Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch1

Brittany Clarkson was playing volleyball in gym class today with all of the other senior students. She was really the only one hitting and chasing after the ball for some reason. She had known the reason. It was because everyone else including the gym coach, Coach Phillip was gawking at her enormous sport bra cased tits.

They would bounce and wobble and just about go all over the place. She thought the sport bra would hold them down but she was wrong. She never really paid any attention to people staring at her chest. She at times, was very proud to have them. But she knew the price of having large tits like hers. EE cups.

Brittany had always had huge tits since the 4th grade. She was the biggest in her class. About a B cup then. Through out middle school and the last 3 yrs of high school, she had grown from C’s to D’s to Double D’s, a single E, and now at 18, she wears a double E. She can't wear regular shirts or bras anymore. They all have to be specially made to fit her enormous torpedoes like boobs.

Though her tits are giant, Brittany was a very cute girl. She wasn’t a girly girl. She liked hanging around guys and doing guy things like play football, video games, etc. Her skin was kind of pale. Red hair and her eyes change during the seasons. Brittany had an hourglass figure with heavy, ample boobs and a nice big ass to match. She was not fat at all. Only weighted 115 and was 5’4. She was the only white girl in her school that people could say had back.

You would think that having big tits and ass would get her a lot of boyfriends and not just attention, but that wasn’t the case. She is still a virgin except she has given head to her last boyfriend before he moved away. A lot of the other boys were scared of her because of her not so normal breasts. Even the nerds were scared.

Brit knew that and would always try and hide them buy wearing shirt after shirt and a sweater or hooded shirt. Still did little to hide her gigantic melons, which you could outline in her shirts, bouncing with each step she took.

Even though Brittany had big tits and ass, she wasn’t going to let them stop her from having a normal life. She has a b*****r named Jeff, 22, who is in college. He and his friends would pick with Brittany all the time about her large tits and even untie her bikini tops to see them flop out and bounce everywhere.

Even thought he was mean to his s****r, looking at her tits would give him an extreme hard on and we would jack off to her boobs at night, laying in his room, thinking about devouring them and mashing them around on her snow white chest and just suck on her small, red nipples for hours and hours.

Her parents are very wealthy and Brittany doesn’t want to think of herself as the rich type. Her father, Michael Clarkson, is a very well known doctor and her mother, Cindy Clarkson, is a lawyer for a famous company, Hart And Stein. She barely gets to see her parents since they work a lot, but she has friends to keep her company.

Before school everyday, she would meet up with her small group of friends. 3 females and one guy ( who is not gay by the way). The first of her friends is her very best friend Kristen. She had been a friend with Brittany since elementary school when she was getting teased about her big tits. She is 5’4, 108, short black hair, blue eyes and had a very nice rack herself. 36 D. She didn’t have much of an ass but her boobs make up for it.

Then there are the twins. Danielle and Trishelle. They look exactly alike except for their hair. Trishelle is a brunette now while Danielle is sticking to her roots and being blond. Both were 5’7 and had incredible 34 DD’s. Brittany was relief that she wasn’t the only small framed, big boobed girl in her school, though her breast were very larger.

The guy of their ground is named Tommy. He really doesn’t find it strange to hang around 4 huge breasted chicks. He knew them since middle school and has always kept their relationship on a friendly level though he is no fool. Just like all guys, he gets really turned on by their bodies, especially their enormous jugs, especially when they hug him and they press their big tits on his chest, his cock feels like its ready to burst.

(Back to the present): Gym class was over and Brittany’s team had won or should I say, Brittany won for her team. She was really hot and sweaty. Breathing really hard, making her chest rise up and down. The boys fixed their eyes on her big titties moving up and down on her chest.

She headed to the locker room with the other females. She decided to take a shower to smell clean for her next class. All the other girls would just watch as she stripped naked, revealing her giant pale white hooters, formed in the shape of torpedoes, topped with puffy areolas and small red nipples. Bouncing with each step she took.

A lot of girls disliked her because she was so big and heavy on top. They would call her house and say mean things to her, accuse her of having fake tits or give her mean looks in the hallway.

