Master and His slut: Part One

I knew that I always had an unusually high sex drive and for years kept it repressed until I met my Master. He knew i was built to be a fuck whore. I am a pleasantly plump woman with huge tits that can draw men's attention towards them and I have an insatiable thirst for cock and sex.

The first time he shared me I had been scared and excited at the same time. He had told me that we were going away for the weekend and I was to pack a bag and be ready at 3 o’clock,

I kept watching the clock waiting for three to arrive. I got in position kneeling with my head down; ass in the air for when he arrived. I heard the keys in the front door; almost bursting at the seams for his touch. Just before my Master came in the room I could hear him place a bag on the hall table and his keys down.

“Hello slut,” He said, “I am pleased to see you are ready on time.” He placed his hand under my chin so that I could look at him.

“What do you say when I compliment you slut? he demanded.

“Your slut thanks you Master”, I replied.

With that he pinched my nipples hard causing me to wince.

“Never make me remind you again to thank me!”, he scolded, “Now stand up!”

He looked me over; all I could think about was having his cock in my mouth. Normally he would have had me sucking his member by now, I so loved his cock and was craving it since the last time we saw each other.

“Why do you look upset slut?” he asked.

“Because your slut wants to suck your cock Master”, I answered.

He chuckled, “Is that all? Well you will have in due time”

He circled me again; I was not yet dressed simply wearing a bra and thong. I had left the clothes I chose for his approval on the sofa.

“Do you think you are appropriate to leave with me slut?” he questioned.

“I thought it would be to your liking”, I said. Then I felt a hard slap on my ass.

“Do not be insolent slut!” he quipped, “This will not do, strip down leaving only your heels on!”

I began to remove my undergarments and stood bared naked in front of him. He left the room and came back with a leather bag. He threw me some clothes.

“Put these on now slut!” he demanded.

I quickly began to dress. He had me place on a sheer tight mini dress with cut outs in the front for my extra large double F tits to fall out of and a sheer blouse over it that barely covered my now exposed tits. I began to slide on the matching sheer black panties when he stopped me.

“No a slut does not wear panties” he said, “Now get on all fours and keep your ass high in the air!”

I was excited! Finally he was going to allow me the pleasure of his cock. Then I felt a butt plug being shoved into my asshole. I could tell this one was much larger than the ones he had been using.

“Now put on your makeup!” he said, “That plug will remain in your ass until I remove it!”

I felt a bit uncomfortable and to the bathroom to do my slutty makeup. When I was complete I returned to the living room back to all fours. My Master was now standing in front of me and he began to unzip his pants and pulled out his cock.

“Do you wish to serve me now slut?’ he asked me.

“Oh yes Master, please let your slut suck your cock!” I answered.

“Beg me slut!” he sniped.

“Please Master, your slut begs you to have the pleasure of your cock in its mouth!” I pleaded.

“Beg me telling me you are a slutty fuckhole!” my Master now demanded.

“Please Master allow this slutty fuckhole the pleasure of your cock in its mouth!” I pleaded.

He then motioned for me to open my mouth and shoved his cock into my mouth. I savored it and began to greedily suck. My Master thrusted his hips into my face now burying his cock deep into my mouth. He began to fuck my mouth hard pulling on my hair so to shove me further into his groin. I tried not to gag the deeper he went. My face was getting a work out, the speed in which he was mouth fucking me I could feel my lips getting swollen. Then I felt him tighten in his hips and with one hard lunge he shot his hot seed into the back of my throat. He kept my face shoved up against his crotch until every drop was released into me.

“Now what do you say slut?” he asked as he removed himself from my mouth.

“Thank you Master for allowing your slut the pleasure of your cock!” I responded.

“Now get up and grab your bags we are leaving?” he stated.

I had forgotten for a moment in the delight of having worshipped his cock. Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. He couldn’t be serious that he expected me to for out like this in the middle of the afternoon.

“WHAT IS WRONG?” He barked.

“Nothing Master”, I replied in a quiet voice.

“Good now grab the bags and get to the car!” he said.

I followed behind him, hoping no one would see me leaving dressed like this. Feeling shame, I got into the car and tried to slide down into the passenger seat as to be hidden. He pulled out of the apartment complex and we headed onto the highway. Master was smirking at my humiliation he opened the blouse to have my massive tits out on display.

“Slut, sit up”, he said “You know that my tits and pussy are to be available to me at all times!”

I did, as I was told; grateful that we were now in a car with tinted window that was also speeding on a highway. Here no one could really see me. My Master pulled the blouse further to the side and began to play with my nipple with his right hand.

“Play with the other one!” he instructed.

He rolled down the window on the passenger side. He could feel me recoil at the thought others would see.

“Who do you belong to? He quizzed pinching my nipple.

“This slut belongs to you” I replied.

Then he placed his hand between my legs.

“Whose pussy is this?” he quizzed again.

“Yours Master!” I answered.

“Remember that,” he said, “So I will do whatever I see fit to do with my property!”

That was it, when I gave myself to him I had become his property. I had sworn my allegiance and pledged my devotion to him and him alone. I trusted him and greatly enjoyed the many experiences he has given me so far. He continuously pushed the envelope allowing me to reach heights I had never known.

