The Lesson

When you got to your desk in Health and Wellness that morning, you found your term paper, face-down. You turned it over. It was a D-. There was a hand-written note on the top. "Shawn- Let's talk about this. See me after class." It was signed by Miss Danielson. You were really worried, and could hardly concentrate for the 45 minutes of class.

The bell rang, and you waited at your desk while everyone else went off to lunch. Miss Danielson walked down the row of desks until she got to yours. You noticed her large breasts had hard nipples which showed through her silk blouse. You felt an instant stirring in your crotch. You were suddenly grateful that you were sitting at a desk.

"Shawn, you seem to be having some trouble in this class. I think we need to arrange some tutoring for you. What do you think?"

"Uh, well, uh...." you were worried about being stuck in summer school while your friends graduated.

"What are you doing on Saturday afternoon?" she asked.

"That's when I am supposed to mow lawns. I really need the money."

"Well, you need to pass this class, or you'll be mowing lawns for the rest of your life. I'll tell you what. My lawn needs mowing too, so why don't you come over around 11am, and I'll give you $25 to mow my lawn, and then we'll get down to some serious work. How does that sound?"

"Uh, I guess that would be cool."

"Alright then. Here is my address. See you on Saturday at 11am." Miss Danielson handed you her address. She turned and walked away from you, and you noticed her nice firm ass. Still glad to be sitting at a desk, you fussed with some papers, just to give things a chance to calm down before you stood up.

Saturday morning arrived, and it was warm. You ate breakfast and rode your bike over to Miss Danielson's house. You parked and locked your bike and then rang the doorbell. Miss Danielson answered the door, and you almost choked! She was wearing a bikini top and shorts.

"Hi Shawn, come on in. I was just out in back, catching some sun by the pool. Let me take you out back and show you where the mower is."

You followed her through the house and out onto the back patio. Wow! Miss Danielson had a really nice backyard, and a pool! She took you to a shed in the back and showed you where the mower was. She asked you to mow the front first and showed you the gate to the front yard. You pushed the mower out the gate and, after checking it over, you started it up and set out to mow the lawn. The front took about 15 minutes. You stopped the motor and pushed the mower into the backyard. You started it up again and began mowing. As you pushed past the pool, Miss Danielson was laying on a chaise face down, with her top off! You almost tripped and fell in front of the mower! You tried to concentrate, but couldn't help stealing a few glances. It took about 25 minutes to mow the back. You stopped the mower and pushed it back into the shed. You walked up to Miss Danielson. Without turning over, she asked you if you'd like to take a dip in the pool to cool off.

"Uh, sure, but I don't have my trunks."

"Oh, that's no problem Shawn, just strip down to your underwear and jump in. I'll join you." You shyly turned your back and took off your t-shirt and jeans. Your cock was already getting hard just from the idea of swimming with Miss Danielson.

Without looking back, you jumped in the refreshing pool. Right behind you, Miss Danielson jumped in. You turned around to see that she had put her top back on, and was gliding through the water below the surface. She swam to the other end of the pool and then back to you. She popped up just in front of you

"Feels good doesn't it?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, it does. Thanks."

"Listen, I'm gonna hop out and run in the house and get a towel for you. I'll be right back." As she swam past you, you could actually see through her top. Her nipples were huge! When she got out of the pool and was drying off, you noticed a tiny bit of pubic hair peeking out above the top of her bottoms. Your cock surged and you were wondering how you could get it to come down before you got out of the pool. You decided a few quick laps might do the trick.

"Here you go." Well, there she was, standing by the stairs with a towel. Your cock was not completely soft, but you couldn't figure out any excuse not to come out. You climbed up the steps fast and grabbed the towel as quickly as you could.

"Thanks, Miss Danielson," you said as you were drying off. You wrapped the towel around your waist to hide any remnants of a hard-on.

"Shawn, if you want, take your underwear off from under the towel and I'll throw them in the dryer. Then you can get dressed when they are done." You turned your back, and slid the wet briefs off under the towel, balled them up and handed them to Miss Danielson.

"Uh, thanks" you said sheepishly.

"Well, come on in and let's hit the books." Miss Danielson wrapped her towel around her waist and you followed her into the house. "Go ahead and sit on the couch there, and I'll just throw these into the dryer." She pointed to the couch and walked away. You sat down and looked around. Miss Danielson had a really nice house. You spotted her stereo and got up to look at her CDs.
"See any music you like?" She startled you as she reentered the room.

