The Devil On My Shoulder

A story of two strangers coming (or is it cumming?) together by random circumstance...

I don't know if you believe in angels or devils, but it seems to me I am covered by both. Many events in my life have been guided unseen hands, so call it what you will, but I'm still here and still loving the hell out of life.

Now what made me go into that deli on that day at that particular time I can only assume was the horny little devil on my shoulder, keeping a sharp lookout for both of our interests.

I got into the rather long line to order, expecting no more than a good sandwich at the end of it all, when I sensed someone join the line behind me. A fraction of a second later, a very pleasant and feminine fragrance compelled me to turn around and see who was standing there. I smiled.

"Hi," said a petite, 40-something brunette, "I'm Chris." She wore a black floral-print dress that seemed just a little too short for the lunchtime crowd. She had small, perky tits that didn't need, or have, a bra.

"Shawn," I said, reaching out to shake the offered hand. "Nice to meet you."

"So, Shawn, is the food here worth the wait?" Chris asked. "I'm down from Tacoma to visit my daughter."

"Couldn't say," I replied. "I just stopped here because I never have before. I figured I would try their Reuben. That's usually how I judge a sandwich joint. What did you have in mind?"

"Well...not eating...really..." she finally replied. I could see a little color rush into her cheeks. "Would you mind coming out to my car for a minute...I need you to look at something for me...could you?"

Now this is where the angel on my shoulder says "DON"T DO IT! You're gonna get a knife to your throat, or a gun in your face, or worse..." I never heard him, because the devil on my shoulder was shouting "OF COURSE YOU WILL, you big, dumb bastard! You met her thirty seconds ago and you have a GREEN LIGHT, buddy! How often do you get a shot like this?"

Not nearly often enough...

"Uh, sure," I said. She took me by the hand and led me out to a white Toyota Camry parked by the edge the lot, right by the busy sidewalk. She unlocked the passenger door and turned around. She was crying.

"Go ahead, get in..." She walked around and got in the driver's seat. She took a deep breath, blotted her eyes and cheeks, and proceeded to tell me her story. "I told you I was here to visit my daughter. Well, she's 19, she just had a baby, and it's killing me!"

"Well, why?" I wondered aloud.

"I'm 44, and I'm HOT, and I CAN"T BE A GRANDMA! I don't feel like a grandma...but it's out of powers to change it." She paused, put her hand on my knee and continued. "The closer I got to my daughter's place, the crazier I started to feel. I stopped here, because I know what I need to do to make me feel young again."

"And what would that be?" The Devil and my cock already knew the answer.

"Fuck the first clean looking young guy that walked through that door!" she said, pointing to the deli entrance. "That just happened to be old are you anyway? 23?"

"Twenty-two," I lied. I was 27, but my baby face never has shown my real age, and I figured the lower the number, the better it would make her feel. She moved one hand up to my crotch and rubbed my bulge, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans with the other. I reached over and gently squeezed her firm breasts. I noticed that her nipples were hard, jutting out through the fabric of her dress. I also noticed how many people there were walking down the sidewalk.

"Never mind them," she snapped. "They're too busy to notice us."

"Right here in the car?" I asked. By now she had my pants down, and my dick didn't care where we were.

"Don't worry," she urged. "Besides, I'm as flexible as hell. All you have to do is stay hard for me. Can you do that? "

"Uh, yeah. Sure, no problem, " I managed to respond.

"Good. I'm just gonna slip my panties aside and climb onto your lap." She tugged aside her white, lacy panties enough to give me a peek at the neatly groomed patch of hair around her tiny little snatch before lowering herself onto my turgid tool. It felt even better than it looked, slippery and warm, pulsing with a form of lustful abandon that seemed alien to me. She let out a little gasp, wiggled down harder, then began riding me in earnest; a slight friction from her panties against my dick made my foreskin slide up and down in a delayed rhythm to her thrusts.

"Uh...uh..." she grunted. "Ohhh yeahhh..." I began tweaking her nipples through her dress, then pinching them firmly and slowly. "Not the tits of a grandma, are they?" she giggled.

"No..." I said "Perfect tits...perfect." I could feel a trembling in her thighs as she continued riding my dick.

"Yeah, oh gonna fill me up with that cum?"

"Now?" I asked.

"FUCKIN' SHOOT IT UP INTO ME!" she shouted hoarsely. A few moments later I let go with a blast of cum that seemed to flow from the deepest recesses of my balls and gave no sign of abating. After loosing those hard jets, I truly felt like I had been drained, and she was trembling intensely now, huffing and panting "Ooooh...uh...aaahhhh..."

"Wow! You really did fill me up!" She arched her hips out and raised her goo-dripping cunt up to where we could see, and we watched as my massive load slowly leaked out of her cunt, over her panties and oozed down her thighs. We shared a wicked laugh. "And, I think my panties are ruined." We laughed again. "Thanks for, you know, helping me feel young again."

"No, thank you!" I said.

You know how it ends. We never saw each other again, but two people were very happy they listened to the devils on their shoulders that day.

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2 years ago
OmG!!! VERY GOOD!!!!! You should be a writer!!!! I'm gonna favorite this one too :D
3 years ago
very good story