Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 02

It was Wednesday morning and picture day for Brittany’s school. Brittany awoke from her sl**p, not really excited about taking pictures. Brittany never really liked taking pictures alone and especially school pictures. As she showered, she was thinking about what to wear for the unlucky event.

She decided to wear her blue overalls and not try and look all pretty like the other girls. Brittany was never really into pleases others with her clothing or anything else. She wore and did what she wanted to please her. Along with the overalls, Brittany put on a black thong and had to wear her special double E cup bra, so her massive tits won’t be looking out from under her small black shirt she was going to wear with her overalls.

Brittany headed downstairs to eat some breakfast before she when to school. Since her parents are working so much and are never home, her uncle, Uncle Keith would watch over their daughter and make sure that she would be in school and do what she needs to do.

Brittany and her Uncle Keith never really sat down and talked much. She was always uneasy about him. The way he would look at her made her feel uncomfortable. His glares at her chest especially. As she walked by her Keith in the kitchen, he stopped reading the newspaper and got a nice side view of her enormous rack, bulging to the sides of her overalls, still very noticeable. Secretly under the table, Keith would rub and play with his hard dick while watching the movements of her chest. Sometimes even jack himself off.

Brittany left the house with a pop tart and headed off to school. When she arrived, she met her 4 friends, Kristen, Tommy, Danielle, and twin s****r Trishelle. They were all looking nice for the big day.

“You guys ready for picture day?” asked Tommy.

“Of course. We love having our pictures taking,” said the twins at the same time.

“I guess,” said Kristen.

“Yeah. I guess too, though you guys know I hate picture day,” said an uneasy Brittany.

Unfortunate for Brit and her friends, their homeroom was first to be taken pictures.

“Damn!” said Brittany.

Brittany homeroom teacher, Mr. Smiley admired Brittany. Mostly for all the wrong reasons. Just all any other guys, he was obsessed with her big tits.

Mr. Smiley is close friends with Coach Phillip and was very shocked and surprise when the coach had told him what happen the other day with him and busty Brit. Mr. Smiley knew he had to get a piece of Brit and her huge pillows.

“Well you seemed to have dressed nice for picture day,” said Mr. Smiley to Brittany.

“Yeah. I guess,” said Brittany smiling and laughing.

She liked Mr. Smiley and even has a crush on him. Just like her friends Kristen, Danielle, and Trishelle do. He wasn’t a bad looking man for being in his mid 30’s. He looks a lot better then Coach Phillip. Tall with dark black hair, green eyes and the cutest dimples Brit has ever seen. Most girls in the school had crushes on Mr. Smiley, so Brit knew she could never get a guy like him if she can’t even get a normal high school boyfriend.

The Principle, Principle Stanley announced that Mr. Smiley would be the first to take pictures. They headed down to the gym as a class with Brittany and her friends at the very end of the line.

Once they got there, they saw a kind of chubby, in his 40’s, medium size height, black haired with matching goatee male, holding the camera. He had an assistant who looked to be in her mid 30’s. Tall, blond hair, big lips, green eyes, pretty skinny but wore a skirt to show off her nice long legs. Her chest size looked to be around a B cup or a small C. The guys were really into her motivating them to smile and stuff.

After 20 minutes or so, the line was getting close to Brittany and her friends. Soon, they were up, taking their pictures one by one. First Kristen. The camera guy, named Mr. Moore, was impressive with Kristen’s stunning looks, especially the way her tight shirt, displays her big D cup tits. Then Tommy got his pictures done after her. Danielle was next and Mr. Moore got an instant hard on. He never knew teens had tits so big. Her Double D cup boobs were displayed in her white button up blouse. You could see her bra visible through the fabric. Her nice sexy legs displayed in her silk stockings and black mini skirt. After a few pictures of her, her twin, Trishelle was next. Mr. Moore was shocked by seeing twins who looked exactly the same except with their different hair color.

Trishelle wore a similar blouse but blue. Displayed her huge DD cups nicely Mr. Moore thought. Even his assistant, Mrs. Keibler was wetting her panties because she never seen teens with such large breasts. Wait until they see Brittany.

Brittany was next after Trishelle and the others agreed to wait for her in the hallway so they can walk back to homeroom together. As soon as Brittany stepped onto the photo stage, Mr. Moore had to stare in awe for a while because he never seen huge tits on a teen like that before. Even while she was wearing her overalls, her large tits are bulged to the sides of her overall and still bulged out in front of her, like their pointing straight at Mr. Moore and Mrs. Keibler. Even she was stun.

“You are so beautiful,” said Mr. Moore.

“Why thank you. I think...” said Brittany.