"Uh, sure, yeah. What do you like?" She walked up beside you, standing kind of close. You could smell her warm skin. She smelled so sweet.

"I really like Van Morrison. Ever heard of him?"

"No. I don't think my folks listen to him either."

"Want to give it a try?" You shook your head yes and she put the CD on. Soon "Brown Eyed Girl" was thumping through the stereo. "OK, let's get down to business" she said as she sat on the couch. "Come sit here and let's take a look at where you are having trouble." You sat next to her, fully aware that you were still wearing a towel, and only a towel. You tried to keep your legs together so the towel wouldn't gap open.

"Shawn, it seems like you are having a lot of trouble with anatomy. Reproductive anatomy to be more precise. Do think that's correct?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess so."

"Well, it's really not that difficult. It's very natural, very normal, and the only hard part is, learning all the correct names for parts of the body. Here. Let's look at the anatomy in your Health book. We've got male and female. Which one do you want to start with first?" You indicated that you wanted to start with female. "OK. Look, let's talk about why this is important. Some day, you will want to marry a woman and will want to have a good sexual relationship with her, and you will need to understand the female body as well as you understand your own. The female body is so much more than skin, bones, bl**d, organs, and hair. It is a function of sexuality that the reproductive organs exist." You hoped she didn't notice that you were turning red each time she said the word "sex".

"For instance" she continued, "the female breast, or mammary, has two functions. One is for nursing the infant after birth. The other is for sexual arousal during the sex act. Arousal of the breast increases bl**d flow to the vagina and secretions which prepare the vagina for intercourse. Does this make sense?"

You could hardly speak. This was getting really heavy and your head was spinning.

"Um, yeah, I guess."

"OK, then which function of the breast is more important?"

"Um, I, uh...the nursing I guess."

"No, actually, they are both equally important. Without the ability to heighten sexual desire, the woman wouldn't be able to have sex and would not conceive, give birth and nurse the baby. Now. Do you know what about the breast is the most exciting?"

"Uh, um, no" You stuttered, and turned red. Miss Danielson stopped, turned to you and took her reading glasses off.

"Shawn, have you ever touched a girl in a sexual way? Have you ever touched a girl's breasts?" You're face and neck are so red now, Miss Danielson realizes how embarrassed you are.

"Uh," you said in a soft voice.

"Would you like to?" Miss Danielson said, looking into your eyes.

"Um, sure, I guess." You could hardly believe what happened next. Miss Danielson untied the top of her bikini at her neck. She peeled it down to reveal two, full lovely breasts, with large, dark areolas surrounding her big full nipples. You sat paralyzed, unable to think. Miss Danielson took your hand and pulled it up to place it on her breast.

"It's OK, Shawn. It's very natural to do this. Here, take your fingers and move them back and forth like this over the nipple. See, look. The nipple is getting harder. Do you feel that?" You could not answer. Miss Danielson continued.

"Now, see how the nipple on the other breast isn't nearly as erect? The difference is that the one you are touching is receiving direct stimulation. The other is aware of it, but won't get as hard unless it gets touched, too. Go ahead, you can touch it also." You moved your hand from the one breast to the other. "Shawn, if you gently squeeze the nipple between your index finger and thumb, it will get hard really fast. Alternate that with rubbing it with your finger tips, and then take the whole breast into all of your hand, and squeeze and push. Try it."

You tried the gentle pinching with the thumb and index finger, then fondled the full breast with your hand. It felt like the nipple was burning a hole in the palm of your hand. "Good! Now, if you use both hands, one on each breast, you double the stimulation. Go ahead!"

You quickly put both hands on each breast. You pushed, and squeezed, pinching and rubbing the nipples. Miss Danielson let out a slight moan. "Yes! Now, let's talk about what is happening. My body is feeling and reacting to the stimulation. My nipples are hard, and I feel the secretions beginning in my vagina. My body is preparing to receive the male member as part of the act of sexual intercourse. And, let's talk about the co-functions of my stimulation. What is happening to your body?" You noticed Miss Danielson's eyes move down your body to stop at your lap, where your hard cock was making a tent out of the towel.

