Second time, great head!

This story isn't really erotic by any means. Just a one night stand kinda story. About 3 weeks ago at around 3 in the morning I was getting tired and wanted to get a little bit of sl**p before I had to leave for work at 5 in the morning. I was downstairs on the computer chatting with a few friends. Then a friend whom I had met just recently suggested we hangout. We hungout before and we fooled around a bit but nothing too serious. I didn't want to at first because I needed my sl**p. But I obliged. I just threw on my pajama pants with no boxers underneath and a shirt. I waited about 15 minutes and she finally came over. No makeup on, a shirt and pants but still looked good. She tried to proceed to my living room but knew that I wanted to go in my basement. I followed her down there as I laid down on the couch. She laid on the opposite end. We spent about 45 minutes to an hour just talking. Then I decided to start to make my move. I laid next to her, caressed her neck gently and kissed her. Her lips were so soft I wanted more so I kissed her again. This time I didn't stop and it became deeper and deeper kisses. I had to stop after a while cause I didn't wanna get ahead of myself. This is the second time I've seen her so I didn't wanna go overboard. I remembered the first time I saw her, she said she liked her earlobes biten a bit and for me to blow in her ear. I did it then and she moaned super loud. I took advantage of that and started to do it. Only to hear her moan in my ear. I kept going and she kept moaning. I then moved my hand in between her thighs and started to rub her pussy as I did that. We stopped a couple times only to regroup. I started to realize that my cock was becoming very hard. I got up a little bit, pulled her toward me and wrapped her legs around me as I started making out with her again. Rubbing my cock against her would be pussy(if she had her pants off). I couldn't take it anymore and told her that I was going to take it out. "If you do that, I'll take my pants off" She said. I did not care as I took my rock hard cock out. She grabbed it and started stroking it as I moaned and squeezed her small yet supple tits. I once again couldn't take it anymore and I stood up on my feet, walked over toward her and positioned my cock right toward her face. Now in this situation she could have either sucked it, or just said no and not done anything. She started to stroke it and then she wrapped those soft lips around the head. Sucking on the head a little bit then going deeper. I remember once again the first time I saw her she said she was really good at it. So far she wasn't disappointing. My back started to hurt so I decided to sit down on the couch but lean back. At that time she didn't HAVE to continue to suck it, but she did. She got down on her knees in between my legs and took my hard cock in her mouth like it was her job. Going fast and deep as I moaned and moved her hair. She was going really fast and I told her to slow down. She did. Then all of a sudden she stopped and sat up. She started holding her stomach and I asked if she wanted me to pull my pants back up, she said no. Got back down and started sucking even better. God this girl did a real good job. Grabbing my balls as she would deep throat it. Then stroking my nice wet cock as she sucked it and the head. She definitely wasn't lying when she said she was good. I then grabbed her hair with both hands, held her head in place and started to fuck her nice little mouth. I haven't had sex or done anything in a long time so I felt like I was going to cum soon. She knew that too so she started going faster as my legs tightened. I let out a big moan then exploded my cum deep into her mouth. She got it all and then swallowed it like a champ. "That is the biggest load I have ever had" she said after she swallowed it. Victory! :)
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