Fucking at work

Let me start off by saying this a 100% true story

I was working at a hotel about 5 years ago. The wife and I had just seperated and I was having a bit of a rough time with it. Well one of the house keepers starting getting more and more flirty. She was probaly a good 15 -20 yrs older than myself. And seemed to be constantly calling me to the rooms she was working in to repair one thing or another. We would playfully flirt and and talk but thats all I took it for (to be honest I was more interested in her 18yr old daughter that was working there too). One day we were talking and she started saying about how "Hot " I was..... Another I came in from outside and said about my nose being cold.... She told me she had somewhere I could warm it up. This went on for about a month and seem to increase. I would say about being a pain in her ass and she would reply "If you wanna be" One day she came in and told me she was moving because her husband had gotten a job. Later that day we were talking and she started about me being "hot" again and I just sorta played it off. The next thing I knew she walked up to me, looked me in the eyes and said "Listen.... Im going to FUCK you before I leave!!" I sort of chuckled and said "Yeah.... ok" She told me all I had to do is make the move

A few days later after seriously thinking about it I decided "What the fuck". I noticed a Sunday morning that she was the first one at work and I was there and decided that would be the day.

The day came I found which room she was cleaning.... and popped in. When I walked in I latched the door quitely behind me and walked up to her. I gently leaned over her back and started kissing her neck she started to giggle and told me to stop. I turned her around and kissed her deeply on the lips.. she didnt resist and started kissing me back. She undid me pants, began stroking my cock and dropped them down to my ankles and followed by dropped to her knees. Taking my raging hard on in her mouth she slurped and sucked me like I had never been done before. I rapped her hair around my hands and began fucking her mouth.... thrusting so deep I was gagging her. I stood her up and threw her onto the unmade bed.... I pulled her shoes off and ripped her pants and pantied down.... I got down between her thighs and barried my tongue into her dripping wet snatch.... My tongue darted around her clit... down her pussy lips... and flicked her asshole.... she squirmed and twitched... she bagan to fuck my face with her pussy. She clinched her thighs around my head as her pussy soaked my face. She pulled me to her so I could slam my cock in her. As I entered her she pulled her ankles up and begged for me to pound her. I pounded and pounded away... I slid out and rolled her over so I could fuck her behind. As I went to guide my cock back into her pussy she clinced shut and said "Wrong Hole".... She took me cock and guided into her ass..... As the head pressed into her hole I heard her gasp and felt her tighten..... then she relaxed and took the rest of it. I grabbed her hips and pounded her asshole like I was pounding her pussy.... She whimpered and clawed the bed..... I was about to pull out and cum on the floor when she told be to leave it in.... With one final thrust I pumped my hot sticky load in her asshole.

She collapsed on the bed in front of me. I leaned over.... gave her a kiss.... and walked out the door.

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1 year ago
Great show!
3 years ago
lukey lad
3 years ago
Very nice.
3 years ago
Great story. My nipples r hard from it!
3 years ago
That was HOT!!!!!! Awesome
3 years ago