"Uh, uh em, um..." You couldn't get a word out at all.

"Shawn, are you having a response to touching my breasts? Is your penis getting hard?" You knew you couldn't speak, you simply nodded.

"OK! See, what is happening is that in the process of stimulating my breasts, and preparing my body for the act of sexual intercourse, your body has also become stimulated, beginning to prepare itself for the same act. If you want, let's take a look at your penis and discuss how it is stimulated." With that, she reached over and pulled the towel loose from your waist and pulled the top flap gently away from your body revealing your hard cock.

"Alright Shawn. Now, see how your penis is sticking straight up and out? That's because as it became stimulated, it filled with bl**d, which causes it to become hard. It also grew in length, is that correct?" You shook your head yes. "About how long is it when it isn't stimulated?"
"It's about 3 inches..." you squeaked. Miss Danielson continued.

"OK, so now it is getting hard, and let's see, let's find out how long it is now". Miss Danielson picked up a ruler from the coffee table and without actually touching your penis, placed the ruler against the underside of it, at the base, against the balls. "Oh! It's 7 & 1/2, no, 8 & 1/4 inches! Shawn, that's very nice!" You blushed. This was so confusing. You didn't know if you should be excited or scared. Right now, you felt a lot of both. "Shawn, do you notice a difference in your scrotum? Do the balls seem smaller now than before, when your penis, or cock was soft?"

"Um, yeah, actually, they do seem smaller"

"Well, that's because of the stimulation, they have pulled up back into your body some. They are preparing the semen so that at the point of ejaculation, thousands of sperm will shoot forth into the female in hopes of contact with an ovum, or egg so that conception can occur. Is this what the book explains?"

You shook your head yes once again.

"It is important that while the female is becoming stimulated, the male also becomes stimulated as well. The male member needs to be as stiff as possible so that it can push deeply into the female via the vagina. There are several ways that the penis can become very stiff and hard. One is by manual stimulation. Either the male or the female can put a hand around the cock and balls. Like this..."

You couldn't believe it! Miss Danielson had wrapped her hand around your cock! You said a quick prayer, hoping you wouldn't explode now!

"Now, Shawn," Miss Danielson continued, "the hand would move up and down slowly like this, and then begin to move more rapidly like this."

Miss Danielson was jerking you off!

Then suddenly she stopped. "The scrotum or balls, are also sensitive, and require some gentle stimulation. I'm sure you know what can happen if they are treated roughly..." With that, Miss Danielson took your balls gently into her hand, rolled them around with her fingers, and gently squeezed. Your breathing began to quicken.

Suddenly she stopped, and took her hand away. "Ok, Shawn, now look at the tip of your penis. See that drop of liquid there? That is pre-cum, or pre-ejaculate. It tells us that the male member is now sufficiently prepared to enter the vagina. Now, at the same time, it is important that the male keep stimulating the female, to keep her ready for sexual intercourse. So you would want to keep touching her breasts. There are several other ways to stimulate the breasts, and one of the ways is with the mouth and tongue. Licking the nipples, and around the breast, and sucking and gently biting the nipple are all forms of stimulation. Would you like to try?"

Without answering, you leaned over and slowly stuck your tongue out and started to lick the nipple on the closest breast. "It's OK, go ahead! You can also fondle the other breast with your hand at the same time..."

You reached over and took the other breast into your hand, squeezing and rubbing. "Try sucking the nipple and then stop and look at it." You followed her instructions and began sucking. Miss Danielson let out a moan. You continued to suck, then stopped, pulled away and looked. The nipple was huge!

"See how large the nipple is? It's sort of like your penis. It fills with bl**d when stimulated. This has a dual purpose: It prepares the female for sex, and it also increases the preparation of the breast for nursing the infant."

You then, took the initiative and began licking and sucking the other breast. Miss Danielson put her hand on the back of your head, holding you against her breast. "Yes Shawn, that's right! You want to make sure that each breast gets equal stimulation." Without warning, Miss Danielson put her hand back around your penis.

"It is also important that the male remain stimulated." Miss Danielson stroked up and down the length of your penis, and touched your balls some more. You felt your body tighten, and you began to squirm. You didn't want to blow just yet. Again, Miss Danielson knew just when to stop.

