Mouth Assault

It was starting to get dark and I could see a small group of buildings not too far in

the distance so I decided to wait it out there. As I approached the town, if you can

call it that, I noticed a bar at the far end of the row of run down buildings. Since

everything else was dark I went to check it out hoping that they were still open. I

got to the door and there was no name on the place just an old neon side with “Bar &

Grill” outlined in neon lights that obviously hadn't glowed in years. I pushed the

door open and knew this was the type of run-down dive that I would never have gone to

if the circumstances weren't what they were for the time being. There was no one in the place except the redneck bartender in an old Jack Daniels t-shirt watching some car race on a crappy TV in the corner of the bar. Figuring I would try to make the best of things, I decided to get d***k and later sl**p in my car. I had drank probably three beers and had to piss. walked back to the men’s room without any great expectations of anything remotely clean or even working, but I had to piss and this place was all there was. The men’s room was dimly lit with a single light bulb just hanging from it’s wires in the middle of the ceiling. There were no urinals, just one of those troughs with a trickle of water running leaking from the pipe along the top edge of the trough. In the far corner was one stall that had obviously seen better days. I had just started to piss when the door creaked open and in walked a big black guy dressed like a cowboy. He was wearing old boots, faded dirty jeans, one of those checkered long sleeved shirts and a ridiculous hat. He stepped up to the trough next to me without saying a word, unzipped, and out swung the biggest cock I had ever seen. I couldn't help but sneak a peek. We all do it even though most of us won't admit it.

I have an 8 ½ inch dick and was always pretty proud of my size but this guy had
probably 6 ½ just hanging there and every bit as thick as mine when I have a hard on. He finished up and turned toward me without putting his cock away. He must have caught me glancing over at him because he just stood there for a minute before saying anything. I tried to act like I didn't notice him, finished up, shook a couple times and packed my own away back into my jeans. As I started to turn to leave the restroom, he reached out a big hand and shoved me in the center of my chest. “What the fuck were you looking at man? You a little faggot or something?” “No, no I’m not gay, I wasn’t looking at anything.” “Well now, I guess you city boys must be pansies and liars cause I saw you looking.” “Look dude, I don’t want any trouble.

My car broke down and I can’t get a tow until the morning. I was just killing some
time here. I wasn’t checking you out or anything. I just want to go back outside, finish my beer, and then I’ll leave.” “I don’t think so fag! I think you need to learn a lesson in manners.”
Then he shoved me in the chest with both hands and I fell backwards crashing into the door of the stall behind me. The door swung back, banged against the wall and shot back outwards catching me against the back of my calves. The sharp pain in the back of my legs caused my legs to buckle and I fell to my knees in the doorway of the stall. “Now see there. I knew you wanted to get on
your knees and be unnatural.” As he stepped in front of me I started to stand but he shoved me back again.

As I fell into the dirty corner of the stall he took another step forward and closed
the stall door

behind him. When he turned back around I could see that his cock had swollen and was
gigantic dancing around in about a foot from my face. I have no idea how big it was

but I would
guess he must have been easily 10 or 11 inches and nearly as big around as my wrist.
This guy

was much bigger than me and I knew I had no chance. With a quick flick of his right
arm he

slapped me across the face and I fell against the wall. When the flash of light in my
eyes had

cleared I steadied myself and saw that his huge dick was just inches from my face. He
unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down around his knees telling me that if I tried
to get

away or bite him that he would kick the shit out of me. I knew there was no way I
could get

away and was terrified. He grabbed a handful of my hair and f***ed my head back.

my best to resist I put my hands on the front of his hips and pushed but couldn’t f***e that

massive thing back away from me. He quickly whacked me on the face again and I put my

hands down. With his other hand he took a firm grip around the base of his cock,

himself in a downward angle, and pressed his huge pink head against my lips. I closed
my mouth

tight and snapped my head to the right but he slapped me again and I knew then that
there was no

use in fighting it.

"Open wide, ho," he grunted. "You about to get yo' face fucked good," he groaned.

literally scared to death, I closed my eyes and timidly opened my mouth. I felt his enormous shaft

press against my lips and f***e its way into my mouth, and then suddenly he pulled out. Instantly

I was seeing stars from the f***e of four hard, vicious slaps across my face. "Two
things, bitch.

You keep yo' eyes open and yo' teeth off my cock. Now suck it!" Before I could say

he reentered my mouth, pushing hard at the back of my throat. I was gagging and having

hard time breathin

out of fear I decided to go for it and get it over with as fast as possible. He tugged
on my hair
snapping my head backwards and realigned that monster dick again. He stutter stepped

and pressed is bulb against my lips for a second time. This time though I reluctantly
opened my

mouth and let it slide past my lips. As he jammed his cock into my mouth I choked a
little but
that just made him push harder against the back of my throat. I knew there was nothing
I could
do as he started to rock his hips back and forth in a slow fucking motion in my mouth.
I could

only take about half his massive dick but since I had resolved to get it over with and
relaxed a little,

Though I was choking and gagging, he met no other resistance from me, and his next

stroke drove cleanly down my throat. My mouth had become a cunt and he used it like