As Mr. Moore was taking pictures, his big hard on became a huge hard on while snapping pictures of a large breasted teen. Little did Brittany know or any of the other large breasted teens, Mr. Moore owns a magazine featuring busty teens on the side while still being a professional photographer. Mr. Moore was obsessed with huge breasted teens. So obsess that he would take more pictures then usual of the busty teen but up close at her figure and chest, to keep as his own collection. But none of his busty girls has ever had a rack like Brittany.

“Ever thought about being a model,” asked Mr. Moore.

“No. Not really. I don’t think I’m model material,” said Brittany. “Its not everyday that you would see a model with an enormous bust like mines or even a student in general.”

“What’s your name young lady?” Mrs. Keibler asked.

“Brittany. My name is Brittany but my friends call me Brit.”

“We own a magazine business which features teens such as yourself. Its a non-nude magazine that just models teenage females with unique features. You would be perfect for my upcoming magazine,” Mr. Moore said.

“I don’t know. I hardly know you and I don’t like taking pictures n e ways,” Brittany explained.

“Look. Come over tonight to our hotel room. We’re only here for a day, taking your school pictures. We would love to show you some of our work and perhaps you’ll decide then and we could set something up for the summer,” explained Mrs. Keibler.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to look at some of your work,” Brittany said.

“Good. Here is the address. Be at our hotel around 6,” Mr. Moore said. “And by the way. We only want you Brit. We are an exclusive magazine, so no one else is allow to show up or know about this meeting. Its a private meeting if you want to call it that.”

And with that, Brittany took his address and met up with her friends in the hallway and headed back to homeroom, thinking about her chances to become a model.

“Oh my god,” said a shocked Mrs. Keibler. “We are going to have fun with this one.”

“Can’t wait to slide my cock between those huge milk bags,” Mr. Moore said grinning widely.

School was over and Brittany had two hours before meeting Mr. Moore and Mrs. Keibler. Instead of hanging with her friends to waste time, she decided to wash her Ford pick-up truck instead. Brittany changed into a pair of old gray jogging pants and wore just a white tank top with no bra. The top was very loose at the bottom so you could see the bottoms of her massive boobs near her navel.

While she was washing the car, her Uncle Keith was watching her through the kitchen window. His dick became instantly hard as he saw her huge tits, swaying back and forth under the tank top, which was getting all wet as well. Her enormous jell-o like tits were visible through her top. Nipples hard and all.

Keith became to jerk off at the site of her. Bending off to wash the hood of the truck. He saw her big ass sticking straight up in the air. He was wishing his cock could be between her delicious ass cheeks.

Brittany was spraying the truck off and saw her uncle in the kitchen window and waved furious at him, causing her big tits to jiggle and wobble like crazy under her wet tank top.

Keith really blow his load then on the wall in the kitchen.

“Oh fuck,” said Keith, waving back and then cleaning up his cum off the wall.

Brittany had finished washing her truck and headed back into the house. She took a nice hot shower and did her hair, making it go straight down. Brittany decided to wear her favorite outfit. A long black shirt with a short shirt over it saying the band KISS stretched across her massive chest. Black hip hugging pants to match and to bring out her black girl like booty which her friends always made fun of. Then she was off for her meeting with Mr. Moore and Mrs. Keibler.

Brittany arrived at the hotel and told the front desk to reach Mr. Moore and Mrs. Keibler for her appointment.

Mrs. Keibler phoned back to the desk and told them, they were expecting her. As she made her way to the elevator, the people in the lobby were impressive with her amazing huge rack, bouncing as she walked.

She got off the elevator on the top off and headed to room 420. She knocked on the door and as it open, she saw Mrs. Keibler wearing a pink robe and bare footed.

“Hello Brittany. Glad you could make it,” Mrs. Keibler said smiling.

“Yeah,” Brittany said, feeling uncomfortable.

“Are you ok?” asked Mrs. Keibler.

“Yes. I’m fine,” said Brittany. “Those the robe is a little bit intimidating.”

“Oh. I’m sorry dear. I just got out of the shower,” Mrs. Keibler said.

Just then, Mr. Moore comes out with his hair wet, wearing a towel.

“Mr. Moore!!!” said Mrs. Keibler. “Brittany is here. Go put some clothes on.”

“OH!!. I’m sorry Brit. I ain’t know you were here so soon. Most of our teens never arrive on time,” Mr. Moore said.

“That’s alright. I like being early in some cases,” Brit said.

“Let me go get dress and I’ll be right back,” said Mr. Moore. “Mrs. Keibler, show Brit some photos and offer her a drink or something alright?”

“Come on in Brit. Have a seat. Do you want something to drink,” Mrs. Keibler asked.

“Sure. I’ll have some water if you don’t mind,” Brittany said.

“Ok. Well, you can look at the photos, while I’ll get you some water,” Mrs. Keibler said, handing Brit the photo book.