"Now, Shawn. In the course of the preparation for sexual activity, it is important to continue to stimulate the female, while checking to see if she is ready for sexual intercourse. That means that you will want to put your fingers and hand in the woman's vaginal area..."

Miss Danielson scooted her butt down a little on the couch, and pulled the towel aside to reveal a triangle of thick, dark, curly pubic hair. Jeez, you thought! She must have taken her bottoms off when she put your briefs in the dryer! This was just too much! She reached over and took your hand and guided it down to her bush.

"This is the pubic mound, or mons venus. It is covered with hair to protect it from dirt and other debris. This was because we weren't born with clothes, and humans probably didn't wear clothes much in the early days." Miss Danielson spread her legs and pulled your hand down a little over the hair.

"Now, as you enter the base of the pubic area, you will feel a split. This area is called Labia Majorum, or Lips. The are the entry way to the vagina. Do you feel the two lips?" You shook your head Yes. "OK, now, slip a finger between the lips, what do you feel?"

"Oh, wow! It's wet and slippery!" you exclaimed.

"That's right! The slippery-ness is the result of secretions to prepare for intercourse. You remember, I told you that the stimulation of the breasts would cause this. Now, if you move your finger up in the crevice between the lips, you will feel a lump at the top. There, do you feel that?" Again you nodded.

"That lump is the clitoris. It is used as the hot button or key to female stimulation. In that respect it is very similar to a penis. It does get bigger with stimulation, although, not nearly as big as the cock, or penis. Now, if you move your hand lower, you will feel the opening to the actual vagina. The opening is where the penis will go during sexual intercourse. It is surrounded by muscles, which the female squeezes, causing more stimulation and eventual ejaculation from the penis. Here, put two fingers in, and feel what happens when I squeeze."

You put your index finger and middle finger inside her vagina, and felt her squeeze the muscles. The walls of the vagina clamped down on your fingers. "So, do you want to know how to stimulate the clitoris?"

"Sure" you said, eager to learn.

"Alright. Pull your fingers out of my vagina, and slid them back up to my clit. Good. Now, make circles around the clit with your fingers. Very good. Now, take your fingers and rub them quickly back and forth across the clit like so." Miss Danielson took your hand and guided it, moving it rapidly across her clit.
"OK, now, try it on your own!" she commanded.

You were an eager student, eager to please teacher. As you rubbed her clit, she closed her eyes and moaned as she thrust her hips forward to meet your fingers.
"Wonderful Shawn! Now, with your free hand, don't forget to continue stimulating
my breasts. Good, yes. That's it!" You rubbed her clit with your left hand, and caressed her breasts and nipples with your right. Suddenly, Miss Danielson grabbed your left hand and pushed it away from her clit.

"OK Shawn, that was great. Because the objective is sexual intercourse, timing is very important. You don't want to stimulate the woman to orgasm just yet, because you want to be in the act of sexual intercourse when that happens. So let's move on to another step of the lesson. Do you know the one of the alternate methods of stimulation for both the male and the female?"

"Uh, no, I don't think so" you responded.

"Well, that would be oral stimulation. Both the male and female can be stimulated orally. Do you know what I mean by oral stimulation?" You shook your head no.

"Have you ever heard the term 'blow job?'" You nodded yes.

"Well, a blow job is when the female takes the male penis into her mouth to apply her tongue, lips, and teeth to provide stimulation. Let me show you."

Before you had a chance to absorb what she was saying, her head had dropped down to your lap, and she had her mouth around your cock! Her lips tightened around the shaft, as she swirled her tongue around the head. She had her hand under your balls, caressing them, and she began to suck on your cock. So this is what a blow job was! She moved her head up and down, sucking your cock all the way into her mouth. All of a sudden, without warning, you exploded! Your hot cum shot jets into Miss Danielson's mouth! Oh... My... God! It felt so incredible! You felt your cock continue to shoot into her mouth in a way it had never shot a load before.

She just kept bobbing up and down on your cock, swallowing all of your cum. You couldn't believe it! Then, you suddenly realized that you may have blown it! You didn't want the lesson to end, and you were so afraid that you would be in trouble with Miss Danielson for shooting your wad into her mouth. Your body stiffened in fear. Miss Danielson raised her head, and your cock slipped from her mouth and fell limp to your thigh. Miss Danielson looked at you and noticed the fear in your eyes.

