Two Black Thugs Make My Day

Over in east Houston, there just seems to be a lot more hot looking black men out on the street. Some may be walking to catch a bus or some may be walking their beat trying to score something or sell something. I found my self on the near northeast side one day on my way to my roommates’s s****r’s house. Like most houses in the area, her’s was fenced and gated all the way around. I guess there is a lot of crime there but lately it seems that crime is on the rise everywhere.

So this morning, I’m trying to remember where she lives and I’m driving kind of slow through the neighborhood and I spot this nice looking black man walking on the side of the street coming straight towards me. He is dressed like most of the younger men in the area, long basketball shorts, baseball cap, nice tennis shoes and an oversized Polo shirt. I clearly remember that he looked very clean and sharp. He stared hard at me and my car as I drove close to him and even turned to get a second look as I passed. I thought to myself, “What the hell,” and I made the block passing by him again. This time I waved and he waved.

I took that as a positive if not friendly gesture because it is obvious I’m a white, older man driving a newer model car in a rather poor area. Again he turned around as I passed and looked hard in my direction. So I checked to see if I had my “Club” security device in the back seat and went for a third pass by him, this time intending to at least say, “Hello.” As I drove up, I got a closer look and he was truly very clean cut, short hair, trimmed mustache, beard and nice eyes on a handsome face. I pulled over to his side of the road, rolled my window down and said, “Hello.” He responded with the usual, “What’s up”?

I said I was trying to find this street but that I had come in from the back side and not by my usual route so I was going to drive out of the area and re-enter following the route I normally drove. Hell, I didn’t even had a street name or address. I think he must have thought my story was kind of b.s. because he just smiled a bright smile and said, “Whatever.” I laughed and tried to convince him that I was going to drop in on some friends but I know he thought I was cruising the streets looking for d**gs or something. He reached down and groped a nice sized bulge in his shorts and watched my reaction. I asked him what he was up to and he said he was just “chilling,” and thinking about headed to a 24 hour video arcade. The problem he said, was that he didn’t have the entry fee.

I asked hm what the cost was and he said $7. I had enough cash to cover us both and asked if he wanted a ride because the arcade was quite a good walk away. He got in the car and I asked if he lived in the area. He said that he was staying with his s****r but that everyone at the house was at work and he was bored. I let him know I understood and said I could visit my friends any time. I asked what he planned to do at the arcade and he just laughed. I kept after him and finally he said that he and his girlfriend were on the outs and he was looking for some head. So I said, “Are you clean?”, meaning does he have and diseases or anything. He answered that yes he was clean. I know He could have lied but from the look of him he did look neater and cleaner than average street person I’ve seen before and he smelled clean. Certainly his clothes were very neat and clean.

So I suggested we take our money and get a blunt and go back to his s****r’s house which is probably cleaner and more private. I asked how early they would be home and he said they’re never home before 5:30 p.m. Then I asked if he knew where we could buy just a single blunt or enough smoke to roll one and he answered, “Sure”, I know someone close by. He said his name was Warren and I told him my real name and he told me how to get to his dealer’s place. He pulls out a cell phone and makes a call and I realized I was going to need a little more cash. Meanwhile, he kept reaching down every so often and checking his stuff. I laughed and said, “Are those shorts too tight?” and he said the boxers weren’t his and they were bugging him. So I suggested he slip them off and go commando for now. To my surprise he slipped off his shorts, over his shoes, and pulled off the boxers giving me a really good view of his sizable, black, uncut cock and nice loose hanging balls.

He laughed and asked me if I liked the preview and I said that I sure did and that he looked to have a really nice cock and balls. I said, “You don’t mind another man taking care of you?” He said, “No way, I’m open minded and guys usually suck cock better anyway.” So I stopped at an ATM and grabbed some extra cash and we were close to his buddy’s place. He called again telling him we were near and asked his friend what he was up to. His friend must have told him he was just hanging out because Warren invited him to come with us. After he got off the phone I told him that if I didn’t like his friend the deal was off and I was leaving. He said, “Oh I think you’ll like him just fine.”

