Men of the Middle East, Part 1

The Middle East has always been an intriguing and amazing place. The multitude of cultures and faiths makes it a volatile atmosphere with need for a variety of outlets. Some releases come in the form of v******e, but there is also a lot of sex happening and it’s the kind of sex people don’t want to speak of. “The love that dared not speak its name” is alive and active all over the middle east and has been for centuries. I had two chances to go to Israel, Jordan and Egypt in 1990 and again in 1992. In all three countries I found extremely friendly, nice looking, masculine men who were eager to step out of bounds for a little fun on the side.

I was traveling with group tours on both occasions. Here are a few of the experiences I had on these two trips. Our first stop was Queen Alia International Airport. In the kingdom of Jordan. It was a little unnerving to arrive at a huge, cavernous and modern airport populated only by men in military uniform. Well, unnerving and stimulating. Eye contact was curious and extremely aggressive. I learned later that strong eye contact is a form of establishing domination and is used by men seeking other men to serve as their subdominant partners. Nice tactic but the uniforms and guns at the airport prevented me from doing anything. However, once we were on our tour bus, I couldn’t help but notice the man in the far back row. Wearing a tan suit and tie, he looked like a professional Arab businessman. He was about 5' 10" tall, very strong build and was dark... very eyes... with thick eyebrows and mustache. I noticed he had a gun hidden under his jacket worn in a shoulder holster. I asked Ehab, our e****t, about this and he told me the man was there for our security. I, for one, felt more secure each time I looked at the bulge in his pants.
That night at dinner I noticed our leader was missing and learned he was fighting a stomach bug that was going to make its way through our group. Since he wouldn’t be there to keep an eye on me I filled my plate from the buffet and asked the “security officer” if he minded if I joined him. To my surprise I was greeted by a shining smile of perfect white teeth and thick full lips. He spoke a little bit of English and we enjoyed a nice dinner together. Most of our group was fearful of the buffet and ate in the more American style café. I soon learned the name of this hunk was Shahram. He was assigned to accompany us for the 36 hours that we would spend in Jordan. I asked him if he cared to have a drink in the lounge of the hotel and after a little persuasion we left the restaurant to find a quiet table in the hotel bar. Shahram was 42 years old, married and ex-military. I was 30 at the time, single and a confirmed homosexual. I had learned early on in life that I liked men. The more masculine, the better. Most people tell me I am intimidating and mean looking, with my buzzed hair, short beard and strong but large build. Shahram was very friendly once I got him talking and had lots of questions about life in the USA. He talked briefly about being married and having k**s and asked me where my wife was. I assured him that I was not the “marrying kind.” Then, every now and again, I felt his knee brush against mine sending shockwaves through my body. The first few times I moved away but after a couple of drinks I let my leg stay put. His hand found its way to my leg a couple of times in conversation as he too was getting more relaxed with each drink.
I had a private room as one of the group leaders and was thinking of how to invite this stud into my bed when he asked me who my roommate was for the trip. I told him I was flying solo and preferred not to have a roommate when traveling. His immediate smile told me he had an idea of what I was up to. My room was on the 10th floor and offered a beautiful view of the desert city of Amann. I asked Shahram if we could get a couple of drinks and take them to my room. He quickly spoke with the bartender, I paid the tab, left a nice tip and we were on our way. It was about 11 pm but I wasn’t ready for sl**p in any way. On the way up in the elevator Shahram put his arm around my shoulders and asked me how I got to be so “big and strong.” I reached around and grabbed him and complimented his rugged and strong build. He pulled me tight against him and I could feel his hard body against mine. The elevator doors opened and we made our way to my room laughing and joking about who was stronger.

Once we got to my room, his suit coat came off along with a nice breeze of manly scent and the smell of his leather holster. He took the coat and hung it up and placed the holster on the top shelf of the closet. Now he wanted to see who had bigger muscles. I took off my shirt and showed him that I was big but that he was probably more muscular. He stripped off his dress shirt revealing a white wife beater over a fur-covered muscular torso. The hair barely stopped at his neckline and it was clear that he shaved at least once a day to keep his smooth chin. He must have known at that point that I was going to be on my knees in front of him because he lifted both arms up and flexed his biceps for me to drool over. Doing so, another wave of natural odor came from his furry pits. At this point I reached out to touch his chest. Our eyes met and he smiled brightly, revealing his perfect white teeth and said, “What do you want big man?” I looked at him, dizzy with lust and said, “I want you. I want to hear you moan.” He kicked off his shoes and his pants fell off revealing his white y fronts, filled with his big fat Arab cock. He sat down in the chair and looked at me as if I were his slave and said, “You will do whatever I tell you.” I answered, “Whatever you tell me.... yes, without any problem.” “Good,” was his only response.