While Mrs. Keibler was getting Brit some water, Brit was amazed at all the large titted teens in the photo album. Wearing tight shirts or low cut shirts, bikinis, or some times, just using their hands to cover up what they can of their huge jugs.

Mrs. Keibler came back and gave Brittany her glass her water.

“You know what. I changed my mind,” said Brittany. I don’t think I can do pictures like these. The world ain’t ready to see what I have yet. I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok Brittany. We get that a lot,” Mrs. Keibler said. “But could you drink the water before you go. We don’t really like wasting things around here.”

“I’m thirsty n e ways. So thanks for the water,” Brittany said.

“I’m going to go get dress and tell Mr. Moore that you declined. Because make sure the door is locked on your way out ok. Thank you and have a nice day,” Mrs. Keibler said, grinning.

As Mrs. Keibler headed to the bedroom, she closed the door a little bit so it was cracked. She and Mr. Moore watched through the crack as Brittany d***k her water. As Brittany was getting up, she fell back down on the couch, looking like she was d***k. Just like the girls in the picture looked like.

“What the fuck,” said Brittany, barely seeing anything.

Brittany had been d**gged just like the girls in the photos she was looking at. She could barely move and was tripping out.

Mr. Moore and Mrs. Keibler came out of the bedroom with huge smiles on their faces.

“Lets get to work shall we,” said Mr. Moore.

As Mrs. Keibler started to undress Brittany, Mr. Moore had his camera ready to take pictures of Brit in her underwear.

Mrs. Keibler had both of Brittany’s shirts off and her jaw dropped and her eyes bugged out at the size of Brittany’s huge rack.

“Oh my god. These huge delicious ample orbs on this teenager are so...so...so... beautiful,” Mrs. Keibler said, staring in awe, licking her lips.

Then next came her hip huggers and shoes. They left Brit in her bra, thong , and socks. Mrs. Keibler was setting Brit in all kinds of positions. She held Brit’s legs up and apart so Mr. Moore could get a good snap shot of her thong covered pussy. Then, she bend Brit over and was smacking her big firm ass, watching the cheeks jiggle like jell-o. That really turned Mr. Moore on and his already huge boner, got bigger. And probably their favorite position was Mrs. Keibler, leaning Brittany over so her enormous jugs were bulging over the tops of her lacy-black bra. Mr. Moore got some good boob shots.

He grew tired of taking pictures and finally wanted to fuck the hell out of Brit. He set the camera down and smiled at Mrs. Keibler. She took off her robe and was naked. Her perky B cup tits were hard with excitement as well as her nipples. She was very wet between her legs. Mr. Moore licked his lips at her. Then he undid his towel and showed off his huge hung cock. About 10 inches of thick meat with two apple size balls attached.

Both of them started kissing Brit at the same time. Surprisingly, she kissed back. The pills that d**gged her were to make her feel sexual things and to be able to do them back.

They all fought with their tongues, licking at each others. Both Mrs. Keibler and Mr. Moore had Brittany’s legs spread, across their legs, opening up the front of her thong and rubbing her vagina with their fingers. Sliding them deep into her pussy and tweeting her enlarge clit.

As Mr. Moore was still French kissing Brit, Mrs. Keibler had kissed her way down Brit’s neck, sliding her tongue up and down her neck. The moved her tongue down to Brit’s chest which was heaving up and down. Planting kisses on her chest. Mrs. Keibler pulled up Brit’s bra cups and unleashed her massive fun bags. Flopping out and wobbling in all their glory. She wasted no time and kissing up and down the sides of her right breast. Using both of her hands to grip the massive mound and wash it with her tongue. Licking every inch of her tit massive.

Mr. Moore’s huge cock was really on fire, watching Mrs.Keibler have her way with the busty red hair. He slapped his big cock against Brittany’s thighs while stilling fingering her wet pussy. Going deeper and deeper . Brittany moans were going from soft to loud. Mrs.Keibler continued her assault on Brittany’s right big tit. Sucking as much of the tit meat into her mouth as possible.Of course her mouth being big, she got a nice large amount of tit meat between her lips. Sucking and slurping away.

Mr.Moore decided to do the same to Brittany’s left huge tit. Sucking on the nipple. Feeling it get harder in his mouth. Pulling it with his teeth and chewing on it. Wishing milk would come out. Just like Mrs.Keibler, Mr.Moore had to use both hands to squeeze and massage the huge tit while sucking on it like a vacuum. Wobbling her tit in his mouth, leaving no area on her tit dry.

“OH god! OOOOOOH!!” moaned Brittany, loving the pleasure she was getting from her ample boobs getting sucked. She had an orgasm just from her tits being sucked.

