Master and His slut: The Weekend Part Two

“This slut is wet!” a man said as he shoved his finger into my mouth to lick my juices from him.

“I suppose that means she is more than primed and ready for use” said another chuckling.

They talked about me as though I weren’t there as they were feeling and exploring me. I truly felt as though I were a piece of meat and a sex toy. My role was becoming clearly defined in my mind. The conversation continued amongst the men.

“Her tits are amazingly good for bondage” said a third man who was feeling them, “and for fucking!”

“X you have brought a suitable slut” the first man said, “I will enjoy exploring her limits.”

“I will establish the rules with you gentlemen in a moment”, my Master said.

I then felt his breath next to my ear; “Slut come with me now”, he said, “and continue to hold my tits in the air.” I tried to stay balanced as he guided me off the table. He led me by the chain down onto the floor.

“Kneel!” Master simply said.

“Yes Master!” I answered as I kneel before Him.

Then I felt a cock pressing against my lips, I knew by the smell of the crotch it wasn’t Master’s cock. The cock entered my mouth and grew while his hand was on my head as began fucking my mouth. He found a rhythmic motion and stopped and pulled out of my mouth. Then another much larger cock went into my mouth. This man was much more aggressive, causing me to gag a little. Each time I gagged I receive a firm yank on the chain yanking my nipples. He kept fucking my mouth and I did my best not to gag on his giant member. I gagged again, and again he yanked the chain each time making me wince. After a few minutes of this he also stopped and removed himself.

The third man told me and told me to open my mouth wide. I was afraid his cock was going to be even larger, thankfully he wasn’t. Almost in gratitude I suck him off as I had done my Master earlier in the day. Suddenly I felt a shot of hot cum in the back of my throat, and he pulled his cock out of my mouth allowing his cum to spray my face and tits.

“That was not good slut!” my Master scolded. Then he whipped my ass with what felt like the cane.

“You made Lord Dariff cum too quickly”, he continued followed with another strike on my ass.

“Your slut apologizes Master!” I said in a hoarse voice.

Another strike on my ass, I could feel it welting and getting hot.

“No that will not do!”, Master said “Now make the others cum as well!”

I felt the large cock go in my mouth, forcing my jaw to open completely. It was aching from the abuse but did as I was told and preceded to suck him until I felt him tremble a bit and he pulled out and shot his cum on my tits.

The next man was not as hard, and I knew he would require more help to get stimulated again.

“Don’t get lazy on me you fucking whore!” he snapped. “Now suck my cock and do it well!”

I returned to sucking and used my tongue sucking with f***e to get it rock hard. I sucked him off until my neck ached and my lips were sore. Finally after what seemed like forever he grabbed my shoulders and shoved himself deep into my mouth two more times and pulled out streaming his cum from my mouth across my face. As he released he let out a loud groan that sounded like a roar.

They were done with me and I could hear them walking away from me. Still I did not move from position and could feel the cum drying on my face, tits and neck. I was aroused knowing that I had brought them each to orgasm. I could feel my wetness increasing and wanted to touch myself.

Next the blindfold was coming off and my eyes adjusted to the light. My Master told me to get back on the dining room table and in position. My eyes darted quickly around the room, I didn’t see the men. The door to one of the other rooms opening startled me. Two gentlemen appeared in the doorway. One was a man in his 60’s with a short stocky build, behind him a younger man in his 40’s who was tall and lean. From the joined bathroom area another man appeared, he too was in his 40’s with a full beard and bald.

“These are my colleagues slut!” Master declared.

Knowing my cue I immediately responded, “Hello, my name is slutty fuck hole, I am Master X's sex slave. I am here to serve you."

“Very good slut," Master responded. He went on to explain. "Like any slave she is under my orders, and will do as commanded by me. I will not allow her to be injured. She is a sex slut not a pain slut. Although discipline may bring pain, even enjoyable pain she is not to be bruised or hurt.”

