My friends slutty mum

I was round at my friends house the other day just chilling and messing on his laptop, when all of a sudden he remembered he had an appointment at the physio but he said you stay here if you like il be back in about an hour so I thought fuck it I'll watch a bit of porn whilst he's gone! So I got on here and started watching some sexy blonde getting smashed from behind by her boyfriend, I started getting hard and thought fuck it he's going to be gone ages so I whipped my cock out and started stroking it! I was getting right into it when i heard a creak near the door, I just froze and turned round to see my friends mum had come in and was picking his dirty washing up, I jumped up and started trying to put my pre cummed cock away but it was to late she had noticed what I was doing, I just froze and started apologising walking towards the door when she said oh dont worry im just here to get the washing, next thing she started smirking saying she doesn't mind at all! Then all of a sudden she dropped the washing and started walking over to me! She started stroking my cock through my pants making me rock hard again, before I know it she was pulling my pants and boxers down and started licking from the base up to the tip of my glistening cock! She started sucking me hard whilst rubbing my balls, I thought im going to explode soon, when all of a sudden I heard my mates s****r shout upstairs asking what her mum was doing, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and just shouted down 'oh I'm just sorting washing out I'll be down soon love' with that she gave me a dirty look up and started slurping on my cock again, after a couple of minutes of this I said I'm going to cum expecting her to take it out and wank me, but she just went faster digging her nails in my arse forcing my cock deep in her mouth making me shoot my hot sticky load in her mouth, she just kept sucking as my cum started spilling out down her chin! She eventually stopped and pulled my cock out licking it clean! She then scooped it off her chin with her finger and swallowed that! After cleaning it all up she just started laughing saying I better change these pulling her wet knickers down from under her dress, she then threw them in the dirty washing pile and headed down stairs as I stayed stood there wondering if it that just happened!!

81% (37/9)
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2 years ago
2 years ago
3 years ago
Do you have her number Lol - enjoyed.
3 years ago
You are a lucky guy. More please.
3 years ago
Nice start
3 years ago
LoL, very good and please keep going.
3 years ago
Comment if you like and want to know what happened next time I saw her!