My hands begin to trace a journey from your greasy arsehole around the undulating contours of your deliciously ample and extremely rousing form mmmmmm. You sigh and moan as my skilful fingers give you pulsating pleasure spasms as they rouse you along their ride to your wanton breasts all the while my lips and tongue are licking and rousing your shoulders and neck!! My strong hands finally arrive at their 'terminus', your pendulously full tits and together with my mouth and lips they gorge on your soft ample tit flesh and my mouth sucks powerfully on your engorged nipples causing yet further deliciously strong pleasure for you as my mate Jim sexplores your arse and slowly inserts one of his nimble fingers ever so slowly up your ever widening and welcoming arse hole....
I turn you round and firmly ask you to kneel before me as I slide my black slacks over my hips to reveal my thick throbbing and pulsating manhood that you immediately take deep into your mouth and suck with abandon on it's thick veiny, vibrating shaft.................

You alternate between your sensuously seductive sucking of my ever thickening cock mmm and long slow licking with that tasty tongue of yours up and down my shaft as your hands skilfully cup my bulging ball bag bringing satisfying sighs from me............. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

You demand to be fucked and strongly your wanton fanny is well in need and eager for a fucking Jim and I are certainly well ready to meet your needs as both are manhoods are more than ready to sample your dripping love tunnel and pound you to pleasure heaven!!!! But first .... as you lay back your thick thighs well parted and raised high in the air, Jim kneels and lovingly and longinly licks and strongly sucks on your pussy lips causing you to purr with perfect pleasure and moan in ecstasy as wave after wave passes through your aching twat mmmmmmm Jim focuses on your well erect clit and uses his tongue to great effect, mature guys know HOW to tempt and tease a woman's clit causing her to moan in consumate pleasure....... extremely loudly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Jim moves away I take over and ease my manhood slowly but strongly inch by throbbing inch up that dripping love tunnel finally coming to rest as my balls slap against your arse cheeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I slowly give you several deep slow strokes as Jim kisses you and sucks on your swelling heaving bosoms...... you are being well pleasured.......... My cock builds up the pace of it's fucking as you respond with loud moans and the occasional scream as cum after fabulous cum is fully enjoyed!!!!!!!!!

"Are you ready Sue?" I ask.... You turn over on your knees and Jim gets behind you and eases his thick throbbing phallus up your perfect pussy bringing you to squeals of delight!!!!! Jim pounds you powefully up your dripping snatch upping the pace as he continues his onslaught of your well roused cunt!!! Fanny juice is oozing our dripping down your thighs as Jim's cock is thickly coated in your love juices as he fucks you endlesly the room is filled with your rich 'love aroma' mmmmmm I love it's strong perfume mmmmmmm!!!!!

I tap Jim on his shoulder and without hesitation he withdraws his soaking shaft from your well sated twat my cock craves your other love hole.......... and I place my finger at it's entrance smearing cool cream all around it a prelude to my shaft entering you!!! My knob slowly teases and then oh so gently pushes in causing you to cry out as my knob fully glides ever inwards my thick veiny shaft following and easing up your by now wanton arse!!! I ask if you are ok and you merely respond with " bl**dy well bugger me Paul!! I'm loving it!!!" Your wish is my command as no sooner said thaa done as my cock begins to shag you powerfully you are sooooooo loving this fucking you yell out endlessly!!!!!! Arse cum after arse cums are well enjoyed as my dick throbs and pulsates and thick 'man cream' is finally fired deeply and powerfully up your welcoming arse mmmmmmmmm you give your strongest moan and scream out as you enjoy your BIG tasty 'present' from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is more to cum as I ease my cock cock out of your arsehole Jim glides easily in and he continues to pleasure your eager craving and very demanding arse, creating yet more orgasmic delights....... my lips meet yours as Jim continues his build and finally exploding and jetising his thick creamy and very heavy load deep up up your greay 'backdoor'!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago
so pleased that you enjoyed the story, there's much much more to the session to cum babes .. I'll add more if you so desire.... your wish S is my command......
2 years ago
omg mr p i just cum reading this and that was so bloody sexy why can i find jim and paul id love them both fucking me makeing me scream the house down with the 2 of you pounding me fucking my arse my pussy and want you both in my mouth spunk every whereon me or in me so yes i love all that mmmmmmmm thank you mr p xxxxxxx