He directed me to pull in a driveway and out comes another very hot looking black man. Meaner and darker than the first and about a foot taller. This guy also had a full beard and but had shaved his head. His dark skin almost glistened in the late morning sun. He was wearing hospital scrubs and black sandals with socks. He was hard looking and under the shirt I could make out a pretty nice build. The man just got into the back seat and Warren told me to drive towards the freeway. His friend introduced himself in a detached manner as Sean. I felt a lot more tense suddenly but I tried not to show it. I introduced myself and asked the compulsory, “What’s up?” Sean looked out the window of the car and said he was glad Warren called because he was bored and horny and needed to get out of the house. I didn’t remember Warren mentioning anything on the phone about sex, but I just let it go. Two blocks down and one block south and we were at Warren’s house. They laughed when I put my Club on my car but I didn’t care. I know this neighborhood’s not safe and the Club gave me a little assurance.

So we go inside and Warren asks us all if we want something to drink and goes off to get it while Sean asked me for the cash for the blunt. I gave it to him and he pulls out this big ass blunt and I’m thinking to myself, I hope I can drive home. Warren returns with some beers and tells Sean to light up. Warren puts on a video of some hot black chicks working on these unbelievably huge black cocks. So here I am with two guys I have just met, drinking beer and smoking weed. Sean says we should all get comfortable so everybody stripped down to their boxers except Warren who left his boxers in my car. Now Warren is buck ass naked except for a white wife beater. I notice that Sean is darker and much more hairy while Warren is lighter with very smooth skin.

All three of us are sitting on a sofa facing a big screen with the porn on, not too loud. I turn and ask Warren again if anybody might surprise us and he says, “No, foo, we’re good for at least 4 or 5 hours.”
So Warren is feeling the effect of the blunt and the beer and is pulling on his cock. Sean, meanwhile, is slowly stroking his cock through his shorts. Sean has taken off his shirt and I’m very pleased to see his hard hairy body to go with his furry legs. I’m feeling no pain at this point and I go over and kneel in front of Warren who points his cock right at my mouth. I grab both legs and start licking his club-sized cock and slowly sucking it into my mouth. As I rub his legs, he moans and pushes more of his cock into my mouth. I went down between his legs and licked and sucked on both of his balls. As I look up, Sean is standing next to me with a huge, dark black, hairy and uncut beauty of a cock pointed at my face. I turn and put it into my mouth and start to lick all around that hot foreskin. Sean grabs my head and f***es his cock all the way in. He starts fucking my mouth with his big black fuck stick. Warren is watching this with his eye kind of glazed over. He asked me if I had some poppers. I handed him some and the three of us passed the bottle around. After Sean took a good hit, he really pounded my mouth hard. Warren grabbed my head and takes charge of my mouth fucking my mouth deep, down into my throat. Sean takes another hit of those poppers and starts stroking his cock. I told him not to cum and he asked why? I just said I had some other plans for that big cock.

Sean asked me what I was thinking about. Now, I’m on my knees with my head deep in Warren’s crotch. I paused a minute and pulled my boxers down exposing my ass. Sean walks over behind me and starts rubbing my ass. Warren, meanwhile, looks up at what Sean is doing. Sean spreads my ass open and starts to play with my ass. He spits on his fingers and rubs my ass getting it wet. The next thing I know he has his tongue in my ass. Damn! I almost came feeling his beard and tongue working on my hole. Warren has grabbed my head hard and is really fucking my face. His cock is leaking like crazy. He’s taking hit after hit on the poppers and I try to slow down on his cock. I want both of these hot thugs to fuck my ass.

Sean has worked a couple fingers into my ass and is satisfied that I am clean and ready. So the next thing I feel is the head of his cock working its way into my ass. He didn’t even bother with a condom. He’s just slowly loading all 10" of his big thick cock into me. I push back against him to show him I want it all. Finally I feel his balls against mine and I know he is in all the way. I feel this unbelievable fullness in my ass and his two hands holding my hips. He grabs the poppers from Warren, takes a good hit, hands me the bottle and starts to plow my ass. He slowly pulls almost all the way out and then suddenly shoves the whole thing back in. I took a deep hit on the poppers and soon was relaxed and taking his thick hot cock in stride. He pushes all the way in and then pulls his cock almost all the way out so I feel the rim of his head on my ass lips every time. Damn, he knows how to fuck. Soon he starts pounding my ass hard and as deep as he can go, plunging his big rod and making my cock leak. Warren takes a cue from this and shoves his dark black meat deep into my throat, holding both sides of my head as he face fucks me. Sean pushes and pushes until soon I am laying on my stomach with one leg pulled up high so he can get deep in me. Meanwhile my face is still impaled on Warren’s cock.

