Hawaiian Sacrifice

"This is so romantic".
"You look stunning my dear. You're going to look even prettier in due time".
You did look ravishing in your grass skirt and lei. Your nipples were hardened
from the chill in the air, and your breast were sitting up firm and full.
"I feel so free being topless. I feel so sexy".
"You are sexy love. I've always told you that", I said, placing my fork on my
plate, indicating I was done with the meal. Taking a sip of the wine, I studied you,
looking beyond your eyes into your soul. I saw a nervous anticipation that made
my dick stir underneath my own grass skirt, which was the only article of clothing
either of us wore for this special dinner.
"Are you ready my love"?
"Then we shall begin", I said, clapping my hands, signaling two large Simoan
men, also adorned in the traditional garb of the island. As they helped you to your
feet, I shouted, "Prepare the altar"!
You were e****ted to an altar of large smooth stones, with lighted bamboo sticks
burning on either side. As you were being tied to the altar, your eyes met mine, and
I gave you a nod, indicating everything would be fine. You were then blind folded, as
again I shouted, "Let the sacrafice begin"!
Conga drums began beating and a group of twenty dancers, eighteen male and two
female, in ceremonial dress, began dancing around the altar. The men were in impecable
shape, with bodies seemingly chiseled out of granite. The women were very voluptuous
with very full hanging breast. They moved methodically, but it was intoxicating nonetheless.
The men continued dancing around you, as warmed coconut milk was poured, ever so slowly
upon your bound body, before being massaged into your skin by the breast of one of the
women. It was erotic watching her move over you. You were then doused with a very
fragrant powder that was also smoothed unto your skin. At this point your nipples had
appeared to almost double in size, stretching to meet the night sky. Your legs were then
parted by the other woman, who had taken a seat on your face. I couldn't see you beneath her
voluptuous ass, but I imagine you were licking her swollen pussy. If only to breath. She then
gave the signal for one of the dancers to enter you. As the drums continued to beat out their
pulsating beat, you were slowly impaled by a very hard, thick dick. I can only guess your screams
were being muffled by the thick thighs and ass that smothered you. I could see her body vibrate,
and knew that she was feeding you her orgasm. As she got up, your face was shining with her
slimy excitement. Two other dancers broke from the pack. One stood over you, and began feeding
his elongated sausage to your open mouth, and the other sat up on your stomach, and began to
fuck the tunnel he had made out of your tits. Your moans were other worldly, and I knew you had
gone somewhere else. You were riding a cloud of ecstasy and euphoria and still had a ways to climb.
The guy in your pussy was groaning, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he let loose. The guy in
your mouth, grunted once and I saw his cum running out of the corners of your mouth and down the
side of your face. That set off your own orgasm, as you began shaking uncontrollably, doing your best
to fuck back the dick that mercilessly pounded your pussy. The guy that was fucking your tits, started
shooting his thick cum all over your chin and neck, finishing off with a couple of spurts on your titties.
"Aaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhh"! the guy in your pussy yelled, as he brutally pumped you, causing your
tits to bounce wildly. He must have unloaded quite a flood, because you came a second time, even
harder than the first. "Uuunghhhhh, Unghhhhh", you muttered, as your chest heaved trying to catch some
air, but before you could gather yourself, two more men were on you. You were well lubricated from the
first guy's effussion. These two were bigger though. It was almost obscene watching the freaky size of
their dicks going into your mouth and pussy. You could only fit the first quater inch or so of the head in your
mouth, and he wasn't even at full erection yet. The guy in your pussy had your lips stretched to a lewd gape,
as he began working to a steady pulsing rhythm. I watched in fascination as you were now working five
over sized dicks. One in your mouth, one in your pussy, one in each hand, and another fucking your tits.
The atmosphere was in overdrive now. You had gone to another level, and your body seemed to open
up and melt from the attention of these hardened horny men. You had by now, swallowed the guy in your
mouth, to his balls. The veins bulged in your forehead, and the lump of his swollen meat was visible in
your neck. The guy in your pussy, was turning your vaginal canal inside out as your inner walls hugged
his turgid dick like a vise. The guys you were jacking off, came first. They sprayed your arms, before
bubbling cum all over your hands. The guy in your mouth, dislodged himself from your throat, just before
he totally covered your face in a mask of white cream, setting off the titty fucker, who plastered you with a
deluge of more thick cum, covering any part that had been missed. You were looking a fucking mess, and
my dick was so hard it was hurting. As the guy in your pussy shot his load up in you, you had your third
orgasm of the night, and it must have been the one, cause I saw you squirt your juices unto his stomach
as he continued emptying himself inside of you. As he pulled out, there was a loud plop, and globs and
globs of cum ran out of your swollen pussy and down the crack of your ass. There was so much cum every
where, I was almost sick. I never thought I would see the day, having a fetish for, and being a bonefide cum
freak such as myself, but this was so sickening. So perverted. So nasty. So much so, my dick had grown
another inch or so and was hooking at a wicked angle. You looked at me and said, " I must look a mess".
I just shook my head saying, "Yeah that was a lot". You rubbed my dick, saying , "Damn, you must have
liked what you saw though. You liked watching your woman being used by all those men baby? Humph"?
you asked, as you swallowed my dick whole. You had never been able to do that before. Things were different
now. I knew in my heart this was only the beginning. Things were different. Almost as if reading my thoughts
you said, "Just remember. You opened this can of worms", as I shot the biggest nut of my life down your throat.
You swallowed every single drop.

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