Mr. Moore sat up and got between Brittany’s legs. He sat her legs on his shoulders and begun to lick her pussy. Kissing and nibbling at her pussy lips. Sucking every inch of her pussy. Her sock-covered feet were dangling down his back as he enjoyed eating her wet and juicy pussy. Kissing her thighs and then returning to her pussy hole. Finding the clit with his tongue and swirling it around the enlarge clit. Then, sucking on the clit. Causing Brittany to have another orgasm.

Mrs. Keibler now was having her way with both big tits. Sucking on and then the other. Squeezing and mauling the tits in her hands. Jiggling her tits by her nipples. Watching them pancake out across her chest. While she would suck one tit in her mouth, she would wobble and smack the other tit around. The tit play caused Brittany to cum in Mr. Moore’s hungry mouth. He lapped up her cum while still sucking away at her pussy. Mr. Moore’s dick couldn’t take it any longer and he got up and rubbed his massive cock head against her vagina entrance and then sticking it in.

Mrs. Keibler held Brittany’s legs up while Mr. Moore pounded away at her pussy. Holding her by the hips. Pushing her down on his massive cock. A good 5 inches is in her pussy. His balls smacking the bottom of her ass hard and fast. Her pussy tighten around his cock. Mr. Moore was loving the feel of her warm pussy around his big dick. His hands moved up and cups her massive mammoths, squeezing them and jiggling them around on her chest. Mrs. Keibler once again took a tit into her mouth, sucking on tit for all its worth. Swirling her tongue around the plum sized areolas and hard nipple.

“OOOOOOOOOH!!!!” moaned Brittany. “Fuck me. Fuck me harder.”

Mr. Moore continued to increase his pounding in her vagina. Holding her by her big firm ass now. Slipping a finger in or two inside her asshole. Mrs. Keibler got up and sat on Brittany’s face, back towards Mr. Moore so Brittany could lick her very first pussy while being fucked.

Brittany’s hands moved up and pinched Mrs. Keibler’s hard nipples while her tongue moved in and out of Mrs. Keibler’s pussy hole.

“HMMMMMMM,” said moaned Mrs. Keibler. rocking back and forth over Brittany’s face.

Mr. Moore had Brittany’s thighs red and wobble has he was fucking her and pumping now 7 inches of his meat into her pussy. Brit’s big tits were smacking together furiously and hitting Mrs. Keibler’s ass cheeks. Brittany moved her middle finger into Mrs. Keibler’s asshole, fingering hers just like Mr. Moore is doing to her. Mrs. Keibler couldn’t take it anymore and came on Brittany’s face and in Brittany’s mouth.

Mrs. Keibler got up and Mr. Moore turn Brittany around so he could fuck her doggy style. Mrs. Keibler got underneath Brittany so she could suck her big titties some more.

Mr. Moore had a handful of Brittany’s big ass. Squeezing and smacking it as he fucked her pussy from behind. Pushing his big cock deeper and deeper into Brittany’s pussy. Mrs. Keibler was under Brittany, feasting on her big E cups. Trying to hold them stead to suck on but Mr. Moore was fucking Brittany really fast and so her big tits keep moving up and down Mrs. Keibler’s face and mouth.

“OH fuck. I’m cumming,” moaned Brittany.

All the attention she was getting, made her cum all over Mr. Moore’s dick and balls. Even flowing down onto Mrs. Keibler’s stomach. Mrs. Keibler moved down to lick and suck on Brittany’s pussy while Mr. Moore was thrusting his dick harder and harder inside. Mrs. Keibler even sucked on his cock and balls, at the same time sucking on Brittany‘s pussy while he was fucking it. That made Mr. Moore ready to cum.

He pulled his dick out and sprayed his cum on Brit’s ass and back. Spraying huge loads of his hot cum all over her big firm ass and back. Mrs. Keibler got from under Brit and got in front of her, gripping on Brit’s huge melons and playing with them while licking up the hot cum on her back and ass. Mr. Moore even started to suck on Brittany’s asshole. Sticking his tongue in and out. Smacking her already red pillowy ass cheeks. Brittany couldn’t take anymore and passed out.

The day morning arrived and Brittany woke up in a strange bed, covered in white sheets, naked, feeling sticky, and had a huge headache.

“Oh god. What happen,” she said.

Then she spotted a note next to her.

It read: “Thanks for the good time we had last night. We’ll never forgot you and those awesome milk jugs of yours Brittany. Sincerely Mr. Moore and Mrs. Keibler.”

Instead of being mad about it, Brittany just fell back on her pillow, big tits bouncing and all, with a nice grin on her face.
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Great story. I love the way you write about how much you love having your breasts suckled on. That is one of my favorite things to do and I excel at it. We should swap erotic messages soon.
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