Master and His slut: The Weekend Part Three

Lord Dariff gets up from the table and approaches me. I can feel my cunt juices dripping down my thigh. My pussy has never been wetter and I can smell the cum filling the air.

“Turn around and face me whore” he demanded. “You know you did a good job with the boy, but I think this cock hungry slut still needs more!”

“Yes Lord Dariff!” I said. My mouth was sore obeyed. He picked up a small crop and whipped it against my tits. The cropped kissed my tits leaving small welts across my skin. Then rubbing my breasts to caress them he smiled at me.

“You are such a good slut” he said in a whispered tone, “I will get my fill of you this weekend.”

“Thank you Lord Dariff!” I responded.

He unzipped his pants, lowering them down and pulled out his cock. His was the large fat one I had serviced before.

“You know you are a cock hungry whore”, he began, “so take my cock in your mouth whore, I want to cum again.”

He took my ponytail in his hand and leading my face to his crotch and instructed me to lick his cock. I took my tongue and lapped his stick. Then pushing his pants lower he had his entire crotch in my face.

“Now suck my balls slut!” he said, “I want them wet like that cunt.”

As I began he stopped me. He looked at me sternly and moved himself onto the sofa. Now in an almost dragging motion he told me to lay over his knees. SMACK! SMACK! He began to administer some severe spankings to my ass cheeks. After 5 hard smacks I was returned to my knees.

“Do you know why you are being punished slut?” he queried.

I shook my head ashamed. “No Lord Dariff” I answered quietly.

“You did not thank me for allowing you to suck my balls” he snipped.

“This slutty fuck hole apologizes Lord Dariff” I said in a meek voice.

“Good girl” he said, “Now get back to work!”

I resumed licking and sucking on his fat cock and balls. He yanked me back by my hair and used my ponytail as a leash and had me follow crawling over to the sofa. Now sitting, he had me go back to sucking him off. I was preoccupied with making him cum that I hadn’t noticed my Master taking a seat in the chair.

Lord Dariff had me stop. I was grateful for the rest on my jaw. Then I heard a familiar voice.

“Come here slut and straddle me!” my Master said.

I got on top of his cock; my pussy had been craving it the entire time. I rode him hard and fast, enjoying the sensation of him in my pussy. Master stopped fucking me for a moment when I felt someone yank the butt plug from my ass. it made a distinctive popping side. Then I felt a much larger object going into my asshole. My neck felt a hand going across my throat when I realized it was Lord Dariff’s cock. As he grabbed my tits a shudder came over my body; I was overcome with excitement. I had never been double penetrated by two men before and although I had fantasized about it was more than I had imagined it to be. The two men fucked me slowly, my Master in my pussy Lord Dariff in my ass.

“You know you love this slut!” Lord Dariff stated, “Now beg for us to fuck you!”

“Please fuck me!” I begged.

“Not good enough whore”, he barked “I said beg us!”

“Please Sirs fuck this slut whore!” I pleaded, “please, please fuck me, this whore needs your cocks and needs to be fucked!”

With those words they began to ravish my body and fuck me roughly. Wrapped in the rapture I hadn’t even noticed Master Jon taking pictures with his cell phone. I was on the edge of cumming when Lord Dariff released his cum in my ass and I could feel his hot seed fill me. Within moments of Lord Dariff having pulled out of my ass my Master came in my pussy. Once they were done with my body they had me sit on the coffee table again. Looking disheartened since I did not orgasm Master began to speak with me.

“Slut, is there something more that you need?” he asked.

My eyes looking at the floor I responded, “Your slut would like to cum Sir”.

“Well men did you hear that? This whore of a slut wants to cum”, Lord Dariff said.

My Master came down to my face holding my chin in his hand. He slowly lifted my head so that I would look him in his eyes.

“Oh but my beautiful fat whore you will cum!” he said coyly. Directing my head to the vibrators. “You will cum again and again. It is part of your training.”

Now the men had me start fucking my pussy with my fingers at first then I used a vibrator.

“Remember to ask permission to cum” one of them said.

Lord Dariff took down a vibrator and tossed it to me.

“Pick it up you fucking slut!” he demanded. “Fuck that cunt!”

“You know how don’t you slut?” Sir Paul had echoed, “or do you need assistance?”

“No Sir, this slut can fuck herself” I responded.

Master Jon came up to me and began grabbing my tits. “Suck on it bitch,” he said “I want to see you suck you tit while your fucking!” He then pushed my head down onto my nipple rolling my tongue to a very erect and sensitive nipple.

“You know you are a whore don’t you slut,” he continued.

I nodded my head, when he grabbed my head and made me look at him.

“Oh don’t stop fucking slut”, the other two men declared.

I began to answer, “I am a slut Master!”

“No bitch you are OUR slut this weekend...” he said firmly “and you love that we are using you properly don’t you whore!”

“Yes this slut enjoys all of it!” I said definitively.

The more he spoke the hotter I became. Here three men using my body for their pleasure and it was making me hotter than I ever had been. As he released my head I m*****ed my tit with my free hand and started sucking on my nipple again. Thrusting the vibrator deeper and deeper, Master turned the vibrator up with the remote. i began to implore to cum. I NEEDED to cum.

“Please Sirs may this slut cum now?” I begged. Unanimously they shook their heads no.

“Fuck that pussy slut” my Master said, “we want you to cum hard for us.”

Lord Dariff looking intently was licking his lips. I knew I had to cum, I needed to cum, shit... I wanted to cum.

Begging again I moaned with my pleas, “Please Master my I cum, please let me cum now!”

“Control yourself slut, continue to fuck that slutty cunt with your hand and move the vibrator to that clit!” my Master’s voice commanded, “Don’t you dare stop slut, at the end of this weekend you will be a perfectly trained slut! You will wait for the command to cum! Understood?!”

I obeyed his command and continued to pleasure my cunt my nipples had gotten very hard and erect. Master Jon was behind me rubbing my tits, I could feel the flush of heat rising throughout my body.

“Cum now slut!” my Master ordered. “cum for us now whore!”

I exploded in moans and groans, my body shaking almost violently as I climaxed. I felt lightheaded and was entering that sweet place of headspace. Everything seemed brighter, my throat was hoarse and dry and all I could think about was the euphoric orgasm i just had.

Still lying back quivering from cumming, Sir Paul began exploring my pussy with his fingers. He was on my left and had his cock out.

“See what you did” he asked.

I could only nod, his fingering was making my climax continue. He then came around and slid his cock into my sensitive and wet pussy. He began fucking me in rapid hard strokes; I again began to feel the sensation. I yelped when he entered me and moaned loudly; it was an overwhelming feeling. I could hear him moaning over my groans; the slapping sounds as his pelvis struck my pussy. My chest was writhing with heavy breaths.

“Beg for my cum slut!” he demanded, ‘Beg me to cum in you!”

“Please Sir fill me with your cum,” I begged, “this slutty whore wants your hot cum in it’s pussy!”

He began to fuck me harder, slamming me over and over again. He moaned with delight from the pleasure my pussy was providing him.

“Cum with me now slut!” he commanded. As he plunged his cock deeper inside me I could feel my pussy contract and wrap around his cock. He grunted and moaned, my eyes stinging me from the sweat that dripped from his face. I shook again as my climax quivered beneath him. He removed himself and smiled at me as he got up.

“You have pleased us slut,” my Master said, “go clean up”.

Master aided me up from the floor and lovingly patted my ass. My legs were still weak from all the activity over the past few hours. I gathered myself together and went into Master’s room and entered the bathroom. I smiled as I walked past the men feeling a sense of satisfaction having known I had pleased them, most of all I made Master proud.

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