Warren then gets up and tells Sean he wants some ass. So they pull me back up onto my knees on the edge of the bed and take turns shoving their cocks in my ass. The poppers are making their way around and I get a turn at them. I had heard that you’re supposed to take three deep whiffs so I tried that and slowly inhaled three deep times. Damn, if my head wasn’t spinning as these two studs stuffed my ass with their cocks. Each time, Sean or Warren would linger in my ass fucking harder and faster and I knew they were getting close. I squeezed my ass as tight as I could make it to give them as much tightness as I could. That made Sean go crazy and he fucked me like a wild man, pushing his cock deep in my ass so I could feel his balls hit mine. Soon I heard his breathing get stronger and faster and they he yelled out that he was cumming. I told him to fill me with his load and he shoved that cock in all the way and I could feel it throbbing and shooting deep inside me. He fucked me over and over until finally he pulled out his softening cock and Warren was ready to take his place. Warren took the poppers and inhaled deeply and told me, “Get ready Stevie, I’m going to finish this job.” Warren thrust his big fuck stick deep in my ass and was fucking me hard and fast. My cock was just dripping like crazy and I knew if I touched it I would explode. I squeezed my ass for him and he went wild. He pounded me hard and his body slapped against mine as he fucked me. I waited for him to get ready and then I grabbed my cock making me start to cum. When I did my ass involuntarily squeezed his cock over and over as he filled me with his load. He came and came over and over again and I could feel the cum dripping down my balls even though he was deep inside me. He was cussing and moaning as he shoot off and emptied his balls of their load in my ass. I had shot all over the bed and made a nice puddle of cum. These two hot black men are coming down from being high, the poppers and having just shot their wads. They sat back and relaxed for a while. Warren tells me where I can go to the bathroom and tells me not to spill a drop. I carefully get up and go to the bathroom.

When I come back, the two studs have relit the blunt and are passing it back and forth. I check my phone and it’s only about 2 pm. So I just sat down on the sofa where I’d been earlier. Both men are once again stroking full hardons. So I asked them if they wanted more. They stood on either side of me and stroked their hard cocks aiming them right at my face. I leaned over and sucked one and then the other. When I wasn’t sucking their cocks they were stroking them hard and fast. By now I had been thinking that these two have done this before. As I was finishing this though I heard deep moaning from Warren who started to shoot another load of hot cum all over my face. I tried getting it in my mouth but he was determined to cover me in cum. Soon Sean was groaning and doing the same thing, unloading a huge white creamy load all over my face. I licked all the cum I could off their two cocks as I quickly reached up with my right hand and scooped up that hot cum and started to beat my meat with it. I shot all over myself with their hot loads while they watched and grinned.

Warren handed me a towel and I wiped myself off as best as I could. Sean looked over at me and grinned. Warren laughed and said to me, “So white man, do you think you could find your way back over here?” I smiled at both of them and said, “I am pretty sure I could.” Sean handed me another blunt. I said, “What’s this?” He laughed and said, “You paid for it, Stevie.” I checked my wallet and sure enough, all my cash was gone. I just smiled back at Sean and said, “Ok. Fair enough. I’ll probably save it until I can see you two again.” Warren said, “That sounds like a plan. We’ll be around next Friday.” I could feel my ass twitch as I thought about seeing these two hot thugs again. I got dressed and checked my phone and what was left of my wallet. I said, “Keep the poppers boys, I bring some new ones.” I looked at these two hunks as I turned to leave and thought that was great way to spend the day. Warren yelled, “Hey Steve, don’t you want my number?” I just smiled and told him I already had it in my phone. He didn’t know I had borrowed the phone when I went to the bathroom.
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2 months ago
A wonderful adventure.
4 months ago
4 months ago
wow if I wasn't so neverious about that kind of situation I'd try it myself