Master and His slut: The Weekend Part Four

When I got out of the shower, I sat at the vanity, carefully looking at myself. I began to apply my makeup so that I would look seductive and trashy. My Master came and stood in the doorway. He smiled at me as he walked over to me, his fingers in my hair leaned over and kissed the top of my head. My body even though tired responded instinctively with a tingle and my nipples perked up.

“My beautiful slut,” he said as his hands slid down from my shoulders to my tits.

“Thank you Master”, I said purring. I was butter in his hands, his very presence made me want to do whatever he wanted. He handed me a short black silk robe to wear and led me out by the hand back to the dining room. The other three men were sitting in chairs around the table. My Master had me take a seat at one end of the table and he took the seat opposite me. There was a plate of food and some water in front of me.

“My darling slut. You may eat and drink”, Master X said, “you will need nourishment and it is not my intention to starve you.”

I thanked him and listened to him as he continued to speak. The men were listening intently as well. I had half expected for one of them to begin ravaging me at the table again.

“Now my precious gift, it is important that you understand the rules” my Master went on to say, “after all I went through a lot of work to organize an elaborate training session for you.”

I nodded in agreement. Now I was going to learn what their intent was for me and with me. Looking at those I had served just earlier was getting me aroused and had hoped they wouldn’t notice. I moved my focus back to Master and did my best to give my full attention.

“To begin with this weekend you will have four owners” he said.
“Such a lucky sexslave you are” said Lord Dariff with a wink.
“As are we to have such a willing submissive whore for our use” commented Sir Paul.

I thanked them and continued to listen.

“To begin with you will remain with all of your holes available to us at all times for our enjoyment as well as those massive tits”, Master said, “We will lay out your outfits and we will provide your discipline when we see fit...or for our pleasure”

“Not to worry we will make good use of you,” Sir Paul spoke next; “It is our intention to train you to be the slut that we know you are, better yet the one you dream of being.”.

“You will have little sl**p since your job is to satisfy us” Master John stated, “so when you do rest make sure you sl**p.”

“What we gave you earlier was shall I say appetizer for us as well as for you”, Lord Dariff added.

“I understand Sirs,” I acknowledged.

Master looked across the table, smiling at me started to speak again. Nervous with expectation I eagerly awaited what he was to say.

“We have many tasks and plans for you” he continued, “are you ready for your lessons to begin?”

“Yes Master” I answered.

Master Jon had walked to the bar and poured himself a drink. On his way back to the table he stopped behind me and placed his hand on one of my exposed breasts, gently flicking my nipple. “These huge melons will be my favorite toy” he sneered as he released my tit.

Walking back to his seat he looked at me with intent. I knew he was already making plans for my tits and me. Surprisingly the mere thought of what may happen was making my nipples erect and my pussy wet again.

“If you are at any time uncomfortable with what we are doing, you will discuss the matter with me and me alone,” my Master stated.

“We also will leave you to rest in the living room,” Lord Dariff said, “this is so that we have easier access to you for every hour we are here.”

“Do you have any questions for us?” Master Jon quizzed.

“At the moment I can think of nothing Sirs,” I replied.

“Good then after you eat we will continue with your slut training” Sir Paul remarked.

I nodded my head in agreement. The men began to smirk and seemingly appeared at ease with the discussion. I could feel my pussy getting wet and the feeling of needing a good stiff cock. I couldn’t help but let the smile form upon my face. I finished eating and placed my dishes on the room service cart along with the dishes from their meal earlier.

“Slut,” Lord Dariff called, “come and join us on the terrace.”

As I stepped out onto the terrace I could see we had a view of the water’s edge and you could hear the waves hitting the beach. They had me sit down in a lounge chair. Sir Paul placed his hand on my cunt. Looking somewhat disappointed he began to speak to the others and not me.

“The slut is moist but not wet,” he started, “how shall we remedy this?”

With that Master Jon went back inside and returned with two dildos and a vibrator.

“I say we should get an after dinner show”, he stated matter-of-factly. “Oh don’t worry slut we may join in.”

Master Jon handed the large dildo to my Master. Then Lord Dariff leaned over me and then opened my robe and instructed me to spread my legs wide. Sir Paul took rope out of his pocket and began to tie my left ankle to the leg of the chair and then my right ankle to the right leg. He proceeded to have me place my arms behind my back and tied my hands. My Master and Lord Dariff were consulting one another and then told Sir Paul to continue to bind me. He reached to the table for some more rope and proceeded to make a rope bra forcing my tits to stand out even more. I was open and exposed ready to be used as they saw fit. Master John came to me and sneered, as he looked me over. He began smacking my tits with his open hand. Stinging with each slap then rubbing them. He pulled a chair and sat himself in front of me, so close I could feel his breath upon me. He leaned in and began to play with my nipples, pulling on them and pinching them. He would release them as he would twist and began again, repeating this before placing one in his mouth.

