Rest Stop Surprise

“There’s a rest area just ahead, why don’t you pull over?” she asked. Right away I knew she didn’t want to use the rest room, she just wanted to do something fun with me! After I pulled over she came around to my side of the car and started giving me a really great blow job.

“Mmmmmm, I’ve been craving for your cock since we got in the car,” she said as she sucked away at my long hard shaft. “You want to give these a good tit fucking?” she asked as she pulled her big tits out of her top.

She started sliding my spit soaked cock between her big tits and thats when I noticed a car pulling in.

“There’s a car coming you’d better stop,” I said.

“Fuck that, let ‘em watch,” she replied as she took my cock back into her mouth to convince me we weren’t going anywhere. I tried to play it cool but it’s hard to hide my facial expressions when she had my cock all the way down her throat.

The driver got out of their car and started heading to the rest room and that’s when I noticed it was a woman. She looked over and could clearly tell what was going on. She was too far away for me to read her facial expressions and the sunglasses she had on didn’t help any either. She continued on to the rest room and so I didn’t give it a lot more thought. How could I when my girlfriends tongue was flicking at my balls?

“Okay, she’s gone inside. I’d better cum quick so we can get out of here before she calls the cops or something,” I said.

“No fucking way, I’m not done with you yet,” she said as she took my cock down her throat again.

“UUUHnnnnngggg” I groaned as her mouth opened wide and she swallowed all of me yet again. I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth while listening to her moan for me.

"You want my cock, I'll give you my cock," I thought to myself. That’s when the woman emerged from the rest room and looked over to see me fucking my girlfriend's mouth. She wasn’t walking to her car, she was walking directly towards us.

“Oh shit,” I thought, “She’s gonna be pissed at us!”

“Shit, she’s coming this way,” I said to my girlfriend.

She pulled herself off my cock and turned to the lady who was now standing right beside her. My girlfriend looked up at he with a smile as a stream of spit dangled from her chin and said, “Sorry, I just needed to get some, you know?” as she wiped the spit from her mouth and chin.

“Oh honey, I’m not upset, I know exactly what you mean! I just wanted to come over here and find out if I could get some too!”

My jaw dropped open as my girlfriend held up my long throbbing spit soaked cock and said, “Absolutely!”

All I could do was moan as she let our new friend start sucking on my long hard cock. My cock must have swelled to a new size when I felt her mouth wrapped around my hard shaft. She couldn’t deep throat my cock like my girlfriend could but she knew how to make up for it by stroking me with her hand at the same rhythm as her mouth moved.

I watched as my girlfriend hiked up her skirt and started rubbing her wet pussy. She pinched and pulled on her nipples as she watched our new friend working on my cock. She was doing an excellent job on me as well, as I could feel the orgasm building up inside my body as all my muscles tensed up.

Our new friend must have known I was close too, when she asked, “Is it okay if I make him cum?” She rubbed my wet cock all over her face and batted her eyelashes to my girlfriend with a devilish little smile.

“Oh gawd yes!” my girlfriend exclaimed.

With that she reached up with her other hand and started playing with my balls. Her hands knew just what to do to stimulate my sweet spot. Even though I was harder than I’ve ever been before, I was still putty in her expert hands. My girlfriend got really close to her as she also knew I was close to cumming. She continued sucking me off hard and fast until I couldn’t hold back any more.

“UUUUUUNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!” I grunted out loudly as my cock exploded with a huge shot of cum! She kept stroking me with hard firm strokes as the first shot flew out and landed on both their faces.

“UUUUNNNNGGGGG” I grunted again and again as the second shot of cum erupted from my cock and again landed on their faces. Shot after shot flew out of my cock like Peter North and they both hungrily lapped it up. After my cock was sufficiently spent, she took it back into her mouth and sucked the last few drops from me. She then brought her hand to her mouth and licked the cum that landed there.

“MMMmmmmmm, my gawd his cum tastes so good,” she said.

“I know,” my girlfriend replied as she wiped some cum from her eye.

“Oh honey, can I get that for you?”

“Would you?” she replied.

And not a moment later she took my girlfriend’s face gently in her hands and started to lick my hot cum from her face.

“Wait a minute,” my girlfriend interrupted, “You can’t have it all! I want some too ya know!”

She didn’t reply she just tilted my girlfriend’s head back and let the cum ooze out of her mouth and onto my girlfriend’s waiting tongue. She continued to lick and clean up all the cum that was on her face and kept feeding it to her. Some she would swallow down on her own and the rest she would feed to my girlfriend. I could feel my cock begin to throb again as I watched them doing this.

“I think you need to take care of him again,” she whispered when she saw me getting hard again.

“Do you want to help me?” my girlfriend asked.

“That would be nice hun, but I really need to get back on the road. Bye you two and thanks for the jizz!” she said with a wink as she picked herself up off the ground and headed back to her car.
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3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
Loved it. If only i could go there!
3 years ago
Where's that rest stop?