"I.. I'm really sorry..." you stammered.

"Oh, Shawn, please. There is no need to appologize. You are young and haven't had much sexual experience and control. I'm surprised you lasted that long! It really is OK. Do you want to continue our lesson?" You were so afraid that the blow job had ended the lesson.

"Yes!" you enthused.

"Alright. So now you understand oral stimulation of the male organ, which is called 'fellatio'. Would you like to learn about oral stimulation of the female, which is called 'cunnilingus'?" You nodded yes.

"Very good. Why don't you get on your knees here between my legs and face me. Good. Now, take both hands, and insert your thumbs between my lips and gently seperate them. There, do you see the clit at the top and the opening of my vagina down a little lower?" You shook your head Yes, and just stared as her glistening cunt opened before you.

"Now, look at my face Shawn. Stick your tongue out like this. Now, make it stiff like this." Miss Danielson demonstrated how to make the tongue longer and stiffer. "OK, good. Now wag your tongue back and forth and around in circles like this. Now, make it softer like this and do the same thing. Very good! OK, now put your face back down to my cunt, and put your tongue there, and begin to touch my clit with your tongue. Try using all the methods I just showed you."

You lowered your face to her pubic area. You could smell the musty fragrance of her womanhood. You spread her lips a little further with your thumbs, and you slowly touched the tip of your tongue to her clit. It had a salty, raw taste. You began to flick your tongue up and down, then back and forth sideways. You made your tongue hard and stiff, then soft.

"OK, now, put your lips over my clit and suck as you lick it." You moved your face closer in, and wrapped your lips around the area of her clit. You sucked and licked at the same time. Miss Danielson's hips wiggled from side to side. She was breathing hard.

"Oh Shawn, you are really good! Now, stop that for a second, and run your tongue down to the opening of my vagina. There! Now stiffen your tongue and try to stick it into my vagina as far as you can. Yes! Oh Yes! Now, at the same time you are using your mouth on my vagina, take one of your hands, and slide it over my ass to the crack. Bring it up into the crack and slide it forward toward my cunt until you feel the opening to my anus. There.. OK... Now, by gently touching the opening to the anus, or rectum, you can cause even more stimulation. You can gently push on it, and if you want, you can push a finger or even two into the rectum. You don't want to do this unless you have some lubrication on your fingers. You can either use spit, or some of the secretions from my cunt. But, once you put a finger into the rectum, you should not put it back into the vagina because it will transmit disease..."

She must have seen the puzzled look on your face, because she quickly said, "That's OK, Shawn. You don't have to do that. It's just another option. I only wanted you to know. OK, now. You don't want to stimulate the woman too much, unless that is what she wants, because she will have an orgasm, and you won't be able to achieve sexual intercourse, which is the objective. So, let me show you something else you can do, which will continue to stimulate both of us, preparing us for intercourse. Stand up for a second."

Miss Danielson looked at you as you stood up and saw that your cock was getting harder again. She laid on her back on the couch.

"Now, Shawn, climb up here. Straddle my chest, and put your cock between my breasts." You climbed on Miss Danielson, and put your cock between her two large

"Go ahead and rub the nipples to make them hard. Now, I'm going to make a
crevice by pushing my breasts together like this. OK, now push your cock back and forth in and out of the crevice. Yes, that's it!" You thrust your hips forward and began to pump your hardening cock in and out of the crevice. As you pushed in as far as you could, the head of your cock would come out at the top of the crevice, just below Miss Danielson's chin.

"Now, at this point, I can add some oral stimulation to the head of your cock."
Miss Danielson then stuck her tongue out and licked the head of your cock. She was also able to suck on the head as it pumped back and forth to her lips. You felt your cock hardening with each stroke.

"OK, now stop..."

Miss Danielson let go of her breasts, which opened up the crevice.

"Now, Shawn, take your left hand and hold up my right breast. Rub your thumb across the nipple. Now with your right hand, take your cock and pull it toward the nipple. Good! Now rub the head of your cock over the nipple. Yes! That's great! Now do it with the other breast." You rubbed your cock back and forth over the nipples on each breast. Miss Danielson closed her eyes, and thrust her hips.