As Brittany got her thong off, they noticed that she had a nice, trimmed patch of hair, surrounding her pussy and a big bubble butt. They wondered how can a girl be so short and skinny and have enormous tits and ass.

As soon as Brittany started showering, the girls heard someone coming and decided to take off to their next class. Brittany wasn’t paying attention to the footsteps nor hears them due to the shower running and her back is turned from the opening of the shower. She was washing her big tits, carefully caressing them and her nipples.

Brit turned around to be surprised by a shadow like figure, standing in front of her shower.

“Hello,” Brit called out.

Brit opened the shower curtain and stuck her head out to see the Gym coach.

“Oh my god. You scared me,” Brit said surprised.

“Sorry Titty....I mean Britty. But I need to talk with you right after your shower. It’s about your grade in gym class. I’ll be in my office all right,” Coach Phillip told her.

“Ok. Give me a minute to get dress. I’ll be right there,” Brit explained.

The coach headed to his office and Brittany got out of the shower. She dried off and stuck her school clothes back on, without the hooded shirt and ain’t realize since she was in a hurry, to put her bra on. So her huge breast were bouncing wildly and wobbling about under her black long sleeved shirt and short black shirt with the band name KISS on it, stretched across her boobs.

Brit knocked on his door...

“Door’s open.” yelled Coach Phillip.

“You wanted to see me Coach?” Brittany said as she walked in, her big tits jiggling just a bit which caught his attention.

She sat down in the chair as Coach explained to her, her grades. How good they are and how he wants her to be the head starter and leader of his new Volleyball team for this season before she graduate high school.

“Oh! I’ll be honored to be starter and leader for your Volleyball team sir,” Brittany said with excitement as she was bouncing around in her seat, her giant melons bounced with her and got the coach hypnotized.

She quickly sat up which made her big knockers go up and down and held her arms out to hug the Coach.

After a couple of seconds of breast staring, he finally got up and hugged her. Feeling her enormous torpedoes against his chest. He felt his dick harden from the excitement. She felt it too just above her pussy area on her hip hugger jeans.

The Coach’s hands had traveled down her back, to softly cup her bubble cheeked ass. Squeezing her firm big ass with his big hands. Massaging her ass cheeks while sniffing her neck and smelling her perfume.

Brittany lifted her head from his shoulder and stared into his eyes with lust. Then shocking, kissing her coach dead on the lips. She really never found the coach attractive for being a kind of chubby, bald headed man, but his massaging her ass was turning her on.

He lifted Brittany to his desk and quickly closed and locked the door before returning to her, between her legs and locking lips. Sucking on her tongue and she sucked on his. She kicked off her shoes and wrapped her legs around her coach. He stopped kissing her and stood back to stare at her gorgeous face and enormous chest, rising and falling from her breathing.

“God you don’t know how long I have waited to get my hands on those huge fucking melons of yours Britty,” the Coach said in an eagerly voice.

“Who hasn’t wanted to feel on my big boobies and have their way with them. You could be the first Coach,” Brittany said.

His hands quickly grabbed a handful of her covered tits and squeezed them. They were so big, that he couldn’t fit a lot of her tit meat in his hands, but he was loving what he had gotten.

Brittany took his hands off her huge globes and lifted both shirts up, over her head. Her enormous titties flopped down in all their glory. Bouncing on her chest before standing straight out of her chest like big cannons.

The Coach was in awe as he saw her big beautiful heavy hooters for the first time, topped with puffy red areolas and small red nipples that were hard.

“Feast up,” Brittany said.

The Coach wasted no time in squeezing her huge melons around his head. Kissing her cleavage. Using his tongue to make long strokes between her breast while holding them and bouncing them in her hands.

He was giving her breast a good workout. Sucking, licking, kissing, and nibbling every inch including underneath them. They were so massive that he had to use both hands to hold on and squeeze it while feasting on the other. He sucked her nipples so hard, they were really red and throbbing. She had many orgasms alone just from the devouring of her double E tits.

He could have sucked her tits for hours but he realize he ain’t have that long before school was out and so he wanted to taste the rest of her. He quickly helped her out of her hip huggers and the thong so the only thing left were her white socks on which turned him on more. He got on his knees and set her pale smooth legs on his shoulders and started devouring her nicely trimmed pussy.