Mercifully, after six or seven hard strokes, he would pull out to let me breathe, and

quickly resume
After about 10 or 12 strokes spit

started to collect in my mouth and leaked out around the swollen shaft that was
stretching my

mouth to the limit. I guess this really turned him on and he started to talk to me.
“Yeah bitch,
suck that dick real good. You like that don’t you, huh? Answer me!” I tried to answer

couldn’t managed more than a short mumble and knodded as best I could. My eyes started

to water, blurring my vision, so I reached up to wipe away the tears. He just kept
asking me
if I liked it and telling me to suck it proper all the time pumping his giant black
cock in and

out of my mouth. To my complete revulsion I started to actually moan and crane my neck

toward him with every hump of his hips. I couldn’t believe that I was helping him fuck

mouth! It made me feel sick to my stomach but I realized that I was actually starting to

enjoy what this a****l was doing to me. As his pace quickened he let go of my hair and

his rock hard dick and put his hands on his ass. With my right hand I reached out and

took hold off his shaft sliding my hand up and down his mass in unison with my mouth.
With my left hand I reached around his thigh and squeezed is ass cheek. This made him

grunt and groan so I knew it was what he wanted. My cheeks started to burn with the

of stretching to accommodate his width but I kept going. I started to lose control of
my emotions

and began sucking him as well as I could. I don’t know if it was right or not because I had never

had a man in my mouth before. I began to take a little more of him with each stroke
trying to fit

him into my mouth. Sucking harder and faster, I was in a sort of trance, working that
meat like

some hooker. He just continued grunting and talking dirty to me but at least he was
still now
not forcing it in. His pre-cum mixed with my saliva and I was a little surprised by
the taste. It

was somehow slightly sweet with a tinge of saltiness. I thought to myself that it
didn’t really taste

that bad. I don’t know how long I had been sucking his giant cock but sensed that he must be getting

close to loosing it. Earlier in the blowjob his pole was pretty smooth but now I could
feel the ridges

of his veins as my lips slid up and down his shaft. I actually became excited to know
that the most

sickening thing that had ever happened to me in my entire life was close to occurring.
A man was
about to empty his nuts in my mouth. What was even worse was that half of my mind knew

this was totally disgusting but the other half of my mind wanted to know what it was
like. What
did it taste like? Was it like the descriptions I had always heard? How much would
come out?

Would I be able to keep from vomiting? Then there was no more time to think about it.
He leaned

back slightly and starting to moan in rhythm with my pussy mouth. Then it happened.
“Uhh, uhh, uhh, fuck yes, oh yeah, take it take it!” Standing up on his toes he arched
his hips

upward and put his hands on the top of my head. I stood up as tall as I could on my knees

and plunged my mouth as far down his massive dick as I could without choking.

His sperm violently filled my mouth and I just couldn’t take it all. I resisted the
urge to

swallow but some of it went down my throat anyway with the rest leaking down his shaft.

A second burst a little smaller than the first burst from his head and I was able to

what was left in my mouth. He settled back against the wall of the stall and I
followed him
with his cock still in my mouth. For another minute or so I continued to milk his bone

he didn’t have anything left to give me.
began to fill it with a seemingly endless stream of jism. At his harsh command, I

as quickly as I could, but I just couldn't swallow fast enough. Some of it drizzled
down my

chin, some splashed on my tits, and some spilled on the floor. After Jamal finished, while

I was licking his cock clean, I heard Raheem say what I had been waiting so long now
to hear.

"As soon as you get all this cum licked up, I'll start fucking you like the ho you

I never hesitated. Every bit of Jamal's cum found its way quickly into my mouth and down

my throat. I was like a depraved a****l, licking his cum off of the floor, spooning it
off of

my tits, swallowing every drop I could find

As if nothing had happened at all, he pulled out, shoved it back into his pants, zipped up,

and walked out the door. I got up and sat down on the toilet in shock at what I had
just done.

I slumped my face into my hands totally humiliated but exhilarated at the same time.

After a couple of minutes I wiped my face and mouth off with a wad of toilet paper

and headed back out to the bar. I finished my beer, ordered another with a shot of
and got d***k as hell over the next hour and a half. When I was completely shit faced

stumbled back to my car and passed out in the back seat. The next morning the tow

showed up and drove me about 40 miles to the next town that had a mechanic. My car was

fixed and I continued on to Phoenix. The interview went great! I got the job and called my wife

to let her know that we would be moving soon to start a new life in the desert. As I
was driving

back to California I was in the middle of a daydream when the little group of buildings appeared

again on the horizon. Feelings of anger, fear and humiliation welled up inside of me
as the

memories started to work their way back into my head. I don’t know exactly why, but I

an urge to return to the scene of the violation like a sadistic killer returning to the scene of a

murder or something. As I walked into the bar I saw that there was the same bartender,

wearing the same scrungy t-shirt, watching some equally pathetic rodeo event on the
crappy TV.

As I approached the bar I could see that there was one guy sitting alone in the corner
drinking a beer.

As I got closer I suddenly realized that it was the guy with the massive dick that had practically ****d

my mouth. I stopped, stared at him for a few seconds, and walked towards the nasty
restroom. When

I got to the door of the men’s room, I paused and turned toward the guy in the corner.
As he got

up and started walking towards me, I went into the restroom and got down on my knees
in the
stall. He walked in, unzipped, dropped his jeans to the floor, and got serviced all
over again. This

time, I really did want it, and I wanted it bad. After giving him the best blowjob he
has ever had

I got in my car and drove back home. I’ve never taken another man into my mouth since

sometimes I think about that cowboy with the giant black dick and wish that I could.

100% (4/0)
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