking Danielle’s big boobs. It was kind of turning them both on to watch the two girls suck each other. Trishelle leaned over and kissed Brittany on the lips. Brittany ain’t have a problem kissing girls since she let Mrs. Keibler fondle her and the nurse.

Trishelle started to suck on Brit’s tongue while her hands moved into Brit’s panties. Sliding her fingers deep into Brit’s pussy hole. Brit was moaning while Trishelle was licking and kissing her face.

Danielle had Kristen’s big tits in her hands, sucking as much of the right tit meat into her mouth as possible. Kristen was fingering her own wet pussy, getting herself even more hornier. Danielle’s tongue was working Kristen’s small pink nipples. Swirling around them. Then using her teeth to bit on them and pull the nipple from her tits, stretching her tits from her chest. She would then let go and watch her big boobs smash against her chest. Jiggling and wobbling all over. Kristen had an orgasm.

Trishelle was between Brittany’s legs, licking and sucking Brittany’s clit.

“OOOOH GOD!” moaned Brittany. “That’s right. Eat me Trish. Feeeeeeeels so good.”

Brittany arch her back, feeding her pussy to Trishelle’s open mouth. Trishelle started to thrust her tongue in and out of Brittany’s pussy. She moved her hands up to grab hold of Brittany’s still shirt cover huge boobs. Squeezing them. Brittany joined her hands in squeezing her big tits too. Then finally, taking off the shirt to free her monster boobs, that flopped out in thunderous slaps against her chest.

Danielle and Kristen saw Brittany’s naked tits and each sat down on an opposite side of Brit and grab a huge tit in their hands and started to feast on it.

“HMMMM,” Brittany moaned.

All 3 of her friends were now tasting her delicious goods. Kristen and Danielle both had mouthfuls and handfuls of tit meat while Trishelle was sucking harder and harder on Brittany’s clit. Still inserting 3 fingers into her tasty and juicy pussy. Brittany couldn’t take it anymore and had came under the pressure. Her cum got all over Trishelle’s face and inside her mouth. Trishelle swallowed some while still licking the wet pussy. Danielle had dropped her Brittany’s big boob out of her mouth and grabbed her gym bag she brought over. Kristen took the opportunity to suck on both enormous tits. Squeezing them and mashing them around Brittany’s chest. Sucking one nipple while pinching and pulling the other.

Danielle had pulled out a huge 12 black strap on cock.

“Holy shit,” said Kristen, dropping the massive boobs back on Brittany’s chest.

“We came prepared,” said Trishelle, getting off the bed and grabbing out another strap on dildo which was white and 10 inches.

The twins laid Kristen next to Brittany and opened their legs wide and started to insert the huge fake cocks into their friends. Trishelle had Brittany’s legs on her shoulders, while thrusting the 12 inch strap on deep into her pussy. Rocking her up and down, thighs quivering from the f***e of the thrust and her big tits quaking and shaking all over. That really turned Trishelle on as her own big hooters were swaying back and back.

“OH fuck yeah,” moaned Brittany.

Danielle had Kristen in the same position. Pounding her pussy hard with one leg spread out and the other in the air. Danielle started licking Kristen’s leg up and down until she got to the arch of her foot. Then started sucking on it. Then used her tongue to go up and down the sweaty foot. Reaching the toes. She sucked on Kristen’s small toes and then gave the big toe a mini-blow job. Kristen felt like she was high. Enjoying her foot being sucked and her pussy impaled by the huge black fake cock. Kristen wanted double the pleasure for her feet, so she moved the other foot to Danielle’s mouth and now Danielle was sucking Kristen’s feet at the same time. Smelling the nasty odor of her sweaty feet while licking and sucking them.

Brittany moved her head over to Kristen’s big bouncy left tit and started sucking on it. Swirling her long tongue around the entire tit. Kissing up and down the tit. Leaving no skin dry. She sucked so hard on the side of the big tit, that she left a huge hickie, but Kristen didn’t care because she was enjoying the attention she was getting from her feet being sucked, her left tit sucked and being fucked by the huge black fake cock.

Soon the twins had switched Brittany’s and Kristen’s positions and were riding them doggy style. The twins had powerful grips on both girl’s set of huge boobs. Squeezing them and acting like their milking cow udders. Pulling and pinching at their nipples, making them more hornier. Little did the girls know that, Uncle Keith was standing in the doorway, looking through the cracked door, jerking off to them. His cock was extremely hard, watching two girls get fucked from behind by two other girls and all four of their big tits moving up and down, swaying, jiggling, and just bouncing all over.
Trishelle decided to stick her middle finger into Brittany’s anus. Sliding it in and out while fucking her hard and deep in her pussy. One hand still attached to Brittany’s huge melons, bouncing and swaying.

“Oh fuck. Harder Trish. Fuck me harder,” moaned Brittany while her face is in her pillow.

Kristen decided to return the favor to Brittany and grabbed hold on her right soft mountain tit and started to suck down hard on it while being fucked hard. Sinking her teeth into the tit flesh. Chewing down on it.

The twins now had both girls bouncing on top of them. Trishelle just couldn’t help herself and sat up to feast on Brittany’s huge jugs which were red and sore from everyone’s abuse. The huge tits kept hitting Trishelle’s face, smoothing her in the tit flesh. This made Trishelle thrust the big fake cock harder into Brittany’s sore pussy. Trishelle’s hands held onto Brittany’s big bubble ass, bouncing her.

Danielle was doing the same to Kristen. Sucking her big tits and holding onto her ass. Uncle Keith had seen enough and was about to pass out from all the moaning and orgasms in the room. He decided he go take a cold shower after jerking off several times. His penis was sore. The fucking continued into morning.

Early Saturday morning came and the sun was shinning through Brittany’s window. The girls were all laying side by side each other, still naked. The bed was covered in cum and sweat. Brittany opened her eyes and saw her alarm clock and it read 9:00 am. She sat up causing her massive, sweaty and sore tits to be uncovered from the soak sheets. She got out of bed and was pretty much sore all over. She could barely stand up and put back on her oversize T-shirt. The other girls wake up soon after that, feeling sore as well. Danielle and Trishelle wasn’t that sore because they were the ones fucking Kristen and Brittany all night. They just got sucked and ate out.

As the girls found whatever was left of their night clothes, they decided that tonight, they would go out and have some more fun at a nearby strip club. Brittany has never been to a strip club, so this would be her first...
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really amazing. i like to jack off to your pictures while i read the stories. but Uncle Keith NEEDS to get a sex scene in the next one.
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