Adult Store Arabian Cock

Adult Store Arabian Dick

I live on the west side of the city. I’ve often commented that this city seems to have as many adult book stores and sex shops than any other places I’ve ever visited. You can Google search and come up with several nearby, no matter what your neighborhood is. I would visit this one store that carried the kind of poppers I like and the clerk was friendly but never seemed even remotely interested. It was always, “How are things going?”, “How are you today”, and other simple, but polite comments. One day he asked me if I have tried another product similar to poppers but more intense. You spray it one a small towel, handkerchief or whatever and then inhale the vapors through your nose and/or mouth. He offered me a discount if I would be three cans. So, I reasoned that they must not be too i*****l since they sell them here and in a couple other places I’ve visited.

Damn, if he wasn’t right. His store has no movies or arcade, but just a stone’s throw away is another place that has glory holes. I grabbed a can of this stuff, I had my own handkerchief and paid the entrance and went in. I noticed the usual number of men standing around and a few were jerking off with their doors open and some doors were shut tight and locked. I went in the adjacent booth and was checking out the movie when I felt someone blowing on me. I looked in the hole and saw a bearded face so I thought, “what the hell?” and took my cock out. I’m average, 6" but thick and cut and always clean. Soon, the man on the other side was giving me an expert blow job with nice tongue action and very warm and wet. I was really enjoying it and when someone is this good I can allow myself to cum pretty quick. I thought I would see what it would be like to enjoy this with my new “spray” form of poppers.

I thought I would go through the wall it was so intense. My cock was literally throbbing and I wanted to unload in this nice hot mouth. The guy next door knocked on the way and asked for a spray. He pushed a towel through the hole and I took it and gave it several good sprays getting it nice and wet. I sprayed my handkerchief again and took a good, long inhale of the stuff and put my cock back through the whole. It was like a wild b**st was sucking my cock. He had gone from tame to fucking amazing in an instant. My cock responded and started leaking like crazy, giving him a good dose of pre-cum and seconds later I could feel the need to dump my load like crazy. He was so much more intense that the next thing that happened I was filling his mouth with squirt after squirt of hot wet cum and he was taking every drop. Soon I felt the need to piss and he was still sucking on my now very sensitive cock.

He passed his towel back to me and I just handed him the can. He took it, I heard the spray and then his finger signaled for my cock again. I leaned down and told him I had to piss and his finger signaled for my cock again. So I stuck my softening cock back through the hole as he engulfed it with his mouth. Soon I could not hold back and slowly I started to let my piss go into his mouth. He swallowed me deeper and damn the experience was fucking intense. I couldn’t tell but I’m pretty sure he took every drop. I was completely drained. He handed me back the can but I whispered for him to keep it.

As I left the booth the usual crowd of onlookers/listeners was soon to fill my vacant space but the other man was soon following me out the door of the store. He caught up to me and thanked me. I told him that I should be thanking him and told him my legs were still shaking. Soon we got to my car and invited him to get in. He asked me where I found the spray stuff and I told him that I just bought it and this was my first try of it. He said it was his first time too but wouldn’t be his last. It turned out that we were both married and needed to get home so we exchanged names and numbers. Fucking his hot hairy ass with that spray has become a favorite of both of us when we can get together.

So, I needed to go back to the store and get some more. I remembered that I had bought them during the morning and thought that might be the time to return and see the friendly clerk again. Sure enough, a few days later, I was back at his store pretty early one morning and he was behind the counter/window. He asked me if I liked them and I told him that’s why I came back. He offered me a discount and I jumped at the chance. This was the first time I really checked him out. He was a bit taller than me which made him over 6 feet, had darker skin and a trimmed beard and mustache. So I asked where he was from and he said he was here from Pakistan. I asked him if they had stores like this in Pakistan and he smiled a bright smiled and assured me that, “No, this would not be permitted in his country.” Knowing that if he was Arabic, he was very close to his f****y so I asked him if his f****y knows where he works. He blushed and told me that there is no way he would tell them where he was working. It turns out that he was the manager of the store and he said the pay was much more than he could earn at home. He laughingly said that his f****y thinks he works at Barnes and Noble.

