A Cuckold's Tale 2

A Cuckold's Tale 2

by Byron Cuckholder


On Wednesday afternoon I called Nadya to see if I could come home.
“That depends,” She replied. “Have you cum since we spoke?”
“No.” I answered.
“Have you pulled on your dicky at all?”
“No. Well just when I had a piss.”
“You don’t have a piss. You go pee-pee. Will has a piss. Sometimes he lets me hold his cock when he pisses. You go pee-pee or wee-wee. Say it properly.”
“No, Nadya. I haven’t touched my dicky except when I went pee-pee.”
“Have you thought about me and my new cock? Have you imagined me sucking it, kissing it, taking it up my ass and in my cunt? Have you pictured us kissing and whispering love names to each other?”
“Yes, Nadya.”
“And has your little clit dick been hard imagining all of this? So hard that you wanted so desperately to wank on it?”
“Yes, Nadya. Yes.”
“Are you anxious to watch us fuck? Do you want to get beneath us and watch his monster cock stretch my sucking cunt wide open? Do you long to clean us both? Are you ready to suck on his spectacular cock? Do you ache to be his little bum boy?”
“Yes. Yes. Please Nadya, let me come home.”
All through our conversation I could hear a deep chuckling laugh from within the room. Now however, Will took the phone from Nadya and spoke to me directly. “I want beer, cold beer and some steaks. You will barbeque for us tonight. When you come through the door take your clothes off and leave them in the hall. You will not need them in the house any longer. I’ll expect you within the hour.” He hung up. I was afraid. He sounded gruff and menacing. It takes me close to an hour to drive from my office to home. I had to go back to the hotel and to the grocery. I had to leave instructions for my employees. I had a difficult time deciding what to do. I left the office quickly and without a word to anyone. I left my things at the hotel and raced along the freeway to the grocery store, then on to my home. I burst through the front door just a half minute under the hour time limit. I rushed into the den.

Will was massive and incredibly muscled. He wore only boxer shorts and sat with my wife snuggled under his arm on our couch. “You still have your clothes on,” he grumbled. “ You don’t follow directions very well do you?”

“I ... I was worried about... about the time. I”
He glared at me. “You don’t follow instructions very well do you?” His voice was sharp with anger.
“No, sir.”
“Get over here and over my knee missy. Pants down and ready for a little lesson.” Nadya smiled and her eyes sparkled. I walked over to the two of them and dropped my pants. My greatest shame came from the painful hard on that I was sporting. I settled over his knee, my cock pressed against his naked bulging thighs. I marvelled at the firmness of them. Then suddenly he slapped my ass with an open hand. Nadya had on occasions spanked me with a paddle but I had never felt anything like that slap. It was delivered with such f***e that I howled in pain. The roughness of his palm and fingers were incredible. I squirmed to escape the next blow, but he held me easily with his free hand pressed on my back. He delivered fifteen or twenty unbelievably stinging swats. I began to cry.
Nadya reached in from beside Will and grabbed my balls. She squeezed them steadily and whispered. “Does that hurt little man? You should see how red your little bum is. Have you learned your lesson?”
“Yes, yes, please. No more.” I tried not to sob. She reached under me and felt my cock.
“His little dicky is the hardest I have ever felt it. He must like this Will. Give him a few more. Just because he loves it so.”
“No please. Please I beg you.” I was interrupted by at least five more blows delivered evenly and with what seemed like even more f***e than before. Then he physically lifted me up and placed me on the floor in front of him.

“You have two minutes missy to get back in here properly dressed.”
I ran, tripping over the underwear that still clung around my ankles. The pair of them burst out laughing but I could not stop to recover myself. I crawled and scrambled back to the hallway. I stripped off all my clothes and experienced a moment of dread. Did he say properly dressed? Was naked properly dressed? I panicked but time was ticking. I ran back into the front room. Will summoned me closer by crooking his finger. Then, he pointed to directly in front of him. I hustled over and stood there. He stared directly at my raging cock.

“Show it to me, the underside, the balls.” He grunted out a derisive chuckle.
“You see what I have been telling you Will? Just look at it and that is as big as I have ever seen it. He is in full arousal. It’s smaller even than his own fist when he thrashes away at it. He has to use two fingers and his thumb to beat off his little rabbit dicky. Show Will how you have to wank it.” Immediately I took my cock between my fingers and thumb and began stroking it for them.
“Yes well that’s enough of that.” Will said and struck the top of my hand knocking it away from my cock.
Will abruptly stood up and flipped down his shorts. His massive cock hung and swayed between his legs reaching over half way to his knees. It was thick and veiny with an exaggerated bulbous head. It looked to me like a Medieval mace. “This is a man’s cock. Look at it. No really look at it. Examine it.” He pushed me down on my knees. He took it in one fist and began to slap the side of my face with it. “Take it in your hands and examine it. Properly. That is your Master missy.”

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2 years ago
Mmmm what a lucky sissy cuckold I so want to be the main character
3 years ago
I hope you are writing more!