Daughters Little Friend

I couldnt belive my eyes ...Their she was , my daughters sweet little friend Tiffany, rubbing her pussy from the outside of her tiny little nightie.

"Omg ...shit" She said as i entered the bedroom.

She quickly stopped doing what she was doing and tryed to find the remote from were she was sitting on the bed.

"Dont worry Tiffany. I am not here to yell at ya" I said with a smile

"Um..Ok Mr Jamerson. But i was just flipping through.." She said stuttering

"Ha ,ha ,ha Thats a good one Tiffany. Jenny never comes up with one like that when i catch her. Were is my little sunshine?''

Tiffany looks down and shakes her head.I can tell by the way she is acting she is hiding something

"She snuck out again didnt she?"I said sturnly

"I dont want to say...she said you would be mad.I told her not to go but.."

"Shhhh its alright sweetie. I am not mad. I acualyl very pleasantly suprised with what i saw you doing. Ya like to touch yourself ?
Tiffany turns all red and shakes her head yes.

"You know why i have those channels on the tv dont you? I like to watch those movies also. Especially the ones of the young ladies like your age..You ever have sex with a man Tiffany?"

Tiffany turns towards me and with a flirty little smile says..."No...But i have always wanted to."

"MMM i like the sounds of that. why dont you turn the movie back on and we can watch together" I said as i sit next to Tiffany on the bed.

Tiffany turns the movie back on and begins to open her legs a little and looks at me.she smiles and begins to rub her pussy under her pink and black nightie.She rubs up and down her thighs and smiles naughty ever time she rubs her pink panties.

"You like what i am doing ..Daddy?"smurking

"Ohhhh Daddy does like that.You want Daddy to pull out his cock or do you want to do it?" I say unzipping my jeans and pulling them off

"Oh Daddy...i want to see what ya have in those tightie whites....let me do it" She says as she grabs a hold of my cock through my underwear. She slowly begins to take it out.

"Daddy Jenny never told me how little ya cock was...does it get any bigger Daddy?"

"Yes Sweety...Why don't you make it bigger...Do you know how to make it bigger?"

"mmm yes watch this daddy ill get it nice and hard"

She gets on her knees on the end of the bed. She begins to lick up the side of my thigh and makes sure she uses her hands and plays with my balls. She sticks the head in her willing mouth and then quickly out. Looking up at me teasing me with her eyes and mouth.
"AM i doing alright Daddy...its getting bigger" She says with a smile
I grab her head and say....

"Yes you little whore ...its getting harder now let me see how much you can swallow."
I push my cock in and out of her sweet little mouth .Each time trying to thrust deeper into her slutty little mouth.She gags a few times but looks at me with a smile and lust as she plays with my balls and asshole .

"Ya still want to make it bigger baby girl...you fucking slut...is it big enough now?"
in between gobbles she replies..

"Ohhh Yes Daddy...yur cock is perfect...please let me feel your cock in my pussy daddy..im getting so wet"

I pull my cock out of her mouth and she wipes the pre cum and saliva off her mouth. I pull her up to her feet and begin to kiss her. She exchanges spit with me while my hand makes it under her panties and into her wet crotch. She lets out a moan as i begin to rub her clit up and down nice and slow to start and getting faster as the moans increase.I whisper in her ear

"Ya like how daddy is playing with your slutty little pussy. You like it when Daddy tells you how much of little slut you are. You wish Daddy would just stick his cock in you and cum all over your little tits and tight tummy."

Tiffany lets out a loud "Yes Daddy Please ..please Fuck My young tight little whore pussy"

I push Tiffany onto the bed...

"Okay ya want this cock ..you have to earn this cock...Play with that little pussy and show Daddy why he should make his slutty little whore happy"

Tiffany grins ear to ear and begins to slip off her Nightie. She slowly removes her very wet panties . Sniffing them and throwing them at me as she begins to rub her tight little pussy

"MMM Thats it you slut. Rub that little pussy. Show Daddy how you want him to fuck you." I say stroaking my cock

Tiffany begins to insert a finger into her pussy.first she starts with one then after a few thrust begins to use two...

"Daddy its so Tight ...I cant get two into their Daddy..Help me Daddy ...fill my pussy"

I bend over and grab her hand. I begin to rub her pussy with her own hand, I take one finger and insert it in her pussy as i use my other hand and begin to rub her asshole ...

"Oh Daddy that feels good...i like that daddy...please do that more."

I let go of her hand and she begins to rub her clit as i begin to insert my second finger into her asshole. I thrust in and out slowly as she rubs her clit faster and faster...

"Fucking shit...Daddy Im gonna cum...oh Harder Daddy ..Fuck my tight little asshole ....make me cum daddy"

Tiffany moans loudly and i can feel her body twitching and moving as she begins to cum all over her finger.

"ohhh that's a girl...let it out..Tell Daddy how it feels"

"Oh Daddy it feels good...i m cumming...fucking christ i am cumming"

"That's it you dirty little slut....That little innocent whore ...talking all dirty ..you fucking bitch...cum ....fucking get your sweet juice all over my little girls bed sheet"

Tiffany lets out one final moan and stops shaking with a big smile on her face looks at me and says

"So Mr,Jamerson....its your turn now...how you want it you dirty little Daddy?"

I smile and Say...."WAIT you are not done yet "

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