My Week of Hell. (Week 1 of 7)

This isn't a sex story per se, so if you are looking for a classic son fucks mom chronicle, there are plenty to choose from here. I would know. ;)

As some of you know, last Tuesday was Marti Gras, or Fat Tuesday. A day celebrating debauchery and gluttony in all of its glory. A day of celebration rivaling New Year's Eve in scope and magnitude. In short, a epic day of partying and sex.

But the day after Marti Gras is the polar opposite of everything that Marti Gras stands for. Ash Wednesday. The beginning of the Lent period of fasting and repentance, if you belong to several major Christian denominations. The biblical beginning of Jesus' 40 days in the desert being tempted by Satan.

Now what does this have anything to do with sex and porn, some of you 15 or so who read this may wonder. Well as a part of Lent, it is custom to give something up, denying oneself a vice that is a normal part of their lives. Most people give of chocolate, coffee, fast food, etc etc. Stuff that while being a vice nonetheless, is perhaps not entirely falling in line with the purpose of Lent.

However, I decided to give up something much more taboo and carnal. Masturbation. A vice so primal and powerful that it has nearly broken me several times already. Lent lasts 46 days. Today marks the 7th day. I have actually gone 8 without masturbation, a feat I am very proud of, since I think it has been 10 years since the last time I went a week without putting a hand in my pants and stroking until I orgasm.

As someone who visits this site on a regular basis, this week has been as hard as any I have ever experienced. For 46 long days, I can not visit this site at all, except to post updates on my trial for fear of regressing. I made 2 rulesto help define my experience.

1: It is only considered masturbation if I pleasure myself until I orgasm. Anything up to that point is not regression.

2: Should I be engaged in sexual activity with another person, any orgasm I should have is not in violation.

So that's it pretty much. I will be posting more stories every Wednesday to update the few people who get this far down on to the page. Wish me luck and pray for me!!

Justin aka Big J

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2 years ago
so stupid, prayer requests for not beating off, on a porn site... idiot
2 years ago
this isn't a story, and requesting people pray for you on a porn site, that you wont beat off during lent? why do dumb people breed?
2 years ago
good luck lol