He is fingering my bald pussy as he talks, as if it is no more than a coin from out his pocket. I know that I must not move, or make a sound but stay in position which is becoming increasingly difficult the more he plays with my cunt and clit. The men agree and my Master stepped away and made a call.

“You are to call me Sir Paul” said the short stocky one.

“Yes Sir Paul,” I replied.

The bald man spoke next; “You will refer to me a Lord Dariff”

Acknowledging the directive I respond “Yes Lord Dariff”.

“And I am Master Jon” he said.

“Yes Master Jon” I responded without hesitation.

The men left me to continue their conversation in the living room away from me. There was another knock on the door, fearing more men I held my breath. It was room service. The attendant was a young man maybe 20 years old. He couldn’t help notice me with my legs spread eagle and tits being held up. I could hear him gasp under his breath. My Master went into the larger bedroom and returned with a dog dish. The name SLUT had been inscribed on the side.

“Like what you see?” Lord Dariff questioned the young man. He barley was able to utter the word yes.

“Tell us what would you do with a whore like this if you had a chance?” Master Jon quizzed.

“Are you fucking k**ding me? I would fuck her mouth and suck on those big titties!” he said excitedly.

He asked the k** if he would be staying through the dinner service or if he had to return soon.

“Well you guys have the VIP suite, so dinner service is included” he happily replied.

“Then have at it, once you’re done setting up, just don’t cum in her mouth!” my Master told him, “think of her as your tip.” With that Master told me to return to the coffee table but to remain in the same position. I could feel the k** leering at me; I was nothing more than a cheap slut in his eyes. I was surprised as to how my body began to react making my nipples more erect and pussy wetter.

The k** started to move quickly to clean the table and unload the cart. He moved at a rapid pace, obviously trying to make certain to get to me soon. He opened the wine and told the men their dinner was ready. Once he served them their plates and poured their wine he was excused and told to enjoy.

The k** came over to me and started fondling my tits, never acknowledging me as anything other than a toy. He took each tit and asked if he could remove the clamps for a moment. Once he was permitted he took one of my tits with both hands. He rolled his tongue around my nipple and bit it. He repeated this on the other tit.

“Now these are some fucking tits!” he exclaimed looking back at the men and not me, “How big are they?”

“My slut has natural 46FF’s!” Master answered him, “Please go on enjoy, we already began our fun!”

The k** knew he had carte blanche and understood what I was and what type of relationship I was in. He gave me a knowing look and his cock seemed to get bigger and harder in his pants.

“Oh”, he said slyly, “It’s that kind of party!”

He had a wild-eyed look, but not dangerous, the kind of look a k** at a toy department with free reign would have.

“So, you are a slut that is owned” he said in a low voice. He twisted my nipples hard. Then opening his pants he began pulling out his cock and shoved it in my mouth.

“You love cock don’t you bitch?” he said smugly.

I muttered yes since I was unable to speak with his cock in my mouth.

“So show me whore” he began, “show me what a slut with big ass titties can do for me?”

I kept sucking his cock; it was long, thick and fat. He kept looking at my mouth wrapped around the shaft of his cock.

“Yeah bitch, like that” he said. He then pulled his cock out and grabbed up my tits. He flicked his fingers on my nipples and licked his lips.

“Too bad you are covered in cum cause I really want to suck those nipples,” he said sounding disappointed “But for now I will just fuck those monster tits bitch!”

I pushed my tits around his cock, covering his cock with them completely. He began pumping and fucking my tits pinching my nipples as he did. Then he went back in my mouth. After eight or nine strokes he was done pulled out and came on my face. He zipped up and went to see if the men needed anything else. Master gave him the bottle of wine and the k** returned with my dog dish and poured some in. Master acknowledged me and I went off the table onto the floor on all fours to lap it up.

I heard some quiet laughter. My ass was fully uncovered showing the butt plug that was still shoved up my hole. I heard the k** leave thanking Master and his friends.

“If you need anything else during your stay don’t hesitate to call me!” he said excitedly as he left.
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