I asked if he lived here alone and he said he was saving up money to bring his wife over to the USA. Knowing that this is a very expensive and time consuming task I just asked when he had been home last. It turned out that he had not been home nor seen his f****y in over 2 years. I expressed my sincere sorrow at hearing this to which he responded that he appreciated that I seemed to care for him and his situation. Looks and all aside, I do feel that sometimes our immigration laws are biased toward the wealthy. So I told him of the only agency I know that helps with immigration and how to reach them. Then he surprised me and asked me what I did with the poppers and the spray. I was very forthright with him and told him that they enhanced sex and were useful in many situations. He seemed to want to know more and I was eager to tell him but worried someone would over hear our conversation. I asked him if he was alone and what time other customers would be coming in. He assured me we were the only two in the store and that it was so early he wasn’t expecting anyone for a couple of hours.

So, as I said before, he was tall, about 6' 2" and close to 200 lbs. Tall, thin and lanky with caramel colored skin, a trimmed beard and those amazing Arabic eyes. He always wore loose fitting cloths so I never got a hint of what he had in his pants but I guessed it must be nice sized and cut as are all Muslim men. I told him how the spray was used and that it enhanced sex much more so than the other type of poppers in the small glass bottles. His curiosity was not satisfied and he wanted to try them. I warned him that they would make him a little dizzy especially if he never used anything like them. He exited his locked and glassed in cahsier’s area and went over and locked the front door. I was wondering what he was up to but he just motioned for me to follow him.

We went to another area of the store and entered a small room where there was a love seat, table and chairs, fridge and a TV. He motioned for me to sit on the love seat and he pulled a chair out from the table. Then he said, “Let me try this stuff.” I told him they were intended to add to or heighten a person’s sexual experience so he says, “OK”, and unzips his pants and pulls out his soft cock. It was a damn nice piece of meat and wasn’t even beginning to get hard. He looked at me with those deep black eyes and said to me, “You like?” I quickly said, “Yes, it is very nice, big and fat.” “Suck it”, he says. So I got on my knees as he spread his legs and began to lick and suck on his beautiful fat cock. I took a can and sprayed some on a small towel I had with me and took a deep whiff. He watched me carefully and then reached for the towel. I sprayed some more on it and handed it too him. He took a quick whiff but pulled it away from his nose complaining that it was too strong. Not wanting to waste it I grabbed the towel and inhaled deeply, returning my attention to his hardening cock. Soon the effects of the spray had him and he was moaning and trying to get deeper in my mouth.

I looked up at him and said, you like it now? He didn’t say anything but took his big cock and hit me in the face with it. I took another hit and prepared one for him. This time he took care to inhale more slowly and his cock was now a fully hard, nine inch beauty. I swallowed him all the way down and squeezed his cock with my throat muscles. He really liked that, grabbing my head and fucking my throat. I came up for air and started to lick his balls. He reached down and grabbed his cock, lifting it up so I could get to both of his big balls easily. I licked and sucked on them eagerly but gently and he handed me back the towel for some more spray. I sprayed some on it for him and handed it back to him as he moved slightly forward on the chair, allowing my tongue to get close to his asshole. He took a deep whiff this time and pulled his pants down further so he could spread his hair covered legs. I grabbed the towel and took a nice hit and went down to lick his ass. He said something in Arabic and pushed my head into his crack, letting my tongue get right into his hole. I looked up as he is inhaling deeply from the towel and asking me for the can. By now I trusted he wouldn’t overdo it and handed it to him.

He sprayed a good amount on a towel and f***ed it to my mouth. I inhaled deeply and he grabbed the cloth and replaced it with his dripping cock. Precum was flowing from his piss slit. He took a deep whiff himself and was pumping my mouth with his big hard cock... getting it as deep as he could. I obliged him and swallowed it all the way down again, once more squeezing it with my throat. He held my head in this position as his cock throbbed and he pumped a huge load of thick cream straight into my throat. I couldn’t move but managed to get some air as he calmed down and his dick slowly returned to normal. I took it in my hand and squeezed it gently from the bottom to the top and was rewarded with a nice taste of his thick cream. He regained his composure and told me that was “fucking awesome.” I said, “Thanks, I sure liked it too.” Then he surprised me and asked me if I liked getting fucked. I told him that yes, sometimes I did. I asked if he lived alone and he said, “No, but my cousin is at home visiting f****y for a while.”

He gave me his number, his name, which I hadn’t known until now, and said to come in some day around 3 pm and I could follow him home and that he lived close by. I told him my name and that it sounded like a good idea. He pulled himself together and I realized that almost an hour had passed. He said he enjoyed it a lot but he wanted to try it while fucking. I thought about the prospect of having that big cock inside me and looked forward to the chance to see him again. I just hope he doesn’t bring his wife over too soon now.

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10 months ago
very nice
10 months ago
Very hot! I want me some o dat!
10 months ago
Great story! Would love to find some!