"That's wonderful Shawn. Now, I have a very important question to ask you. We are both sufficiently prepared for sexual intercourse. Is that what you want to do, or do you want to stop now?" You thought about it for a minute, and then said:

"Yes, I want to go on. I want to learn all that I can from you."

"Alright then! I am already in position here on the couch. Let me see if your cock is sufficiently hard enough to enter me."

You stood beside Miss Danielson as she wrapped her hand around your cock and pumped it up and down. "Yes, you are ready. Now, Shawn, slide your fingers into my cunt one more time, to make sure that I am wet enough, and ready to receive your cock."

You slid your fingers between her lips and up to her clit and then down to the opening of her vagina, where she pumped her hips upward, swallowing your fingers deeply into her. She was very wet. "Do I seem wet enough and ready?" You nodded.

"OK, Shawn, come get on your knees between my thighs."

Miss Danielson spread her legs and you climbed between them. "Now take your penis in one hand, and balance your self over me, like a one-handed push up. Good! Now lower yourself on to me, and as you do, use your hand to guide your cock between my lips. Oh, yes, that's it! You are almost there. Now move it up to run over my clit, and then rub it down, yes, that's it! A little lower... There! Do you feel how that opened up there? You are at the opening. Now, push your hips forward slowly and push your cock in as far as you can go. Wonderful! You are inside me now. OK, now, slowly pull your cock out and...oops! Too far!"

Your cock had fallen out of her cunt.

"That's OK. Let's try again. Guide it in, and then when you pull out, be careful not to pull all the way out. It's ok. This just takes practice. Good... OK! Now push back in again a little faster. Yes! Now pull out again, not too far. Excellent! I think you've got it! Keep pumping in and out building speed."

You thrust your cock in as deep as you could and drew out as far as you dared, and began pumping faster.

"God, yes Shawn. Keep pushing into me! That's the way!" Miss Danielson moved her legs further open and wrapped them around your narrow hips, resting her heels on your ass.

"Ok Shawn, stop for a second. Now, instead f thrusting in and out, push all the way in, and then move your hips from side to side. Yes! That's right! Do that for a few seconds, and then start thrusting again. Now, do you feel the way my vaginal muscles are clenching your cock. This adds to the stimulation you feel, preparing you for orgasm and ejaculation. Do you feel it?"

"Uh, uh, oh, y..yes, yesss!" you panted.

"Shawn, are you near orgasm?" she asked.

"Um, I-I think s-so..." you manged, not really sure.

"OK... turn your head slightly, yes! There! Now suck on that nipple, and thrust as hard as you can! Yes! Do it, Shawn! F-fuck me h-hard! Yes! Pump it into me! Harder!"

You sucked on her nipple which had grown huge, and you pumped as hard as you could as deep as possible. Suddenly, Miss Danielson began moaning, and you felt the hot burning of your semen rising in your balls. You pumped a few more times, and then with one final slam, you shot your hot jism into Miss Danielson.

It seemed like the jets of cum just kept pumping from your cock. It must be a gallon! Miss Danielson was moaning and pulling at your back, and pushing her heels into your butt. She pumped up against you as you felt her vaginal muscles contracting around your cock. They would tighten and then release. Tighten and release. You stopped pumping and just lay on top of Miss Danielson, listening to her rapid breathing, and trying to catch your own breath. You felt beads of sweat on your back and legs. Miss Danielson's face and chest were drenched with perspiration. She looked into your eyes, and ran her fingers through your hair.

"So, Shawn... that was sexual intercourse..." she said in a voice barely more than a whisper. "We have now completed the process to conceive. Of course, I'm using birth control so that won't happen, but that's how it works. What do you think?"

You smiled at her, and said, "That was really cool! I mean, I really liked it. It felt so good. I think I learned a lot today."

"Yes I agree," said Miss Danielson, "and there is so much more that you can learn. More about technique, and different positions for sexual intercourse. But I think we've given you a good foundation..."

"Yeah. I really want to learn more. Maybe I could come mow your lawn again next weekend." Miss Danielson started to laugh. "Yes, Shawn. I imagine my lawn will need mowing way before then!"

Miss Danielson smiled, and reached down to caress your cock as it began to harden again....

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3 years ago
That was great. My first time was with a lady whose yard I mowed, many, many years ago. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
what a wonderful first time and lesson.