He told me to get on my knees and smell of his balls. He spoke some words in Arabic and then said that all Americans are attracted to him because of his good looks and build. I took in his arrogance as I did his natural body odor and it added to my lust for him. I stroked his thick, dark, hairy legs - black dress socks pulled up over his calves and stroked his inner thighs. He spread his legs wide and his cock was rock hard in front of my face, under his briefs. I licked my way up his legs and smelled his crotch scent, taking in his musky odor. This guy was 110% man and very into the natural dominant - subdominant situation we playing out.

He put his strong hand on my pulled my face to his crotch. I felt his hard cock and fat balls against my face as I inhaled and kissed them both through his briefs. He ordered me to take his cock out with my mouth and soon I was licking a very fat, cut, 8" masterpiece. He pushed harder and soon I had his cock in my mouth. I was tonguing under his thick head while trying to swallow the whole thing..wanting to show him how much I admired his cock. He lifted his hips and shucked down his briefs treating me once again to another wave of natural male scent, wafting from his sweaty balls and crotch. I slid my tongue down between his balls and legs, in that special place where a man’s legs come together. He moaned and his cock was leaking pre-cum. I licked up every drop and took him all the way down my throat, bury my face in his thick bush. Realizing I could swallow him, his f***efully pushed my head all the way down, thrusting his cock deep into my throat. I showed my appreciation for this by squeezing his cock with my throat and licking the shaft with my tongue. He mumbled more loudly and aggressively in Arabic and grabbed my ears with both hands fucking my mouth.

He ordered me to suck him, telling me I was his cocksucker and his to use as he wanted. I think he knew this was getting me more and more excited as I pulled out my dick and started jacking off. He kicked my hand away and, yelled at me, “NO! You do not touch yourself. I will tell you when you may do that.” He pushed me back and ordered me to get undressed and get on the bed. He took off his shirt leaving himself with only his black, nylon dress socks. The sight of this incredibly masculine, dominant, man standing by the bed was almost enough to make me shoot right then. He walked over to the bed where I was laying and stood on the mattress, legs spread, over me. I dared to reach up and touch his hair covered legs, stroking his calves and reaching up to his low-hanging balls. Shahram then slowly sat over my mouth letting me lick and suck each of his balls, one after the other while his cock dripped its honey on my beard.

He moaned as I gently grazed his balls with my teeth and then shoved his cock in my mouth and started fucking my face.. This position allowed me a great view of his thick, meaty hair covered ass. I reached up and rubbed his back and thighs and then spread his ass open. The rich, musky scent of a real man’s ass greeted me as I spread his cheeks open. I pulled my mouth off his cock and licked his balls some more as I prepare to dive into his hole. I kissed his hairy buns as he moaned loudly, and grabbed my head, pushing my face into his hairy ass. My tongue found its target as he yelled out loud. I thrust into his hairy hole as deeply as I could. Realizing I wanted to lick his ass, he squatted over my face and pulled his buns apart, again saying something in Arabic. He was enjoying my tongue work on his hole and to my surprise, reached down and stroked my hard cock. I was dripping all over myself and throbbing only moments away from exploding.

I yelled out, “Fuck my face Shahram!”, and he shifted backwards to stuff his throbbing meat into my mouth again. He was breathing heavily and waves of excitement moved through his body. His thick thighs gripped my head as he found a way to fuck my face from above. In only moments his cock swelled up and I felt the shots of his cum hit the back of my throat. Wanting to taste and savor this rich cream, I pulled off leaving only his cockhead in my mouth as he gave me a full load. He was moaning and calling me names in Arabic words I couldn’t understand, but his grip in my head with his thighs never loosened until the last drop of cum oozed out of his meat. Shahram reached down to stroke my dick but I pushed his hand away. I was in the zone and there was no way I wanted to cum if there was any chance of getting him to fuck my ass.

He laid back on the bed again speaking in Arabic. I sat up and looked at the sight of this fucking stud lying on my hotel bed, gloriously masculine, mature, covered in dark hair with his eyes slightly glazed in the aftermath of his climax. He looked up at me, smiled, and said, “I’ve never had anyone do that to me.” “Do what?” I asked. He replied, “You put your tongue in there. That’s is something we would never do.” I asked if he enjoyed it and he smiled and said, “I’ve never felt anything that wonderful.” I smiled back at him and said, “There are more wonderful things we can do if you want to spend the night with me.” He pulled me to him and said, he had nowhere he needed to be until morning. I kissed him on his neck and he turned to me, kissing my fully on the lips. My cock started throbbing even more.
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Great story, looking forward to Part 2