“I have to say the only complaint I have with these tits is that they don’t make milk anymore” he chuckled. “After all what better use for tits the size of udders!”

Master Jon resumed sucking and biting my nipples, arousing me with each touch making my nipples stand more erect. Caught up in the teasing of my tits I suddenly felt his hand in my pussy, first two fingers, and then four flicking my clit.

“Yes slut, now you are getting wet!” he said, “You love being our whore don’t you, having four men use you again and again.”

In between the moans I gasped a breathy; “Yes Sir.”

I had closed my eyes as my clit was being stimulated with his fingers, I could hear the sounds my wet pussy was making as his fingers were fucking me. I knew if it continued I would cum all over his hand. he must have sensed it to, he pulled out his hand and stood up.

“Clean my fingers slut” he told me, “I want you to suck off your cunt juices now.”

Upon his command I opened my mouth and began to lick my own juices. Sir Paul now took the seat Master Jon had been sitting in and had a large dildo in his hand. He then started to insert it into my already dripping cunt.

“Move your ass to the edge of the seat”, Sir Paul stated, “I am going to fuck your cunt now slut.”

“Yes Sir,” I replied.

I felt a slap on my very tender tits and a pinch of my nipples.

“No slut,” he began, “you say thank you!”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir!” I quickly said.

I could see my Master, he had moved out of view and went back into the suite leaving me to the devices of the others. I then heard what was becoming a familiar sound of zippers being undone. It was Master Jon and Lord Dariff, they had their cocks out and were on either side of me.

“A slut like you should know what to do in this situation” Lord Dariff stated.

I opened my mouth and he put his cock in and I began to suck him off, his cock grew quickly in my mouth as I tightened my lips around his thick hard cock. Then I felt Master Jon’s cock smacking in on the face, it was his turn now. I sucked on Lord Dariff for a few more and removed my mouth from his cock now accepting Master Jon’s cock in my mouth. His cock was not as thick as Lord Dariff, but his was still a big cock that would require me to relax my jaw as much so not to gag on his length. SIR Paul was fucking my pussy hard with the dildo when he decided to place a thick vibrator and stretch my pussy. My pussy reacted by getting wetter and loosening up to accept having two items in it.

Sir Paul got up and went to retrieve another vibrator, he removed the dildo and placed the vibrator in its place. I was still sucking off Lord Dariff and Master Jon, moaning with the excitement of pleasing two cocks and having two vibrators in my pussy.

While I was sucking the two men off they would play, pinch and pull on my tits only to make me moan louder.

“Oh look, I do believe the whore is enjoying herself too,” commented Sir Paul.

“Are you liking this slut?” Master Jon questioned.

“Yes, slut tell us how you enjoy servicing us” Lord Dariff demanded to know.

With a cock in my mouth I was able to utter a “Yes Sirs”.

Another cock began to tap on my face for attention. This time it was Sir Paul. I opened my mouth again, finding it more difficult with two vibrators going off in my pussy. The sight must have been as exciting to the men because I could heear them grunt and groan as I moved my mouth from cock to cock. I had been ravaged in my mouth with cocks that I had not noticed that my Master had not yet returned to the balcony.

I could hear the sliding door to the suite open from behind me. It was my Master returning. I felt a flush come over my body. I felt as though I had betrayed him, when all he did was beam at me with a smile.

“Gentlemen, we need to hurry to make the show.” Master had said.

“You hear the man,’ Lord Dariff said, “make us cum whore.”

“We expect you to swallow,” Sir Paul said, “don’t miss a drop either whore, you hear!”

“Yes Sir, this slut will swallow your seed!” I said.

I began to work my mouth and they each took their turns fucking my face, causing me gag occasionally. Then Lord Dariff came first and held my head so that his cock so that he was able to empty himself in me. Then I stimulated Master Jon who also came and let out a loud grunt as he did, grabbing my hair and shoving up and down his cock to make certain I swallowed him wholly too. As they removed themselves Sir Paul was last and was playing hard with my tits and nipples. Stimulating not just me but himself so that he would come, and then unleashed the largest load in my mouth slamming his cock to the back of my throat when he did. I was elated to have been able to take in all that they gave me. My pussy was still being stimulated with the vibrators and wanted to increase the intensity on them so I could cum.

The men stepped away and my Master approached. He kissed my forehead and gently caressed the side of my face turning me to look into his eyes.

“My pretty slut”, Master said, “You have been a good girl, so i will reward you later.”

“Yes Master, thank you.” I whispered back.

“Remember, this weekend is a gift for you as well as for me”, Master stated, “You will become the whore you want to be and I will have the pleasure of owning such a prized pet as you.”

