Fucking my s*s' Friend

This my first story

Hi I'm going to tell you about what happened in my room about a month ago.

It was a Saturday afternoon and my s*s and her friend came back from shopping. They had gone to the shopping center and brought lots of new clothes. My s*s got a new dress and jeans. Her friend got some tight denim shorts and some sandles. They were having a sl**pover in my s*s' room. I watched her friends ass wiggled up the stairs.

Her friend was called jade. She was in the same year as me in school. She was in some my classes as well. I always fancied her in when i was younger. But i now have a more sexual feeling for her. she had grown up amazing! Her tits were big but still pert. She would always wear low cut tops to flout her assets. When ever I looked at them, i would stair into them like a titty vortex. Her ass was great as well. She would fill her jeans like two basketballs in a bag. I was lucky enough to feel her ass when i squeeze past in the classroom. She gave a little giggle when my dick touch her hole as a hurried past.

It was about 12:00am, jade went to the toilet for a pee. On the way back, she past by my door and saw my huge hard on, even from under my duvet. I was thinking about tit fucking her juicy breast while she licked the tip. I looked up and saw her at the doorway. fortunately she pass and went to my s*s' room. I was tired so i tried to go to sl**p. About 10 mins later a felt a licking and a sucking on my cock. I would of look under my duvet there and then but the feeling was so good. I gave out little "mmm" in appreciation. She paniced and bit my dick. Yelled in pain and looked under cover. "jade?" i asked. She came up from under the cover. Oh My Gosh! She stood up and was in nothing but her satin bra and panties. "Wow!" I said. I stood up and was going to ask her what she was doing. However, she grabbed by dick and started jerking it. It left me unable to speak. She lead me to the bathroom not saying a word just jerk me off and gazing into my eye's.

We got in the bathroom. She turned around and locked the door. "what are you doing?" I asked. She said nothing and put a finger on my lips. She pushed me down on the toilet seat. Who was i to complain. She knelt down and started to tease my dick with mouth, kissing it and poking it with her tongue. How ever much i wanted to hold in my cum, i couldn't. She stop a sec and wipe her lips. She then start to really go down on my cock. She took it deep right into the back of her throat. The feeling was amazing. It wasn't long before i blew my load. The cum came running out her mouth and on her lap. She got up and start to finger her ass and pussy. This gave me some time to get rock hard again. soon i was again. She bent over the sink and uttered the words "fuck me". I needed no second invitation. I Grab my cock and thrusted it into her pussy. She screamed in pain as my full 8 inch pumped her tight pussy, hard and fast. "fuck!" i though i as bash my body against her juicy ass. Took my cock out and she layed on the floor, inviting me with legs open wide. I got down and started to fuck her cunt. Her pussy was gushing with juices as i pound away at her snatch. Both of us moaned with pleasure. I sucked her tits, Licked her nipples and making them erect. i Was about to cum but pulled out. I ripped off her bra and squeeze her tits together. I thrusted my cock between her boobs, fuck them so hard i touched her mouth with my tip. In one big pump i came over her tits and face. With my cock dripping with cum, i thought to myself "lets give her something she will like" I then went down to her pussy kissing her body and chest as i went down. I start to tease and play with pussy. Kissed and licked her vaginal lips stroking her pubic mound. I then stuck my index finger into the unknown of her pussy. I kept thrusting it in and out as i did with my cock. she like she was a enjoying it a little but not enough. so i started to play with her clit. Boy did she love that screamed and moaned in plessure. I then stuck my other index finger and curled it round. I found her g-spot and finger fuck it hard. She climaxed on face and hand.

For a minute of two we layed their, out of breath and sweating. She then got up and got her bra. she unlocked the door and walked out. Before closing the door she gave me a wink. I cleaned up and went too bed.

The End


Thanks for reading this please leave your comments below and say if you enjoyed or not. :)
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2 years ago
It was good for your first time.