My Best Friend - pt. 2

Disclaimer: If you haven't read the first part "My Best Friend", I strongly recommend that you do so. It holds pretty much all the information you need to know about the two main characters, and who they got to where they are. Again, if you've come here looking for a quick wank, you'll be disappointed. This story is about the romance between two people. There is sex, and I'll try to make it as exciting as I can, but don't forget my main purpose here.

All characters portrayed are over 18. Any persons depicted, living or dead, are completely of my own creation and not based on actual people. Also, don't steal my stuff. It's mine for a reason.

As we entered my room, it was clear what I expected to happen. Nick seemed to want it just as much, if not more, as I did and as he followed along behind me, he couldn't help but giggle. Reaching the bed, I pulled him in front of me, crushing my lips against his once more, before giving him a quick push, sending him toppling onto the bed. His eyes widened slightly as his body hit the bed, and in that short moment of surprise, I moved over him.

Grasping his hands, I slowly pushed them up the bed. Pinning them above his head, I again lowered my mouth to his as he closed his eyes. As I pulled back, a soft whimper escape his lips and his eyes fluttered open, that same pleading gaze. I slid my right hand down his body, my left keeping his arms above his head, and pushed it under his shirt, dragging the hem up his smooth belly. Lowering my other hand, I gave him a quick glance, silently telling him not to move his hands.

Leaning back, my legs now straddling his, I grabbed the bottom of his shirt, tugging it gently up his body. As it passed his head, I gave it another quick tug, pulling it off his arms and tossing it to the side. My head dropped to his neck, sucking gently at his nape. With his moans leading me, I travelled around his neck to his throat, then down the center of his chest. His back arched, pressing his body to meet my kisses as I spread them over his soft form.

As my mouth moved to his left nipple, he squeaked and a light blush covered his face. His hands started to move, perhaps out of instinct or habit, but I quickly halted them with my own, keeping them pinned above his head. I pulled my head up, looking into his eyes.

"Keep them there. Try not to move them, okay?" I didn't say it with much f***e, but for some reason it seemed to hit him harder than it should have. He closed his eyes, moaning quietly, his body squirmy as I returned to my caresses. As I continued my ministrations to his nipples, occasionally switching between the two, I let my hands begin their deliberate movements over his torso. As I started to trail away from his chest down his stomach, the phone rang. I sighed as I pulled my head back, giving him a look of resignation.

As I rolled off the bed, a groan of disappointment escaped Nick's throat as he sat up, resting on his elbows. His look told me to hurry back. Mine told him I would. I left the room, pausing at the door to glance over my shoulder at the boy that still lay on my bed. He blew me a kiss, causing me to laugh as I left. The phone's incessant ringing brought me to the living room, and as I reached it, I cut it off mid-ring.

"Hello?" I said, probably with a little more attitude than was normal. My mother's voice answered back.

"Well 'hello' to you too, Tommy. Something wrong, honey?"

"Oh, no no, Ma, I just thought it would be someone else. How are you and the f****y?" It was a term we had all used before. Rather than simply referring to my own parents, "the f****y" meant both my and Nick's parents. We had always been a close-knit group, so it was a natural question.

"Oh, we're all fine. Your father is still trying to turn your room into a home office."

"How's that going?"

"About as well as any other project he endeavors. The curses coming from that room would shake a sailor." I couldn't help but laugh at that.

"Yeah, well, you know the man best. Once he's set on it, he'll get it done, no matter what."

"Yeah, that's him. So how are things going with you and Nick?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, nervously.

"Are the two of you getting along? Sometimes living in a tight space like that can make two people get on each other's nerves."

"Oh, yeah, we're fine. He's been a real help around here, what with my job and all."

"Well, okay, as long as you two are getting along. We all just wanted to check up on you. Have a good night, sweetie."

"You too, Ma."

I hung up the phone, sighing with relief. I wasn't sure how things would change between our parents if they found out what was about to change between Nick and me. At least, I hoped things would change. But as I walked back into my bedroom, I realized it wasn't going to be tonight. Nick's small, shirtless form lay curled up against on the far side of my bed. It wasn't a large bed, by any means, but as he barely took up any room, I wasn't concerned about sharing it with him.

I walked over, gently pulling the sheet over his sl**ping body before going back to the living room for an hour or so, until I was tired. I made my way back to the bed, pulling my own shirt off and quietly slipping under the sheet, wrapping my right arm around his body and pulling him against me, spooning up behind him. He squirmed slightly, finding a comfortable position before returning to rest. The last thing I remembered before finally falling asl**p was the pleasant citrusy scent of his hair filling my senses.
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nice... more?
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A Great story!! Why rush a great thing..