I nodded my head knowing it was what I had asked him for.

He took the ropes off of my hands freeing them only to retie them to the arms of the chairs. He took the remotes of the vibrators and lowered them to a hum. I began to panic.

“Now, now my pet do not look so worried,” he said speaking to me again., ‘I told you that you will be rewarded. You do trust me don’t you?”

“With my life Master”, I responded. He kissed me again and left me tied and still exposed. I heard the front door of the suite open and close. They left me to sit here on the balcony waiting for whatever would be next.

I sat there thinking about all that had transpired since I had woken up this morning. The more I thought about the days events and the anticipation of the weekend as it unfolded I became more aroused. The vibrators kept teasing my pussy until my clit began to feel numb. I wanted so desperately to cum, I would have done anything they asked for one good hard orgasm.

After what seemed like an hour I heard the door open. I could see past the curtains the four familiar faces that I had been eagerly awaiting. There was one man I did not recognize.

Lord Dariff pulled the curtain open all the way. “We did not lie my friend” he said to the unknown man, “Here she is a willing slut!”

The man was aghast and seemed a little bewildered at what his eyes were seeing.

“You mean to tell me that woman there is yours”, he said sounding a little d***k, “to do with as you see fit.”

“If you don’t believe us ask her yourself” Master Jon said.

“Just remember our bet” my Master said, “she is deserving and I will attest to her cleanliness.”

“Slut”, my Master said now addressing me, “tell this man who you are please.”

“I am a slutty fuck hole owned by Master x and to be shared this weekend by Master Jon, Lord Dariff and Sir Paul.”

The man seemed to be in shock, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing me say.

“Now George” my Master said, “Time for you to pay up!”

I had wondered if this George character was another man I would have to service. He was a portly white male in his mid-fifties with a balding head and glasses. I became quiet and still again, but could see George removing his suit jacket, shirt and tie. He placed them on the sofa along with his glasses and made his way outside to me.

“You can start anytime, we will give you your privacy”, Sir Paul said as he closed the d****s.

This George character began to touch my tits and got on his knees and removed the vibrators from my pussy. He asked me if it were possible for me to move myself to the edge of the chair. I did for what I assumed would be some more finger and dildo fucking. Instead he began to lick my pussy, making circles with his tongue around my clit. He took his fingers and shoved them in and out of my now very juicy pussy. His mouth was making my pussy desire his tongue more. The darting of it on and around my clit and then his long licks along the sides of my pussy was making me crazy. He ate my pussy greedily and kept finger fucking me. I could smell my musk and hear the sounds of a wet pussy being lapped up and finger fucked. With my hands tied down I couldn’t take his head and shove it like I had wanted, making me squirm and writhe with passion. I began to moan when he hit that spot that made me gush as I came hard in his mouth. I had expected him to stop, to let me calm down but he kept going on. My body began to shake uncontrollably.

“No, no please no more” I said in as hushed tone.

“Oh you thought I was done?” replied George, “See that is not what is happening here tonight, I met those guys at the bar downstairs and ...”

They just met? My head was wrapping itself again around the notion that a true stranger to not just Master but his friends and me was using my pussy now.

“..they told me they had a big titted slut ready for fun”, he continued, “I bet them you weren’t real just a joke guys say at the bar.”

He was still inserting his fingers in my pussy. I was so wet there was a puddle under me from my cum. Each time he touched my pussy I shook, he bent down and returned to licking me some more.

“See, I LOVE eating pussy” George stated with glee, “and I told those guys if you were real I would eat your pussy until one of us passes out!”

“please no more, I can’t take it”, I pleaded with him.

George didn’t care, he was back to licking and fingering. Sucking hard on my clit that would make me scream. To resolve that issue he shoved something in my mouth.

“Now just shut up and let me eat this pretty pussy” George requested.

He would take breaks every now and then, putting one of the vibrators in when he was giving his jaw a break. Sometimes he would merely lap on my nipples which were still in a rope bra.

After having multiple orgasms I was ready to pass out. George got up to leave.

“I am here all weekend in Room 417”, He leaned in and told me, “I hope I will have the pleasure of that sweet tasting pussy again!”

With those words he opened the sliding door and returned to the others. I could hear some chatter and laughter. The door opened again it was my Master.

“So slut, did you enjoy yourself?” he asked me as he began to remove the ropes

“Master that was too much!” I said still shaking, “I thought I was going to pass out”

“Well my dear that is part of your reward and training.’ Master answered me.

“Thank you Master” i knew to reply.

Once I was free of the bindings i was excused to go use the restroom and clean up. It was time for me to head to bed. Still who knew what was waiting for me on this trip.

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Very Hot Story..........Looking forward to more.
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Loved your story. you seem pretty good at this. keep up the good work!
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Vacation Time
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really enjoyed this thankyou x