“Now I want you to play with my tits and suck on those nipples as I drive and show them off to the truckers as we pass by!” he said.

I obeyed my Master and found my pussy getting wet as I teased the truckers and entertained my Master. When he got off the exit just before we arrived to the hotel he reached in the back seat and handed me a coat. It was a nice establishment. He gave me the coat so not to get us thrown out he said. He approached the desk and checked us in. A bellboy approached and took our bags.

When we got on the elevator, he had me face him. There were two other men on the elevator and the bellboy. He opened my coat just enough to reveal me to him and began squeezing and pulling on my nipples. I did my best to not make a sound. We got off on our floor I followed behind him as we walked to a corner room with double doors and went into the room. The suite was large and was comprised of a closet on the left just past the door and a console table with a mirror directly above it. On the right there was a dining table with six chairs and a sectional sofa and one overstuffed chair in the living room area. There was a door to the left leading to a large bedroom with a seating area and a master bath in marble. In the dining room there were two more doors leading to other rooms and a shared bathroom. The suite was immense and had a balcony that surrounded it with walls of windows to show off the view. My Master had told the bellboy leave the bags and continued to inspect the room.

“Remove the coat and hang it in the closet!” he told me. “Now slut I want you to get on the coffee table with your ass in the air”.

He left me in the living room and went back to the master bedroom from where I could hear him on the cell phone. He returned to the living room where I was still perched. My Master had a mischievous smile on his face. He sat on the sectional viewing me looking like a tiger that knows he had caught his prey. I knew something was up but still had no idea what his plans were for me. The unknown was making me wet with anticipation.

He stood up and grabbed my tits firmly squeezing them then sliding his hand down and pulling on my already erect nipples. He reached into his pocket and placed a set of nipple clamps set on a chain and attached the clamps to each to my nipples. Tugging on the chain they gave me a pleasurable pain to which I was not only becoming accustomed to, but also yet found myself desiring.

“MINE!” he stated emphatically.

“Yes Master” I responded.

He moved around the table, pulling the panties down exposing my cunt and ass, which still had the plug in. He again firmly grabbed me only this time my cunt, and shoved his fingers in firmly letting my wetness drip out onto his hand and down my thigh.

“MINE!” he stated again.

“Yes Master!” I replied.

He then slapped my ass cheeks with firmness, stinging with each smack followed by a gentle rub.

“MINE!” he declared.

“Yes Master!” I stated.

“Now tell me who are you?” my Master asked.

“I am your slut whore!” I responded.

“And because you are my property you are to do as I command” he said, “is that understood?”

“Yes Master” I said meekly.

“There will be some friends stopping by this weekend and you are to behave and obey!” He announced.

“This weekend is intended for me to explore various uses of my private slut whore,” He stated sternly.

I was quiet. What was he saying? He has friends coming to join us?
Did I hear him right? Why is he having other men share me? Do I not please him? Panic began to set in for me.

“SLUT!” He said in a loud voice as he slapped my ass hard; “Did you hear what I have said?”

“Yes Master”, I answered in a quiet voice.

“You trust me slut to make you into a whore” he began to say, “all that will be permitted will be because I choose it and you need it!” .

“Yes Master” I answered

“Today begins your true slut training!” he said gleefully, “I will stretch and make use of all those holes! This is what you wanted correct slut? To be my slut! To be a whore!”

“Yes Master!” i said in a whisper soft voice. I was shaken to my core, is this really what I had signed up for with him? My mind couldn’t decide on fear or excitement. I had have fantasies sure of being with more than one man, but if this were slut training what would it entail.

Master put his hand on my cunt and began slapping saying, “I can feel your wetness slut, at least my cunt is ready to be trained!”

He continued to instruct me. “When my colleagues arrive you will greet them by stating your name when I tell you! I expect a slutty fuckhole like you to stay still while you are inspected to see if you are worthy to serve us all!”

He then moved me off the coffee table and had me go prepare for his guests. I had to freshen my makeup, put my hair in a ponytail. Then bring out his leather bag and lay out his tools for discipline. There was a crop, a cane some floggers and a paddle. In a smaller satchel there were vibrators in various sizes, dildos and more anal plugs. I became excited as I laid each one out on the counter of the buffet in the dining room.

My Master then had me sit on the dining room table with my legs spread open making my pussy in full view and holding up my tits in display. The door to the suite was within my eye line; meaning anyone who would walk in would see all of me. He then placed a blindfold over my eyes.

Shortly thereafter came a knock on the door. My Master gave me a peck on my forehead, whispering “make me proud” as he went to answer. I could hear the voices of men who had walked in.

I stayed silent in position, nervous about what was about to take place when I felt a tug on the chain. My ponytail was pulled back then I felt another hand checking my pussy using his fingers.

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2 years ago
Love your stories, very hot. Your words got my cock hard. Check out my story and tell me what you think.
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then what happen?
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3 years ago
Well written and very impressive so far!

On to part 2...
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terrific story
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great story
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terrific story
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