Storm Time with Jenafer Part 1

So, in case any of you live under a rock or in say Indonesia you probably know that the Midwest got some pretty serious storms and shit last weekend. Here's the story of how I lost power but gained a fuck buddy. Hahahahaha

Head Down. Follow Through. Wrists back and forward. Bend knees slightly. I look one last time down range and swing. I hear a barely audible crack and know I hit a good shot. Sure enough, I look up and find my ball falling ever so slowly toward the 100 yard marker. It flies just over, bounces once and dies about 105 yards out. Perfect. As a regular golfer, this range session is helping me unwind after a long work week. Little did I know.

Boooooom booom boom bbooooom boooooooom. Didn't need to look up to know what it was but I did and sure enough, the sky had turned from blue to dark and I mean DARK grey. I looked at my bucket and saw far too many balls to stay and finish so I put my wedge in my bag and high tailed it to my car.

That was the good news. The bad news was I has the misfortune of driving toward the storm. I got no further than a half mile before I was deep in some serious shit. Driving rain and 50-60 mph winds were common and I was driving my small ass altima through this stuff. Now I'd driven through near white out in a fuckin mini van for new years so this wasn't the first time nature decided to make it storm when i was driving.

So I get to my crib and the garage wont open. Finally it hit me the power was off so I had to run to the front door to get in my house. Naturally I was greeted by my two dogs. They are Toy Yorkshire Terriers both about 7 pounds of fur. They were scared shitless so I had to calm them down and just try and occupy my time until the power would be restored. I just get settled when my cell rings.

"Hey big b*o its jenafer. Power's out all over you wanna come over and hang out I'm at home alone". I figured what the fuck she lives 5 doors down and I need something to do without power. I throw on some dry clothes and run down to her place.

Now some back story here I've known this chick my entire life and never had her since I've always felt like a b*****r to her. She's 19 and bubbly with some wonderful curves. DD cups and a big juicy ass that I'm in love with. She's probably the reason I have a thing for curves hahaha. She's a bit bigger in the waist but it isn't really even enough to notice since you won't be looking there anyway. I sure don't hahahaha

So anyway I get there and she opens the door and flings herself at me, nearly knocking me back out into the storm. I've never seen her act like this and at once know there is a problem of some kind. She was dating some football player at her small college about 2 hours from here so my mind was thinking about catching a rebound. The other half was chastising me for having such thoughts.

Anyway she tells this story about being super scared since the powers out and the storm in still around so she wants her big b*o to stay there and comfort her until it passes or her dad comes home and shoots me. We are friends, but she's his daughter and there is a double standard. Have a son, and he can bring home as many chicks as he wants cause he just a boy, but have a daughter and she is going to remain a virgin until wedding night so help you god.

I manage to free myself from her and get both of us inside without getting soaking wet on the outside. No sooner than I close the door does she remove her little halter top, uncovering her huge tits kept under wraps by a black bra.......................

To be continued when there aren't fucking storms. more likely next week.
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