“Oh god!” she said, never having her pussy eaten before nor having her breast sucked before.

He chewed on her pussy lips while his fingers found her clit and was rubbing it furiously, making her juices flew like a waterfall.

He then took her clit into his mouth and sucked on it like he did her nipples. Pulling her clit with his teeth and using his tongue to swirl around it. Brit had begun to thrust her pussy into his face and hungry mouth. She arched her back and her watermelon titties were spreaded across her chest like flat, stuffed heavy pancakes. She was moaning and enjoying the tongue treatment he was giving her wet pussy. She had came in his face and he licked up her juices before finishing his meal.

“Ever give head before?” the Coach asked Brittany while sweating and out of breath.

“Mhm.” she shook her head which shook her big titties too.

He grabbed as much of her tits as possible and begins to suck on them again. He was just in love with her massive hooters. Stuffing his mouth with her tit meat caused her to have another orgasm.

She had to stop his tit play and got on her knees and pulled his pants and boxers down to see what surprised her was a big dick. Hard, thick, pretty long with a huge head and attached to two of the biggest set of balls Brittany ever seen and she only since one pair in real life. The other times were porno she watched late at night.

“Wow! Coach Phillip. Your hung like a horse here. Don’t know if I can fit all this into my mouth,” Brittany said while stroking his meat up and down.

“MMMMMMM,” moaned the Coach.

Brittany sucked on the head of his cock first while fondling the balls. Squeezing them and bouncing them like she does her massive tits. At really got the Coach turned on even more.

She licked his shaft up and down. Sucking on the sides as she moves. Swirling her long tongue around it and moving it up and down his cock. Then she started sucking on the cock. Letting it stay in her mouth for a good minute before taking it out and doing it again. The Coach was gripping his desk top and fall back on it with his legs spread eagle and Brittany’s head between his legs and her mouth on his cock.

He grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. His big heavy balls smacked off her chin as he f***ed her to take more and more of his cock deep into her throat. She was gagging here and there but loving his big dick in her mouth.

She stops suck his dick as he was ready to cum and climbed on top of the Coach and mounted herself on his huge cock. Slowly pushing her tight wet and juicy pussy down his long shaft, feeling the pain of her pussy being opened to a cock for the first time. He helped her by holding onto her hips. Then she got her legs to his sides and started riding him.

The Coach was amazed at how good she was riding his dick. So she begin to bounce up and down on his big hard cock. The sight of her giant titties bouncing too was too much for the Coach. He played with them and pulls on her nipples. She leaned down and slapped her tits against the sides of his face. He took the opportunity to suck on her tits. Even trying to put both tits together so he could suck both nipples at the same time but their was to much flesh in-between so he sucked what he could of her.

After a few minutes of his big balls smacking her ass, his huge dick sliding up and down in her pussy, feeling her pussy tighten around his cock and his titty sucking, finally brought Brittany to cum and have more orgasms.

Coach Phillip was ready to cum too, so to make sure he ain’t get her pregnant since he ain’t wear a condom, he laid her down and straddled her chest, sliding his big cock between her fluffy, soft pillows of tits and began to tit-fuck her, holding her melons around his hard cock until he came on her chest and chin.

Brittany also took the time to finger her wet pussy and cum one more time. Really working her clit between her two fingers.

The Coach wiped the rest of his cum off his cock head on her hard nipples and puffy areoles. Getting them all cummy too.

“God that was fantastic,” said Coach Phillip, lying next to a sweaty and tired Brittany.

“I lost my virginity,” she said. “But if sex is this good. Then it was worth it.” The bell had rung and they both knew they were in deep shit if anyone catches them together, naked, so, they decided to take a shower together but even that ended up in them fucking.

Brit’s friends were waiting outside for her to come out and she finally did.

“Where were you?” asked Kristen.

“Oh, I had to do some “extra credit” stuff,” Brittany said shyly as she and her friends begun to walk home...
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The short paragraphs keep the story moving. I would like a little more detail about Brittany's inner life -- a little more insight into her character -- but I look forward to reading her further adventures.